How to force yourself to go in for sports? Correct motivation

Physical activity is the main aspect of a healthy lifestyle, an opportunity always to keep the organism in good shape. Though all also know that the movement is a right way to health and long years of life, it is all the same not really simple to motivate itself to sports activities if earlier to it interest and wasn’t shown.

The modern person leading an inactive life is simply obliged to find a part of the time for sport. The sport is not only health and force, but also the addicting allowing to decorate our life in the brightest paints.

Unfortunately, despite of all advantages of sport, similar changes in the life at most of us are just not reached by arms. And here, certainly, it is worth looking for a problem of motivational character. When the person wants to make something, he does it, but doesn’t look for an excuse and a justification. Having understood it, having realized that there is no natural motivation for occupation by port, it is worth trying to understand how to motivate itself on sport.

The Benefits of Sports

All of us know that the sport is health, but for some reason not all we are engaged in it. For health it is optional to be engaged in the gym and to be a professional athlete, it is rather simple to do exercises in the mornings and to watch the delivery.

The sport is:

  • Beautiful well-groomed body
  • Good health
  • Good health in old age
  • Self-discipline
  • Inflow of forces
  • Good health

These are only the most superficial results of regular trainings. Without remembering the fact that sports activity gives health, extends youth and gives the chance to enjoy all aspects life in her various sides.

Willpower does not work

Volitional people can try to force their bodies to make changes, the necessity of which is very doubtful. Unfortunately, this approach is almost always ineffective.

The matter is that the human body lives by own evolutionary rules which say — ENERGY SHOULD be SAVED.

For tens of thousands of years, mankind has been starving to death, so the waste of excess energy could lead to death. This mechanism “dug” into the genes of humanity and has not yet disappeared from there, despite the refrigerator in the next room and the grocery store in walking distance.

It is this mechanism that evokes that sense of resistance when you want to do something, but you can not find the strength to do it. The body saves energy. Consequently, it is not given to everyone to force themselves to play sports by strong-willed efforts, but the majority, in general, will not succeed.

Motivational videos

Many townsfolk, who understand their benefits from playing sports, try to motivate themselves by watching motivational videos on the Internet. These videos are a strange example, decorated with colorful graphics and music.

Indeed, this is enough for most of us to “catch fire”. This is enough to write a plan for tomorrow, put the alarm at 5 am and prepare sneakers for running. However, unfortunately, this is not enough to not ignore the alarm clock, put on sneakers and go for a run.

This motivation is too fleeting to take it seriously. It is best to use it right before the start of the workout.

Here is one of my favorite videos.


And now we will talk about what really works. Others example in the video won’t work as the brain perceives him as something far and unclear to us.

However if we have an example from the environment if there are people who play sports and achieve in it at least the slightest results, our subconsciousness can apprehend it as a call. “And than I am worse?” — you think, you put on sneakers and you come for jog. And can you will force to lift a bottom from a sofa Ginnes’s records.

The brain perceives others example from the environment as competitions. The hierarchical instinct which at the subconscious level motivates the person on sports joins. It is one of the main biological programs. For this reason it is so important to be in a worthy environment.

If around one athletes, not athlete to be extremely heavy. If your friends and familiar continuous alcoholics and degenerates destroying life by the existence — most likely, you become that too.

Biological motivation

By the way, the method of competition, the way to create a strong environment around you, is not the only biological answer to the question “how to motivate yourself for sports?”.

Of course, when we talk about motivation to do something, we have to talk about biological, rather than rational motivation. But if you brainwash, you can find other biological instincts, which can become a motivation to start playing sports.

Let’s say you liked the girl you liked. The body produces a huge amount of cortisol, suggesting that you need to change something to ensure that this situation never happened again. And after that it’s better to start playing sports. After all, if you are healthy, you have a girlfriend, money and a good social position, there is simply no place left for motivating sports.

To start playing sports, there must be a certain dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction with the status, marital status or appearance. Note that the children of rich people never become successful sportsmen. And that’s all, because they do not have a biological motivation for this. Children from rich families have money, power and girls (boys).

Accordingly, if you also have everything, then the question “How to motivate yourself for sports?” Your inner nature seems meaningless.

No choice

Ask your friend to transfer all the delicious food to his home, as well as pick up some of your salary and give it out only after another jogging or training. If the training did not take place – the friend takes some of the funds himself.

Suppose you gave 75% of your salary to a friend. You already want to do it, but you have to train, otherwise you will have to starve and go to the flips. Includes biological instincts, which completely turn off laziness.

Thus, creating situations where you have no choice, you acquire a real motivation for the sport.


It’s not so important what you do. Jumping with skipping rope, jogging, swimming, yoga, stretching, sports dancing or just morning exercises. The most important thing is for you to enjoy it, and you had the opportunity to devote at least 30-40 minutes a day to any activity. After a while it will become familiar, and you will even feel discomfort when you skip your training.

Set the desired goals. Reset two or three kilograms? Strengthen the heart? Make your body better? Let something make you pay attention to training daily and c satisfaction.

In conclusion, I want to note that after a month or two of training, the need for such sophistication will disappear. The ability to see your result is the best motivation for training.

Thank you for your attention, and now we raise the priests and go to work!

How quickly to cure ankle sprain?

Hello, dear reader of the blog. Whether you thought that foot of the person maintain enormous loadings of all your body, having at the same time rather small size? Imagine the decorative little table standing on pair of thin legs which are coming to an end below with small expansions. And now remember old Soviet school school desks which could not almost be overturned. The body of the person in respect of support is just that decorative little table.

Because of the small surface area of ours and relative fragility of sheaves ankles are quite often sprained by foot because of what sheaves stretch and torn, and at times at all there are changes. About how to treat ankle sprain, we also will talk today.

What is ligaments and what role they carry out?

The ligament is the special body tissue bridging and strengthening joints at the same time without breaking their mobility. Ligaments intensively work not only for experienced athletes, but also for ordinary people in usual life.

All of us go, behind an exception unless handicapped groups of the population. So, we constantly endanger talocrural a ligament. Inconvenient footwear, an uneven or slippery surface, some casual objects on the way – can be also traumatized.

I don’t speak about specific women’s shoes any more – high heels and platforms: in a pursuit of beauty it is easy to receive maintenance in the form of ankle stretching.

First symptoms of stretching of an ankle

Believe me: if you got this trauma, consequences won’t keep themselves waiting. You will at once feel sharp shrill pain in an external side of foot at the basis (where “ossicle” sticks out). Usually the ankle is sprained inside.

After that will begin to step on the injured leg sharply morbidly or it is impossible. And further you look on feelings:

  1. quite tolerant pain (when you, for example, can even smile), absence of a tumor or tumor is insignificant. You have a mild degree of stretching. At the correct leaving in a week completely recover;
  2. pain is quite strong, around it is difficult to push, a tumor noticeable. You have an average degree of stretching. It will be better if at once are able to give you some help (to accompany to the house, to put cold, to take out close footwear). At the correct leaving in about three weeks everything will pass;
  3. pain is very strong, almost intolerable, not to step on an extremity absolutely (the leg “fails”), the huge edema of dark color called by a hematoma, footwear isn’t located on a leg (it needs to be taken out). In this case you have a serious degree of stretching. Special leaving is required, up to hospitalization (a leg it is necessary to keep in horizontal position at least two weeks). Prepare for a semilying way of life. The absolute recovery will come only in one or one and a half months. At the same time it is necessary to be checked in emergency station: whether there is no fracture. Because in this case it can quite take place.

How to treat ankle stretching?

My friends, stretching – business serious. It, of course, without treatment itself will pass. But not early, and late. Also will leave behind a set of unpleasant consequences. And if fracture? Will incorrectly grow together? And unless long time is pleasant to jump to you on one leg? Therefore take legs in hand. In caring hands.

First aid at ankle stretching:

  • try not to step on a sore leg as far as it is possible. Friends are near? Ask that they helped you to reach the house or emergency station;
  • try to apply to a sore leg cold as soon as possible. Ask ice for the waiter if you at restaurant. Apply snow if on the street winter. In gym – the bared metal dumbbell. If nearby a drugstore, buy the cooling package on which rather average blow, and it right there will become incredibly cold.

Care of a sore leg:

  • whenever possible you keep a leg in a horizontal state for outflow of a blood from the struck place. Especially it concerns serious degree of stretching when you just aren’t able to lower a leg down for a long time: the severe squeezing pain will force you as soon as possible a leg to lift;
  • buy ointments and stretchings gels. All of them approximately equally act, and differ only at the price. Ointment/gel it is necessary to process the struck place 2 times a day. It is simple to grease a surface – enough. Long vtiraniye aren’t necessary. Especially as it will be morbid;
  • get an elastic roller or – it is better — a retentive bandage. All this is on sale in a drugstore or orthopedic salon. The matter is that you anyway should move (though on the apartment). Therefore not to strengthen stretching, put on an elastic or a fixative every time when on a sick extremity it is necessary to give a load;
  • at serious degree of stretching when you inevitably have to lie weeks two, ask friends, acquaintances, neighbors, relatives to help you to buy products, to cook food, to pay bills, to take care of children.

When it isn’t sick any more:

  • pain passed, it is possible to go. Don’t make a fatal flaw: don’t start intensive loads or serious trainings at once if you play sports. One awkward movement – and hardly begun to live weak ligament to force you to be treated anew. After total disappearance of pain wait a week more – another before to load themselves as to a trauma;
  • now you are taught by bitter experience therefore be prepared for similar cases in advance. Buy an elastic roller or a fixative, you keep 2-3 stretchings ointments in the first-aid kit, buy the special anti-injuring footwear: for campaigns, for jogs. Be not fond of injury-causing footwear (heels and platforms) needlessly. In shop behind products it is possible to run out also without heels.

Let’s sum up the results

I have tried to give you, dear readers, complete information on how to treat the sprain of the ankle sprain. However, I sincerely wish that in practice you never needed it.

Take care of yourself and do not heroically unnecessarily: stretching ligaments is not the case when you need to bravely clench your teeth and refuse to help.

I hope that my recommendations turned out to be useful for you. Subscribe to blog updates, share this article on social networks, tell your friends about this site. All the questions you can write in the comments to the article – I’ll try to answer them.

Instructions with the correct technique of Nordic (Scandinavian) walking with sticks

Hello! It is difficult not to notice that Nordic walking is becoming more popular every day. If only recently people who walked with sticks, but without skis, looked strange, but today this is not. This kind of sport helps to work out absolutely all muscle groups. In order to achieve high results, you should read this article. Here the technique of the Nordic walk with sticks will be described in detail, the instruction for mastering it is extraordinarily simple.

A little about the new sport

The point is to move using sticks. In the past, skiers practiced at a time when there was no snow.

Sticks can reduce the strain that occurs on the joints. Given this factor, Nordic walking will be an ideal exercise for the elderly, who often have problems with joints. Plus, after training, there is always a rush of energy and a charge of vivacity.

Naturally, not without the general effect on health. Walking improves the functioning of the heart, and helps to normalize blood pressure.

History of appearance

The first mention of Nordic walking comes from the late thirties of the twentieth century. It was practiced by Finnish skiers, who were afraid to lose shape in the off-season.

After some time, scientists became interested in this sport, and wanted to study it. After efficiency was scientifically confirmed, walking began to gain popularity.

Main advantages

The main advantage is that you can always and everywhere. The only thing that is needed is special sticks.

There is an opportunity to get rid of excess calories. During the fitness training a person loses about 350 kcal. Within 60 minutes of walking you can throw twice as much.

Regular trainings will help not only to remain with good physical shape, but also to be always healthy. It is recommended to be engaged in that who has problems with excess weight, with heart, and that who has sore lungs.

The training is in the fresh air much better than daily occupations in gym hall. It is necessary to agree with it.

It is possible to distinguish the following from the main pluses of the Nordic walking:

  • Improvement of work of joints.
  • Energy charge for all day.
  • Brain activity improves.
  • Muscles of legs and shoulder girdle are studied.
  • Oblique muscles of press get into gear.

And one more — sticks will help to strengthen well backbone of subjects who has it still or already weak. It concerns children and elderly people.

Who is not recommended to do Scandinavian walking

What good would not be this sport, it nevertheless has some contraindications. It is not necessary to be engaged to people who I have the following problems:

  • Injury in the shoulder joint.
  • Acute hypertension.
  • Congenital diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

If you are not worried about anything from the above, then you can do without hindsight.

Kinds of walking

For each person the type of walking has to be selected especially individually. In total there are three kinds of the Scandinavian walking:

  1. Strengthening. The main action is directed to strengthening organism, and to make it healthier. Suits generally elderly people and beginners. It is ideal to use for recovering of organism from injuries.
  2. Training. Suits those who have full order with health. The task consists in working muscles, and to reduce excess weight. The training takes place in bystry speed.
  3. Sports. Athletes who need to keep good physical shape constantly use mainly.

Irrespective of the fact which the option of walking will suit you, the main thing that classes were given regularly. It is desirable that the training took place not less than two times a week. Time — 30 minutes. It is recommended to increase duration of occupations gradually.

Selection of equipment

As it became already clear, for trainings it is not necessary to buy something supernatural. Everything that can be necessary — special sticks. It is necessary to choose them attentively.

In general, they have to be not heavy, but strong. It is the best of all to buy such sticks where it will be possible to change tip. All sticks are made of coal plastic which is famous for the durability.

That trainings brought good result, it is necessary to pick up correctly equipment, concerning growth. To decide on the size, it is necessary to use simple formula. To increase growth of the athlete on 0,68. The result will display necessary length.

It is also possible to buy gloves that on hands there were no callosities and to make grip more convenient.

The correct movement — the key to success

At first glance, the technique is very simple, but there are some nuances. To get maximum effect and pleasure from training, you need to master the technique, and hone it to automatism. Help in this step-by-step instruction.

The technique resembles the usual walking on skis, but not without some features.

  1. When the right leg behind, the right hand has to be ahead and vice versa.
  2. Completely not to unbend hand at forward motion.
  3. To put foot on heel, and to lift foot from sock.
  4. At this moment other hand has to be at the level of basin. When it lasts forward, it is necessary to push forcibly it back, straightening elbow.
  5. Everything repeats around.

It is necessary to observe the correct breath. It is initially best of all to inhale nose, and then it is possible to pass to breath with mouth.

Scandinavian walking for the elderly

For aged people walking will become ideal exercise stress. All because joints practically do not strain. Plus, positive influence on heart. In general, this occupation will suit elderly people who want to be always in tone.

Considering that the age is not only figure, before the trainings it is worth visiting the doctor. As for the instruction, it remains almost invariable.

Training duration — no more than 60 minutes. Type of walking — strengthening. One more recommendation — always to listen to the organism, and then occupations will present joy.


This sport has deserved only positive reviews. The people who are not strongly esteeming exercise stresses note that the technology of the Scandinavian walking with sticks to the instruction to which pain is banal is very simple, and periodic trainings perfectly are suitable for weight loss and for maintenance of organism in tone.

If you are not engaged in walking, then forward, health yet first of all! And surely subscribe for updates, bye.


What is a danabol? And why is it taken by bodybuilders

Ever faced steroids? Well, at least hear about them? One of them will be discussed today. Hello, friends. The theme of this article is: “Danabol: instructions for use”. You will find out what this preparation is, how to apply it correctly, and also about something else that concerns this topic.

I will not surprise anyone if I say that modern bodybuilding (and any other sport, with the possible exception of chess) is impossible without the use of special drugs that significantly increase the results. No, of course, it is possible to study bodybuilding with a natural (without the use of steroid drugs and even some sports nutrition), the only question is whether you can achieve at least some decent results by doing “in-kind”.

Danabol and “places of his dwelling”

This drug refers to steroid anabolic or anabolic steroids, call it whatever you want.

The essence of his work lies in a significant jump up the indicators of strength and increase in muscle mass. If we consider under the microscope the effect of this steroid drug, it can be seen that the muscle cells have a larger size, and, hence, the muscle strengths become larger.

For today, there is little where you can find this drug. The most popular places of purchase are the Internet, through acquaintances, or an independent purchase abroad (on a free sale in Moldova, for example). Are you not going to Moldova accidentally?

But despite the fact that danabol is supposedly difficult to obtain, it is very popular among experienced and professional athletes, as well as among beginners.

How to use Danabol

First, I will tell you about the positive and negative consequences of using this steroid, and at the end of the section I will give a detailed description of how to apply it.

Danabol has two forms of release – tableted and injectable (injections). I do not know why, but the Internet is widely believed that the pill is more effective and preferable to injections. But this statement is far from the truth, because injections, as the practice of my friends, actively using danabol and other means, have much more effects.

No not like this. Injections have less negative effects on the body than tablets.

Judge for yourself. Oral intake of danabol is a direct negative effect on the kidneys. Believe me. And injections – no. There are many more of the same examples. If interested, ask experienced athletes, which is less dangerous.

In addition, the solo application of this tool is a direct way to disappointment. You take only one danabol, everything seems to be cool: the mass grows, the force increases. But you should stop taking the medication, as from 6, for example, you gain 5 pounds, and the strength is good, if it does not fall below + 10% of the original figure.

Simply put, danabol, or rather, its use without other anabolic agents, simply floods your muscles with water, due to which the mass increases. It seems like not fat, but not pure “dry”. Throw, and the body excessively retained water simply displays as useless.

Therefore, the action of danabol must be supported by other steroids such as Deca Durabolin, Stanozolol Plow, Boldenone or Growth Hormone. Do you know that meldonia is also considered doping?

As for the very intake of this anabolic drug (tablets or injections – it does not matter), then everything here is as follows: you need to start with a minimum dosage, gradually raise it to a certain level, keep the dosage, and at the end smoothly without any sudden changes to a minimum.

The minimum you will need to take is 20 mg (see the package, how many milligrams are contained in one pill or ampoule). The level of dosing gradually increase to 40 – 50 mg, holding it for two weeks, after which, again, smoothly reduce the concentration of the drug in the body to 20 mg.

The phases of raising and lowering are usually called “loading” and “unloading”. For each phase is given about a week. In total, the course of taking danabol is a month, if this is your first time. Naturally, with subsequent use, the rate should gradually increase.

Do not “rip off the bat” – do not start taking full-time doses: the drug has its side effects (“pobochki”) in the form of increased blood pressure, rash on the face. Also, do not abruptly throw up the reception of this steroid – rollback, that is, the discharge of mass and force, will be even greater than with a smooth lowering.

In short, the general picture of the application of danabol looks like a pyramid. Stick to it. Since the peak of the action of the drug is 4-6 hours after administration, it would be advisable to apply it for several (up to three) hours before the training.

If it is a tablet form of the drug, the tablets can be taken after a meal or dissolve, putting it under the tongue (there are vessels, the active micro-matter directly enters the circulatory system and spreads throughout the body, or rather, the muscles).

If it is a question of injections, then it does not matter after which you will also put – the main thing is to calculate the correct time before training.


Well, how? Do you like the article “Danabol: instructions for use”? Tell me what you think about her. Be sure to subscribe to updates to my blog, and share this information with those to whom it might be interesting. Bye-bye.

Exercises for pregnant girls – how to keep yourself in shape for 9 months

Hello, dear readers. Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and quivering periods in the life of every woman. But not for everyone, it passes without a trace and painless. Excess weight and loss of muscle tone may not be the best way to affect your health, the health of your baby and complicate the process of childbirth. What exercises you can do for pregnant women, the article will tell you.

Precautionary measures

It is recommended to refrain from any physical exertion if:

  • You have toxicosis accompanied by vomiting.
  • The previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage.
  • Uterus in a tone.
  • The location of the placenta is too low.
  • You are something sick.

Also, in no case can do exercises for weight loss. Physical exercises are needed only to maintain muscle tone and improve blood circulation, that’s all. After physical exercises the stomach or belly hurts.

1 trimester

If you are constantly engaged in sports before pregnancy, you can continue your studies during your pregnancy. It is necessary to exclude those types of physical activity that can harm a child – cycling, lifting weights, equestrian sports, mountain skiing, etc. And do not overdo it!

In the 1st trimester, the following exercises are allowed:

  1. You can start warm-up from a cross-step or from step-by-step steps. If you ever went to a fitness club at least once in a lifetime, you’ll understand what it’s about.
  2. Tilts to the sides. Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders and gently tilt the body first to the right, then to the left.
  3. Slopes forward. Bending over, exhale, and then straighten up. You can repeat 5-6 times. In this case, you do not need to “bow” too much, so as not to harm the child.
  4. Deflections backwards. Gently, so as not to damage your back, bend. The loins can and should be held with hands. Bending, inhale. Returning to the starting position – exhalation. Repeat several times, depending on your health. The main thing is not to feel dizzy.
  5. Rotation of feet in a circle. They help to avoid seizures and prevent the formation of varicose veins.
  6. Stand on the socks. They are also useful for the ankle muscles.

Physical exercises duration in the 1st trimester – 15-20 minutes.

2 trimester

In the second trimester, the probability of miscarriage is already extremely low, so you can exercise without fear. Simple exercises will not only benefit the child, but also allow mom to keep herself toned and keep a good mood.

As physical exercises you can do the following:

  1. Standard warm-up. Turns of the head to the right and to the left, ducking forward and back. Exercises should be done accurately and slowly that there was no dizziness. Bendings to the right and to the left, forward and back. Besides, everything becomes slowly and carefully. It is not necessary to do any abrupt movements. Otherwise instead of improvement and easy warm-up you risk to do much harm also to yourself and the child.
  2. Exercises for chest department. You place hands in the parties, you bend them in elbows and you turn palms up, to the sun. Outlines of hands have to remind bowl. Slowly you bend to the right until the left hand does not cover right. Very slowly and carefully you come back to starting position. You do most too, but in other party.
  3. Exercises for lumbar department and basin. They surely have to be in your arsenal as improve blood circulation in bodies of small pelvis. Besides, they promote strengthening of muscles that very much it is useful to you at the time of delivery. Accurately describe hips of “eight”, shake hips here and there. The movement at which hips are taken away forward back is also very useful. At the same time the movements need to reduce slightly crotch muscles in step.

In the 2nd trimester duration of exercises can be increased up to 30 minutes.

3 trimester

In the 3rd trimester with physical activity everything is already more difficult. Purely in the physiological plan as the child already rather large and it is already simply impossible to do some exercises. Therefore in recent months pregnancies recommend to use fitball (big ball for fitness). Such exercises will be not only are useful, but also are interesting.

You can stop on such exercises:

  1. Sitting on fitball, be accurately shaken here and there. At the same time you can perform exercise and for hands. For this purpose you need just to take quite easy dumbbells and in turn to bend hands.
  2. Turns. Besides sitting on fitball, turn the case at first in one party, then in another. At right turn, the left hand needs to be got for the right leg. And vice versa.
  3. Exercises for hands and breast. Sit down on floor back to ball and cross legs in Turkish. Clasp it with hands and rhythmically squeeze. Pectoral muscles will allow you to strengthen such exercise and to keep in small tone of muscle of the top press. Besides, it is useful if you feel tension in shoulder joints.

Respiratory gymnastics

Separately, I would like to single out respiratory gymnastics as one of the integral components of daily exercise. It can be done both separately from physical exercises, and directly in front of them.

The main tasks of respiratory gymnastics are as follows:

  • Blood enrichment by oxygen. Oxygen is simply necessary for normal development of the child. Respectively, the more it in mummy’s blood, the better for the kid.
  • Breath control. You learn to control the breath that very much it is useful to you during the fights and childbirth.
  • You need to learn chest and belly breath. Put one hand on breast, and another on stomach. At belly breath the thorax does not move, you breathe only stomach. At chest breath on the contrary, muscles of stomach are in rest, only the thorax moves.
  • The belly type of breath is useful in break between fights. Chest – directly during the fights. If it is correct to do everything, process of fights and childbirth will be not so painful and less traumatic.

I have tried to answer question what exercises can be done to pregnant women as much as possible. Subscribe for novelties of our blog, you share material in social nets. This information can be useful to your friends and acquaintances.

How many liters of water are necessary for the person every day?

Greetings, friends! Today I want to tell you about how many liters of water you need to drink per day and why it is so important. Extreme ignorance of citizens in this matter forced me to reveal in more detail the need for H2O consumption.

You probably noticed that after 30-40 years, health ceases to satisfy, in spite of the fact that alcohol and tobacco are completely alien to some. There are worrying symptoms – excess weight, shortness of breath, unpleasant body odor, frequent colds, problems with stool, with skin, low energy level, laziness. This suggests that the body does not support the required water balance.

How much we do not know about the water

Before you figure out the reasons for the decline in health, you need to learn one simple rule: “you can not mix water and food in one session!”. Despite its simplicity, it contains the secrets of longevity, good health, good mood.

At us in fact as it is accepted to eat – the first, the second, compote, that categorically to do it is impossible. Any drinks, water, fruits are consumed either before meals for 30 minutes, or after 1.5-2 hours and mixing them is absolutely unacceptable!

Food should be digested by gastric juice, but when we dilute it with liquids, the process of digestion of foods is complicated several times!

Instead of the required 2 hours, the processing takes up to 10. The organism has to use additional reserves – to expend vital energy. Hence the decay of food begins, which in time leads to a number of unpleasant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and further along the chain, affects all vital organs.

Rules of water consumption

Break a ton of articles, videos, literature, I found out that not food, but water is the source of a long, healthy life, which is not surprising, because our body consists mainly of liquid.

It is important to drink purified water in addition to drinks. But how do you know how much it needs specifically for me?

A friend from the “coral club” suggested a formula for taking water: 30 g per 1 kg of body weight per day.

Also, the intensity of physical and mental load should be considered. For example, athletes, actively preparing for competitions, increase water consumption by 3-6 times.

In summer the body needs liquid in increased amounts. It is dangerous to bring yourself to a burning sensation of thirst, signaling about dehydration. Whenever I wanted to drink it means that the body already lacks a couple of cups of water (300-400 g) and it began to draw moisture from the small parts of the body (directly from the cells).

Further down the chain, all resources will be emptied down to the last drop, until death occurs, which will happen much more quickly than from hunger.

The terrible consequences of ignoring the water

Cells, losing their moisture – perish and then do not recover. There is a myth that any liquid will fit into the body, but it’s not. Only pure water enters the cell and serves as a transport regulating metabolic processes (metabolism) and clearing of toxins, toxins, sewage.

In order to convert a drunk beverage into ordinary water, the body is forced to spend a huge amount of energy, which could instead go to recovery processes.

Only often this energy is lacking for the modern person, which takes the scale of the epidemic. Healthy people in the afternoon with fire you will not find, even among children and youth! Sweet drinks, coffee, tea replaced the natural product (natural antioxidant), giving the opportunity to repeatedly increase the incidence and mortality of unsuspecting people.

Everybody knows well that hygiene is good, but what is necessary to maintain internal cleanness with water has been forgotten. Even mouth dentists recommend rinsing after eating, so as not to allow caries to appear, and internal environments in washing need even more!

The application of knowledge in practice and experiments with water

You can drink any clean water:

  • bottled;
  • from under the crane (defended more than a day);
  • thawed;
  • distilled;
  • from the spring;
  • from wells.

It is very important that water has a low level of acidity, since alkaline medium predominates in the body. If the consumption of alkaline foods (fruits, vegetables) is low and the norm of clean water is not drunk, this leads to big problems:

  • excess weight;
  • increased acidity (heartburn);
  • slags and toxins are not excreted from the body, but are deposited in different parts of the body;
  • blood problems;
  • sour environment is a paradise for all kinds of parasites;
  • mental and physical activity decreases;
  • disease of drainage systems (intestines, urogenital organs), etc.

There are also various adaptations that increase the consumer qualities of water, which I will only briefly mention, for each of them is worthy of a separate article:

  1. Distiller.
  2. Aquadisc.
  3. The electrolytic agent for water.
  4. Products of the “coral club”.

Living Water

Friends, I want to share with you the recipe for this magic drink from the nutrition guru.

To do this, take the usual tap water and bring to a boil in enamelware, then immediately cool the tank in a tub of cold water. After that, let it brew for two days, after having put there stones of black silicon (5 – 7 pcs.), Previously purchased at the pharmacy.

Then slowly pour the water into another container (preferably a 5 l flask), trying not to mix the bottom layer of water (with two fingers) with the top one, since the sediment contains pathogenic (harmful) substances and microorganisms, which was contributed by silicon. He also enriched water with an important trace element, which assists the assimilation of all the others (silicon).

Then we put the container in the freezer and wait for the appearance on the surface of a thin layer of ice, after which we pour the liquid into another bottle, because on the walls of the old and in the ice crust there is heavy water containing tritium and deuterium-isotopes of hydrogen unfavorable for Use.

Again, it is frozen, but only 2/3 of the capacity. Do not freeze the water (brine), containing the remains of unwanted impurities, merge, and let the ice melt at room temperature.

At the output, we obtain the protium (thawed) water of the highest quality, free from any harmful chemical, radioactive impurities, microorganisms and structured!

To fix the structure, it can be passed through a magnetic funnel or an annular magnet, if any. Such water with long regular use will very quickly cleanse the body, completely restore the figure and health.

Remember that it loses its properties very quickly (7-12 hours), so it does not make sense to store for future use.

Water – food and medicine

In conclusion, I will share with you an observation from traditional medicine. If after waking up from sleep for 5 hours (possible before lunch) to drink only pure water and not eat food, then the body will be cleansed of toxins, get rid of excess weight and will be charged with energy for the whole day several times faster. And how do you think it is possible to drink distilled water?

In the morning, purifying and regenerative processes occur in the body, and the intake of food or drinks disrupts the natural course of events, forcing the body to make all efforts to isolate gastric juice. So it happens day after day for people who are used to starting the morning with a cup of coffee, tea or breakfast!

Like-minded people, I hope I managed to convey to you the need for consumption and how many liters of water you need to drink per day, revealed its useful properties.

If you liked the article, then leave comments, share the knowledge with friends on social networks, and subscribe to blog updates. I wish everyone good health, positive mood and do not forget to drink water – the source of life! See you next time!

How can a thin guy become an athlete?

People always want what they do not have: summer – winter, winter – summer, thin – athletic body, full – aesthetic figure. Hello, friends. Today we will talk about how to gain muscle mass to a thin guy. And from today’s material you will learn what to look for, where to start, what exercises to use, how much to train and other interesting moments.

Excessive leanness, like excessive fullness, is not a verdict. It would be a desire to improve the situation. And, by the way, there are many examples of total reincarnation. So why do not you become one of them?

At first

Before you rush headlong into the “simulator” with the first training program on the Internet, you need to look at yourself in the mirror, and determine your somatotype, that is, the type of build. Personally, I can say if you are a thin guy or already a man, then, most likely, you can safely be referred to either an ectomorphic type or a mesomorphic type.

Such a definition is necessary in order not to waste time and from the very beginning to find out which complex of exercises to choose, how much and how to train, what is there or what can not be used.

How to do it? Take a good look at yourself. Can you say that you completely lack any fatty layer of the body (which is absolutely impossible, of course)? Then with a high probability you are an ectomorph.

If the features of the body are somewhat smoothened, and not angular or acute, the musculature is not very detailed (no vessels or veins visible), then, again, I’m inclined to assume that you have a mesomorphic type. Although I may be wrong, but at first it does not matter.

There is also a third type, but it is typical of full people. And the article is designed for skinny guys, is not it?

This event is necessary, because the principles and approaches to training are somewhat different. But there is also much in common.

Complex of exercises and training

After you are determined with the membership of your body to a certain type, you will have to choose a training program. If you previously were engaged in physical culture only at school lessons, then the program can be safely used up to six months (otherwise – 3-4 months).

Note that for lean people (ectomorphs) the basic exercises are more suitable, and isolating ones generally should be postponed “in the long run”. What do these two types of exercises mean? You can find out for yourself.

People with an athletic type (mesomorph) should also focus on basic exercises, diluting them with insulating ones. If the ectomorphs are 100% base, then the mesomorph 80 is 20%, where 20%, as you understand, the very single-joint isolation exercises.

The duration of training for the first type is about an hour, not more. For the second – an hour and fifteen minutes. The frequency of training for both will be optimal – 3-4 times a week. This allows you to work through the whole body, taking advantage of all the advantages of a split training. Rest between the approaches and exercises can also be optimal for two somatotypes: 2 and 3 minutes respectively.

There are also some questions about the number of exercises in the training program of the ectomorph: some say that there are enough 4, and some tend to 6. I will say this: do 4 and look at the state of health: if there are forces, then why not do all 6 exercises. The main thing is that this should not be at the expense of the length of the classes.

The intensity of the exercise should be average in both cases, provided that you will not yet raise almost maximum weights. That is, you do not work fast so as not to stray in technique and breathing, but also immediately, so that the musculature senses the load, otherwise the muscle growth will be unstable.

Personally, I would add that any beginner athlete, despite the type of physique he has, needs to clearly put the technique from the very beginning in three basic basic exercises – bench press, sit-ups with the bar and deadlift. This triple is the key to the success of anyone.

Food and water

Due to its rapid metabolism (metabolism), ectomorphous people can consume more fast carbohydrates without the risk of gaining excess weight. Therefore, they need to mass not only a large amount of protein, but also a large number of carbohydrates (both fast and slow) to provide the body with energy and better recovery.

With these same fast carbohydrates, people-mesophytes need to be a little more careful: they too must be present in a considerable amount, but their excess will lead to an increase in subcutaneous fat, and you will think that you are “on the mass”. It’s not quite true. So do this: slightly more slow carbohydrates, a little less fast. Balance them. Well, and, of course, a lot, a lot of protein.

As for water, everything is simple: drink a lot, and even when it seems to you that you do not want to drink. Dehydration of the organism adversely affects the collection of the mass. You need to drink both before the classes begin, so during and after their completion.

Sports Supplements

Quickly and qualitatively for lean to gain weight, but without sports nutrition – a problematic and requiring great patience and time. Therefore, the output is obvious: you need to use sportspit. If you are wondering what exactly – ask in the comments.

“How to gain muscle mass to a thin guy” is an interesting question. And I hope that I was able to help you to determine the tasks for yourself at least for the first time. Of course, as you begin to develop, you will change your approach to training, and the boundaries between body types will be somewhat blurry.

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11 tips to disperse your metabolism

Greetings to all who are now reading these lines. Dear friends, are you interested in simple ways of correcting your figure? And not simple? Then today’s topic “How to disperse the metabolism for weight loss” is for you. In it, I will list simple and not very ways to speed up the metabolism of the body, breaking them into categories. With its acceleration, you can quickly lose excess fat, maintaining yourself in good health and a good mood.

Metabolism is the name of the metabolism at all levels (metabolic processes). The rate of metabolism makes it possible to judge a person’s predisposition to a set of weight, both superfluous and muscular.

Have noticed about the same in terms of growth of people, but with different complexion? That is, thin and full? Therefore, as you understand, there are different types of physiques, for which the different rate of absorption of nutrients by the body is characteristic.

Since the target audience of this article is likely to be people with excess weight, it can be safely said that their body type is endomorph or (less likely) mesomorph. The rate of assimilation of substances is naturally low. So let’s talk about ways to speed up the exchange processes. I divided them into the following categories: nutrition related to physical activity.

Ways to accelerate metabolism associated with nutrition

5 meals a day. Forget about three meals a day. If you want to be in shape, then rebuild your diet, regardless of life circumstances in the form of work, lack of time and other things. Who is interested, then find a way to solve this problem. For example, take food with you to work in containers. You can even add small snacks, tea parties and other small meals.

Reduce the serving volume. Since eating 5 times a day – this is considered often, then just reduce the amount of servings. Focus on the frequency of meals, and not on the amount of food itself.

Thus, you will adjust your body approximately to the following: “The food comes often, in sufficient (not excessive) amount, you can not be afraid that I will starve, and, therefore, it makes no sense to store subcutaneous fat.” I described the approximate “thoughts” of the organism.

Diversify your food. Since you will eat often, then each meal should be different from the previous ones. That is, if you ate oatmeal with nuts, raisins and fruits in the morning, then, of course, all this should not be in the rest of the day (if it’s not about a set of muscle mass where nuts are needed as a source of protein).

Balance the ratio of nutrients in food. By nutrients I mean carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They must be in a certain balance among themselves. And the amount of fat should not be very small (they participate in the breakdown of protein, for example), but the amount of fast carbohydrates should be reduced. Better place emphasis on slow carbohydrates as a source of energy.

Percentage ratio in one portion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats the following: 35/55/10.

Eat these foods. Drink coffee and tea in the morning – it speeds up metabolism. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits – vegetable food (most of it) do not allow the body to store fat. Supper – the least caloric intake of food, here and that just fit vegetables and fruits.

Use additional medicines. In dietology, in the field of sports food and in the field of pharmaceutical medicines there is set of the means improving exchange processes. For example, pharmaceutical adaptogens, enzymes, various sports additives with unique formulas.

Ways to accelerate metabolism, connected with physical activity

Go in for sports. No matter what, the main thing is to move. Whether it’s even just running, cycling, or full-time training in the “simulator” – all this will favorably affect your exchange processes. I will explain a simple scheme: You often eat and get energy from food that you spend in everyday life, as well as in training. With the constant development of events, the body gets used to it, and it’s easier to waste energy: it has a lot of it (you are training), but he gives it up more willingly (fully practicing in training), knowing that he will soon receive a new portion of energy resources. Thus, the metabolism and quality of the training improves – you become more enduring, stronger and progressing.

Shake. The speech now not about swing, and about gym. The more muscles, the more energy is required on their maintenance in working order (even during rest). Therefore if you run or something similar, then dilute the occupations with exercises with “iron”. In other words, the more your muscles, the fatty layer is burned quicker.

Get enough sleep. From a constant lack of sleep (I do not surprise anyone) there may be problems. Therefore, sleep no less, but not more than 7.5-8 hours a day. By the way, if due to work or life circumstances you can not sleep enough, then break the sleep into parts (at night 6,5-7 hours and during the day 1-1,5 hours).

Breathe in the fresh air. Walk more often (especially before going to bed), ventilate your home. Ideal option is a walk in the village or forest. The fact is that oxygen participates in the oxidation (splitting) of organic compounds (food), and the more oxygen is available to the body, the faster it will do its work. It’s simple. Now imagine that you do it every day. You get used to it, and the metabolism itself accelerates. Agree, nothing complicated.

Use the recovery methods actively. I’m talking about massage, bath or sauna, if possible – relaxation procedures that improve not only the speed of recovery after physical exertion, but also speed up the metabolism.


As you can see, in order to lose weight, do not necessarily mock yourself through a variety of, and most importantly – useless and dangerous, diets. It is enough to eat small portions, eat a variety of food and give time to sports, and, therefore, to yourself and your appearance.

How to disperse the metabolism for weight loss is an interesting question. And there is nothing supernatural about him. Just follow these simple recommendations, and everything will work out. Yes, there are other ways to increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body, but they are more suitable for professional athletes, consciously going at risk.

And I have everything for today. Subscribe to updates, share articles with friends and do not forget to leave your comments below. Bye-bye.

6 movies about bodybuilding which will motivate you

Hello dear subscribers and guests of my blog. In total I am glad to welcome on the blog. In this article it will be a question of movies about bodybuilding. I will share several of its types which I will advise you with you to look and be based.

Movies about bodybuilding the list

Pumping iron

If to speak about bodybuilding, then it is necessary to mention the best-known person of the planet Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film is shot in 1976. It is documentary, and it is based on real events from life of the great master of sports.

In plot show how Arnold Schwarzenegger in 28 years became title holder already of the 5th multiple champion of the planet “Mr. Olympia”. And without stopping on this way all went further.

It was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, characterizing as the man who possessed ideal constitution. In shots its trainings, and new stage when it rushes into Hollywood show difficulties which it faces. Also in the movie there are a lot of reviews of its success, from lips of people which surrounded it.

Also there is version for girls — “Pumping iron 2: Women” which has come out in 1985.

Fight for gold

The film is about several famous bodybuilders – Rich Gaspari, Lee Haney and others. It was filmed in 1988, and it is documentary. At the beginning of the movie show Rich Gaspari, who, due to overtraining, lost everything, but always dreamed and kept thinking about winning. His heavy workouts are shown.

They take an interview with him, in which he tells how important his training is, how when, and what he eats and what it all needs. You can see footage when he cooks meals at home in the kitchen and explains the essence of such food. He says that his training methods are very different from the others.

In his opinion, even such a format, called Gaspari’s gap, appeared. Also show the training of athletes and his rivals. The initial weigh-in of the athletes and the history of the preparatory training of each. The film is quite emotional and will affect everyone who loves bodybuilding and lives by it.

The muscular car from Maryland

A documentary about Kevin Levrone. Heavy workouts in the gym are not easy for him, but he still as a true athlete goes ahead. The movie is not filmed by professional people. The essence of this documentary film, based on Kevin’s example, is to show all the bodybuilders what kinds of obstacles they can face. How important is proper nutrition. As his family members support him, their attention, or the care of cooking.

He achieves and advises everyone to achieve results without regretting oneself, if you have a goal. For me, this is the essence of all life, not only in bodybuilding, but in everything. Having the kind of will power that Kevin has before his eyes, everyone can start the path to his goal through pain, as Kevin did.

Evolution in bodybuilding

Do you want to know how bodybuilding has changed since 1955, and how is it changing to this day? Then you should look at this film.

Bodybuilding is a tradition of self-development. Here with such motivating words begins this documentary plot of the movie. He has a lot of interviews with the famous athletes of his time. The whole point of the film, to show the whole world as from 1960, athletes who have strength both in will and in the body, created greatness in sport. And how the athletes continued to evolve to this day.

The film has a lot of photography and video materials with athletes of different generations who can not remain indifferent to fans of this sporting direction.

Iron does not grow old

For me, this is the best documentary story about bodybuilding, which was filmed in Russia. The film was released in 2015. It is attended by many Russian athletes, such as Stanislav Lindover Andrei Skoromny, Dmitry Yashankin and others.

It is shot in good quality and nice to watch. In the plot, many athletes talk about how they used to train in uncomfortable rooms, and with poor-quality simulators. For example, dumbbells could be welded from different pieces of iron. But this did not stop the real guys from achieving their goal.

They were able to make such a popular such a sport that many sports halls for bodybuilding have been opened and continue to open. In the movies, each athlete shares with the difficulties that he faced in his time. If you want to learn about many Russian bodybuilders, how they were doing, how they progressed, then this film will definitely help you.

Live life full

A documentary film featuring Jay Cutler. In the first minutes of the film you can get a motivating speech for everyone: a bodybuilder can not be ordinary, he should like a feeling of dissatisfaction, and a constant thirst to get even more impressive forms.

He believes that in order to achieve the goal, you need to be a little crazy. Also in the film there are a lot of frames from his everyday life situations. Where he goes, with whom he communicates, what he buys and eats, who supports him in this not easy way and much more.

Of course, he tells and shows his training, and how he is emotionally preparing for them. Describes how difficult it is to pick the right clothes for him, because of the large size of the arms and legs, often you have to sew clothes to order.

That’s the whole list of movies about bodybuilding, which I wanted to advise you for viewing. If there are other films that you looked at about bodybuilding, write their names in the comments.

17 effective exercises for a training with a rubber plait

It is possible to train both by means of the sports equipment, and without it. But sometimes apparatuses have so alternative appearance and ways of trainings with them that you wonders. One of such sports equipments is the rubber plait. All hi, dear friends. As you guessed, today’s subject is a rubber plait for trainings. Exercises with it will be described slightly below, and right now we will start coverage of the topic.

Running forward, I will tell that the rubber plait can have as various appearance, material of which it is made, so names of this adaptation. Often the rubber plait is called a sports plait or a plait for trainings.

Also this wonderful “simulator” has its “big brother” – a rubber expander. Personally, I generally identify these two subjects: the difference is only in appearance – tubular and banded – and the methods of application, the exercises with them are completely identical. The whole thing, probably, in the marketing method of selling different variations of the same sports equipment.

Plait as means of a training of a body

All of us know that usually most of people means rises in weights by the word “training”, various burdenings, as a last resort – run or work on “aerobic” exercise machines. Perhaps, I will tell nothing new, but it is possible to train with “a piece of rubber” not less effectively, than with bars and dumbbells.

In most cases, the tourniquet is used to develop physical qualities like strength and endurance, also to improve mobility and coordination, well, and to reduce the presence of subcutaneous fat in the body.

There are cases when training with a sports harness is used for mass gathering: one of the main principles of bodybuilding is a lot of repetition (before burning in the muscles), which, in principle, provides us with a tourniquet.

Therefore, the range of application of this simple device is wide enough: ordinary housewives can use it to maintain a beautiful figure at home, representatives of such sports as swimming, body building, armwrestling and other amateurs sweat in the hall.

Work with it can be as separate groups of muscles (biceps, triceps), and several at the same time (deadlift or sit-ups).

Which plait to choose

As I have already told, sports plaits can have various form and material of production. Recently each producer wants that his goods were on sale. As a result – addition something new in a simple design of a plait, for example, convenient handles or expanded parts.

By the way, not all plaits are identical also by the sizes (length, width, thickness) and on density. Density of a plait is in general the main criterion of the choice of this rubber exercise machine. You remember how different weights or dumbbells have the weight? And you remember pancakes (disks) for a bar? Here and here: each of plaits has the density – ability to resist with a certain load of engaged.

That is, if on a plait (or his insert) it is written that it is capable to show resistance in 6 kg, then it means that when bending hands on a biceps with a plait, each of hands will receive the same loading, as at similar bending of hands from 6 kilogram dumbbells. Have presented?

This training stock has various density and the sizes. So, resilience can be 5, 10, 25 kg, for example, and is also such where it reaches 100 kg.

Therefore making a start about what you want to pump up or work, choose the corresponding density. Would be the incorrect decision to buy a plait with a density of 50 kg for study of hands, for example. This loading will be overestimated to impropriety. And here for study of legs and a back this density awaking optimum (approximately).

Exercises with a sports plait

Exercises are picked up for the principle “from top to down”, that is from an upper body to lower. Choose those which will answer most of all your purpose and inquiries.

  1. Ducking (bending of neck) forward back and to the right-to the left – the plait is on the corresponding parts of body (if bendings forward – the plait keeps on forehead, back – on nape and so on).
  2. Raising of straight arms forward, in the parties, in the parties in bending – legs cost on the middle of plait, both ends in hands (deltoid muscles).
  3. Costing extension of hands or sitting – analog army press.
  4. Extension of hands in bending, because of the head (tricepses).
  5. Costing bending of hands or sitting (bicepses of hands).
  6. Arm stretching lying – bench press analog (pectoral muscles).
  7. Cultivation of hands before breast in the parties (extension of pectoral muscles).
  8. Pullover with plait (pectoral and gear muscles).
  9. Draft of plait on – analog of draft of the lower block (the broadest muscles of back).
  10. Draft of plait one hand in bending (widest).
  11. Draft of plait in bending – analog of draft of bar in bending (the widest, “trapeze”, muscles of shovels).
  12. Extensions with a tourniquet (extensor muscles).
  13. Squats with plait (hips, buttocks, waist and the lower part of press).
  14. Dead and deadlift (hips, back).
  15. Bending and leg extention with plait – analog of bendings and leg extentions in the block exercise machine (bicepses of hips, buttocks and quadriceps).
  16. Leg abduction forward, aside, back (quadriceps, bicepses of hips, internal part of hips, buttocks).
  17. Costing rising on toes with plait – analog of rising on toes in the exercise machine.

It is in addition possible to borrow special exercises from different types of sport. One my friend is engaged in armwrestling, and so it constantly ties plait to the battery and strengthens to itself(himself) hands, forearms and elbow joints by usual bendings extensions of the corresponding joints.

And after time constantly throws to itself loading – puts plait several times. You can experiment and improvise with this flexible exercise machine too.

Here also my article under the name “Rubber Plait for Trainings” has come to end. If it was pleasant to you, then do not forget to subscribe for updates of my blog or to share it with the friends. And you tried to be engaged with sports plait? Leave the comment.