What is Bechterew’s disease in women?

Hello, our dear readers. In our today’s article, we will touch upon such a problem, concerning the beautiful half of humanity, as Bekhterev’s disease in women. Symptoms of this disease, features of development and treatment, all this will be reflected in our article.

It should be noted that this disease is more common in men than in women. If you make a conditional proportion, the indicators will be the next 85 by 15 percent in favor of men. However, even with such a noticeable skew in favor of the male population, one should not turn a blind eye to the female problems associated with this disease.

So, what is the female version of Bekhterev’s disease? If we describe the disease in a few words, omitting complex medical terms, then this rheumatic lesion of bones, ligaments and places of cartilaginous tissue, with a high probability later leading to immobility of the joint.

An unpleasant moment is the fact that the disease is of a genetic nature, that is, the probability of the disease can not be excluded by inheritance. Often, the carrier of the altered antigen and does not suspect its presence, the inflammatory process starts only from the moment the infection gets into the body.

Symptoms of the disease in women

The problem of this disease is mild symptomatology, which leads to the impossibility of identifying the disease at an early stage of development. The main regularity of the female development of Bechterew’s disease is manifestation in the form of attacks, the duration of which varies from a few hours to several weeks.

Another characteristic feature is the intensification of pain at night. You should also pay attention to the following:

  1. Painful sensations in the region of the sacrum, with the predominance of one side. Echoes of pain can reach the hips and lower back.
  2. After sleep, a pronounced stiffness in the lumbar region, there may be pain in the spine during the day.
  3. Foci of pain in the chest, most pronounced with deep inspiration or cough.
  4. Increased fatigue, apathetic, depressed state.
  5. There is an inconspicuous eye reduction of the distance between the chest and chin.

With these symptoms, I strongly recommend that you do not expect that the problem will disappear by itself, but go to the doctor to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Diagnosis of the disease

As already mentioned above, Bekhterev’s disease is very problematic to diagnose at the initial stage of development. To accurately identify the disease must resort to a complete examination of the body. Special attention should be paid to the following procedures:

  1. X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging. These procedures will allow to determine the current changes in bone tissue and inflammatory processes in the joints.
  2. Blood test. With the help of this analysis, an increase in the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation (ESR) is determined. This fact indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the human body.

Features of the development of Bechterew’s disease in women

Judging by the professional conclusions of doctors, Bechterew’s disease in women is relatively mild in comparison with this disease in men. Foci of the defeat of the female body are the spine, hip and shoulder joints.

Moreover, not the whole spine is affected by the disease, but only the lumbar and sacral parts, unlike men who have almost the whole vertebral column affected by numbness. Also, in case of illness in women, infestation of internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart is extremely rare.

Bechterew’s disease during pregnancy

The doctors carried out a series of studies aimed at identifying various pathologies associated with the disease during pregnancy.

We hasten to reassure women, this disease has no effect on the child. Also there is no threat of premature birth or the possibility of miscarriage. The only possible inconvenience can be considered a small probability of cesarean section, but the need for this can occur only in the case of acute immobility of the hip joints, which is extremely rare.

Also, you should pay attention to taking medications prescribed for the treatment of Bekhterev’s disease during pregnancy. The amount should be dosed, and for one and a half to two months before the birth it is necessary to stop taking medications altogether, which can be resumed after the birth.


Treatment of the disease has a fairly traditional form. It should be borne in mind that treatment should be carried out throughout life. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that one should not engage in self-medication, but strictly adhere to the treatment method that your physician prescribes to you.

For each specific case, a specific dosage and multiplicity of medication is prescribed. The main drug for Bechterew’s disease are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is also possible to prescribe additional drugs containing multivitamin supplements. In case of acute course of the disease, the patient may be hospitalized, with further treatment procedures using cytostatics and steroid anti-inflammatory drugs.

Prevention of disease

The following measures should be attributed to the main measures for the prevention of Bekhterev’s disease:

Doing sports, with a focus on those species that give joints a soft load (swimming)
Avoid hypothermia
Avoid provoking factors
To observe preventive measures against infectious diseases

Observance of these points will allow you to avoid problems associated with this disease. Bechterew’s disease in women, the symptoms of which I described in the article, should not frighten you. With due regard to your own organism, this disease will not bring you any particular inconvenience.

On this I say goodbye to you, until new meetings on the pages of my blog, subscribe to updates. I await your comments about the article. See you soon!

Technique and benefits of Scandinavian walk with sticks

Today, stumbling upon a man who walks down the street with unusual sticks is pretty usual. All around them practically do not pay any attention to them. After all, these people have found a new hobby for themselves, which is only gaining momentum and is called Nordic walking with sticks. The benefits of this sport have long been proven by many scientists and doctors.

The history of walking

If you think that this sport was invented by the Scandinavians, then you are deeply mistaken. The Finns also took part in creating an unusual kind of walking. They were mainly professional sportsmen, who were engaged in skiing.

This lesson followed from a normal ski ride. Only in this case, movement with the help of sticks occurs at any time of the year, there is not necessarily the presence of snow or ice. The person moves independently along the road, holding his body with small sticks on both sides.

Actually, why did walking appear? Undoubtedly, every athlete needs to train daily. But to whom, as not to skiers, this is the hardest thing to do. Here they also have thought up to improve the skills even when in the street there is a warm weather and the bright sun shines. They kind of created artificial conditions for training. And in the end, that’s what happened.

The most popular this walk has got in Finland, that’s why it got such a name. Although in other countries, this method of movement is used as the main method of rehabilitation of people who have experienced motor problems.

Already since the twentieth century, this sport was introduced into the population of Finland. On the streets, it became customary to observe people who moved along the asphalt with the help of ski poles. Over time, certain techniques and types of movement began to be described, which were aimed at treating certain types of diseases. There was new information about the use of this type of walking for the treatment of children.

Attempts to declare a new sport were back in the eighties, then the promotion was not crowned with success, as modern society found this occupation a waste of time and energy.

But today this sport is gaining popularity and is gaining more and more fans who live around the world.

What is Scandinavian walking with sticks?

Scandinavian or Nordic walking with sticks is a new unusual sport that consists of walking walks. During which the person supports his own body from two sides with sticks, which to some extent resemble ski equipment.

Today this sport is often used for the purposes of therapeutic and recreational physical education. It helps to recover athletes after severe injuries, in particular damage to joints, fractures. And also the problems that are associated with the malfunctioning of the human musculoskeletal system.

In 1997 this sport was patented by the Finn M. Kantan. It was he who gave her the name “Scandinavian or Nordic walking with sticks”, which to this day remains unchanged.

The benefit of walking with sticks

It should be mentioned that in the development of this type of walking, the research of German doctors was made. It was they who proved to the whole world that northern walking is unique and has healing effects for combating various human diseases. Also for people with health problems, the Pilates system is ideal.

During walking, the active part is taken by the dorsal and brachial muscles. They not only strengthen, but also allow to avoid problems with health of a back (a scoliosis, a stretching of muscles and another).

Even if we cite an ordinary run as an example, when performing it in the movement of a person, there will be much less muscle involved than with Scandinavian walking.

Modern scientists carried out calculations, according to which it became known that when walking with sticks, more than ninety percent of all the muscles of the body are involved, and in ordinary walking – only seventy percent. Agree, because there is a difference.

Also, this kind of walking is useful for human bones. With the support of sticks, the load on the knee and heel joints is significantly reduced. These facts only provide an opportunity to use a sport gait to treat joint and bony diseases, as well as make predictions for the future improvement of this sport. Walking with sticks is good for treating gout and calcaneal spurs.

Not everyone knows the fact that with northern walking in the human body, a lot of calories and fat cells are burned. Therefore, this type of sport will be useful for those people who have problems with overweight. Still I advise to familiarize with article about growing thin in pool.

It is very useful for the work of the heart. It increases its tone and allows you to stabilize the level of blood pressure. The muscles of the heart and the walls of the vessels are also strengthened.

Doctors recommend practicing this sport for those who have problems with posture, including with a curved spine. It will not be superfluous to train for people who have suffered injuries to the ridge. Gradual and uniform loads on the body will help to restore the motor abilities of all parts of the body much faster.

Since walking is more upper parts of the muscles, it is impossible to note the benefit of walking for the condition of the lungs. With regular classes, their volume can increase to almost thirty percent.

Most experiments and studies show that people who actively use Nordic walking with a stick in their daily lives do not have excess cholesterol in the blood, their bowel condition improves, the stomach works stabilizes. The metabolic processes of the whole organism are being adjusted, as a result of this a person has an excellent mood and well-being. His body seems to be a few years younger.

Also important is the fact that when walking you can use sticks that will serve you as a support and support for climbing the mountain and long stops on the road.

In Germany, this sport is an indispensable element of any rehabilitation program. For example, patients who undergo surgery to replace hip joints after a month of active activities can begin to move without help and return to the usual rhythm of life.

Scandinavian walking can be used to treat the following diseases:

  • Scoliosis.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Severe pain in back and waist, shoulders and neck.
  • Problems with arterial pressure.
  • Depressive states and neuroses.
  • Insomnia.
  • Extra weight of the body.

There are practically no contraindications for classes. The main thing is to consult your doctor in order to clarify the amount of exercise that will work for your body.

Correct execution technique

The technique of walking is simple enough and will be understood by everyone. The most important thing, as with any other sporting activity, is not to rush and do everything gradually.

Walking usually begins with an offensive on the heel, only then go to the sock. At the same time, it is necessary to move slowly and not to make sudden movements.

It is very important to take the first step correctly: one arm needs to be bent slightly in the elbow joint and pull it forward, while watching that the pack always was under a certain slope. The second hand in the bent position is at the level of the pelvic bones and is slightly retracted.

Walk with a stick you need a little faster than with a normal walk. The amplitude of the movements will depend on the weight of the body and the movement of the hands.

The faster the speed, the greater the load will be performed on all the muscles of the body.

Do not be afraid to experiment and walk towards your future. Classes Nordic walking with sticks not only diversify your life, but also will strengthen health, thereby making your mood and well-being many times better!

The training program krossfit for real men

Hello, dear readers! Today we will consider the training program for the cross-media system. Crossfit training program for men consists of a complex of exercises, which is performed in a short period of time.

There are several exercises, for an entry-level take, for example, five. They are performed in a certain interval, for example 45 seconds, then we pass without rest to the next one and, as a result, we close the circle by the chain. Rest for 30 seconds and start a new one.

In this program, the greatest number of muscles will be involved. These workouts are ideal for those who want to lose weight, also improve strength, endurance, agility. Weightlifting exercises will be included, with their weight and cardio.

Sample program and technique for its implementation

Squat with blasting.
It is carried out as well as with empty signature stamp, and with dumbbells. We put legs more widely than shoulders, socks apart, we sit down until so far hips will not be parallel to floor (special attention to knees, they should not leave for socks). At the time of raising of signature stamp or dumbbells, we try that elbows rose above brush and as much as possible we load shoulders. We do not bend down at all, we hold back exactly and we do not take away shoulders forward.

The following exercise will be performed with the weight, these are ordinary push-ups from floor. We accept lying support, we watch that muscles of stomach worked statically, that is we do not sag stomach to floor.

Freely we move in shovels, elbows freely go to the parties, we raise the head if easily we carry out full range of motion if it is hard possible to carry out on a lap. We try not to do delays, both in top, and in the lower point. We watch closely time and we perform the put task.

How you think what most favourite exercise at krossfiter? Of course, burp. It also is our following exercise. It becomes so: — squat starting position, rest hands against floor and transfer to them all weight of the body.

Performance: tear off legs from floor and quickly straighten them having accepted lying support. At the same time do not bend back. In the following movement it is necessary to transfer weight to hands again and to bend legs to accept starting position, and already from this situation to jump out up. After have landed, quickly sit down and reach starting position.

This sequence of exercises is considered for once. We perform exercise on the set time.

If it is difficult to you to carry out burp, then it is possible to replace it as follows: we rise by step platform. For performance of exercise put one leg on step platform and, leaning on foot, tighten the body top. Try to perform this exercise without abrupt movements, smoothly. The right leg lift top, tightening it to breast and so serially change.

Hopping up.
Also excellent replacement of burpa will be hopping up on height. Establish or find height where within your powers will be to jump from two legs, with the maximum concentration treat this exercise. Has to be hopping up explosive and bystry, and the landing is on the contrary softer. If there are problems with knees, then it is better not to do this exercise.

Pullings up.
It is obligatory that it is necessary to include in the training is pullings up. It is better to begin with classical pullings up. They are carried out so: we hang on horizontal bar and straight arms it is begun to delay smoothly itself to horizontal bar, after that, also under control, we fall down to straight arms. When performing this exercise we hold body directly, and muscles intense.

A jump with an empty neck.
The next exercise is a jump with an empty neck. We try to do this exercise intensively and at the same time adhere to the technique of execution. During the landing, you need to smoothly, slightly springy, bend your legs, so as not to injure your feet and knees. At the time of the jump, we sharply tear off the neck from the chest, straightening the arms forward, and during the landing also sharply return it to a similar position.

The final exercise is called a clamshell. How can you do it? First, we lay down on our backs. At the same time, we raise our arms and legs perpendicular to the floor, stretching our hands to our toes. When lying on the floor, press your back to the floor. Do not forget to breathe properly and do not close your eyes during exercise.

Great, so we made one lap. Now rest about 30 – 60 seconds. But, it is possible and longer, if you feel that training is difficult.

With each training exercise time can be reduced by performance as well as rest time. You can combine the trainings different exercises, proceeding from your features, skills. Also you with ease can make the program of trainings for krossfit independently with inclusion in it of darlings, but at the same time the complicated options of exercises.

Harm from Occupation

You may be interested in the question, is it possible to harm from the employment of a crossfit? The main damage to the crossfire is extreme loads, which the beginner acquires in fact at the primary lesson. After all, the cross-training program for men does not have a specially written program for beginners.

Extreme occupations are the constantly raised injury risk and possibility of cardiovascular complications. At execution of exercises athletes are guided not by equipment, and by speed and strong weight. For this reason the possibility of drawing damages many times over increases.

Remember – in any sport important technique, dimensionality and an adequate assessment of their capabilities!

Well, to you, my friends, I wish to achieve success in your chosen sport and creative victories! Do not forget to subscribe to update the blog and share articles with your friends on social networks, and also expect from you comments. Goodbye dear readers.

How correctly to accept tribulus a maximum and what effect to wait?

Well, many know that using sports nutrition can achieve great results in bodybuilding, with the help of steroids – even greater although there are many negative moments, but are there any additives that will not harm health, but will be similar in effect to the same steroids? The answer is! Hello everyone, friends. Today I will tell you about this supplement, namely Tribulus Maximus Extra. How to take – will also be in my article, so read to the end.

As I said, there are several ways to achieve your goals in a short time – sports nutrition, steroids (for example, Ecdysterone asteroid) and natural remedies. Have you ever heard such an expression “Sway to the Nuttyk”? This slang expression of athletes means that the guy does not use anabolic steroids, and “uses” only natural supplements.

Tribulus from BioTech (Biotec) is a grass extract called tribulus terrestris, which, due to its properties, affects the increased production of growth hormone – testosterone. Not directly, of course, but it does. How exactly I will try to tell you now.

How does the testosterone level increase Tribulus terrestris

The additive itself is compressed capsules of specially treated grass. Roughly speaking, they took the grass, withdrew all the necessary stuff from it and the resulting mixture was compressed into tablets. Nothing superfluous, no chemistry. That is why tribulus is a natural product.

The process of increasing the content of growth hormone in the blood occurs as follows: trace elements contained in this herb directly affect the activity of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which increase the synthesis of lutein hype. He, in turn, leads to an increase in the synthesis of the male hormone – testosterone. Here such a chain is obtained. For what you need testosterone itself, I think you can guess, but I’ll repeat it.

A growth hormone

It is for the specific production of the male hormone in the body that you can judge the ability of an athlete to gain weight quickly or slowly. And it’s about the muscles right now. Thanks to synthetic hormones or steroids, guys can quickly find the body of dreams and increase the performance of their physical qualities. But there is a huge risk of side effects. It’s worth it? Therefore, I personally advise you to “arm” with natural products, similar in effect to anabolic, but not having such bright negative sides.

The production of the hormone directly affects the increase in muscle mass. As you have already understood, the tribulus level of this hormone in the blood increases, which affects the rate of muscle growth. At the same time, there are no side effects: the product is natural, the hormone increases smoothly, without stress for the organism, it does not “clog up” the production of its own hormone synthetically, but affects the production sites, causing them to produce more.

The only drawback of the drug may be the addiction of the body to the supplement itself, which as a result will affect its effectiveness. Therefore, it is worth keeping to the recommendations.

By the way, tribulus is not the only natural product that influences the synthesis of male hubbub – there are others.

Additional properties of the additive

In addition to the fact that tribulus terestress is used by athletes for weight gain (mainly), it can also be used by an ordinary person who has a lower level of the male’s main hormone. I will not list the shortcomings of low levels of the hormone, I will only say that the drug increases sexual desire, sperm production, excitability and other related issues.

Therefore, it can be used by all those who, in their opinion, have problems with sexual health. Although Tribulus can not be considered a medicine, it can not be also referred to sports nutrition. Rather, it falls into the category of sports supplements or testosterone boosters.

How to take an additive

The instruction says that for successful mass recruitment you will need 3-4 capsule of Tribulus each day. It is best to do this immediately after a meal or during.

But, as always, athletes are not accustomed to listen to the producers of the product and increased the dose to 6 tablets a day, and all of them are taken in different ways. Someone takes 2 on the morning, at lunch and at night. Someone at once consumes all six. But one thing remains unchanged – the result. In both cases, on the fifth day of admission, the level of growth hormone increases in most athletes by 30% or so.

Personally, I would not advise you to take more than one can of this supplement for one course. That is, take breaks between the methods of this drug: drank one jar, stop, let the body come back to normal (weeks 3-4), then you can take it again. Such actions will not cause addiction to the remedy, and because of the prolonged growth of the hormone, there will be no aggressiveness and excessive irritability, as is the case with athletes sitting on steroids.

Tribulus Maximus is a wonderful remedy for a proven manufacturer for additional stimulation of your body. If you have any questions – feel free to ask them in the comments. And do not forget to subscribe to the blog updates, if not already subscribed, and do not forget to share this material with your friends via social networks. Good luck to all.

If you drink a lot of water every day, will you lose weight?

Good day, dear reader. Theme of the day – can I lose weight if I drink a lot of water? Most often the question of excess weight excites the beautiful sex, so I hasten to please the dear ladies with a positive response. Dietitians tirelessly reiterate the benefits of oxen to the body, it is an indispensable component of any diet. Let’s look at the miraculous properties of water, its influence on losing weight and proper application.

Effects on the body and excess weight

The human body is about 80% water, whose reserves we have to replenish daily. It is important quality and quantity of consumed liquid, because it affects many processes in the body, namely:

  • Removes toxins, slags, preservatives, deposits;
  • Takes an active part in the chemical processes associated with digestion;
  • Removes harmful substances formed during the digestion of food;
  • Thanks to it, carbohydrates and proteins that come with food enter the circulatory system;
  • Water burns fats, helps the formation of new muscle tissue;
  • Restores the energy balance of the body, ensures good health;
  • At the cellular level, the body carries oxygen, necessary for burning fats;
  • Helps to maintain the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin.

Lack of fluid leads to constipation, which in no way helps to lose weight. The amount of fluid consumed depends on the energy of the person needed to process calories and restore strength during exercise.

Daily rate

Many have heard that the daily rate of drinking clean, still water is 1.5-2 liters. But, very few people are aware that this concept is relative, because the necessary amount of water is calculated by weight.

The calculation formula is simple – you should multiply 0,03 by weight, you get the required amount in liters. For example, the weight of a girl is 65 kilos, multiplied by 0.03, we get 1.95. During the day she should drink 1 liter and 950 ml of water.

Strongly exceed the individual rate is undesirable, otherwise water will wash not only fats and harmful substances, but also useful minerals. Quickly you will not lose weight, but the liver is loaded mercilessly.

A large amount of fluid can cause many diseases.

Council on the topic. If earlier you did not adhere to the simple rule of daily consumption of liquids, drank, feeling extremely thirsty, do not drank a few liters drastically. Start with a liter a day, accustom yourself to this rate, then increase it to 1.5 liters in a week, repeat the increase in 7 days.

Rules of “water” weight loss

We figured out the question whether you can lose weight if you drink a lot of water, but there is another interesting point – how right? Today there is the concept of “Water diet”, the rules of which are available, simple, simple in execution. Weight loss with the help of water does not apply to hard diets, it does not require significant limitations of the usual diet.

To get a benefit from the liquid, you need mineral, filtered or melt water.

Dirty water from water pipes is not suitable for copious reception. Melting water can be obtained at home by freezing it in the freezer, before taking it unfrozen. It’s not about tea, compotes, juices or coffee, which dehydrates the body.

Get rid of excess weight, will help a number of rules that should be made your habit.

Description of the principles and rules of weight loss with water:

  1. Start every morning with a glass of water on an empty stomach. It is allowed to add 1 teaspoon of honey or lemon juice. This simple action improves the activity of the digestive system and metabolism.
  2. Drink 250 ml of water 20-30 minutes before meals, this will reduce appetite. Categorically, you can not drink water right before meals, during meals or immediately after meals. This violates the concentration of gastric juice, negatively affects the digestion process. After eating, drink no earlier than 40-60 minutes.
  3. Calculate the individual liquid norm according to the formula described in the previous part of the article.
  4. Drink slowly, making small sips.
  5. To make it easier for you to monitor the amount of water you drink, pour the necessary dose into the bottle that you carry with you.
  6. Do not drink a lot of water at a time, just take a couple of sips every 15-25 minutes. Thanks to this scheme, you do not confuse the feeling of hunger with thirst.
  7. The temperature of the water should be room, and preferably warm, to quickly remove harmful substances. Cold liquid contributes to the appearance of hunger, is not absorbed into the stomach, leaving useful properties to itself.
  8. Feeling premature hunger, slowly drink a glass of water. Sometimes the brain makes a mistake, confusing hunger and thirst.

Such a diet will help to lose 2-5 kg in the first month. You will get rid of a constant feeling of hunger, reduce the volume of the stomach, the amount of food consumed. True, you should limit the amount of salt, it prevents the removal of fluid, contributes to the appearance of swelling.

Excess weight will go away faster, if the above rules add a rejection of floury, fatty, sharp, fried foods. If you do not have enough willpower to abandon your favorite dishes, try to limit the frequency of their consumption.

Limitations and contraindications to weight loss on water

There are cases when a large volume of fluid is contraindicated. A doctor’s consultation is mandatory if:

You suffer from kidney disease;
There are problems with the gallbladder;
There are failures in the cardiovascular system.
To everyone else, a diet based on water principles does not pose a health hazard. The main thing is not to forget the prohibitions on drinking before going to bed, during meals, before or after eating. Failure to comply with these rules will lead to malfunction in the digestive work.

I would like to hope that you have received maximally detailed answers about losing weight with the help of water. The described diet gives positive results with long-term effect, most importantly, parallel moderation in food.

Adhering to the advice on the use of liquid, you can not only get rid of excess weight, but also improve your health, appearance, replenish your own energy and mood.

On this, allow me to say goodbye to you, dear readers, to wish success in the field of weight loss. Leave your comments, share articles with friends on social networks, let others also know that the fight against excess weight is not difficult.

Proper technique of performance of exercise of squat of zerkher

You have noticed, dear girls and guys too that the modern male half of humanity likes girls not just with sports figure, namely with beefy and magnificent bottom? The same tendency is around the world traced! Hello, friends. I would like to tell you about what is Zerkher’s squats as to do them and that for this purpose is necessary today.

“Than, actually, these squats it is better than the others?” — you for certain ask. And it is better they for those that allow to achieve similar results at squat with bar on shoulders, but along with it without the burdening weight pressure upon backbone. More detailed it is slightly below.

For whom Zerkher’s squats can be necessary

You sometime squatted with bar on shoulders? Felt the inconveniences accompanying these squats? And so they can be avoided, having replaced with others, the truth. At once the picture from the old movie “Major Paine” where after the major’s question “you want to forget about the scelalgia has emerged?”, it breaks finger to the guy. The guy is already concentrated on hand pain, and the leg does not hurt any more. Joke, of course, but sense same – replacement of one inconveniences with others, but more acceptable.

These squats can be useful to those who have obvious problems with backbone like pinching of nerve, hernia and other problems, but persons interested to squat with additional weight for finding of worthy figure.

Also quite often by Zerkher’s method people who are confused by some discomfort squat: pressure upon shoulders and shovels of bar with which it is necessary to enclose towel, rubbing of bar at numerous repetitions and the subsequent pain or burning of skin.

No, I do not claim that squats with bar inconvenient or, upas My God, inefficient exercise. On the contrary. I only want to show different ways of acquisition of sports constitution.

All these unpleasant moments force people to look for the new exercises excluding similar inconveniences. And such exercises are. One of them – Zerkher’s squat. Yes, it is possible to resort to leg press in a hack machine, but you should take into account that the lumbar extensors and abdominal muscles (the lower section of the straight and the lower part of the oblique muscles) do not work practically with the leg press.

Also this type of squats seldom, but is used by weight-lifters, powerlifters and body builders for a change of the program and stimulation of muscles. All new is stress for muscles, and the stress is growth.

How to perform this exercise

For a start I will note that when performing leg (the direction of feet, width of statement of legs) are in the same situation, as well as at squats with bar on shoulders: if you squat in classical manner (feet look directly, legs shoulder width apart), then take the same position also in these squats, well and if you love non-standard stands (feet look forward and in the parties, and width of statement of leg can be different), then, naturally, choose this stand. Well, take the same, as usually.

Initial position.
The bar costs on the corresponding stands, but not at the level of shoulders, and it is slightly lower than the level of breast for convenience of removal of bar. Approach it and take middle part of bar elbows, having crossed at the same time forearms or brushes (depends on length of hands).

You can tear off bar from stands. But I will tell at once that there is also the second way of deduction of bar – on forward parts of shoulders. For this purpose you need to sit down a little under signature stamp, having put it on forward parts of shoulders. Elbows at the same time look forward, forearms at the level of shoulders and are crossed among themselves, and palms hold bicepses.

Now just straighten your legs. But keep in mind: with the second method, the rod control is slightly worse. And you have already chosen the way to hold the bar?

If you think that this description of the starting position has ended, then you are mistaken. After you have taken the bar of the bar in a certain way, move away from the posts by 20 – 30 cm. This distance should be enough for comfortable sit-ups. Next, set your feet in the way that you described at the beginning of this section. Now the starting position has become complete.

We pass directly to squats.
Movement down. Holding burdening, gradually bend hip and knee joints until you reach parallel – situation at which your hips will be approximately parallel to floor. As the weight cent during lowering will be displaced a little forward, be ready that your body will bend forward. Just adapt to it, putting aside bottom back and holding back of straight line or a little bent (consider, not bent, and bent).

Important point is smooth lowering and rise. If you decide to fall quickly, then the stronger you will sit down, the more will press down you weighting compound weight. If you want to get up quickly, then at full knee stretching the bar at you will jump literally on shoulders or hands (depends on grip), reducing your control over it.

Movement up. This movement is the complete antithesis to the previous movement, that is down. Your task to do everything with accuracy “to on the contrary”: smoothly begin to unbend all bent joints, straightening postural pose and giving bottom.

Statement of apparatus on stands. Now you just needed to approach stands and to lower on them bar. But do not do it, bending forward, burdening can move you, and you will fall. Just adjust bar to stands and bend knees, having lowered it.

What is necessary for squats

I will answer in two words: desire and the bar. Although no, three: racks. The equipment can be found in any normal gym, and the desire for viewing motivating clips or with obvious progress in the results.

A clear drawback of such squats is the inability of athletes to maintain maximum weights. But you are not aimed at this, am I right? Therefore, you should like sit-ups of Zerekher. And I have everything for today.

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Caloric content of a boiled egg in a steep

Dear reader, if you are worried about your health and appearance – read our article. A few tips and useful information will help you decide on the choice of food.

To eat everything and at the same time to keep a harmonious figure is the dream of all mankind. The most real tests of the strength of the will of a person become rigid diets. Why should you exhaust your mental and physical state if you only need to calculate the number of calories in a certain product?

Some of the most common and affordable foods are eggs. Deserved lodgers of a refrigerator are considered by fans of meal which does not demand special expenses of time. And scrambled eggs, for example, are a great option for breakfast, when every minute of gathering for work is expensive.

Also with boiled eggs cook quickly and simply, nourishing and, unlike fried eggs, great. Eggs should be in the daily diet of every healthy person, as here contains a lot of essential and necessary vitamins, amino acids, other nutrients for our body. How many calories in a hard boiled egg – this question is asked by people who care about their health.

Benefits of boiled eggs

If we take into account the chemical composition of the egg, which is cooked, then in the first place it is worth noting in it the presence of amino acids, which our body can not synthesize on its own. These include mitionin, lysine, tryptophan.

If the body is deficient in these components, liver dystrophy can be observed due to a lack of fat in it. Also there is a replenishment of amino acids from some tissues, internal organs, which negatively affects the general condition of a person and can lead to the most unexpected diseases.

Already starting from the age of 4 months, the child is given as a complementary meal a boiled egg yolk. Unlike protein, it is easier to digest and contains more vitamins, which are necessary for a growing organism.

A child aged 2 years should be given half of a well-brewed egg a day. Already to about 4 years the dose can be increased twice, if there are no contraindications, allergies. Almost all the caloric content of a chicken egg is in the yolk. It contains fats, which are the main components of calorie content.


Vitamin A, which is part of a boiled chicken egg, is primarily a powerful antioxidant. Also this vitamin has a beneficial effect on the skin condition, vision.

Folic acid is more familiar to women, as it is recommended to take doctors during pregnancy. So, in a boiled egg it contains just the amount that the future mother and her future child need. This acid is the foundation of the entire nervous system of the fetus, the lack of it can lead to the most disastrous consequences.

B vitamins are contained in the egg in large quantities. If we talk about the main function of vitamin B, then it lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and internal organs. It also prevents the formation of plaques, thrombi in the vessels.

Vitamin D is familiar to all from childhood. At an early age, it is necessary to avoid such a disease as rickets. Vitamin is synthesized by the body during exposure to the skin of sunlight. Therefore, eggs, in which a sufficient amount of vitamin, it is useful to give children in the cold season, when the sun is not particularly happy with its light.

From aging and cardiovascular diseases will help to protect vitamin E. Although in chicken eggs it is not such a huge amount as, say, in walnuts, but taking every day to eat 2-3 eggs, you can make up for the deficiency of this vitamin.

Caloric content of chicken eggs

If you look for the difference in calories in boiled hard boiled, soft-boiled or raw eggs, then it is almost invisible.

The average weight of a chicken egg is 55 grams. Caloric content of such a product is 87 kcal. To make it easier to calculate calories for people who are on a diet, then in 100 grams of eggs (taken without shell) 159 kcal.

Trace elements contained in a boiled chicken egg

The most familiar is iodine. Its sufficient amount affects the state of the thyroid gland and, as a consequence, the whole organism as a whole. Iodine is the most important component of the gland, it is needed for the synthesis of such hormones as thyroid and thyrotropic.

Signs of lack of iodine in the human body – fragility of nails, unhealthy hair, skin. Since iodine is able to burn fats, nutritionists recommend that when you lose excess weight in moderate doses, there are foods rich in iodine.

Fluoride helps the bone tissue to be stronger. Knowingly, it is the main component of a number of toothpastes, as it strengthens the tooth enamel and fills the microcracks, which in time could grow into caries. Patients with fractures, doctors appoint a strengthened diet with the largest composition of calcium, fluoride in foods. Eggs in this respect are an ideal source of fluoride.

Rapid fatigue, drowsiness can be the first signs that there is not enough potassium in the body. Even if this condition is caused by excessive physical activity, this is the reason to check with a doctor. Quite probably, it will be enough to edit the working day, but at this time to take food rich in potassium, it does not hurt.

Who is on a diet

In many diets, eggs are completely excluded, since the yolk is a source of fat. If there is an opportunity and, most importantly, a desire to stick to a diet where you can eat eggs, then it’s best to do it with caution. First, eggs must be cooked or drunk raw. Secondly, it should be understood that 4-5 eggs a day not that they will remove the hated kilograms and centimeters, but also add. The third point of this condition is the consumption of eggs in the morning, when the body is able to convert fats into energy. You can not store boiled eggs in the refrigerator, the maximum can be left for a couple of hours.

Here are a few recipes for cooking dietary dishes using chicken eggs.

Salad from fresh cabbage with egg. In the finely chopped cabbage, add the diced egg. If the diet is sparing, then you can salt a little. Season with sunflower or olive oil and let stand for 10 minutes. Next the dish is ready for use.

Eggs stuffed with herbs. Take dill, leeks, parsley in the same amount. From boiled eggs, cut in half, take the yolk into a separate container. There add finely chopped greens, for taste and better consistency, you can drip 1 tbsp. L. Oil. Oil can be taken any, most importantly, that it was of vegetable origin.

If there is no time to conjure in the kitchen, you can just eat an boiled hard-boiled egg on an empty stomach, drink it with a weak tea or water. The body is immediately saturated and before dinner you can feel quite normal. How many calories in a hard boiled egg – not so much to give up this natural useful product.

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The program of trainings on endurance and force

Hello friends! Again, I’m glad to welcome you to our useful, vigorous and positive page, where the most effective and truthful information about sports and a healthy lifestyle is collected. Today we are talking about a special program that helps in a short time to bring yourself in shape and increase the coefficient of endurance. The training program for endurance and strength combines standard strength training with weights and a set of low-intensive occupations that should be performed for a long time or in multiple repetitions.

Contradiction of force and endurance

How it is correct to connect, apparently, both types of physical training, absolutely opposite on technology of performance? At power training good rest between approaches in exercises and trainings is important stage in work (high-quality rest is responsible for efficiency of training and end desirable result in set of muscle bulk).

At trainings on endurance growth of aerobic ability of muscles, that is increase in time for which the same exercise at the fixed intensity is performed will be the main criterion (at the same time endurance, thanks to growth of force of cardiovascular system, considerably increases, but it does not affect the volume of muscles in any way).

Numerous researches of scientists from NSCA say that it is impossible to improve at the same time indicators in two of these directions: accumulation of endurance and force, and in certain cases it even harms organism and reduces quality power indicators.

In support of this, they cite a number of reasons why, in their opinion, joint training for strength and endurance, do not work or work inefficiently:

  1. Lack of good rest will lead to overtraining and as a result — to stagnation of growth of muscles;
  2. Excessive difficulty for organism to adaptation at once to two modes of trainings;
  3. Extreme exhaustion of organism and further its full exhaustion, especially when carrying out two types of trainings in one day;
  4. Imbalance between catabolic and anabolic systems in organism in the course of the parallel trainings.

However, in practice, the return is confirmed. Especially positive results from the mixed trainings are visible at introduction of power exercises in the program on endurance in such sports as sprint, cycling and others that is where it is necessary to apply big force to “final breakthrough”, to delay time of approach of fatigue.

Investigation: if to do everything it is correct and balanced, then parallel trainings on force and endurance nevertheless yield the positive results and opportunity to receive desirable physical shape with the greatest increase in coefficient of sports effectiveness.

Program of trainings

For now heated arguments concerning positive and negative influences on organism of joint trainings, increasing number of trainers are conducted create programs on the basis of two of these types of exercise stresses, investigating and selecting ratio of frequency, types of exercises, their intensity and time of training for obtaining most the best end results.

Here one of programs of approximate week-long training on force and endurance.

Day the first.
Well, have driven!) We perform exercises in the hall, everyone – on 10 times in 3 approaches:
Squat with bar (we take the weight with which we work constantly), for example it is possible to perform exercise goblt squats;
General exercise on calves;
2 – 3 exercises on biceps with dumbbells with habitual weight;
Ellipse – 20 min.;

Day of the second.
Run outdoors – 60 min. For the best effect run with variable speed.

Day the third.
Occupation in the hall or houses, then outdoors.
Jumps through the nacherchenny line or jump rope sideways. Jumping, it is necessary to try to press legs as it is possible closer to buttocks. We perform exercise in 3 approaches on 30 sec.;
Jumps up from position legs shoulder width apart. When performing exercise, we try as it is possible to raise the knees bent before themselves above. 3 approaches on 30 sec.;
Run by gallop on the place (or if the space – the 30 meters allows). When performing exercise in step to legs intensively we use hands. We carry out 10 approaches 1 min.;
Walking in the parties in half-squat (as in stand of sumoist). 5 approaches 1 min. The back needs to try to be held as it is possible more exactly;
Front scale – balance deduction. 5 repetitions on 30 sec.;
Run on uneven sublime surface (some hill means). It is necessary to make 5-10 repetitions, depending on slope height, descent from slope – slow step, rise – at the maximum effort, between approaches – we have a rest 1 min.

Day the fourth.
Training in the hall. Power. We carry out 3х10 times.
Press from bench;
Lunges with weight;
Training with ball (there can be basketball, volleyball, soccer or other dynamic ball routines), about 1 hour.

Day the fifth.
Day of development of endurance. Carrying out time 1-2 hours.
It can be intensive foot walk, it is desirable with weighting compound in the form of full backpack if there is no such opportunity, then it is possible “to walk” on the exercise machine, having included the floors function.

Day of the sixth.
Training power in the hall.
Any power exercises from given above, with repetitions till 10-12 times in 3 approaches. After — dynamic training with ball.

Day of the seventh.
Day when it is better to do nothing, just let’s the organism have a rest.


This program of trainings for endurance and force is approximate, having corrected it under itself, it is possible to achieve over desirable results. I sincerely wish it to you! Remember, in well trained body – iron spirit!

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Benefit and harm to humans from using the helba

Hello, dear readers! Today I want to tell you about such an interesting and remarkable plant as helba, I will tell you what its useful properties and contraindications are, how to use it correctly, what ailments can be healed with the help of this miraculous flower.

Some general information

Helba (other names – hilba, shamballa, fenugreek hay or camel thorn) is a medicinal plant known to many peoples of the world, widely used in folk medicine and cosmetology.

It grows in India, Egypt, Morocco, France, and also in Eastern Europe. The odor of fenugreek is specific, nothing like it. The grass is characterized by a bitter taste.

If we turn to history, we will see many statements by famous people about the healing properties of camel grass. It was often used in Ancient Egypt to facilitate labor in women, and also as an effective antipyretic agent.

The Prophet Muhammad mentioned fenugreek in his advice to Muslims, advising everyone to heal themselves with the help of this plant.

A famous English scientist named Kleber believed that camel’s herb for its medicinal properties is equivalent to all other medicines in the world.

Hippocrates also paid due attention to shamballa, describing her remarkable qualities.

What is the value of helba

What worries you? What diseases do you want to cure by the folk method? I can assure you that fenugreek is so beautiful, it has such a huge quantity of valuable qualities that it is impossible to disassemble in detail all its merits that benefit the human body. Let’s make an overview of the main advantages of using shamballa:

  • Its regular use helps to renew the cells of our body;
  • The nervous system is strengthened;
  • Camel thorn copes with various kinds of inflammatory processes;
  • Removes parasites;
  • If you are tormented by flatulence, the grass will come to the aid;
  • Can effectively withdraw phlegm from the nasopharynx;
  • Shamballa can help improve memory;
  • It helps in digestion: improves appetite, cleanses the intestines, strengthens the pancreas;
  • Is very effective in the treatment of the cardiovascular system, stabilizing the work of the heart in such unpleasant diseases as tachycardia and arrhythmia;
  • Coping with impotence in the early stages of the disease;
  • Grass can help a person regain strength after considerable physical exertion, increases the general tone of the body, gives courage.

Different peoples have their own customs of using medicinal shamballa. For example, in India, it is popular among women in childbirth. It helps to recover from childbirth, strengthen the body, and also promotes lactation.

In Europe, the plant is used by women who suffer from painful menstruation, relieving spasms and giving strength to a weakened body.

A real treasure trove for tourists around the world is the famous “yellow tea”, cooked from hilba. Perhaps you’ve heard of such widespread trouble as “traveler’s diarrhea”. This disorder of the intestines, which is caused by a sharp change in climate, eating during long trips, lack of immunity in visitors to some microorganisms, completely safe for the local population. So, healing tea removes symptoms of the disorder and normalizes digestive processes.

There is also good news for lovers of healthy and healthy food – raw vegetables and fruits, as well as legumes, which, of course, supplement the body with a mass of vitamins and trace elements, but as a side effect cause flatulence due to high fiber content. Healing tea perfectly copes with bloating, eliminating discomfort in the digestive organs.

If you want to learn how to properly prepare and consume such tea, I’m happy to be ready to share a recipe with you.

Tea recipe

So, for this, of course, you will need a camel thorn itself, namely its seeds, which, fortunately, can be bought at a pharmacy at a very affordable price. Two teaspoons dried and roasted seeds without oil, pour a glass of boiling water, then put on a weak fire and cook for about ten minutes.

After that, pour the drink into a cup and drink like a regular tea. Seeds, as an option, can be grinded on a coffee grinder, and, no longer boiling, pour a teaspoon of the resulting powder into a cup, let it settle for a couple of minutes.

It should be noted that tea is not only extremely useful, but also has a wonderful taste.

I also advise you to read my previous articles about water with honey, ginger for weight loss and basil.


Now, dear readers, let’s consider what danger can entail self-treatment helboy, and who better to abandon the use of this plant.

It is commonly believed that there is only one serious contraindication – this is pregnancy in the early stages.

Although many believe that fenugreek has a number of harmful properties. For example, a high estrogen content in a plant can adversely affect the health of women suffering from diseases of the reproductive system, such as tumors, fibroids, endometriosis.

Often the use of camel grass leads to the progression of these diseases. In addition, the same phytoestrogen, which is so much in fenugreek, can adversely affect the sexual life of men, disrupting the balance of male and female hormones.

In general, I should note that any self-treatment is not good. Even if you are sure of choosing a folk remedy that helps with this or that disease, do not be lazy after all to visit a doctor and consult with him about the use of such a remedy.

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Proper nutrition to raise vitality

Hello dear readers. To lose weight or keep ourselves in check, we are constantly climbing the Internet, looking for a magical diet that makes our figure slim in a few days. In this article, there will not be such a diet, you know why? There is no such method, the result is a balanced diet and exercise. Today I will talk with you about how to learn to eat right, to eat, to become healthier and younger.

A saying to remember is that we eat what we eat.

Nutrition affects the whole body in a complex way, if we eat fast food, pimples will appear on the face, with sweet the same. If you manage to organize meals, make a complex of useful substances and trace elements, then you will:

  • Earlier to get up
  • It is better to get enough sleep
  • Less tired
  • Work more
  • There will be more energy
  • The vital tone will rise
  • You will constantly receive forest comments, not only from colleagues and friends, but also relatives, you can give them time, instead of rest.

Learn to competently share food, at once you do not need to eat much, it is better not enough, but make 5-6 meals a day. After each meal, the stomach should not be full, let there is a slight feeling of hunger.

What is the role of drinking water?

The body is made up of 80% of water, water depends on the condition of the skin and internal organs. For lack of wrinkles on the face is responsible for water, and here the main thing is to find your quantity. I think that you met on the Internet, where you wrote about 3-6 liters of water per day? So – this is utter nonsense, I will now say a proven method that will never fail.

It sounds silly, but still. Go to the toilet, start to urinate, look at the color of urine, if the urine is light or a little yellow, then, with the level of water in the body full order. Badly if the urine is clay color, then either you drink a little water that can be corrected, but maybe it’s a matter of illness, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

We make a daily diet

I can give general recommendations, but I do not know how to schedule meals for everyone! You must define it yourself, relying on free time throughout the day. Below we will talk about protein, fats and carbohydrates, what is the use of them.

Now I will tell you about the best time for eating and what you need to eat to be healthy.

You must start the morning with breakfast, after a glass of water. Between 7-9 o’clock in the morning, take more carbohydrates – it’s porridge, either, maybe oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat. You ask why it is porridge, and not soup, for example? I will say that the porridge contains a carbohydrate composition that gives energy for the whole day, it is thanks to carbohydrates that you have the strength, even just take a step.

In buckwheat, depending on the grade is contained in 100 grams of the product, from 60 to 80 grams of carbohydrates. If your weight is 70 kg, you need 150 to 200 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Formula – take your weight, multiply by 2 on average, and get the amount of carbohydrates you need for 24 hours.

List of products and content of carbohydrates in them

The second meal is 10-11 pm – consists of a snack, fruits, dairy products, salads, some chicken or beef.

13: 00-14: 00 hours. Lunch, it will be good, eat meat, side dishes, boiled potatoes, fish. Not very light, but not heavy products. Do not forget about fresh greenery, it contains elements that help to re-etch food.

16: 00-17: 00 meat plus complex carbohydrates. What are complex carbohydrates, read below. You can include rice with meat, vegetables, fish, garnish, turkey.

Evening 19:00 later this time you can only eat vegetables or fruits. Take dairy products – cheese, fresh milk, semolina, yogurt, shorter foods that are quickly absorbed.

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats

3 main components, without them we can not live.

  1. Proteins – contained in almost all products, except bread products or in small quantities. Most of all – it’s meat, dairy products. Quality proteins are found in chicken, turkey, fish. Fast proteins (casein) are found in dairy products, most in cheese.
  2. Carbohydrates – the component giving, energy and strength for life, is contained in all products, is divided, as complex and simple. Complex – it’s rice, buckwheat, wheat porridge, cereal varieties. Simple and harmful – bread, pie, sweets. It is a simple carbohydrate that remains as fat.
  3. Fats are a component that is responsible for hair and nails, when losing weight, people often exclude this element from their diet, which is not necessary, hair can fall out and nails can crumble. Contained in pork, and various fatty foods. 1 reception of pork per month will be enough.

Products that are not needed in the diet

All the products that I now call, people are very fond of, and abandoning them is difficult.

  • All foods where there is flour
  • Fat products, with a small exception
  • Candies
  • Macaroni is also better to exclude

I told you how to learn how to eat properly to always feel at the height, and constantly receive compliments from the surrounding people. Protect yourself from harmful products, get healthy food, and in a month, I assure you, you will not want to return to the cast of constantly tired, sleepless and dissatisfied people.

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