Healing possibilities of red bird cherry

I am glad to welcome all who me read! About what the conversation will go today? I hurry to ask you a counter question: You love the nature? Yes, who doesn’t love it! Even the most thorough cynical homebodies at least for a moment are capable to smile when the first spring beam of the sun makes the way through windowpanes. Or at them for a minute heart at the sight of a fine landscape fades. I don’t know how at you, and my mood is strongly influenced by weather. If she excellent, then me wants to sing. And when the gloomy sky is covered with clouds, the dank autumn rain drizzles, willy-nilly heart feels unpleasant weight. However, hot midday summer rain to me to liking.

To what there is so much lyrics, what it proves? Our unity with the nature, we wish that or not. And it is undoubted, the excellent mood with interest flavored with a condition of entire happiness arises from the useful products used by us, especially if they are full of salutary energy.

For this reason I continue the story about nature gifts. And the subject will become an occasion of a conversation: the bird cherry is red: useful properties and contraindications.

The bird cherry is unusual

Now I will utter a little trivial truth. For anybody not a secret that our ancestors vividly felt the communication with the nature, were able to be with her a whole, even idolized, animating it. To us, residents of the modern city, it is difficult to understand it up to the end. But as soul I am a few poet, I can’t speak about gifts of the nature without sentimentality.

But it seems, my lyrical digression has a little dragged on. So it doesn’t seem to you? Then directly we will address our subject.

Bird cherry – a plant known, glorified by folk art, verses and songs. And it is absolutely unsurprising! Simple wisdom and grateful love to this plant which not easy was pleasing to the eye the blossoming was so shown by predecessors of modern people, but gave rise to high rushes in soul.

Besides, it throughout a set of centuries gave the useful properties to people. And his remarkable berries were effectively used by our great-grandfathers, god knows in what generation, for treatment of a huge number of diseases.

But I seek to tell about red, so-called Virginia, to a bird cherry today. In what her feature?

Plant this decorative, successfully grown up by enthusiasts gardeners on personal and seasonal dachas. It is obliged by the nickname not to absolutely ordinary leaves which with approach of sad fall are in the habit to be painted in red tone. But there is more to come!

Plant fruits, present, possess just the same shade while at an ordinary, habitual bird cherry all berry black.

This guest has removed on open spaces of our homeland from strange lands of North America. Externally red bird cherry is the high multibarrelled bush reaching height, time in two or three exceeding human growth.

In certain cases, this transatlantic plant can have an appearance of a tree which, the truth seldom reaches bigger size, but possesses the volume crown consisting of thin branches. However, plant height in many respects depends on climate, skillful departure behind him of gardeners, and also age of a tree.

Whether it is whimsical? In principle, it is unpretentious, but moisture is adored extremely, as well as by a fertile sunlight.

In the nature the similar copy of flora can often be seen growing along the rivers, and also on edges of forests. The plant usually in May blossoms, striking with a remarkable combination of white and pink shades. And approximately in about two months it is already capable to please surrounding with the fruits.

Curative properties of a plant

I think that you already understood from earlier told that the red bird cherry has many valuable qualities. The substances which are contained in it: vitamins, tannins, malic, apricot, citric acid, essential oils, and also other remarkable elements are capable to save from a set of diseases.

And the biological substances which are a part of the Virginia bird cherry are capable to kill harmful microorganisms. What to add to it? Only the fact that in the medicinal purposes not only fetuses with leaves, but also a cortex, even ossicles of this plant are used.

By the way, as for the last component, I hurry to warn you after all. Really bad news?

Unfortunately, one of substances – the hydrocianic acid which is a part of stones capable in small doses is successful to resist to the harmful microbes attacking our organism, in large numbers becomes very poisonous.

What conclusions? I will be expressed about it with all definiteness: to abuse stones after all I don’t advise! However, it to very few people will come to mind.

But at inflammatory processes, conjunctivitis, tooth infections plant fruits, especially lotions on the basis of broths help just fine, the same as juice from berries remarkably is suitable for eradication of various diseases of digestive bodies.

Useful recipes and necessary councils

But it is important to do everything by rules. How?

I can prompt the recipe. Fill in a handful of fruits with two glasses of boiled water. And in such look this substance let infuses minutes ten. Then it is necessary to filter all this through a marlyovka and to accept constantly on a half-glass.

In the same way prepare, the eliminating various inflammations, medicinal tinctures from young branches and bark. The truth is better to draw them a little longer. It is thought, not less than half an hour.

Similar means works as soothing, well lowers heat at catarrhal diseases, wounds and ulcers. And here for treatment of stomatitis, when rinsing a mouth during a toothache for the best healing it is better to make dried leaves. Here and all science? Not absolutely so, because it is extremely important to make correctly all preparations, to keep all this that it hasn’t lost the valuable qualities.

But it is important to do everything by rules. How?

I can prompt the recipe. Fill in a handful of fruits with two glasses of boiled water. And in such look this substance let infuses minutes ten. Then it is necessary to filter all this through to accept constantly on a half-glass.

In the same way prepare, the eliminating various inflammations, medicinal tinctures from young branches and bark. The truth is better to draw them a little longer. It is thought, not less than half an hour.

Similar means works as soothing, well lowers heat at catarrhal diseases, wounds and ulcers. And here for treatment of stomatitis, when rinsing a mouth during a toothache for the best healing it is better to make dried leaves. Here and all science? Not absolutely so, because it is extremely important to make correctly all preparations, to keep all this that it hasn’t lost the valuable qualities.

Whether it is possible to do of berries of a red bird cherry of preparation for the winter? Certainly, compotes, syrups, jam turn out just excellent. Their taste as it is possible to guess, very peculiar. However, if you want, try. Besides the mentioned berries leave fine stuffing for pies. And it is one more occasion to the full with advantage to fill the stomach.

Important Warnings

I already mentioned the cyanide acid contained in the bones of virgin cherry. I want to make one more warning. This poisonous substance, moreover, is formed with prolonged storage of fruits and bark of the plant. So keep this in mind, do not use your workpieces longer than the period specified by me to avoid trouble.

Especially this applies to children under two years of age and future mothers. Doctors also do not recommend decorating rooms with bouquets of a flowering plant. Just the fragrance emanating from its leaves and flowers can show the wonders of treachery. However, in the open air to fear unpleasant effects especially not worth it.

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How at home to cure a transverse flatfoot?

Hello, my dear readers. In my today’s article, we will try to deal with such a fairly common ailment, as a transverse flatfoot. Home treatment – a myth or reality for a given disease Causes, symptoms, prevention measures – for all these questions, you will find the answers in the article.

What is a flatfoot?

To begin with, we need to figure out what the stop is. The human foot is represented by three main divisions (tarsus, plyus and fingers). Also, the composition of the foot includes a variety of ligaments and muscles that allow the foot to have the necessary strength and elasticity.

In order to avoid maximum load, the foot has several bends, due to which the main load falls on certain parts of the foot. And here we come to the answer to the question: what is a transverse flatfoot?

This is the case when the height of the transverse arch of the foot is reduced, due to which the overall configuration of the entire foot changes and the load distribution is in the wrong proportion.

Causes of transverse flatfoot

If you adhere to the official explanation of the disease, it sounds like this: the main cause is a disruption of the ligament apparatus of the lower limbs. With this disease, the foot expands, due to bone-cartilaginous growth.

This kind of flatfoot, in turn, is divided into congenital and acquired. Congenital is due to various kinds of genetic disorders, and acquired in its bulk is observed in middle-aged people. If you analyze the main causes of the acquired disease, then the most common are:

  1. Excessive load on the foot with prolonged walking and wearing various kinds of weights
  2. Sedentary lifestyle
  3. Overweight
  4. Chronic diseases of bone tissue (osteoporosis)
  5. Diabetes
  6. Inflammatory processes in the musculoskeletal system
  7. Various kinds of foot trauma
  8. Age-related changes in the musculoskeletal system
  9. Strokes, paralysis of the lower limbs
  10. Pregnancy

And the most important reason, despite the banality, is the incorrectly selected shoes.

In this case, you need to focus your attention on two things: a high heel changes the angle of pressure on the foot sections as a result of which they diverge to the side.

The second point is a flat sole. Here there is a divergence of the foot bones to the sides, as a result of which the height of the arches of the foot decreases.

So, we came to the first conclusion – the right choice of shoes is the key to fighting flatfoot.

Main symptoms

At the initial stage of development, the transverse flatfoot is difficult to diagnose. But there are certain points that you should pay attention to as signs of a beginning illness:

  • Painful sensations in the legs and feet. At the initial stage appear at the end of the working day, with a progressive disease, these symptoms are observed throughout the day.
  • The symptomatology described in the first paragraph leads to a general fatigue of the patient.
  • Different degrees of edema of the feet.
  • At the base of the fingers appear burrs and fraying.
  • There are certain inconveniences associated with the operation of the musculoskeletal system.

All these moments adversely affect the resulting load of the musculoskeletal system. The load significantly increases, which leads to the development of osteochondrosis and articular arthrosis.

In modern medicine, transverse flatfoot has three degrees of gradation, increasing. And if the first two degrees are subject to conservative treatment, then at the third degree will have to resort to surgical intervention. If you are interested in flat feet, then read about knee injuries and how to avoid them.


The correct diagnosis of this disease should be put by an orthopedic doctor. In addition to visual inspection, there are several ways to diagnose flatfoot:

  1. Plantography, diagnosis by examining a footprint on a piece of paper
  2. X-ray – a picture that allows you to fully appreciate the nature of changes occurring in the foot
  3. Electromyography – analyzes the condition of the muscles of the feet and lower legs
  4. Computer-hardware complex, with the help of a special program that gives out all the necessary information about the condition of the foot

Treatment of flat feet

As it was written above, at the first and second degree of the disease, conservative treatment is quite enough. The main stages of such treatment include the following:

  • Lowering the load on the foot
  • Orthopedic shoes. Here you need to consider the individual characteristics of the course of the disease, with the appropriate selection of necessary footwear
  • In the event that one of the causes of the disease is the excess weight of the patient, then various procedures should be carried out to reduce it
  • Individually prescribed course of exercise therapy
  • Various kinds of analgesics, are prescribed to relieve pain
  • Massotherapy

If the disease has passed to the third degree, the methods of conservative treatment are no longer suitable. Surgical intervention is necessary, in which the correction of the arch of the foot takes place.

Folk ways of treating this disease at home are ineffective and basically stop pain, not solving the problem radically. These methods include various kinds of compresses, foot baths based on various types of medicinal herbs.


The main conclusion that can be drawn from all of the above information, the health of your feet largely depends on yourself. Properly selected shoes, the lack of excess weight, motor activity – will significantly reduce the risk of the disease. The transverse platypodia, treatment at home is quite real and entirely depends on you.

On this I say goodbye to you, subscribe to updates, share links with your friends. I await your comments. Until next time!

In what difference between the Omega 3, 6, 9 and how it is correct to accept?

Hello, my dear readers! New article of my blog will be devoted to fatty acids and if to be more exact, then by one of groups – to nonsaturated fatty acids the Omega 3 6 9. For what it is useful how to accept these fats and the speech in my today’s article will go.

For a start we will try to understand what fatty acids are? 20 fatty acids are vital for human body, our organism itself perfectly copes with synthesis of these substances with one exception. Here is how time exception are also polynonsaturated fats which the organism independently does not synthesize, but they are necessary for life of each of us.

These most polynonsaturated fatty acids also have to enter the menu of each person. Omega 3 and the Omega 6 treat polynonsaturated acids, and here the Omega 9 represents monononsaturated acids.

Opening history

These acids better known as complex of vitamins F, became known to medicine in the thirties of the 20th century. Rather long time discovery of these vitamins did not find broad application in medical practice. And only at boundary of the 70th 80th years, the Scandinavian experts have shown interest the lifestyle of the people of Far North, factors influencing their state of health much surpassing the level of health of inhabitants of continental Europe.

Number of the conducted researches has shown that at the Greenland Eskimos the low level of cardiovascular diseases is observed. This fact has been directly connected with diet of local population which on constant basis sea fish entered. And as is well-known, sea fish is rich with the content of the substances interesting us.


Functions to the Omega-3 in our organism consist in the following:

  1. Protective role for our internals
  2. Positively influences visual acuity
  3. Is responsible for condition of hair, nails, skin
  4. Being in essence rather strong oxidizer, influences senilism
  5. Promotes healing of internal wounds, such as gastritis and different ulcers
  6. Regulate hormonal balance
  7. Irreplaceable thing in diet of pregnant women, positively affect on pre-natal fetation

Now we will consider the food containing this component. First of all is different sea fish and seafood. And fish has to be mainly fat grades, in such fish contains the acids interesting us in enough. Different contents which are not refined vegetable oil.

Try to include nuts in the diet. Also it is worth paying attention to usual eggs, the truth with one specification, eggs have to be from poultry. If to take vegetables, then rather high content of acid necessary to us is in cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, melons, haricot.

If to take daily diet of the adult into account, then the content of this fatty acid has to be within one-two grams, depending on specific features of human body. To receive necessary quantity, it is necessary to eat, for example, around 100 grams of above-mentioned fish or small amount of seeds of flax.

Behavior of organism at surplus or deficiency the Omega-3

At the use the Omega-3 it is important not to forget that it is necessary to adhere to golden mean.

The lack of organism of this fatty acid conducts to noticeable problems with skin, articulate pains, gastrointestinal tract problems.

But also the Omega-3 will not give to anything good surplus in organism. In this case you are threatened by hypotonia attacks, weakening of muscle tone, violation of work of pancreas.


This substance represents polynonsaturated fat with components of linoleic, arakhidonovy and gamma and linoleic acids. Gamma and linoleic acid considerably reduces PMS consequences, positively influences appearance of integuments, is prophylactic in fight against such diseases as diabetes, arthrosis, problems of immune and digestive systems.

If to consider the list of products, the most saturated the acid interesting us, then the list will be in many respects similar on that which I already gave above:

  1. Various vegetable oils
  2. Seeds of sunflower, pumpkin
  3. Butter
  4. Lard
  5. Eggs of home-made chicken
  6. Germinated wheat

Proportional distribution of these products will be brought to your organism much more benefit, than by attempts to compensate shortcoming the Omega-6 by something to one, but in large numbers.

Also it is worth paying attention to quality of the used oils, oil of cold extraction perfectly is suitable for seasoning of salads, but on it it is not recommended to cook food. For preparation of dishes with frying process use, it is better to apply creamy or refined sunflower oil.

Behavior of organism at surplus or shortcoming the Omega-6

If in your organism surplus the Omega-6, then subsequently you can face such problems as immunity easing, cardiovascular diseases, to development of inflammatory processes in organism.

The shortcoming, in turn, conducts to various sort to nervous diseases, diseases of hair, negatively affects female genital function.


Unlike the Omega-3 and the Omega-6, the Omega – the 9th is monononsaturated fatty acid which cornerstone oleic acid which, in turn, helps organism to fight against surplus of cholesterol is, strengthens immune system of the person.


  • Not refined vegetable oils
  • Animal fats
  • Pork, fowl
  • Nuts

The necessary use of useful fats will help you to establish the necessary balance in organism, so, will allow to keep full-fledged health. Fatty acids the Omega 3 6 9 how to accept what are useful to, there is a wish to hope that information obtained by you from this article will be for you really useful.

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The effective program of trainings on push-ups in house conditions

I welcome all subscribers, readers and just casual guests on the blog. Today’s subject are push-ups from floor. The program of trainings is attached. Also I will tell how to pump over the torso only about the help of one push-ups.

In the world of sport there is set of different exercises: basic, isolating and special. And each of these types differently influences development of muscles or physical qualities. But I can call to you several exercises which allow to become stronger, massivny (weight gain) and over time – relyefny. One of such exercises – push-ups from floor.

What can be reached by means of push-ups

Bendings and extensions of hands involve set of muscles in lying support (those push-ups) both directly involved in work, and the muscles stabilizers which are responsible for balance and correct position of body. For example, press muscles – dynamically do not work, but strain at deduction of the equal case.

As I have already told, thanking below the described program it is possible not only to increase force or endurance, but also to reach the impressive sizes or improbable specification of muscles.

Among the working muscles during push-ups from floor it is possible to note:

  1. pectoral muscles (different departments at different statement of palms);
    tricepses or three-headed muscles of hands (also different departments,
  2. depending on width and the direction of palms);
  3. forward and average departments of deltoid muscles;
  4. the broadest muscles of back;
  5. trapezoid muscles;
  6. small muscles of back like big round, diamond-shaped and other muscles.

It I do not take those which strain during the work too in attention. These are press muscles (straight line and external slanting) of waist, gear muscles, bicepses of hands and muscle of forearms.
Well, you see, the range involved in muscle work is how wide.

Description of the program of trainings

The set of exercises given below allows at the same time, for example, force and weight, relief and endurance, to achieve goals, or to pump over skills serially – at first the weight, then relief. Difference only in route of administration of exercises: the number of approaches, intensity and the number of repetitions changes. Exercises can be not changed throughout the 3rd – 4 months, being engaged according to the same scheme.

It should be noted that the complex is suitable both for gym, and for application at home. Universal and trouble-free as all known Kalashnikov. The main thing to learn “to shoot”, that is equipment.

Work on force and weight

In each exercise it is necessary to do 3–5 approaches, in each of which till 6-12 repetitions. Rest between sets and exercises 1,5 and 2,5 minutes respectively. Obligatory application after each exercise of one or two drop sets. What is it – your “house” task. Tempo of execution – below average.

Work on endurance and relief

It is necessary to repeat each exercise from 15 to 25 times in one approach. The number of approaches can vary from 6 to 8. Rest between sets only 1 minute, and between exercises – 1,5. Tempo of execution – high. Pay attention to breath: by effort has exhaled, on relaxation – breath. It will help to adapt to complex quicker.

Set of exercises

It is calculated on 3 training days, between everyone there have to be days of rest, the same muscles in most cases work. Our task to develop them, but not to tire out. I want to pay your attention to importance of warm-up – exercises can be heavy that will lead to receiving possible injuries and stretchings.

First training.

  1. Push-ups from floor from height (whetstones, step platform, weights and other) with broad statement of hands.
  2. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands (when palms are slightly wider than shoulders).
  3. Push-ups from floor with the broadest statement of palms (the range of movement will be short, but exercise is directed to extension of pectoral muscles).
  4. Serial push-ups on each of hands (emphasis on two hands, but when performing you have to be displaced at first more on the right hand, having forced it to be reduced more, then on left, and so in turn).
  5. Push-ups from floor with incomplete arm stretching (unbend hands not up to the end).

Second training.

  1. Push-ups from floor on fists with narrow statement of hands (palm at the level of shoulders).
  2. Push-ups from floor with the narrowest statement of hands (palms and thumbs of hands form triangle).
  3. Push-ups with the palms displaced up (the same triangle, as in the previous exercise, but hands are not at the level of breast, and at the level of face or forehead).
  4. Push-ups from floor with narrow statement of hands (it is possible on fists), but small rolling forward back (that is you at arm stretching are rolled slightly forward, caving in in back, when bending – back, straightening back or bending it a little).
  5. Static push-ups with narrow statement of hands (hands narrowly, shoulders are parallel to floor). You will have to be in motionless state certain amount of time. For example, 4 for 10–15 seconds.

Third training.

  1. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands.
  2. Push-ups from the floor with an average setting of hands, but with a slight jumping (when straightening the hands, push the palms away from the floor, bouncing all over the body for 5 – 7 cm). Socks should always stand on the floor.
  3. Push-ups from floor with serial emphasis of one hand on height (whetstone or step platform). Your task at each push-up to change arm position, putting one, another on platform, allowing necessary to strain below more.
  4. Push-ups from floor with the developed palms in the parties (palms at the level of shoulders, fingers look in the parties, hands are bent in the direction of palms).
  5. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands and full rolling on elbows (when bending hands you put elbow joints on floor, at extension – you tear off from floor before full arm stretching).

Additional exercises

Further when finding some force or endurance, you can try more difficult, but more effective exercises like “push-up on one hand” where you most widely place legs for acquisition of triangular shape of support: two legs, one hand.

Or “push-ups from floor standing on hands”. In this exercise can lean legs against wall or ask about the help of the companion who will hold to you legs. This exercise remarkably pumps over deltoid muscles and upper part of pectoral muscles.

“Push-ups from floor on fingers” — remarkable way of strengthening not only muscles, but also joints of brushes and fingers that considerably will increase strength of grip.

Push-ups from floor, the program of trainings – all this was the main subject of today’s material. I hope, I could help you with the matter. In gratitude you can subscribe for updates of the blog, tell friends about this article. Surely I want to see your comments. Be strong, friends.

Vitamins which are so necessary for adults for brain and memory

Hi, everybody! I want to devote today’s post to our gray substance, namely – what as when it is necessary to feed our brain that it worked as hours. In other words, it will be a question of what vitamins for brain and memory it is the best of all for adult to use from what products or nutritional supplements they can be received and also what results can be expected.

I often am at the forums devoted to healthy lifestyle where I was always surprised by huge number of posts about healthy nutrition, exercise machines, weight loss. I practically did not meet competent articles about work and healthy nutrition of our brain. Inhabitants and so consider us “stupid musclemen”, so can it is time correct it?

Brain and food

Let’s begin with interesting. Here you have resolved to say no to addictions, for example eating of cookies before going to bed. But every evening, shedding tears in soul, you get treasured sweets again and again. Moreover, you buy them every day. Why so? Why will power does not cope? And we have such substance as serotonin which lack leads to such persuasive forms of behavior. Here so, there is no serotonin – to nothing all your grandiose plans.

So, I will walk on key points:

Serotonin – the king of good mood, and also control over appetite. First of all pay attention to products which promote its development — bananas, brown not polished rice, beet, cottage cheese, mackerel, salmon, turkey, sunflower seeds not fried. These products contain amino acid tryptophane. Actually, tryptophane it is possible to buy as vitamin supplement L-tryptophane or 5-HTP (5 hydroxytryptophane).

Dopamine. The lack of this substance of our brain does us strongly distracted. Five minutes ago we solved problem of trigonometry, and already we chew roll. Again lack of control! Pay attention to chicken meat, eggs, oat flakes. These products are rich tiroziny, amino acid which as additive is used in the form of L-Tirozina.

When emotions get the best

You probably noticed that the bulk of the wrong food is eaten in the period of grief, despair, boredom? We find the reason in work of our brain again. The limbic system is responsible for emotions and experiences at us and if she, strangely enough, shows too high activity, we become hostages of own feelings. So, that will help us:

Vitamin D. This substance is called not for nothing happiness vitamin, in fact, so it also is. Rigid shortage of vitamin D which we sharply test in the winter results in apathy, irritability, despondency. As additive to food use D3 vitamin, it is better in the form of drops.

The correct fats, namely polynonsaturated fatty acids (in the people of PNZhK) the Omega-3. The most known, all “favourite” medicine from the childhood – cod-liver oil. It is just well of the correct fats.

In general our brain almost completely consists of fat so, going on the fat-free diet, you risk to spoil the powers of thinking strongly.

So, dear girls and boys wishing to clean fat – fall in love with avocado and fish. You do not want cod-liver oil? It does not matter – buy olive or linseed oil, and also the Omega-3 is on sale as vitamin supplement.

Attention, difficult name! S-adenozilmetionin. To return itself emotional control, we need to fill stocks of this coenzyme.

Alarm signal

One more whim of our brain is condition of uneasiness., It seems, you understand that everything is good that to be afraid or worry about something there is no sense that all problems are solved. But some bad thought or even feeling with which you all the time in tension sits inside.

Someone says that uneasiness arises because of the quashed feelings. And I have information that this opposite state can be provoked by the low level of gamma aminooleic acid (GAMK).

Let’s say you feel uneasiness. As if you tried, first of all you want to clean this unpleasant feeling. The relaxation will not help if you do not provide to the brain necessary nutritious elements which will restore work of the departments which are responsible for lack of alarm. In this case are bananas, broccoli, spinach, brown rice, lentil, nuts. Besides products it is possible to provide the brain with the additives containing GAMK, for example L-teaninom.

I advise those who tries to lose weight to pay special attention to this substance. Almost all failures on diet are connected with uneasiness. The food, especially sweet and high-calorie, is powerful antidepressant (the truth, result of its frequent application can lead to depression again).

Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten

Let’s talk about memory. It is the difficult process directly depending on abilities of our brain. We come back to fat again. If you after all have decided to refuse completely fats, you are threatened by sclerosis. Yes, you will be scattered, forgetful and in general the capable fat-free person is not enough on what.

Remember – useful fats make membrane of our cages, including nervous. There is no fat – there is no conductivity. There is no conductivity – there is no signal transmission. There is no signal transmission – you have again forgotten where have put phone. Generally, buy the Omega-3.

And here directly such substance as acetylcholine is responsible for memory at us. To increase its level, it is necessary to accept Lecithin and L-carnitine, and also pantothenic acid.

Let’s sum up the results. I hope, at me it has turned out to inform of thought that brain it is necessary to feed correctly. Various listed products and vitamins are simply necessary for adults for brain and memory.

We do not forget about fats! Dear readers, eat properly and regularly, do not forget about sport, and the brain will tell you for this thanks.

It would be desirable to believe that you have found for yourself a lot of useful information. Subscribe for new articles, leave comments, you share with friends on social networks, and we will continue surprising travel to the world of healthy nutrition together.

The best exercises for study and development of the lower part of pectoral muscles

If you read these lines, then for certain interests you how to pump up the lower part of pectoral muscles. Hello, dear readers and casual visitors of my blog. Now I will tell you how to achieve growth of the lower part of breast what exercises for this purpose approach more and what will be inefficient.

The sports girl is allocated by the tightened figure and beefy bottom. And what then allocates the guy? Bicepses? Not absolutely so. It is rather width of shoulders and development of thorax. It is possible to determine existence of pushing movements in the program of trainings of the guy by these criteria. And to pump up bicepses is for weaklings. Lump – here the real force.

How breast muscles grow?

As well as all others of muscles – by their stimulation by means of physical work (training), food and restoration. But all “trick” is that different departments or as them it is accepted to call bunches of pectoral muscles can develop differently. The hardly pumped most up department is top, but those cases at which lower lags behind are frequent.

Usually as it occurs? You begin to reap bar, dumbbells, to do distributings and BAM! the breast already, it seems, gets sportswear, to be exact the lower and average departments. But happens and so that lower lags behind owing to morphology or physiology – I do not know in what difference there. Do not prompt?

So, the pectoral muscles develop under the action of the jaw muscles (in which you repel something from yourself – they are also called jogging) and stretching exercises (when the chest can be stretched). As there is nothing absolutely pure or unambiguous in the world, it will not work for you (and anyone else) to pump only the lower fascicle of the chest muscles: in parallel with it, medium beams will be involved in the work, as well as the muscles of the shoulders “Delt”) and triceps. So we are arranged.

How to train breast?

If you have aimed to put breast in order, then be so kind as to release under exercises on breast two days a week instead of one as it is demanded by all normal systems of trainings. Usually advise to train first of all to keep the lagging behind muscles and leading simply in tone that “have not become limp”. Our case not exception. Therefore push back, legs and shoulders the background, but not the third if you understand about what I.

 Also, there should be rest between the busy days, so we put these days at the beginning and end of the training week. It is desirable that there is a gap between them in a couple of days. Thus, piles and triceps can rest and be restored (and, therefore, grow) fully. Naturally, you need to eat as well as when typing mass – eat more than was spent in training.

What exercises can be used?

It is important to note that the weight of burdenings needs to be picked up so that the last two repetitions were heavy. Do not hesitate to use the help of friends or companions with the hall on the last approaches. Well, and, of course, do not forget about warm-up.

Beginning of week

  1. Barbell bench press under negative bending – the bench is inclined down and you should reap up, but slightly obliquely in relation to the body. If have not understood – “Google” in the help. 4 approaches till 8-12 times.
  2. Dumbbell press under negative bending – in principle the same, as in the previous exercise, with difference only in apparatuses. And yes, do not forget what dumbbells to lift the same weight as was on bar, will not turn out: there hands work together, and here everyone is responsible for the weighting compound. 3 approaches on 10 times.
  3. Cultivation of dumbbells in the parties (“distributing”) – it exercise is aimed not at the concrete development of lower part, and at extension of the working parts of breast. In this case – the lower bunches. The more stretch breast, the more has to accrue. But be not overzealous – still nobody cancelled trauma. 3 on 10.
  4. Bendings and extensions of hands in emphasis on parallel bars. However, difficult name? It will be simpler to tell “push-ups on bars”. Adjust width of bars so that it was not wide, but also it is not narrow. If width is not regulated – work with what is I to you not the assistant here. 3 on 15 — 18
  5. Push-ups from floor. You want to learn how the full name of this exercise sounds? “Bendings and extensions of hands in lying support”. Difficult, isn’t that so? Deliver to palm (and fingers) on floor so that they made triangle, lower them a little down, on the level of solar plexus. Be wrung out 10–12 times in 2 sets.

Additional information: happens so that the hall has no the bench allowing to make negative bending. Well, then take bench with positive bending, lift it almost up to the end, put under bar in Smith’s exercise machine and level lowering of bar so that she to you laid down accurately on breast bottom (is possible slightly below). Shower legs (back part of knees) on bench top, and back you lay down down, previously having adjusted the provision of bar. Here to you and press under negative corner.

The end of the week

  1. Bar press narrow grip – not such narrow, as during the work on tricepses, but also not such wide, as during the work on average department of breast. 4 on 8 – 12.
  2. Push-ups on bars with additional weight – attach to yourself additional 8–10 kg of iron and be wrung out. Let you will not be able to do at first sets up to the end – do how many you will be able. In total it is desirable to make 4 sets on 6–8 times. Further is possible more.
  3. Push-ups from floor from eminence – put some eminences (whetstones, bricks, step platform) under palms. Because of the increased range of movement the breast literally will be broken off. I in general performed this exercise, leaning on handles of weights, for the lack of nothing else. You represent? In other words, it was wrung out on weights. I think, and you will find way. Make it in 3 approaches on 12 – 15 times.
  4. “Distributing”. 3 on 10, anything new. You can do, by the way, not distributing, and “butterfly” — same “distributing”, only sitting in the exercise machine.

The exercises which are not helping development of the lower part of breast

It is possible to rank as them: presses of bars and dumbbells under positive bending, back push-ups or as it will be correct, bendings and extensions of hands in rear support, push-ups from floor with broad statement of hands.

Here in principle and everything that needs to be known for this purpose how to pump up the lower part of pectoral muscles. Well, and I have all for today. Subscribe for updates of the blog, leave comments and you share this article with friends. All kind.

We grow thin at home: step aerobics for weight loss

Hi, my dear reader! My today’s article will be devoted to fight against excess weight and if to be more exact to one of options, available to anyone. It is about aerobics step. Step aerobics in house conditions for weight loss the ideal option combining availability and maximum efficiency from the offered exercises, opportunity to achieve visible results without leaving the house.

What is step aerobics?

In the 80th years of the last century the rhythmic gymnastics better known to wide range as aerobics has become fashionable. The complex of the special exercises performed under dynamic music has found the admirers and became extraordinary popular around the world soon.

Progress does not stand still and emergence step of aerobics, the close relative of ordinary aerobics with one small difference became the following step. For occupations the step is required to you by aerobics special platform (step platform) which you can get in specialized shops or make own hands.

The platform can formulate the main requirements to step in a few words: strong, steady, not slippery. If you after all decide to make independently step platform, then be guided by the following sizes: length has to make 150 centimeters, width – 40 centimeters. And here height can vary depending on degree of your readiness.

For the beginner height in 30 centimeters will be optimum, in the course of occupations it is possible to increase height by 5 centimeters, also the loading received by organism respectively will increase. Advantage professional platform step that many such platforms have the adjustment allowing to expose necessary height. The basis of exercises on step to platform is made by the rises and lowerings which are combined with the usual dancing movements.

Efficiency aerobics step

The passive lifestyle became the real scourge of our time. Technical progress has minimized need of the person to move. All this in complex with improper feeding has led to the fact that excess weight has become norm in modern society.

Step the aerobics represents set of exercise stresses of the aerobic type promoting more intensive consumption of oxygen. And if to take in attention that process of combustion of fats is possible only at active participation of oxygen, then there is clear efficiency aerobics step.

In the course of occupations step aerobics the main loading lays down on the main muscles of our organism.

It is counted that in 40 minutes of occupations step aerobics on average speed the organism will spend about 400 kilocalories. If to draw parallels with run, then the similar expense of kilocalories is comparable to overcoming five-kilometer distance. The aerobics step in this case is plus also the mode of occupations which was more sparing for organism.

Main pluses of occupations step aerobics:

  • Considerable reduction of fatty deposits
  • Improvement of coordination abilities
  • Increase in the general endurance of organism
  • Positive influence on cardiovascular system of engaged
  • Improvement of muscle tone

Choice of training form

Also your suit has to be rather elastic, not complicating the movement. Under all listed requirements sports suits from jersey perfectly approach. Footwear has to be with not sliding sole, conveniently fitting your leg.

Also it is worth paying attention to good fixing of ankle. Track that load of foot during occupations was distributed evenly.

Important value has also the music choice. Music during your occupations has to be rather rhythmical, the main thing on what it is necessary to pay to attention that musical speed remained throughout all track chosen by you.

Also at selection of music for occupations stop the choice on those compositions which will allow you to be adjusted on positive harmony. If you find it difficult to pick up independently necessary music, then for the aid to you the Internet where it is possible to find set of specialized musical selections for every taste.

General exercises for weight loss

The algorithm of the beginning of occupations step aerobics is rather traditional. The first stage, as well as in any kind of sport, is warm-up. Warm-up is rather specific, with big bias on those groups of muscles which will be most actively involved in the main part of occupation.

The approximate type of warm-up looks so:

  1. Marching on the place, with the maximum raising of knees
  2. Rolling in situation “half-squat”
  3. Added step: To the left To the right

Now we pass to the main exercises to step to board. Now there are about 200 options of exercises, we with you will sort three main.

We put one leg on step, we transfer body weight to this leg, the second leg follows on step. In the same order we fall by floor. Then we change the sequence of statement of legs and we perform exercise in the same mode.

The right leg which is slightly bent in knee is put on step, the left leg rises, and then falls. To carry out the same with change of position of legs.

The right leg is on step, we raise the left leg bent in knee with the subsequent return to floor. Then change of position of legs follows.

Mode of trainings

At the initial stage there is enough 2-3 trainings a week, lasting no more than 20-25 minutes.

Further time of trainings should be increased, having brought to necessary maximum 40 minutes. Do not wait for momentary effect of occupations step aerobics. The first notable results usually appear after one and a half-two months since the beginning of occupations.

Make the lesson schedule, convenient for you, and results from the Step complex aerobics in house conditions for weight loss will not be slow to appear.

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Where is the meldonium?

Good afternoon, dear readers. Surely, many of you regularly watch the news from the world of sports, and heard that recently, the sports community was shocked by a whole series of doping scandals. In the blood of athletes was discovered a prohibited drug meldonium, which you can freely purchase at any pharmacy.

Maria Sharapova was convicted of his use, the composition of the youth hockey team had to be changed, almost in full force, due to the presence of remnants of meldonia in the blood.

“What kind of a drug is this?”, You ask. Let’s figure out where meldonium is kept, why it is used by athletes, and in general “what kind of animal is it, and what does it eat?”

Use in medicine

Like most drugs used in sports, meldonia is used in medicine as a medicine. If translated into Russian, gibberish for doctors, written in the instructions, it becomes clear that meldonia improves energy metabolism in cells, and protects the cells themselves from destruction, and it normalizes blood circulation.

If we recall the lessons of biology, then cells are built from the cells, and from the tissues – organs. Improving the work of cells, we improve the functioning of the whole body, entirely.

Apply meldonias, with diseases and conditions, when the nutrition of cells and tissues is disturbed. This is a comprehensive therapy for heart attack, coronary heart disease, ischemic stroke, eye diseases associated with circulatory disorders. He is appointed, for the speedy recovery of the body, after long, serious illnesses. It is also used for the treatment of hangover syndrome.

After all of the above, it may appear that meldonia, this is a real panacea, a miracle cure for all diseases, but here there are reservations. Its effect can be described as moderate, so it is only an assistant in the treatment of diseases, but a non-essential drug.

He also has his side effects, such as upset stomach and intestines, skin itching. In some people, it can cause emotional arousal, but all this is extremely rare, usually its reception is well tolerated.

It is forbidden to take meldonia to pregnant women, children under 12 years old, and people suffering from increased intracranial pressure.

Use in sports

We learned that meldonia improves the processes of energy metabolism and allows us to normalize the blood supply of tissues and organs. So why is it so loved by athletes? The fact is that all this, allows you to increase your stamina somewhat, make training more intense, and improve recovery. That’s why he took root in almost all sports, from athletics and tennis, to power triathlon and bodybuilding.

Another important advantage, which has already been mentioned, meldonia is widely available. It can be absolutely free, bought in any pharmacy, without a prescription. Most often, it can be found under the trade names “Mildronate” and “Cardion”, rarely come across “Idrinol” and “Medetern”. It is produced, as in tablets with a dosage of 250 and 500 mg, and in injections.

If you are doing sports for yourself, and decided to try the meldonia, to improve the result, I want to warn you immediately – do not expect too much from the drug. It will only give a little bit of stamina, and will help to better transfer the load. Meldonius is a kind, humble assistant, and will not achieve results for you.

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What foods are good for the liver and pancreas?

Kind time of the day, friends. The theme of healthy nutrition is more popular than ever. In this regard, I want to ask you a question: which organs and body systems are most vulnerable to the quality of our products and the way we cook food? It is obvious that this is the digestive system. It is the system, my friends, in which each mechanism performs a certain function. The most important components of the digestive system are the liver and pancreas.

I will explain if one of you still does not know: the liver is the organ that carries the main load in the body, fulfilling the role of the filtering mechanism. Neutralize and remove harmful substances that are formed in the body as a result of metabolic processes, as well as toxins that get into the body from the outside – this is a direct functional task of the liver.

The duties of the pancreas are the production of enzymes directly involved in the cleavage of food components. In addition to improper nutrition, the contaminated ecology also exerts additional strain on the liver and pancreas.

Industrial poisons that enter the body by inhalation can lead to dysfunction of the most important organs. The ability of the liver to process and neutralize poisons is not unlimited, otherwise there would be no poisoning. Therefore, in order to facilitate the work of the fundamental elements of the system, thus securing your own life, it is important to consume products useful for the liver and pancreas. This is especially true for people who are actively involved in sports.

It is unacceptable to abuse protein food and specific additives to build muscle. The bodies responsible for processing are not able to cope with the excess volume of protein metabolism toxins, and are forced to work on wear and tear.

But, my friends, that’s enough for this horror story. Further information will be more positive, and most importantly, useful. Let’s answer the question: how can we help the liver and pancreas work in the most favorable and stable mode?

If we change the external environment, eliminating the negative factors, we can not, then provide a comfortable internal atmosphere to our body are fully capable. And even have to do it. You agree with me?

First of all, we need to adjust the diet, in order to enrich it with the right products for the full operation of the pancreas and liver.

The right products

To the category of the right, are products rich in mineral substances, fiber, amino acids and vitamins:


Carrots, beets, broccoli, cauliflower. Sufficient intake of these vegetables will help us to activate the process of carcinogen withdrawal, normalize metabolic processes and improve blood circulation.

Pumpkin. In the root crop contains a lot of magnesium, which helps in the recovery of already damaged cells, and does not let the cells get healthy. Also, there is a rare vitamin T, which accelerates the absorption of heavy food, which is important for unloading the liver. Pumpkin seeds will also be useful.

Onion and garlic. These burning vegetables accelerate liver detoxification.

Fresh greenery. Parsley, dill, celery, various kinds of green salads are actively involved in the synthesis of new cells.

I want to say separately about sea kale. In addition to the record iodine content, the leaves of kelp are rich in natural sorbents – pectins. These substances have the ability to bind heavy metal salts for easier disposal. That is, they help the liver in the process of purification.


  1. Melon. Just like her vegetable relative, the pumpkin is rich in magnesium.
  2. Green apples. It is a source of potassium and iron
  3. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits provide us with vitamin C
  4. Dried apricots and prunes. These dried fruits well fill the lack of sodium and phosphorus in the body.

Dairy products

Kefir and low-fat cottage cheese. It is a storehouse of useful substances: chrome, selenium, fluoride, potassium, zinc, vitamins A, B, PP and D. And still sour-milk products have anti-inflammatory effects and fight with microbes.

A fish

Cod, pollock, flounder, haddock, pike. They contain fatty amino acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iodine, vitamins A, D, E. All of them contribute to the qualitative work of not only the liver and pancreas, but the whole organism.

Olive oil

Also mandatory part of our menu. Its small amount helps purify the blood. And the vitamin E present in this product is able to protect our body from the negative effects of radiation and air poisoned by harmful substances.

Green tea

It is a natural antioxidant, which helps to cleanse the liver.


Porridges do not load the pancreas and liver, and also accelerate metabolism. Therefore, necessarily include in the diet of buckwheat, rice, “Hercules”.

Wrong products

Animal fats.
Fatty meat and fish
Fatty cheeses

These products are burdensome for processing their pancreas, as well as a lack of bile, which dissolves fats in the body, can poison the liver.

Products cooked by smoking and roasting.
Additional aggressive processing of products, entails and additional load on the liver.

Canned food.
They contain sharp seasonings and harmful preservatives.

In this block, I would like to highlight mayonnaise. Industrially processed useful vegetable fat becomes extremely harmful. I urge all lovers of this sauce to say goodbye to him once and for all. For an alternative, take low-fat sour cream or natural yogurt.

So, we got acquainted with the possibilities to minimize the negative impact of food consumed, by rejecting harmful foods, including only foods useful for the liver and pancreas in the daily diet. Adhering to the rules of healthy eating, we will provide protection to these bodies and their full functioning.

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Blueberries – the berry of the north: its useful properties and possible harm

I am glad to welcome on my blog all those who are interested in rare berries. I hasten to notice: undoubtedly, these gifts of nature can have on health both positive and negative influence. But for that, we also talk with you to discuss all the indications, as well as contra-indications of the products we love.

To combine pleasant with very useful, it should be borne in mind that pleasures can wrap up with a wide variety of troubles. How can they be avoided? Know beforehand in full detail about what we take in your mouth. And I will take care of the necessary information on this issue. In view of that, I am glad to your understanding, and especially to the attention of the beautiful human half, because the reason for this article will be the following question: blueberries are useful properties and contraindications for women.

About where the blueberry grows

This berry grows on a low (less human growth) shrub, attributed by biologists to the heather family. It has green, hard, small leaves with curved edges. The fruits of the plant are famous for the blue, covered with a white thin coating. Where they can eat? In nature, they are most likely to be recruited in the mixed and coniferous forests of the north.

The shrubbery with blueberry fruit grows in a very significant area: from Iceland to Japan, meeting in the British Isles, coming across the Iberian Peninsula and the Balkans. On domestic expanses, it can be seen in the north of European territory. Further to the east, the mentioned plant also occurs, growing on the Siberian expanses up to the Far Eastern regions of our homeland.

What kind of climate is needed for the bush growth? Such a plant loves the humidity of wetlands. Its fertility is not affected in any way by prolonged winter. A short summer for him is enough to fully give all of us their fruits.

This plant, moreover, has long been cultivated by representatives of human civilization. And experienced gardeners are able to collect from one bush a whole bucket of beautiful berries. What are their taste qualities? I’ll tell you, just excellent! And this circumstance is very conducive to their popularity.

Of course, from my point of view, the taste of cranberries, blackberries, cranberries or blueberries is more pronounced. And the fruits of blueberries are a bit sour, but fresh enough, they do not get bogged down with frequent use, hitting gourmets with their uniqueness.

Now about the features

The names of these gifts of nature abound. I do not even want to take the trouble, listing them all. I will only note that there are more than a dozen similar names. Among them, for example, blue grapes and a drunken berry. Why blue is understandable. But why is it “drunk”? Suspicious people please do not disturb. Now I can explain everything.

Alcohol in blueberry, fortunately, is not contained. But growing in a wild swampy terrain, the shrub described, one has to co-exist with a plant such as a rosemary. It is he who spreads around himself the intoxicating aroma of essential oils.

In view of this circumstance, when harvesting berries in flatter massifs in certain areas, unlucky lovers of wild berries, especially women, often experience a real hangover syndrome.

How is this manifested? The most unpleasant way: headaches, nausea, dizziness. It even happens that blueberry berries themselves are saturated with a stupefying odor from an insidious rosemary. Is it dangerous? Usually, not really. And the adverse effects and painful symptoms pass quickly enough. However, I would like to warn: cultural berries are still preferable.

About undoubted merits

But let’s not talk about sad things for a long time, but we’ll focus on favorable moments, which are plenty. What is the use of blueberries? I’ll be glad. They are just a real storehouse of fiber, organic acids, pectin, sugar, trace elements, minerals, but, most importantly, vitamins.

In addition, it is not superfluous for a mortal flesh a small amount of iron, which, according to scientists, is fully absorbed by human organisms.

Using blueberries, it is possible to protect yourself from the effects of radio emission, get rid of many diseases. Which ones? Believe me, their list is quite impressive. But, I think, it is not necessary to abuse your attention especially, listing them all, because the topic of our conversation is the influence of the use of these berries on the female body.
But, in that case, to the point!

Guarding healthy motherhood

The main vocation of the fair sex is the birth of healthy children, as well as their upbringing. In the latter, an important role is undoubtedly played by healthy nutrition. It’s not for nothing that these two concepts practically mean the same thing. In this regard, state without bothers: the future and nursing mothers experts recommend eating up to 100 grams of blueberries daily.

Causes? First, the level of hemoglobin is stabilized. Secondly, the correct metabolism is formed. Thirdly, by affecting the ciliary muscle, the individual elements of this berry are able to relieve tension from the eyes. But that is not all! Soothing effect, prevention of many unpleasant diseases, pressure, like that of an astronaut – that’s far from a complete list of the positive aspects of the use of blueberries.

In addition, I hasten to inform you: from berries of the northern bush make healing spoons and delicious juices. However, moms should still be more careful because of the danger of allergy and intoxication.

Are you interested in giving blueberries to your child? I will answer in the affirmative: children after three years are not only possible, but very necessary, but in moderation. Abuse, of course, is not worth it! The benefits of this saturation with vitamins are unquestionable, besides, in the immature body of the child immunity rises.

Northern Berry is an ingredient in the elixir of youth

The northern shrub can not only have a beneficial effect on health, but also prolong the fast flowing youth. And an important ingredient in such a process can be not only berries, but also the leaves of the plant.

If you grind a bit of blueberry, add a little sour cream, a drop of lemon juice and olive oil, stir it all up after making a face mask (for a quarter of an hour, no more), and then wash, then very soon the magic of the plant will give About itself to know.

And from the infusion of leaves very well, as my well-informed friends told me, to do baths for hands.

Blueberries for home comfort

It’s all? Nothing like this. Plus, the keepers of the home can be sure that the blueberry culinary products will add variety to the family ration, becoming for loved ones a pleasant addition to the overall comfort of home comfort.

Something else you can add? Something to clarify. Experienced cooks try to choose the ingredient for their products namely blueberry berries in fresh form (preferably immediately after the end of their collection). Why? Not hard to guess. This is done in order to preserve the uniqueness of the composition. This is convenient especially if the fruits are grown in the garden.

But is it possible to store berries? If necessary, of course, yes. I hasten to note that such gifts of nature very well tolerate storage, even transportation, while not losing their best, including taste, qualities.

They fit perfectly, as a filling for pies and other pastries. Half a year they can be stored in the freezer fresh, and also to create from this product magnificent preparations for the winter: jams and jams, from which then come out fine jelly and jelly. In addition, blueberry is beautiful in dried form.

Of the damaged during transportation, crushed, cracked fruit, it is possible to prepare a first-class wine with an original berry flavor, moreover, possessing useful properties.

But here, perhaps, everything I wanted to tell you on the topic: blueberries are useful properties and contraindications for women. It was time to part. I can only wish a good mood, and most importantly, the health, about which I’m trying, in proportion to my modest powers, to take care in my articles.

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