An example of a sports men’s fat burning diet

Hello, dear men and boys. Today’s topic is purely yours. And it sounds like this: “Sport diet for burning fat for men.” In it I will give examples of what you need to eat, and what is worth abstaining from, and also will tell what your everyday menu should consist of.

If you are determined to lose weight or dry yourself, then I warn you – the path to a perfect body will be difficult and time-consuming. And it’s not that you have to overcome your pain threshold, doing exercises with medium weights to complete “wear” of the muscles. And it’s not even that you need to do this at every training session. Everything is much more complicated.

We heard an expression, like the fact that the main enemy for us is ourselves. Or like this: “You have to compare yourself only with yourself in the past.” Why am I saying all this? The task of losing weight is the most difficult – to fight against yourself, or rather, with their temptations about food. And at the beginning of this journey I wish you strong stamina and great willpower. A motivating article to help you.

What is necessary to eat during weight loss?

Initially, emphasis should be placed on protein foods – it should be at least 50% of the total amount of food eaten per day.

In these 50% includes sports nutrition protein orientation. Further. To keep yourself in good shape – you need a lot of energy. Usually it is taken from fast and slow carbohydrates. But in our case, fast ones will have to be sacrificed – they are the main reason for the formation of subcutaneous fat. No, it’s not fat in the form in which we all are accustomed to seeing it in our skillet, namely fast carbohydrates.

So that’s it. How to support yourself in a cheerful mood and not lower your ability to work? It’s very simple – eat more slow carbohydrates. Where they are kept – I will tell below.

Another factor is fiber. I will not go into details why it is needed and what functions it performs, just know – it is necessary, especially when you lose excess weight.

As for fatty foods, you can eat it, but do not overdo it, because with an excess of fat in the body, this very fat begins to accumulate. Do you need it? By fatty food I mean fried, although they can be pampered themselves once a week. But, for example, olives or olives are also fatty. Also what, them too once a week it is possible to eat? No, here they just can be a little more, although, again, do not get involved.

Grocery list

Meat (poultry, beef, pork, etc.), fish (possibly low-fat varieties).

Dairy products:
(Cheese, cottage cheese, milk, kefir, everything except sour cream), eggs in any form, except fried, nuts of any sort, sunflower seeds and pumpkin. These foods will satiate your muscles, bones.

Slow carbohydrates: all varieties of cereals, except manna (buckwheat, rice, captive, oatmeal and so on), boiled potatoes, rye bread. Also, a small amount (in comparison with porridges) of slow carbohydrates is found in vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, broccoli, onions, carrots. Also present in pasta from hard varieties of wheat, in sea kale, melon, dried apricots, peach, orange.

In general, if you sum up a little, then all these foods must be eaten in large quantities. Do not forget about the greenery, because I can not specify all the products.

As for fiber, in large quantities it is found in cabbage. Yes, ordinary cabbage. But if you think seasonally, the fiber is also found in berries, pears. It is still present in whole grain bread, lentils, cereals.

What to eat is not worth it

As I said, you need to refrain from taking fast carbohydrates. They include everything sweet, except for honey: cakes, cookies, sweets, in general everything that contains sugar. Sweet fruits, by the way, carry a certain amount of fast carbohydrates, but also slow ones. Still to slow carbohydrates it is possible to carry flour and bakery products: bread, baguettes, pelmeni, vareniki.

In sports nutrition (some of its types), you also need to limit yourself. So, it is worth completely abandoning the use of geyners, whatever they are – high-carb or high-protein. In them, as a rule, as a rule, maltodextrin is used, rich in fast carbohydrates.

Sports nutrition with diet

An excellent substitute for fast carbohydrates (count, fast energy production) can be creatine, which is responsible for the energy of the whole body.

Naturally, protein mixtures and cocktails should come to the fore, which sometimes can be replaced by a day meal. Further, on your own, you can use fat burners, L-carnitine and other aimed at reducing excess weight of the additive.

A special place is occupied by vitamins and minerals. During the diet, you have to limit yourself in foods, so, along with them, the flow of necessary microelements into the body also decreases. Therefore, “use” of vitamin-mineral complexes should be taken as a rule. In any case, it will not be worse.

Some tips

Try to eat every day what was not in the past – the change of food will favorably affect the reduction in weight and the nutrition of the organism with different trace elements.

Take small breaks in taking protein food every 2 weeks. The protein also has the property of accumulating and transforming into subcutaneous fat. I think 4 or 5 days will be enough to resume the reception of protein. No, I’m not saying it completely to exclude, just in such periods cut back, filling the gap formed with vegetables and fruits, for example. Bananas are an excellent substitute.

When drying, lean on rice – it takes water from the body.

Approximately from such products there should be a sports diet for fat burning for men. If you liked the article – share it with your friends through social networks. Leave comments and subscribe to blog updates. Be slim.

How correctly to jump over a skipping rope?

Hello, readers! Surely you know that jumping rope is very useful for health. If you doubt it, then be sure to read this article, and there will be no doubt. From it you will learn about the types of jumps, as well as the technique of how to jump on a rope with a cross.

In fact, the rope is one of the most effective simulators. Maybe someone does not believe this, but it really is. It’s hard to imagine that a projectile, which in childhood used everything as entertainment, can really help every person. It is simply necessary for those who dream of throwing off extra pounds. If you belong to such people, you need to read this article.

All are well aware that the right load makes it possible to make the body beautiful and fit. This is true, and many people who hear this thesis immediately go to the gym. In fact, it is not necessary to do this, because you can always jump on the rope.

Such physical activity will help get rid of annoying fat, and will also allow you to always be in a good mood. All you need is ten, fifteen minutes a day, fresh air, and the rope itself. If you add to this the right diet and mass desire, then definitely everything will work out as well as possible.

Variants of training

In fact, there are a lot of options, how to make a workout, if there is a skipping rope. There are different options for jumping, which equally well affect the body. Next, each species, and its features, will be highlighted.

The first type of jumping is classical. So, everyone jumped in their childhood and jumped now. The skipping rope rotates, and a person should simply jump over it at the moment when it is under his feet.

The second type is jumping with crosses. This option is considered the most lightweight, because it does not require special efforts. As a rule, jumps with crossings are performed at an average pace, and are designed for warm-up.

The third type is reverse. Performed exactly as classic, but the rope rotates back, not forward. Use those who have the necessary experience in classical jumps.

The fourth view is with double scrolling. This variant of jumps is considered one of the most difficult. Use it, as a rule, professional athletes, or those who have a good sporting form. A beginner is not recommended, as there is a risk of injury.

The fifth view is cross-shaped jumps. Such jumps are considered one of the most difficult, along with double scrolling. They should be focused on, because they should not be performed without special training.

Cross-shaped jumps – machinery

In fact, you can see how many children jump this way. They get it mainly because they are small and insanely active. Adult people who want to learn how to jump like this often face serious difficulties. The fact is that there is a whole algorithm of actions that will help prepare the body for such jumps.

So, if you want to learn how to jump on a rope with a cross, you should read carefully. First of all, it is necessary to conduct a qualitative warm-up, so as not to get an annoying trauma. Warm up a few minutes, and it’s best to spend these minutes on jumping back and forth, and left – right.

After the warm-up, you can start the exercise.

  1. It is necessary to accept the starting position, as before the usual jumps.
  2. You need to start with the usual jumps.
  3. At the moment when a person realizes that he is ready, he crosses his left hand with his right, and lets the rope over him.
  4. At the time when the hands will go to cross, the brush should be wrapped inside.
  5. Legs need to be bent slightly stronger.
  6. Everything repeats in a circle.

At first glance, it may seem difficult, but after a few training sessions everything will turn out to be easy.

If a person does not have any experience in jumping rope, then he should take his time and jump in the classical version. After that it will turn out without problems, it is possible to pass to cross jumps.

A bit about the length of the rope

The length should be matched exactly according to your height, if you certainly do not want to get injured.

To determine the desired length, you need to fold the shell in half. The length should be slightly higher than you.
If the rope is too long, then the person will constantly get confused and get lost. As a result, there will be no result from such training. If too short, then nothing but discomfort you will not feel.


Regularly jump on the rope with a cross, and you can always be in good shape. In a few weeks after the beginning of the class, you will see how your body has changed. The main thing is to follow the technique, and do not be afraid to admit to yourself that you have not yet learned how to jump.

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Thank you for attention!

What is free testosterone and what is the norm for men and women?

Hello, dear readers! Nowadays, when the propaganda of a healthy lifestyle and fitness is gaining momentum, people began to pay more attention to their health and try to learn about the factors that contribute to it. Both specialists and newcomers who only come to the gym understand that all the processes in the body, and consequently, the changes, are controlled by a combination of hormones. One of the most important hormones is testosterone and it is very important to know such a parameter as free testosterone in men and free testosterone in women.

What is this hormone?

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that has an androgenic effect. Despite the fact that the hormone is called masculine, it is present in the body of both men and women, differing in quantity. In the male body, it is synthesized from cholesterol due to the sex glands of the testes. In the female body, the ovaries respond to the production of testosterone, giving it in much lower concentrations (normal). In organisms of both sexes it is synthesized due to the adrenal cortex. In men, the hormone is responsible for the masculinization (that is, the totality of features originally inherent only in men), and in the female – for androgenization (the appearance of atypical changes for the lady).

What are the properties of testosterone

The effects of this hormone are indispensable, because testosterone has many positive effects:

  • Promotes the development of male sexual organs (this occurs even in the intrauterine period);
  • Thanks to him develop secondary sexual characteristics in men (this coarsening of the voice, growth of hair on the body and face, the development of male features, a powerful muscle corset – all that makes it possible to distinguish a man from a woman);
  • Has an anabolic effect, contributing to the buildup of muscle mass (that is why testosterone in its various forms is used in sports pharmacology);
  • Affects the sex drive;
  • Plays a role in phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism.

But with insufficient or decreased levels of this hormone, there may be side effects:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • The appearance of edemas;
  • Masculinization (concerning ladies);
  • Development of infertility;
  • Tendency to frequent mood changes, as well as manifestations of aggression, instability of behavior, excessive excitability;
  • Partial or complete alopecia;
  • Problems with skin (fat, acne).

Variety of testosterone forms

Testosterone is present in the human body in two forms: free and bound. There is also an intermediate variant, where testosterone is called conditionally free, or bioavailable. This conditional form is a combination of testosterone, bound to albumin, with a free.

The most informative is the free indicator, since only in this form the hormone will be active and can interact with androgen receptors, and also participate in many biochemical processes.

Surely you once were in the medical laboratory and saw among the list of tests “testosterone total.” Thus, doctors determine the entire sex hormone (bound + free) in the body. But it will be more useful to know the level of only free, because its fluctuations will affect health and appearance in a much more visible way.

What are the norms of free testosterone?

The level of this hormone is different not only for men and women, but for different ages of the same sex. It is logical that an ardent boy of 20 years of age testosterone level is higher than that of a solid adult man who has already exchanged the sixth decade. It is still the laws of nature.

Consider free testosterone in men

The data of specialists-endocrinologists read:

  1. At the age of 20 to 39 years, men should normally have an average of 10.75 ng / dL;
  2. At the age of 40-49 years – 7-26 ng / dL;
  3. At the age of 50-59 – 5-22 ng / dL;
  4. And at the age of 60 to 69 years – 5-19 ng / dL.

With further increase in age, the level drops lower.

Ng / dL (or ng / ml) is the common unit of measurement for hormonal assays. Since the venous blood sample is taken as a material for the analysis, this unit shows how much of the nanogram of the hormone falls on a small volume of blood (deciliter or milliliter).

For women, these indicators, of course, vary.

Normal for women

Only when the baby is born and up to 5 months, the testosterone in girls should be within 0.2-0.8 ng / ml;
From half a year and up to 6 years – 0,06 – 0,2 ng / ml;
In 10-11 years – 0,06 – 0,44 ng / ml;
In 12-16 – 0,07 – 0,75 ng / ml;
In 17-18, 0.2-0.75 ng / ml;
Older than 19 years – 0.08 – 0.6 ng / ml;
During the period during and after menopause – 0,15 – 0,7 ng / ml.

Why is it important to know the level of free testosterone?

To control their hormonal background, doctors advise all men to avoid unpleasant consequences and, if necessary, to start treatment.

This is important, as increasing the level of free testosterone causes such problems:

  • Risk of adrenal hyperplasia. This pathology means that organs and tissues will grow disproportionately (for example, the penis grows and the testicles do not).
  • Growth accelerates, not taking into account the age and maturity of other body systems.
  • There is a risk of a testicular tumor;
  • Risk of infertility;
  • There are problems with sleep.

If the hormone is deficient, on the contrary, the person will experience:

  • Weakness, lethargy;
  • Delay in muscle growth, strength;
  • Sexual impotence;
  • Deficiency, as well as imbalance of hormones, can lead to gynecomastia – a problem that arose because of the increase in the level of female hormones in the male body.

So from time to time monitoring the level of testosterone, you run the risk of maintaining your health for many years. And taking into account the anabolic effect of the hormone, you can maintain the body in excellent shape.

Now, hoping that this information has benefited you, I say goodbye to you, dear readers. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog updates and leave comments. Be healthy!

Goat milk: composition, use in diseases and its contraindications

Hello, my dear readers! In this article, we will discuss goat milk, useful properties and contraindications. This product has been discussed for a long time, but few use it, or at least try it once. Possessing a specific taste and smell, may not like everyone, but it is worth giving it a chance, because milk is useful for a variety of diseases.


The most important difference of goat’s milk from other species is a rather high protein content, about 3 grams. The content of many groups of vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, H, PP.

Sometimes pediatricians recommend giving it to even small children who start to wean from breastfeeding. It is well absorbed by the body and does not cause any problems with the stomach, if there are no diseases. It will help to strengthen the immunity of the child, and fill the body with the necessary vitamins.

The macronutrients contained in goat’s milk:

  1. potassium;
  2. calcium;
  3. iodine;
  4. phosphorus;
  5. molybdenum;
  6. magnesium;
  7. copper.

According to statistics, goat milk, due to the fact that it is enriched with a large number of vitamins, remarkably raises immunity, and restores the body even in the postoperative period.

Benefits for various diseases

When consuming milk, you need to pay attention to the expiration date, and how it was stored. With proper storage, and without heat treatment, the milk will not lose absolutely no useful properties, and will bring many vitamins.

With colds.
Will have a softening effect on the bronchi and irritations in the throat. Softly enveloping from the inside, it will help to relieve the pain, will bring out phlegm. For cooking, you need a glass of milk to add 1 tsp. Honey. With angina, its use is very effective at night, so the milk can exert its healing effect on the throat for a long time.

With liver diseases.
High content of methionine and lecithin, helps with kidney failure. Also, doctors advise drinking to those who once abused alcohol, and this provoked the appearance of cirrhosis of the liver. The content of cysteine ​​in it can prevent intoxication.

With diseases of the stomach.
If you are tormented by spasms, gastritis, heartburn, and also high acidity, then goat’s milk can reduce the symptoms of these diseases. It gently affects the mucous membrane of the stomach tissues, helping to get rid of the unpleasant sensations that were caused by stomach problems.

Also, it can be drunk with poisoning, it will remove symptoms, and help the body with intoxication.

With nervous exhaustion.
Strangely enough, but its application very well affects people who suffer from insomnia, headaches and constant stress conditions. Milk has a soothing effect, removes fatigue and relieves stress. One glass before going to bed, can perfectly help in the fight against insomnia.

If you have constant headache, then you can apply a compress, which contains milk. To do this, you need to mix it and white clay in equal proportions, and the resulting porridge to lubricate the bandage. And to put it to the forehead, the pain after a while should retreat.

With heart problems.
The vitamin B12 contained in milk has a beneficial effect on blood flow in the human body, thus, normalizing the work of the cardiovascular system.

At thoracal feeding.
Women who breastfeed, doctors recommend to drink goat’s milk, because at this time in her body deficiency of many useful elements, and it actively helps to fill them. Also, restoring the supply of natural collagen, then the breast will again become elastic

Contraindications to use

Despite the fact that such milk has many useful properties and is shown in many diseases, it can not do without a number of contraindications.

You can not eat with excess weight. People who are willing to lose excess pounds are better off for a while to refuse to take this product, since goat’s milk has a rather high percentage of fat, and its calorie content is very high.

  • With problems in the endocrine system;
  • When there are any diseases of the pancreas. This is also due to the high percentage of fat content of goat’s milk, it is 4.4%;
  • Disorders in the work of the intestines, due to the large number of biobacteria, and this can cause fermentation;
  • Problems with the pancreas;
  • You can not feed them too young children (babies);
  • If there is an individual intolerance to the product.

Rules of storage and use

When purchasing a product on the market or from acquaintances, it is necessary to thoroughly inquire about the method of storing the product. If improper storage or carrying out improper heat treatment, this can lead to the formation of E. coli or brucellosis.

An important factor will be the smell of milk, if an unpleasant smell emanates, it means that it was taken in poor conditions, and poorly monitored the animal. After all, the taste and useful properties depend on what the animal was fed, and how they kept and looked after. Such a product, most likely, will not be of any use to the body.

In the use of any product you need a norm, and goat’s milk should not be consumed too often. It is advisable to use as an additional medicine in the treatment of the above diseases. Also, before you start giving it to children, it’s best to consult a pediatrician.

I hope that I have revealed to you the topic of goat’s milk, useful properties and contraindications. Good-bye dear readers, I’ll be glad if the article you liked and was useful. Share it with your friends on social networks, be sure to subscribe to site updates, and do not forget to leave your comments.

How correctly to do exercises and gymnastics at a cervical osteochondrosis at home?

Hello, dear readers! All of you know perfectly well that a person is sick. One of the most unpleasant diseases is osteochondrosis, namely, osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebra. This article will help to understand how to deal with this disease as effectively as possible.

A few facts about osteochondrosis

This disease occurs if the joints or cartilage are affected. Most often, problems occur in the vertebra, namely in the small joints of the spine.

Today, it is customary to distinguish the following types of disease: thoracic, cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis.

In order to strengthen the muscles of the neck, there is a special charge for cervical osteochondrosis at home. This is a special set of exercises, which is composed by professionals. Its regular execution will allow to put in order the neck muscles.

How to choose exercises?

First of all, you need to remember that if you have any problems with your health, you should first contact the doctor. He, in turn, will conduct a complete examination of the body, and on the basis of the results obtained, will be able to select a specialized complex of exercises for the patient.

It is advisable to consult a doctor at an early stage of the disease so that it is easier to get rid of it. A person should clearly understand one rule – in no case do not pick up exercises without the knowledge of the doctor. In such a case, not only will there be no result, but one can seriously damage the body.

Immediately it is worth noting that it is not worth worrying, because charging for problems with the neck is quite simple. In addition to the fact that the doctor will give you a set of exercises, he will also show how to properly perform them.

Influence of charging on the body

If you do the exercises correctly, and most importantly, regularly, problems in the cervical spine will quickly go away. In a few weeks you can experience the following results:

  • First of all, the muscles of the spine will constantly arrive in a tone that will not allow the osteochondrosis to develop further.
  • Therapeutic warm-up will increase the flow of blood to problem areas.
  • The metabolism will be accelerated.
  • A man constantly arrives in good shape.
  • Pain sensations disappear forever.

A few important rules for maximum effect

There are some simple rules that you need to adhere to if you want to achieve results as soon as possible.

  1. You should understand that only regular charging will help get rid of all the problems. If you have a sedentary job, then you need to do it twice a day.
  2. Approximately once per hour, you should massage your back muscles yourself, and if possible, knead them. You can just get up and be a little bit like.
  3. During the whole day a person should sit properly, as this is taught in the kindergarten. In this case, the load on the body will be uniform, and consequently, the well-being will improve. In this case, charging may not be necessary. By the way, there are a lot of instructions on the Internet about how to sit properly. This is in case you do not understand it in the kindergarten.
  4. As for sleep, it should flow in any position, but not on the stomach.
  5. During the day you need to drink plenty of water. It will help to keep the muscles of the whole body toned.

A few tips before the physical therapy at home

Charge can always be done at home. In this case, you should be very careful, and adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Every movement needs to be done smoothly.
  2. If during a session you feel discomfort, or some painful sensations, then it’s worth stopping, and immediately go to the doctor.
  3. Gymnastics should take place in a room where nothing will stop you.
  4. Clothes should be one that does not restrain movement. The best is a classic track suit.
  5. Always adhere to the advice of a doctor.
  6. Constantly add any new exercises, but overload the muscles.
  7. Regardless of where you are in, the back and head should always be on the same line.

Do you follow all the rules? So, in the near future you will forget about the problems with the neck.


As for pregnant girls, they need to consult a doctor. They also have their own set of exercises.

The best option for charging with osteochondrosis of the neck

Because of problems with the neck, the head can often hurt. There are many options for how to overcome the ailment. Below is one of the most popular and available options.

  1. The starting position is standing or sitting.
  2. It is necessary to rotate the head ten to the right, and then to the left. Again ten times.
  3. Keep your head straight. Look up, and the right ear is pressed to the right shoulder. It’s the same with the left ear and shoulder. It is necessary to do ten repetitions.
  4. Head gently down, with a beard touching the chest. Run ten times.
  5. To become even. Torso torso: forward, left and right. Repeat at least ten times.

It is best to do exercises in the morning, or gradually throughout the day. If everything is done in exactly the same way as written above, then you can very quickly improve your state. It is worth noting that there are several interesting exercises that you can do at home.

1. Rest your forehead in the palm, and try to press it so that the muscles of the neck are turned on. Then do the same, just the back of the head. Not less than three times.

2. Both hands to attach to the temples, and slowly press. Try to strain the muscles of the neck. Repeat three times.

After charging with cervical osteochondrosis at home will be performed for several weeks, you will feel the following:

– The pressure is normalized.
– Improves brain activity.
– Headache ceases.

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What to choose for a set of muscle mass protein or geyner?

I am glad to welcome everyone who is now visiting me. Surely the vast majority of readers of this article are guys, and the exciting question is “a protein or a gainer for muscle mass”. If so, then you, friends, have come to the right place. I’ll tell you in addition what they are different in, in which cases are applicable and which is better of them.

I must agree with you that the question, or rather the choice of a sports supplement, is really difficult. After all, understand which of them will help to increase the dry mass on the body, and which one will not be so effective.

You know, to answer which of these sports supplements will better help you gain weight, I can not. After all, the “profitability” of sports nutrition, so to speak, depends on many factors. What exactly – we’ll figure it out right now. Well, based on the following, the choice of “what is better” to do to you.

What is the difference?

To begin with, in order to understand why these two representatives of sports nutrition face forehead, we need to find out what they are different about.

So, the protein. In translation from English squirrel. I think that this is no longer a secret for anyone, so let’s drop the moment that this is the main building material for muscles.

Further. It contains carbohydrates and fats, but they are negligible. As we understand, protein is, roughly speaking, pure protein. But imagine that a lot of protein is necessary for mass gaining, and it should come not only from sports nutrition, but also from food: “sportspit” accounts for only 50% of the protein produced, the rest should be provided with food. But the fact is that excessive protein intake affects the functioning of the liver. Here is the minus. It seems sorted out.

Gainer. This supplement is not as well known as protein, but in sports it is quite popular. It is of two types – high-carbohydrate (where 75% is carbohydrates, the rest is proteins and fats), and high-protein (where 35% protein, 55% carbohydrates, and the rest fats).

Let you not be confused by the ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, seeming, at first glance, uneven, because the geyner is high-protein, and for some reason carbohydrates predominate. But the fact is that for 55% of carbohydrates 35% of proteins is a lot, so it turns out that the gainer is called high protein. But this is not so important.

Obese people under the skin have what? No, not fat. Although now it is fat, but before that it was pure carbohydrates, and only then they became a subcutaneous fat as a reserve for a “rainy day” thanks to the body. And believe that even those 55% for fat people will be enough to gain not only muscle mass, but also fat.

I hope the minuses influencing the choice of the additive are clear?

Factors influencing the choice of a weight gainer or protein

So, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of physique. Agree that it would be strange if a man with an endomorphic type started taking a geyner that continues to increase his excess weight, even though the muscles will also grow. Therefore, the endomorph should be repulsed from the protein as the main method of mass gathering, and two other types can use both the geyner and the protein.

Although, again, the mesomorph is easily gaining mass, even unwanted. Therefore, the use of the heiner is recommended to dose it. But the thin ectomorphs can drink a heiner and protein, as they say, “even pour” – any subcutaneous fat will not be able to debug because of rapid metabolism.

That is, the protein can be taken to all types, but the geyner does not suit somebody at all, and some only partially.

The second is restoration. Gainer, if it is of high quality, restores damaged muscles “with a bang,” and also allows you to quickly restore the energy spent in training. Protein can not boast of such, because it is not able to make up glycogen, for example, which can be restored only by fast carbohydrates, which, in fact, is a geyner. What to do in this case, complete, endomorphic people? Just eat a small amount of sweet (fast carbohydrates) after exercise, for example, an orange. But also to drink “prot” do not forget! Read about the carbohydrate window.

That is, in terms of rapid recovery – the leader is leading. In addition, drinking it before training, on the training itself, you can work a little longer – carbohydrates are energy, which the protein can not provide.

Third, the price of the additive. I will say at once: a gainer of two (at best) times cheaper than a protein supplement. Such a price policy is based on the fact that it is easier to “extract” the basis of the geyner (maltodextrin) than the protein base, whatever it is (soy, egg, milk, whey). Therefore, the payer is cheaper, but, unfortunately, does not give enough protein, in contrast to protein.

My advice to you

Therefore, my advice to you. For fast, high-quality and trouble-free dialing of mass, get two additives at once – the geyner and protein, which perfectly mix with each other and complement each other. It turns out that you can get enough protein and muscles with energy to recover. That’s just for different types (Lord, again, these types of build), the physique of the ratio of the heiner and protein in one cocktail will be different.

I hope I helped you to decide what is best – a protein or a gainer for muscle mass. If you have something to say – I’ll be happy to “hear” you in the comments. I say goodbye to you. Share the article with your friends via social network. Network. Subscribe to the blog updates yourself. Successful recruitment.

Exercise the traction of the vertical block to the chest with a back grip

In our age of fitness and wellness, a beautiful body is the object of desire and the goal of many people. Harmoniously developed male body is a set of proportionally developed muscles of the body. And the notorious male type of the figure “triangle” consists of the unity of the broad shoulders and back. Indeed, a powerful wide back is half the success in bodybuilding, since by pumping the latissimus muscles of the back, no attention will be given to the shoulders and hands, since the whole body takes on part of the load during training.

Types of exercises for the back

You can achieve this result by training in the gym. There is a mass of exercises designed to develop the muscles of the back in all directions. First of all, these are basic exercises, such as deadlift and even bench press. Doing these well-known exercises, willy-nilly, you will give your back a total mass. But if in addition to mass and strength you want to see your back more bold and more inviting, pay attention to isolated exercises.

To the isolated (that is, directed to the development of individual muscles) exercises for the back are:

  1. Front (horizontal) thrust on the block simulator;
  2. Vertical (or upper) thrust in the simulator;
  3. Pullovers;
  4. Hyperextension;
  5. Traction dumbbell to the waist;
  6. Shagi.

Naturally, these exercises are performed in various variations, that is, depending on the purpose, the grip, the height of the simulator, the dumbbells or the bar, etc. are changed. Thrust rod in tilt, pulling (with or without weight), T-neck pull is more likely to be the base for back development, since many muscle groups are involved. In this article, we will talk about such an exercise as the pull of the vertical block to the chest with a back grip.

All the actions performed on this simulator are designed to simulate pull-ups (in the event that for some reason you can not do them), that is, they perfectly develop the most “noticeable” latissimus muscles. The upper traction to the breast develops the outer and inner tufts of the broadest muscles, as well as the shoulders and biceps, depending on the type of grip and its width.

On this universal simulator you can develop the body in various ways. Carrying out the pull of the upper block with a back grip to the chest, in addition to the medium beams of the broadest, you also give a good load on the biceps. That is why this exercise (like everything, in principle, isolating) should be put on the end of training, in order to “finish off” the burning muscles needed. But if you do it at the beginning of the training, and even with a solid weight, your biceps simply refuse to work with full efficiency.

Technique of doing the exercise

Set the weight that you plan to do. Consider that the first approaches do not immediately take record weights. Take a comfortable position on the simulator (for the feet to stand completely on the floor, not on their toes), grasp the handle with an average back grip. The converse is in such a way that your fingers are facing you, not the back of your hands.

Slightly lean back, taking your shoulders back. With one smooth movement, pull the handle of the simulator toward you, bringing it to the chest area. After making a second pause at the bottom, return the handle to the top, trying to fully straighten your hands. So, repeat the whole number of repetitions and approaches. Usually in this case we are talking about standard 12-15 repetitions and 3-4 approaches.

That in this exercise biceps and even forearms work well, you will understand already on the first approach. So how are these smaller muscle groups than the broadest, and, therefore, get tired earlier, you will think about putting an end to the exercise after the first approach mentioned above. In that case, at least try to pull your back, not including the biceps, but as if straining more back. But the more weight, the more difficult it is to do, so you should ask for a special fitness accessory, namely wrist straps. Fixing the brush with straps, you reduce the load on the hands.

If you intuitively feel that you are doing something wrong, try to lower your weight. Thus, it is easier to learn the correct technique, which is much more important than pulling a hundred on the block.

Some tips

When planning back training, keep in mind that experts advise combining it with training biceps, shoulders or legs.

It is worth repeating again: do not have enough experience in the technique of execution, do not chase after large weights, since back training has an increased trauma risk, and you should not risk your spinal discs by trying to pull more possible.

Start any workout with a warm-up, pumping a little blood into the desired area.

To give the muscles the opportunity to grow after intensive training, they should be well fed and given them a rest. In other words, pay attention to the nutritional value and quality of your sleep. Rest between back exercises should be at least 72 hours (3 days).

With a rational approach to training, combining basic exercises with isolated ones, which is the pull of the upper block to the chest with a back grip, you will soon become the owner of the widest and most prominent back among all customers of the hall and even more.

Is it possible to drink distilled water and is it useful?

Hello, my dear readers! The next article in my blog will be devoted to water, a substance without which it is impossible to imagine our life on Earth. This liquid is so present in our life that at some point we stop thinking about what we drink, why and how? In my article I will try to answer the main questions concerning distilled water. Whether it is possible to drink distilled water, its main components, the mistakes associated with it – you will learn about all this in this article.

What is it?

So, what is this product? In its essence, this is ordinary water, which was artificially purified from a variety of microelements, various impurities and microbes. This is achieved by evaporation. After the evaporation process, it can be consumed both for drinking and cooking, and for hygienic purposes.

The absence of any microelements in such water gave her a second, somewhat frightening name – “dead water”. As it usually happens, in the people “dead water” immediately overgrew with all sorts of speculation and legends. The most common are the versions that such water ishes away from the body of calcium, while gradually destroying the human bone system. The same applies to teeth, where tooth enamel is destroyed under its influence.

Immediately I hasten to reassure you, all these versions are fundamentally wrong, there is no frankly negative impact on the body of distilled water. However, it should be taken into account that there is no common opinion about the benefits or harm of distilled water in either official medicine or ordinary inhabitants. I’ll try to give you the most common arguments for and against, and you’ll make a conclusion from everything you read.


We will start with the positive moments in the use of this product:

  • The first thing that advocates use is its composition, which is closest in content to the composition of the liquid that is given to us by the original nature (melt or rain). The composition created by nature itself, a priori, can not harm a person.
  • It is not necessary to shift to water the function of supplying the human body with various mineral substances. Such substances must enter the human body together with food, and water should participate in intercellular processes. To participate in intercellular processes, distilled is suitable as well as possible.
  • Passing through our body, such fluid takes with itself all toxins, helping the body to naturally get rid of unnecessary ballast. Making the process of passing through the kidneys, such water, cleared of all kinds of impurities, leaves nothing on its way, and therefore significantly reduces the risk of deposition of stones and salts in the kidneys.
  • A huge plus is laid in the very method of obtaining this unusual liquid: in its essence, this is a natural process of evaporation, with subsequent precipitation in the form of precipitation.
  • Ordinary water containing mineral substances in its composition practically does not enrich the body with these substances, and therefore, there is no practical value from consumption in the usual form.

For a city dweller, the use of chlorinated water has become so common in everyday habits that distilled water in such people causes rejection due to a complete lack of taste. In fact, on the contrary, the absence of taste in the substance we are considering is its natural state.


The main arguments of people who do not recognize this product have any useful properties for the human body are as follows:

  • Distilled water, during the processes of human life, flushes out of its body all sorts of useful substances (magnesium, potassium, calcium, fluoride), which adversely affects the body’s condition, in the first place, it concerns the bone system and teeth.
  • The lack of useful minerals adversely affects the work of the cardiovascular system, the digestive tract, negatively affects the condition of internal organs and blood vessels.
  • Negative effects on the blood, not enriching it, but on the contrary, partially washing out the components necessary for a full-time life.
  • The peculiar water indicator of distilled water (PH) is much lower than that of the usual one, so it does not particularly affect the preservation of the necessary water balance in the human body, which calls into question the need for its application.
  • By the disadvantages can be attributed and economic factor, the purchase of such a product for everyday use in pharmacies can significantly impact on your wallet.

Where to get

If you decided to use distilled water for personal needs, then you have two options for acquiring it.

Firstly, such a product is produced in rather large industrial scale and is used by motorists, housewives, and in many other spheres of human life. But most distilled water is in demand precisely in medicine, where the conditions of cleanliness and sterility come to the fore. Already on the basis of this, you can understand that the pharmacy is the place where you can easily purchase the product you need.

Another option is to prepare the necessary amount of such water at home. To do this, you will need an ordinary distiller, or the main invention of a Russian person – a moonshine. The very process of preparation of such water is surprisingly simple – ordinary water boils in the tank, resulting in the formation of steam, which after cooling turns into distilled water of the highest quality. And now, when this product is received by you, you are free to make a decision – in what quantities, and for what purposes, you will use this product. Whether it is possible to drink distilled water in everyday life, the answer to this question remains for you.

And I’m saying goodbye to you, I’m waiting for your comments to my articles, subscribe to blog updates, see you soon!

The program of a training of a back for girls in gym

Hi, hi, dear friends. “At requests of workers” as spoke in the country which is absent any more, I decided to write article about a back training in gym for girls. Below the program will be provided, and also its advantages, methods of application depending on the purposes, and also explanations to separate exercises are described.

The male athlete well developed muscles of a breast and hands, and girls … decorate the priest, but also the trained back will hinder not, about her the speech in this article will go.

The back in itself consists of a set of muscles of both big (main), and small (auxiliary). In certain exercises the main muscles work for a back at first, and behind them small afterwards develop. For example, together with trapezoid muscles (the lower and average department) muscles of shovels – round, diamond-shaped and other well develop. Therefore the described below program will be directed first of all to strengthening of the main muscles. Additional will go “trailer” or “engine”, call as you want.

Features of the program for a back

This program is special in that regardless of the goals (mass, relief or development of the physical qualities of this part of the body), it can be used in all cases without changing the exercises themselves and their sequence. It will be enough just to change the weight of the weighting in the exercises, as well as the number of approaches and repetitions. How to do it – I’ll tell you.

Advantages of the program is that it can be harmoniously combined (supplemented) with other programs to other muscle groups, or used over and over again to develop a specific back.

Change of sets and repetitions. In general exercises (several muscular groups, several pairs of joints work) the quantity of sets (approaches) changes so:
on weight – from 4 to 6;
on force – 4 – 5;
on endurance – 6 – 8;
on a relief – 6 – 8.

The number of repetitions changes so:
on weight – 8 – 12;
on force – 3 – 5;
on endurance – from 15 and above;
on a relief – 20 – 25.

Change of scales of burdenings and shells:
Weight in general exercises on exercise machines or with shells (pullings up aren’t considered, for example, – it is work with a body weight) change as follows:
on weight – 75 – 80% of the maximum weight (that is there is so much how many you, dear girls, are capable to lift only once, it is no more);
on force – 85 – 90%;
on endurance – 50 – 60%;
on a relief – 50 – 55%.

But if it is simpler to speak, then the weight and force, and also a relief and endurance go nearby with each other so these indicators in parallel therefore it is possible to choose something average will improve.

Program for girls

As it is impossible to train the same muscles too often, the program is calculated on at most 2 of her uses a week, but I would advise you, in general, to use it all once a week. This results from the fact that muscles need rest. You don’t want to go in a month to trainings without mood, tired and to literally force itself to visit the hall? Then trust in me and do as I speak – time or two in a week.

Don’t forget to warm up before each occupation not to injure a muscle. If in exercises any terms are unclear, then address the duty trainer in the hall or “google”. And it is even better – ask me in comments.

Day 1

  1. The deadlift (classic) – the back is straight, it is necessary raznochvat, the main load on the legs.
  2. Romanian (dead) thrust – the legs are almost straightened, the back is bent.
  3. Thrust rod to the trunk (lower abdomen) in the slope – pull first with the shoulder blades, then with the elbows, the back is bent.
  4. Pulling or pulling the vertical block wide grip – to the chest and head for a pair of approaches, the back is straightened, again – first pulling the shoulder blades, and then elbows. If you can not pull up, then use the gravitron simulator.
  5. Shargs with a barbell – hands are slightly bent at the elbows, the head looks straight.
  6. Thrust rod to the chin – you can use the EZ-neck, elbows should look sideways and up, and not just sideways.
  7. Dumbbell cultivation in the sides in the slope – the back is bent, the head looks forward, the weights at the upward movement are slightly shifted back, and not like in a similar exercise on the deltas forward.

Day 2

  1. Deadlift (classic).
  2. Romanian (dead) thrust.
  3. Thrust of the T-neck or pull of dumbbells in the slope – the work begins with the shoulder blades, and continues with the elbows, that is, you first reduce the shoulder blades, as if lifting the weight only by them, and then bend the elbows, bringing the projectile to the bottom of the abdomen along the thighs.
  4. Pulling up with a developed grip (palms look at each other). If you, dear girls, can not perform a full cycle of pull-ups, then I suggest you do half-pulls – hold onto the crossbar, and your feet stand on the floor (almost touching your knees). The legs are relaxed. You resort to their help only when there is no strength to perform the exercise.
  5. Army bench presses sitting or in the Smith simulator – the back is fully pressed to the bench, the grip is wide, do not lower it below the chin. Run several approaches in front (on the chest) and behind (behind the head).
  6. The cultivation of dumbbells in the side lying on the bench face down – work mainly with the shoulder blades and muscles of the back, and not with the shoulders and elbows.
  7. Hyperextension (can be with extra weight or on an incline bench).

Additional exercises on the back

These exercises can be periodically included in your program, replacing others, or simply completing the complex.

  • Thrust dumbbells with one hand in the slope (for both hands alternately).
  • Pulling up with a back grip.
  • Thrust of the lower block with extension of the waist – hands hold the handle of the simulator, the work falls only on the lower back.
  • Extension and flexion of the back in the Roman chair.
  • Vertical traction to the chest.

Well, how, girls, cope with this program? But imagine what you can achieve by doing it.


Today I showed my back training in the gym for girls. I hope you will like it. Well, I suggest that you subscribe to the updates of my blog to receive new interesting materials and articles.

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List of the lowest calorie dishes with the indication of calories

Dear readers! Agree that the food for us – a source of pleasure, and not a way to get calories. If you constantly chew cabbage leaf, eating it with bran, as advised by many diets, the first thing we get is a bad mood, and then we absolutely do not care how much we weigh. You need to lose weight deliciously! Otherwise, nothing will happen. I offer low-calorie dishes for weight loss with the indication of calories. They are prepared simply and quickly.

Ten minutes – and breakfast is ready

In pursuit of harmony, especially for girls, many mistakes are made, including a refusal to eat. For breakfast only a cup of coffee, for dinner an apple. After starving all day, at home for dinner eat a triple portion – and of course gain weight.

Therefore, first of all, dear ladies arm the slogan: “No, missed breakfasts and snacks than horrible!”

My version of an easy, nutritious tasty breakfast is fresh tomatoes with cheese, an energy value of 65 calories. Cut 2 tomatoes into slices, place on a plate. On top, crumble 50 grams of cheese, sprinkle with chopped basil leaves. You are provided with a great mood, which is important in the fight against excess kilograms.

In order not to stand for hours at the stove, especially on the day off, prepare the whipped cottage cheese with onions. 100 g of soft cottage cheese beat with 2 teaspoons of low-fat milk, vegetable oil, salt, add chopped green onions. Calorie content of the dish 160.

In the same way you can make cottage cheese with any vegetables, for example with tomatoes. Cottage cheese, whipped with dill, is also delicious. Prepared, in this way the product is well spread on dried bread.

Dietary salad

“Eat me,” so I call my favorite salad. My mother calls him a beauty salad. Only 170 calories. I will gladly share the recipe with the readers. Method of preparation: lettuce 2 small heads cut into large pieces, 2 kohlrabi heads, 4 carrots rubbed with straw, 4 apples of acidic varieties cut into cubes and immediately sprinkled with lemon juice, cut into halves, cut out the bones, mix everything.

Prepare the sauce for dressing the salad. To do this, mix orange, lemon juice, cream, zest, vegetable oil, honey, salt. Cheese cut into strips and sent to a salad.

Have you noticed that when, waiting for guests, you make a variety of dishes all day, then you do not feel like eating? As my mom says, “I ate the smell.” This salad, just from this opera. If the appetite is still preserved, you ate it, you can not worry, the salad is not postponed at the waist. Are you afraid? Then remove the cheese from the recipe.

Low-calorie soup

Low-calorie table can not do without a soup. Bored? But no, the soup can be a terrific treat. My fantasy is simply limitless. I chop the cheese with a mixer, add sugar, almonds, vanillin, a pinch of salt, yolks, milk and beat it into a foam. I put it for 30 minutes in a cold place. I pour on the plates, adding a handful of crackers. Calorie 220, for 4 servings you need 0.5 liter milk, 200 grams of any cream cheese, 2 yolks, 15 grams of ground almonds, 250 grams of crackers, sugar, a bag of vanillin, salt to taste.

Soup with red pepper. Energy value 170, 4 servings should be cut into cubes of 5 peppers and potatoes. Bring to a boil two liters of water, salt and boil potatoes. Send the pepper to the pan, cook it for five minutes. The next supplement is vegetable oil, salt. Let the soup brew for 10 minutes. In a bowl, sprinkle with chopped herbs of green onions and parsley.

Men’s kitchen

As for men, their love for unhealthy food can often turn into a beer belly and health problems for them. Even in this case, I think, there is no need to feed us only with fruits or vegetables, it’s still a female version of low-calorie dishes. I would recommend a protein meal for men – stewed fish with mustard and tomatoes. Calorie 250, for 4 servings you will need 0.5 kg of fish, butter melted, tomatoes, onion, mustard, a little flour.

If the fish is large, cut it in half, and use small fish entirely, of course, without heads. Slightly roll the fish in flour, season with pepper, salt, brown in a skillet, adding oil. In the cookware for cooking, put onions, sliced ​​tomatoes, fish, mustard, diluted with water. We simmer on low heat, after 20 minutes we take out the fish. Flour mixed with pepper, salt, add to the sauce, give a little paw. Under the recipe fish is poured with sauce, decorated with greens.

Or cook veal baked with tomatoes, the value of 150 calories. Four servings should be half a kilo of pulp. Cut it into small pieces, sprinkle with red pepper, season with salt. Put on a frying pan, laying around the tomatoes, pour a little hot water. Bake in the oven until cooked.

Low-calorie dinner

To lose weight you need to reduce the caloric content of dinner, it is said, literally in one voice, all experts in the field of dietology. But do they know that in the evening I’m ready to eat an elephant. I’m sure that my readers experienced something similar.

It is in the evening you want to eat, as ever. Not for lunch at work, not in the morning rush, but in the evening, when the tension recedes and my body reminds me of the energy spent for the whole working day. The way out, of course, is to prepare meals, which are a lot of fun, and caloric content is small. Do you know what foods you can not eat for dinner?

For dinner, cook fish stewed with cauliflower and beans. Cooking time 40 minutes, calorie content 170. One carrot clean, cut large. Before half-cooked, boil a handful of beans, put on a cauliflower for cauldrons for half an hour put in water, slightly salted, then disassemble on inflorescences.

In the boiling water (1 cup) put the ingredients in the following sequence: beans, carrots, cabbage, onion. Cook for five minutes. Then put 200 g of fish on top, season with salt, sprinkle with vegetable oil, and cook until ready. At the end of cooking sprinkle with herbs – dill and parsley.


The offered low-calorie diet for slimming with the indication of calories fully correspond to the ideas of nutritionists about proper nutrition: vegetables, fish, veal, vegetable fats and digestible proteins.

Do these products seem boring to you? I’d like a steak with spicy ketchup. My friends, show patience, and very soon you will feel the tastes more natural and tender than the tastes of semi-finished products with the addition of preservatives or industrial-style sauces.

If you need to lose weight, go to my site, subscribe to news and do not forget to share information with friends on social networks. Give them the opportunity to eat deliciously and correctly. On this optimistic note, let me say goodbye.