How to choose the right size and length of sticks for Nordic walking?

Greetings, dear reader! If you read this article, then you are engaged, or plan to do Scandinavian walking. If this is true, then this article is definitely useful to you!

Everyone knows perfectly well that in order for a person to be healthy, he must necessarily move. The best solution is a walk in the fresh air.

To date, more and more popular is a sport such as Scandinavian walking. This article will tell you that this kind of walking is of itself, and it will also help to choose sticks. If someone thinks that sticks can be chosen, not without much effort, then he is seriously mistaken.

The fact is that, depending on how correctly the length of the sticks for Nordic walking is chosen, your health will depend first of all. It is necessary not only to preserve health, but also to strengthen it, it is necessary to read further.

What is Scandinavian walking?

This sport involves ordinary walking, during which ski poles are actively used. Often you can hear that such walking is called Finnish or Norwegian. It forces almost all the muscles of the body to work. The main load goes to the legs and hands, but if you do the movements correctly, you can work the chest and shoulders.

To choose the right stick, you must clearly adhere to a few basic points. First of all they should have a comfortable handle. If it is uncomfortable, then the lessons will cause primarily discomfort.

The second point is the tip. It should be made of a hard material that can provide good adhesion to the surface. It should be ensured that the tip has an elastic band that will prevent its rapid wear.

The stick must be strong enough to withstand even the highest loads. It is made of carbon or aluminum, and is integral and demountable. Well, the most important parameter is length.

The maximum result from training can be obtained only if the length is calculated correctly, relative to the growth of a person and with the correct technique. If you make a mistake in the calculations, you can not only not get a positive effect, but also harm your health.

How correctly to calculate the length of the sticks for Scandinavian walking?

In order to properly pick up equipment, you should use a special formula or determine by eye (applies only to experienced athletes).

The formula is as follows: the length of the sole is added to the growth, and the amount is multiplied by 0.66. The result, which will eventually be rounded.

If you determine visually, then you should also follow some rules. You need to take the sticks, and put them so that the tips are opposite the heels. The elbows should be pushed to the body as much as possible. The hand at the folding point should form an angle of ninety degrees.

If everything turned out, then the stick is chosen correctly, if not, then it is necessary to continue the search. It is worth noting the fact that in both cases the length of the equipment should be less than the growth of exactly half a meter.

If the stick is too long, then the physical load will be higher. It can be concluded that the length of the stick allows you to adjust the load. Given this factor, one more important point needs to be clarified as to how to properly determine the size of sticks.

A very important role is played by the physical state of the person, and also by the length of his arms and legs. If the length of the equipment is too short, then there is a risk that the body will bend forward forcefully. This will lead to the fact that it will not qualitatively come off the ground. A poor-quality push has a negative effect on the development of the hamstring.

A few tips for beginners

A beginner to choose a stick is not very difficult, but you need to remember a few points. First of all, it is worth paying attention to products made of aluminum. It is better not to spend a large amount immediately, because the formula that is given above can not suit every person.

The athlete only after a few classes will be able to determine what length he needs. Start better with a minimum height, and then move on ascending.

The second factor, which speaks in favor of the fact that it is not worth much spending – Scandinavian walking may just not like it. It is best to start with the most simple sticks.

Experienced athletes know exactly what they need, and what load will fit perfectly. Professionals use solid sticks, the length of which is chosen according to the formula.

Taking into account the information obtained from the article, everyone who wishes can correctly calculate the size of the sticks for Nordic walking. Correct and regular training will help you to always stay in good shape.

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Thank you for attention!

What is the minimum time to sleep in sports?

Hi guys. Today I would like to talk with you about such a topic as “how much you need to save a day for an adult person”. After all, agree – the topic is quite interesting and urgent. Especially for those who care about their health or go in for sports.

Despite the fact that a person in a dream spends about a third of his life, sleep is an integral part of human life. Do you want to tell me how it all ended when Napoleon Bonaparte, who was well known to everyone, decided to completely remove sleep from the daily routine of his armies? He really believed that you can get by without sleep, it’s only necessary to get used to, hold on to that period when you will very much want to sleep, and then everything will pass away. And before ordering his soldiers not to sleep, he decided to test his own speculations on himself. For four days he stayed, drank coffee and walked like a plague, but after all, he finally gave up and immediately fell asleep, lying in bed for almost 24 hours. Waking up, the French commander recognized the need for sleep.

What can happen if you do not sleep?

Napoleon lasted only 4 days, when the destructive consequences for the organism had not yet taken effect. In the world there are records, in which (not to lie) the guy stayed 11 days without sleep. After a week of abstinence, he began hallucinating (and sound too), severe malaise and weakness, problems with the work of internal organs and many other problems, both small and large.

As you understand, the guy had to undergo rehabilitation under the supervision of doctors to return to normal life. This again indicates the need for sleep.

Sleep for athletes

Rest, that is, a dream, is one of the three main and most important components that are responsible for the health and successful athletic activity of the athlete. The other two are training and nutrition. If one of the components falls out, the other two will be simply useless. The principle of the pyramid is obtained – remove one side, and the other two will collapse.

When playing sports, getting enough sleep is quite an important task for an athlete, because it is during sleep that muscles grow, not in training, as inexperienced novices suggest.

You can say that you have a lot and you do not need at all. And the power? After all, the bigger the muscle, the stronger it is. Yes, you may not have an impressive body size, and be a strong person at the same time. Bruce Lee can serve as an example. But without restoration, which occurs only in a dream, and the increase in strength will not be realized, as well as other physical qualities: endurance, flexibility, speed and other.

Do not neglect the rest, explaining that the dream is not so important. Important, believe me! And it begs ma’am from a well-known social network where the children do not sleep at a quiet hour in the camp, but indulge in, and from the bottom of this picture the inscription: “Sleep, fools!”.

How much sleep per day?

There are several factors that you need to build on when drawing your schedule, in which the dream has to occupy its niche.

This is the type of physique, your employment and habit. And, if something can be done with the third item, then the first two will have to be adjusted.

The habit can be changed, only time is needed. But if you have a certain type of physique and go in for sports, then how much should you sleep: the ectomorph – 8 – 8.5 hours a day, the mesomorph – 7,5 – 8 hours, endomorph – 7 – 7,5 hours.

These figures are due to the fact that the first type requires an increased time for the restoration of muscle tissue due to its anatomical features. The second is enough 8 hours because of its “universality” of the body. And the third, on the contrary, it is necessary to sleep less, and to restore the musculature, and to increase the wakefulness time to reduce subcutaneous fat.

By the way, if you think that only the body rests at night, then this is not quite so – the nervous system, too, seems to be rebooting. And other body systems too.

But if you still sleep on average about 8 hours per night, then nothing bad will happen. No wonder that in the army sleep takes approximately this time, but in fact there they do not pay attention to what your physique is.

But a certain minimum is also worth keeping. Do not reduce the time of night rest below 6 hours. Sleep is superficial and deep. So during this time the body has time to enter more or less into different phases of sleep, which is necessary for us with you. If this does not happen, a person simply does not sleep enough.

Have you noticed how you, waking up in the middle of the night, feel cheerful, and again lying down, and waking up in the morning – tired and not getting enough sleep? This is an example of the fact that you have not entered a deep sleep at night, and this phase was interrupted earlier in the morning.

By the way, there were experiments on this matter. The students woke up after a certain time, not allowing them to plunge into deep sleep. The result – the students were not slept and irritable. And this is subject to one day of research. And what would happen next?

So, I hope that the article “how much to lose a day to an adult person” helped you decide on the time of your sleep and confirmed the importance of this action. Write what you think about this. Subscribe to blog updates and share the article with your friends. Sleep peacefully and do not be afraid of Freddy Krueger.

Benefits of breakfast – 6 recipes for a healthy and delicious breakfast

The well-known fact that breakfast is the main meal. Everyone says that breakfast should be most useful, dense and satisfying. But for some reason there is always a lot of different “buts” for such a simple truth. “There is no appetite in the morning”, “I’m late for work – there is no time”, “I can not stand porridge, but I can not think of anything else for breakfast” …

 Do you recognize yourself in one of the excuses? If yes, then this article is for you. She will tell you about the importance of breakfast and share 6 variants of recipes for breakfast, with which you can get him into a habit and get only pleasure.

Use of breakfast

For starters, breakfast is really the main meal for the whole day. It starts your metabolism, it charges your body and mind with energy until the evening. This is a kind of alarm clock for your body. Wake up yourself – help awaken your body. Also do not forget about charging.

It is known that people who prefer to skip this meal are more inclined to fullness, emotional instability and weakness during the day.

Breakfast is the most important factor for an ideal and cheerful start to the day. It is the morning meal that gives a charge of cheerfulness and joy for the whole day. To ensure that your day is productive, you should definitely eat breakfast before your day’s activities.

Scientists say that in the morning the body needs to get enough energy for productive work. For this, she recommends eating full-fat carbohydrate breakfasts. Do not worry, it does not affect your weight, because excess calories will be consumed during the first half of the day.

Do not forget that every person needs to feel ready for the work process. The first meal will make the process of work as fruitful as possible.

Also pay attention to how much sugar is contained in the food you eat. Coffee or tea with sugar for breakfast will help a person wake up from sleep, but at the same time they will be a factor that will take his good mood in 40 minutes, as the effect of sugar in the blood will end. Therefore it is better to accompany sweets with something that contains complex carbohydrates that will be absorbed within two or three hours. This will significantly affect your performance.

Let’s talk about the most popular “buts” that people come up with, just not to have breakfast.

Excuse not to have breakfast

So, the first excuse – I do not want to eat since morning.
You just have to overcome yourself for the first time. No appetite – do not worry, it’s only at first. A person quickly gets used to everything good, so you will have to suffer literally a week of “pushing” yourself into the food in the morning. Your body is very intelligent, so then immediately after awakening it will begin to impatiently ask you to feed it. Moreover, if you push tasty and healthy food, then you yourself will like it.

The next item on the list is no time.
Lack of time is just an excuse for your laziness. To have time to have breakfast, it is enough to just stand 30 minutes earlier than usual. Instead of checking your page on the social network, enjoy tasty food, to benefit health – is it much?

I do not know what to cook.
As for the options for food. Here, people rush from the extreme to the extreme. Or weave croissants with condensed milk, or choke on unsweetened oatmeal on the water. Neither option is suitable. Various kinds of muffins and sweets are really hearty and tasty, but they clearly do not pass under the item “utility”. The fast carbohydrates, trans fats and chemical additives that enter into them will not only cause hunger in an hour, but also harm your health.

Porridge is useful, but I do not like them.
About lovers of healthy eating … Oh, this myth is “only porridge for breakfast.” This is really useful and nutritious, but it is not necessary to force yourself to taste tasty food. Breakfast should raise the mood and charge with vivacity, and not cause negative emotions. And breakfast should not only be useful, but also delicious.

Well, shall we try to find the middle ground?

The article offers you a choice of recipes for unusual, tasty, nutritious, nutritious and healthy breakfasts. They are suitable for those who adhere to diets or proper nutrition. All meals provided are based on the average calorie intake for a woman – 1600-2000 calories per day.

Also, the list of recipes is suitable and always “nothing to succeed” – all breakfasts are easy to prepare, do not require a lot of time and special culinary skills.

6 recipes for healthy breakfast

№1. Oatmeal and apple pancakes.

Oat flakes “Hercules” 80 g.
Apple 1 pc (200 g)
Egg chicken 1 pc
Honey 30 g

Cooking method:
Turn the oat flakes into flour using a blender. Apple peel and rub on a large grater. Mix these ingredients, add the egg. Mix everything thoroughly. Put the resulting mass on a non-stick frying pan in the form of fritters.

Fry them over medium heat under a closed lid for about 3 minutes on each side. Before serving, pour honey over the top, otherwise it will not be sweet. You can, of course, add honey directly to the dough, but when heated, this product loses its useful properties, this must be remembered.

Pancakes are very delicious, and the aroma of apples and honey will fill your kitchen and wheedle your appetite. This is the first option of breakfast, further interesting.

№2. Buckwheat with cottage cheese.

Buckwheat groats 80g
Cottage cheese 5% 50 g
Dried apricots 20 g
Raisins 25 g
Banana 60 g

Cooking method:
Boil the buckwheat without adding salt. It is desirable that it properly boil, it was more likely a mushy than a crumbly one. On the benefits of buckwheat porridge read in the article.

Add to the finished buckwheat 50 grams of cottage cheese and put in the microwave for about 2 minutes, so that the curd softens. Finely cut the dried apricots, banana and add them to the resulting “porridge” along with the raisins. Mix everything well. Only the whole thing is ready!

Also, you can fantasize and add any fruits that you like. This option of a healthy breakfast will definitely charge you for the whole day.

 №3. Oatmeal and curd biscuits.

Oat flakes “Hercules” 80 g
Cottage cheese 5% (soft) 50 g
Banana 1 piece (120 g)
Raisins 15 g

Cooking method:
Grind the oats in a flour blender. Cut the banana in a mash with a fork or the same blender. Also crush and cottage cheese. Mix all the ingredients, add the raisins. Well mix everything and send to the refrigerator for 30 minutes. If there is no time, then in the freezer for about 7 minutes (while brushing your teeth, for example).

Then put the resulting mass on a silicone form in the form of a liver. You can try using a baking tray with food paper. You can sprinkle your work of culinary art with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, coconut shavings or walnuts. And now send the dish for 12-15 minutes in a preheated oven to 180o.

The fragrance will be excellent, no purchased oatmeal cookies can match that! Ruddy outside and soft inside. The perfect start to the day.

№4. Muesli and protein sandwich.

Borodinsky bread 1 slice
Egg chicken 1 pc
Cheese 27% 20 g
a tomato
bulb onions
Muesli 80 g
Kefir 1% 120 ml

Cooking method:
Of course, you just need to cook a sandwich. Just one is not enough for a full breakfast, therefore, in order to make the meal really finished, I suggest adding 80 g muesli (without sugar, chocolate and honey) and adding 120 g of kefir in addition to the sandwich.

Now let’s start preparing a sandwich. Cut a slice of Borodino bread (it is most useful, and also it has a very good shape) and cut out the middle of it. Thus, there must remain a kind of framework. Put it on a non-stick frying pan and in the middle break the egg. A little salt.

Slice tomato slices, onion rings and lay on top of the egg. Cover and simmer over low heat. Scrunch the cheese on a fine grater and sprinkle a sandwich. Hold on the frying pan for a couple of minutes, after which the dish can be served on the table.

This breakfast is incredibly tasty, and is also ideal for the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

№5. Banana fritters.

Banana 1 piece (120 g)
Kefir 1% 150 ml
Wholemeal flour 50 g
Egg chicken 1 pc

Cooking method:
Turn the banana into a puree with a blender or a normal fork. Add kefir, egg, flour to it. Thoroughly mix everything. Put the fritters on a non-stick frying pan. Fry for 2-3 minutes on each side on low heat.

Such an uncomplicated, even almost banal breakfast, is a storehouse of all that makes an ideal breakfast – lots of complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and most importantly – delicious taste!

Are you still salivating? I would like to cook this?

№6. Lazy oatmeal.

Oat flakes oats 70 g
Banana 1 piece (120 g)
Cocoa powder 5 g
Yoghurt white natural 60 g

Cooking method:
This recipe justifies its name – it really is for very lazy ones. In the evening, pour 70 g of oatmeal into a bowl. Just by the old scheme, add the puree from the banana. Pour a couple of tablespoons of natural cocoa powder without sugar. Add 60 g of white yogurt. Mix everything well and put it in the refrigerator for the night.

In the morning you will not have to do anything – just get a dish from the fridge and enjoy. In fact, lazy oatmeal is a flight of your imagination. The basis is only Hercules, and the fact that the porridge is left overnight and served in a cold form. And what exactly you will add – exclusively your taste preferences.

I offer you one of the most classic, sweet and mushy options. By the way, in the season of sweet cherry necessarily add it to oatmeal. The combination of banana and cherry is a paradise pleasure. Read also about the benefits of oatmeal in the morning.


Well, I hope that this article has helped you understand that delicious and healthy breakfasts can be easy and quick to prepare! Tomorrow morning, try to prepare yourself some of these options for recipes. Be healthy and have a pleasant appetite!

How to treat knee joint disease? Recommendations

Hello, my dear readers. In my today’s article, I will try to understand what the Schläter disease of the knee is, the treatment and symptoms of this disease will also be reflected in the article.

The form of the disease

The name of this ailment is due to a surgeon from Switzerland, Schlättter. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that almost at the same time, another surgeon, the American Osgood, described this disease, but in our time this disease is most often referred to as Schlätter’s disease.

What is this disease? In order to understand this issue in more detail, we should pay attention to the activity of the human musculoskeletal system. The greatest burden falls on the quadriceps muscle of the thigh, which is attached to the anterior part of the popliteal bone with the help of tendons. The most constant loads fall precisely on this part of the musculoskeletal system.

Adolescence, this is exactly the moment when there is a fairly active growth of the body, as a result of which the regular supply of various kinds of nutrients to the bone tissue is disrupted. This leads to the fact that some part of the bone structure weakens, and pathological processes of necrosis of a certain part of bone tissue occur.

So, as we can see, this disease affects teenagers aged 10 to 18 years. Especially at risk children who actively participate in sports, but also for children not involved in sports, the threat of disease Schlätter’s disease exists.


At the initial stage, Schlätter’s disease is practically not diagnosed, in the form of small pain sensations in the knee joint area during squats or when climbing the stairs. With increased loads on the knee joint, more severe pain occurs, passing through a certain period of time.

Over time, there are more pronounced painful periods, accompanied by a noticeable swelling of the knee joint. This disease has a chronic form of flow, with pronounced periods of exacerbation. The main symptoms of the disease include:

  1. Pain sensations in the lower part of the knee joint
  2. Increasing pain while walking
  3. Periodically increasing puffiness in the knee joint region
  4. Pain during flexion and extension of the leg
  5. Periodic attacks of acute pain

Often full recovery occurs after the end of bone growth in the body of a teenager, that is, in the area of ​​17-19 years.

Diagnosis of the disease

Usually the decisive factor in diagnosing this disease is an x-ray examination, which leads to a decision to make a diagnosis.

For the sake of completeness, the radiology is performed in two projections: direct and lateral, which allows obtaining more complete data on the course of the disease. In more complex cases, the use of MRI, ultrasound and densitometry of the knee joint is possible.

Treatment of the disease

One of the main conditions in the treatment of Schlätter’s disease is to ensure the greatest possible quiet state for the patient knee joint. Ideally, it is necessary to almost completely exclude the load on the aching leg for some time.

To achieve the desired effect, artificial restriction of motion of the knee joint is applied. This is possible with the use of a special gypsum tire, an orthopedic bandage that fixes the movement or removable tutor. In certain cases, these measures are sufficient for a complete recovery.

In this condition, bone tissue is gradually restored, and the functions of the knee joint are restored in parallel. Pass pain, the swelling of the joint falls. The main methods of therapeutic therapy include:

  • Various variants of physiotherapy (including electrophoresis, mud therapy, thermotherapy, quartz, etc.)
  • Special medical massage
  • Complex of therapeutic physical culture
  • Ice compresses for pain relief
  • Treatment with medications (painkillers, anti-inflammatory, anti-decongestants)
  • Special Diet

With complete cure, many of the survivors of Schlätter’s disease have small pineal protrusions that do not affect the functional component of the knee joint and do not cause pain. In rare cases, serious complications such as osteoarthrosis of the knee joint or its deformity are observed.

Treatment with folk methods

Just as with the drug treatment in the treatment of folk methods, one of the main conditions for a successful process is to ensure the complete rest of the diseased limb.

The next step will be the application of various kinds of warming compresses. This is a rather long procedure, the duration of which varies depending on the severity of the disease, and ranges from one to three months.

In parallel with the use of compresses it is recommended to work on increasing your own immunity. The best way to do this is to prepare a decoction of wild rose berries prepared by yourself, which should be taken 3-4 times a day for half a cup.


The main way to prevent this disease is to use caution in sports and physical training. This is especially true for those sports where the main load falls to the feet.

Given the characteristics of the immature adolescent organism, one should take into account the load that the teenager receives. Also worth paying attention and weight. Excessive fullness causes unnecessary strain on the knee joints, which leads to the risk of getting Schlätter’s disease. When drawing up a diet, attention should be paid to products containing calcium in their composition, which has a beneficial effect on the strength of bone tissue.

On this I say goodbye to you, my readers. I hope that in my article I managed to explain to you what is Schläter’s disease of the knee, the treatment of which largely depends on the patient himself. Stay with us, subscribe to updates. I also await your comments on this and other articles of my blog. See you soon!

How to take creatine monohydrate in powder?

Greetings to everyone, dear friends. With you again I am, and this is my personal blog “About Your Sport”, from which you will today learn how to take creatine monohydrate in powder, than differs from other types of creatine and forms. And in general, everything that is related to creatine, I will try to tell you as much as possible.

If you want me to call you a universal supplement for gaining weight, developing strength and endurance, reducing subcutaneous fat in the body, then this will be uniquely creatine, and not just any, namely monohydrate and it is in powder form.

Why monohydrate?

Yes, because only this type of creatine (in contrast to hydrochloride) is the most effective in calculating the amount of additive taken, the cost and the effect. I will not be the first and not the last one to compare these two types of creatine, but in any case I will come to the same opinion that the majority – creatine monohydrate is several times better than creatine hydrochloride.

Yes, the second type dissolves in water and does not settle on the teeth, like sand, for example. But this substance quality was achieved by excluding some of its positive aspects, for example, the ability to quickly accumulate in the muscles without an obligatory loading phase. Do you know what the download phase is and what is it for? No? Then keep reading the article, and I will definitely talk about it.

Why the powder?

Again, the information in the network about this is not that the sea – the ocean. Powder form is the most successful in comparison with the same tablet form. Yes, in the tablets (or capsules) the dose (portion) of the sports supplement is strictly defined, but to compress the creatine you need equipment, energy for the work of equipment, human labor and many other things, for which you will eventually pay out of your pocket. So, in any scenario, creatine in powder leaves cheaper than creatine in tablets by several tens of percent (by about 30%).

But I note at once that the powder powder is different: this sports supplement can be ordinary, medium, milling, or fine. The difference in price in both cases is not important.

How to use

If we are talking about monohydrate in powder from the very beginning, I will only talk about its reception, without touching other forms and types of this sports supplement.

As I said, this form does not require an obligatory download phase.

The loading phase is a relatively short period of time when the sports supplement is taken in increased doses in order to fill the muscles with creatine as quickly as possible for their maximum productivity (efficiency, strength, endurance).

Usually the phase of creatine loading lasts about a week, after which the usual mode of taking this kind of sports nutrition comes – almost two weeks. Also there is (but it is not necessary for this kind of) unloading phase, where the portions of the drug are reduced from the usual regime by 50% – 3-4 days. Then comes a week-long interruption of creatine intake to purify the body and prevent the formation of so-called stones in the organs. After passing this cycle, you can start all over again. This method of admission lasts one month, taking into account the week for rest from the drug.

But there is a second method of reception, in which the phase of loading from unloading is not needed, which gives another advantage to monohydrate over the hydrochloride. Usually, in this situation, you immediately go into normal mode and eat creatine for three weeks. In the end, there is always a week of rest.

At the first way of reception in a phase of loading you should accept 7 – 8 gram four times a day. Total amount per day: 28 – 32 grams (I will say at once – this is a lot). The usual regime is four times a day for 5 grams (a teaspoon). Total amount per day: 20 grams. This is optimal. The unloading phase is 2-3 grams three times a day. Total amount per day: 6-9 grams.

In the second method of reception, as I have already said, we omit both phases and immediately pass to “manual control” – the usual mode, as in the first case. All these data – this is how the reception of creatine should ideally look. But you can use the economical option.

Under the economical option, I mean the intake of creatine not 4 times a day, but only two 5 grams each. So you will save money for sports nutrition, but somewhat slow down your own results.

Interesting fact

Creatine itself is in all of us in the muscles in certain quantities. An unprepared person does not have much of it, while engaged in power and other loads – more. Therefore, an experienced athlete can work more and more with projectiles than a beginner.

During the exercise, creatine in muscle is consumed, and during rest between approaches and exercises – partially restored. This is one of the factors of muscle strength and fatigue.

That is, “pouring” the muscles with creatine, you yourself adjust your body for a long work, which subsequently affects the increase in strength, weight and endurance, or reduces the percentage of subcutaneous fat in the body.

I hope you liked the article, but also, I hope that it caused you some questions. So ask them in the comments. Do not be shy.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog updates and do not forget to share this wonderful article with your friends in the social network. Networks. Good luck to all.

The monthly program of trainings on gluteuses for gym and for house conditions

All kind day or evening, or morning. I don’t know in what time zone you are, dear readers, but I am glad to welcome you on the blog. You know, today’s subject will be rather interesting to girls, but also guys it, I think, won’t leave indifferent. Anyway the subject including the monthly program of occupations is free, and it sounds as follows: “Squats for buttocks, the program for a month”.

The beautiful bottom – the main attribute of any girl respecting herself, but also for guys this “well-groomed” part of a body won’t be superfluous. Therefore the exercises given in a complex below will suit both floors.

So it has turned out that squats are nearly only effective exercise on study of big gluteuses. Yes, there are also other exercises connected with a bottom rating, but their efficiency considerably concedes to old kind squats.

Besides these squats can be improved: to carry out with a weight in hands, on shoulders, with different statement of feet on a floor, placing emphasis on concrete (small buttock, for example, or big buttock) muscles.

Features of the program of trainings

This program special the fact that in its basis usual squats are put, but modified by means of additional movements or burdenings for bigger efficiency.

If you, for example, the beginning athlete, then before starting the beginning of classes in the program, allocate several days for the minimum preparation for more difficult exercises.

For this purpose you need to use usual, all clear exercises which all of us, I hope, carried out at physical education classes at school. Namely: usual squats, squats with broad statement of legs, squats with narrow statement of legs, attacks on the place, attacks in the movement, jumps up about places, jumps on a jump rope.

I will repeat, give to these exercises several days for basic preparation for the program. Carry out them on 3–4 approaches, in each of which on several tens of repetitions. Jumps on a jump rope about 5-7 minutes.

Still this program special the fact that in the majority it uses general exercises, and it means that not only buttocks, but also and muscles of legs will shake. They work as if in common. Beautiful, harmonious and beefy legs wanted? Please, here to you all and at once – both legs, and a bottom, and attention of an opposite sex. But the set of exercises bears in itself as well additional exercises – isolating.

The monthly program of trainings on gluteuses

The program though is calculated on a month, but it can be applied much longer if gradually to increase loadings. Month, it as starting point: in four weeks you have to notice result and whether stop on it is depends on you.

As one more amendment to the program serves that rest is necessary for muscles for full-fledged result. It has to last not less than 48 hours or two days. Therefore if you have worked on Monday, don’t resort to a training of buttocks before Wednesday. You can do longer break, without forgetting to pay a little attention and an upper body.

Day 1

  1. Warm-up plus 10–15 normal squats.
  2. Squats with the rod (a signature stamp of the rod empty): 4 approaches on 12 repetitions (further 4 on 12).
  3. Squats in Smith’s trainer forward the exposed feet (feet it is a little ahead and together, a body as if under an inclination): 3 on 12.
  4. From dumbbells in a wide stand (a dumbbell about 5-7 kilograms, are retained between legs, legs it is wide, socks separately): 3 on 12.
  5. Standing jumps up (to jump out as it is possible above): 2 on 10.

Day 2

  1. Warm-up.
  2. Squats with a bar (on a bar about 50% of the maximum weight): 4 on 3–4 times.
  3. Jumping from squat up: 4 to 12.
  4. Press legs in a hook to the car (platform weight about 30% of a maximum): 4 till 10-12. Bendings of legs in the exercise machine: 3 till 8-10.

Day 3

  1. Warm up.
  2. Squats in the Smith simulator (narrow rack, weight 15-25 kg): 2 to 15.
  3. In the Smith simulator (the average rack, the weight is the same): 2 to 15.
  4. In the Smith simulator (a wide rack, the weight is the same): 2 to 15.
  5. In Smith’s simulator (narrow stance, legs forward, bar empty): 2 to 15.

Day 4

  1. Warm up.
  2. Squats with dumbbells (weight of each 5-7 kilos): 4 to 12.
  3. Jumping out of the squat with a roll on the back (jumped out, crouched, rolled onto the back, and all in reverse order): 3 to 10-12.
  4. Dumbbells with dumbbells (weight of each up to 5 kg): 3 to 8-10 per foot.
  5. Leg extension in the simulator: 2 to 10-12.

Day 5

  1. Warm up.
  2. Usual sit-ups: 4 to 20-25.
  3. On one leg (you can from a hill, you can hold on to something): 2 to 6-8 on each leg.
  4. Side drops or squats from foot to foot: 3 to 10.
  5. Jumping on the rope: 10 minutes.

Day 6

  1. Warm up.
  2. Squats with a barbell (empty neck): 4 to 12-15.
  3. Negative sit-ups (quickly climb, preferably with the help of a partner, slowly lower yourself): 3 to 12.
  4. With dumbbells (wide rack): 4 to 10.
  5. Ordinary: 2 to 20.


After the end of the program, the days need to be repeated anew, but already increasing the load a little – the number of sets, repetitions or weight of the weighting agents. Although most of the exercises are suitable for performing in the gym, you can still take something for class at home. After all, not all have at their disposal a home gym.

I hope you liked the article. If there are questions – welcome in the comments. If there is a desire to help your friend and friend – please share with her or with him this article through social networks.

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10 products containing estrogens

Hello, dear readers, today I will reveal one secret to you. Why some women do not age for a long time, what is conditioned, and what needs to be done for this. Or not to do, but eat?

There is such a hormone “estrogen”, mainly it is found in the body of women, but to a small extent it is found in men. In the female part of the population, he is responsible for sexuality, a good mood, “burning eyes.” When his level is lowered, the woman becomes sluggish, depressed, her weight may increase, well, other, not very pleasant symptoms may appear. The hormone estrogen also affects fertility, if it is normal, then a woman can bear and give birth to a child, and if not, then it should be urgently treated.

You can learn its level only by passing the analysis. After delivery, and revealing the result that the level of the estrogen hormone is lowered or increased, you and your doctor decide which drugs you can raise or lower. But not everyone knows what to contain estrogens in food, which people every day, well, or once a week, buy in stores.

Products containing estrogen

Of course, it’s hard to call a full-fledged food product, right? But how useful it is, no one will argue.

They contain a lot of useful substances, including phytoestrogens. Well, for women, this is a great product and for losing weight, they can replace chips or nuts before watching TV. And it is useful, and at the same time you become beautiful and slender! But do not get involved, a maximum of 40 grams a day.

They contain the largest amount of lignin hormone, of all fruits. They can be either fresh or dry, in the form of dried apricots.

Flax seeds.
In the seeds of flax, in addition to common beneficial substances that positively affect women’s health, there is also the hormone estrogen. Yes, and in large quantities! You can add it to cereals, salads, honey. The optimal dose per day is not more than 2 tablespoons.

Here you can include green peas, chickpeas, beans, lentils. Lentils are especially useful for the female body, it contains the highest level of phytoestrogens.

Especially such kinds of cabbage, as broccoli and color. In addition to a small calorie content, due to which it can be eaten at least a little, they will not add a kilogram, so it is also useful. Especially if you raise it in your dachas, so that it was natural! And it is also useful to eat sauerkraut.

Nuts and seeds.
Well, here all the ladies who love to click the seeds, rather smiled, yes I allow. Increase your health and enjoy, but do not abuse, the seeds are still caloric, and we are watching our figures?

It’s just a storehouse of phytoestrogen. They are found in all products of milk origin, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk and even koumiss. The main thing is that they are natural. They are also rich in cheeses, different varieties, so choose to your taste and enjoy.

Coffee has now become very popular, especially with the option of taking it. And willy-nilly, almost all of him addicted.

But coffee contains estrogen, and if you drink it every day, its level in the body will rise, exceeding the threshold of the norm. But this is already bad, for example, a girl who dreams of losing weight will not be able to effectively lose weight until she reduces the consumption of this drink.

It also contains a large number of phytoestrogens. Women use it is useful, then you also need to know the measure.

Bird and meat.
They also contain this hormone, but doctors are categorically against eating meat and poultry, to increase hormones. Because, now for the growth of meat manufacturers stuff in them a bunch of everything, so the useful properties in this area are lost. If you do not live in a village or keep your livestock, then you can increase the level of estrogen in the body with the help of a domestic subsistence farm. And what? Beneficial and useful.

Estrogens in beer

Phytohormone is also contained in beer. And in its composition, it is more similar to a female hormone. It’s no wonder that men who like to drink beer often get a so-called beer belly, and the body itself becomes more feminine. Hips grow fat, and even a small chest may appear.

So all the men at once thought about and changed their preferences in alcoholic beverages! And then return the press to the place of the settled beer belly will be very difficult!

Well, for the fair sex, I can say, it is better to take estrogens in food, than to lean on beer. Beer drinks are not very beautiful ladies, as well as the general use of alcoholic beverages.

At the feast, you still give your preference to more noble beverages, such as champagne and wine. Therefore, do not drink beer to become more feminine! Especially so not for long to get alcoholic dependence, and we do not need it, we need to raise or lower the level of the hormone estrogen.

Estrogens and herbs

The hormone estrogen is contained in the herbs. But do not think that you need to chew this grass thoughtlessly, you need to make a decoction and drink from it. Herbs containing estrogen:

  1. Hops (well, as we already found out);
  2. sage;
  3. Chamomile (there is almost any house);
  4. Linden;
  5. arnica;
  6. ginseng root;
  7. liquorice root.

As it was said, a decoction or tea from these herbs will help raise the level of estrogen in the body, but here one must observe one small rule, the tea should be fresh. That is, only you brewed it, immediately and drank it. You can not leave it the next day, so soon it will bring you harm, not good.

In this case, the main thing is to calculate everything. If you have an elevated level of estrogen, then we eat the above-mentioned products of less. And if it is lowered, then we eat these foods more. That’s all simple math!

Well, all seems to have been said and told, so goodbye, my dear! Share this helpful article with your friends, leave your comments. And be sure to subscribe to the blog updates, so as not to miss anything interesting.

Correct technology of performance of exercise Arnold’s press

All of us strive for perfection. And perfection demands efforts. All hi, friends, didn’t “see each other” long ago. In today’s article I will share with you information concerning what is Arnold’s press. Technology of performance of this exercise, naturally, will be in details sorted by me, and also the aspects and the interesting moments connected with this movement will be specified.

To pump up shoulders, that is deltoid muscles of shoulders, it is necessary to do presses of burdenings up in a standing position or sitting. Of course, there are also exercises not less effectively developing “deltas”, and at the same time the push-ups which aren’t connected with presses up, for example, on bars in any way. But among all other special attention one exercise, rather known in the circles, – Arnold’s press deserves.

Origin of a press of Arnold

For a start I want to tell you that this exercise has been thought up by all famous Arnold Schwarzenegger at the time of the athletic career. Though as it is thought up? Not from scratch he has created him? Yes, it is valid, exercise “a press of dumbbells has been taken as a basis sitting” and is simply added, improved by one more movement – a conclusion of hands (elbows) with dumbbells for additional loading of forward bunches of deltoid muscles forward.

In other words, Arney has created new, having taken at the same time as a basis known for a long time. Judge for yourself. The T-90 tank, in fact, is deep modification of his predecessor – the T-72 tank. But after all it is the new tank different from “father” many parameters. A similar picture and at us in exercises if who has understood my analogy.

What it is necessary for

As I have already told, this exercise means a conclusion of hands forward after end of a press of dumbbells sitting. This conclusion of hands is also that difference which does all exercise special: presses from each other differ slightly, at least — for fans of body building.

And so, carrying out presses of dumbbells or a bar, for example, you when lowering weighting compounds down, put them as if on the broadest muscles of a back, allowing to relax the working muscles – deltoid. If to remove hands forward (how exactly – I will tell slightly below), then the phase of rest vanishes, there is no place to put hands already – the widest won’t help here.

Here also it turns out that thanks to it removal of hands forward “deltas” receive additional loading, losing rest in the lower point of the movement. More precisely, forward departments of deltoid muscles most of all strain though at a press also two others work – average and back.

This exercise can be used as at an initial stage of a training of shoulders as much as possible to reduce them, and on final to kill them for the best study. But it should be taken into account that fact, friends that at the end of a training of shoulders in this exercise you, most likely, will take the weight of dumbbells less, various presses of burdenings will tire before with order your “deltas” up. And there is also different raising of hands in the parties, forward, if the program is made competently.

Technology of exercise

For performance it will be necessary for a dumbbell to execute to you with a weight allowing you up to 10 repetitions in a press of dumbbells sitting. Therefore spend one day for picking up this weight, but don’t do it in day of pumping of shoulders.

Further you need an inclined bench: lift her to a maximum up. Almost everything is ready, we will pass to the equipment.

Accept a sitting position on a bench. Feet arrange so that they were wider than shoulders, and socks looked in different directions. Take dumbbells in hand. Whether you sometime saw how boxers put the block against the rival’s gifts? How they expose both hands before themselves that the opponent hasn’t struck with him in a face? Make the same, but with dumbbells in hands (the return successful fellow): completely they don’t need to be reduced, let there will be a space between hands – nobody is going to beat you. It is also, actually, initial position.

After that develop elbows in the parties so that they were at the level of shoulders, but looked to the opposite sides, that is to the left and to the right. Naturally, dumbbells together with brushes are developed: handles already look forward, in not in the parties as earlier. Now execute a press of dumbbells from this situation sitting (straighten hands with scales) with “dovoroty” brushes: palms look directly before you, and handles of dumbbells – in the parties.

If it is simpler to describe technology of performance of this exercise, then three phases turn out:

  1. initial position;
  2. cultivation of elbows in the parties;
  3. straightening of hands.

It is necessary to return back hands in an initial position in the same way, but since the end: lowering of hands in the parties with turn of brushes, data of elbows before with the same turn of brushes.

Features of a press of Arnold

The main feature (and the most widespread mistake in combination at beginners) is deduction of elbows before itself. They need to be held at the level of shoulders without lowering.

As you understand, beginners without the assistance of the trainer or more experienced companion of it do not do that considerably reduces efficiency of exercise, and and all training in general. The meaning then of this exercise is lost.

If after all this exercise is carried out hard (urgent for the last approaches and repetitions), I suggest you to use the breath help: by each effort (at extension of hands up) you have to do an exhalation – lungs help to overcome resistance of free scales, that is pressure of dumbbells. Take a breath when lowering hands.

Arnold’s press, technology of accomplishment – all this for you, dear friends. If you want to learn something else about other exercises interesting you – write in comments. And I have everything for today, was glad to try. Subscribe for updates of the blog to be aware of all sports innovations, and also share this material with the friends. All the best.

Exercises for men to get rid of subcutaneous fat from a stomach

I welcome all subscribers of the blog, and also guests. Successfully you came today “on a spark”, especially men and guys, the subject is directed especially to them: “How to clean subcutaneous fat from a stomach to the man”. Besides that I will provide the most effective exercises for combustion of fat in a problem zone, also I will make some more valuable recommendations how to make the torso it is more beautiful.

The statistics of five-year prescription says that 25% of the population of the United States of America suffer from obesity. The problem of excess weight is, and it needs to be solved, and means according to the solution of this problem are, roughly speaking, in your hands.

Features of the deposition of subcutaneous fat in problem areas

It is possible to call our organism clever, in most cases it postpones superfluous nutritious substances (so to speak, “for rainy day”) to those places on a body where least of all probability that you will move with these places, and, so to burn organism stocks. He doesn’t need it therefore he chooses less active zone. In this case it is a stomach.

Well, for example, you pass every day couple of kilometers for work and from work, so buttocks and legs in a body aren’t suitable for realization of reserves. Upper body? When walking you work as hands, at work too, perhaps, work of hands, so breasts and backs, is present. Too doesn’t approach. There is a stomach and sides. According to the similar scheme it is possible to calculate other “weaknesses”, but hardly it can be applied to all – all of us are individual and at all can be the different reasons of adjournment of subcutaneous fat in this or that place.

What needs to be known quickly to lose weight

I hurry to upset a little you, but there will be not enough one exercises for bystry result. No, I don’t say that the result won’t be at all, but it would be much simpler to adhere to underwritten additional recommendations.

Eat less fast carbohydrates. Completely they can not be excluded, and it is not necessary, but to cut them costs, because they are the primary cause of accumulation of fat. The body simply turns the excess of these carbohydrates into human fat and puts it off, as I said, just in case – suddenly there will be a famine, and he did not prepare.

A frequent phenomenon is that in addition to fat on the stomach, there is also a stretched stomach, which begins to press on the trunk corset and stick out – simply the belly seems bigger, this is not a pathology, do not worry. Therefore, I advise you to 4-5 times a week to swing the press. Exercises, I’ll give below. This is necessary in order for the muscles to become stronger and to maintain their belly in the correct form without their tension.

If you decide to study at home, then before the session as a warm-up, use the run, but not less than half an hour (or a walker). It is for such a time that subcutaneous reserves start to be actively burned, or rather after 20-25 minutes of running.

If you are exercising in the gym – can use treadmills or elliptical trainers in the same time range. Exercise bikes are also suitable, but it is better to give preference to other aerobic exercise machines.

Eat for an hour and a half before the start of classes (this does not apply to the reception of sports nutrition, except for the geyner – it generally should not be used at this time).

In addition to exercises on the press, use also exercises on the sides, because the oblique muscles are also part of the abdomen. It happens that the fat deposits from the sides slightly shift to the lower back. Then extensions and hyperextensions help you.

Exercises to reduce fat on the stomach

Be sure to run – this can also be attributed to the exercise, to the first exercise of your training. Or devote enough time to motor activity – fitness, aerobics, fast sports dances, swimming (but not measured, but leading to rapid breathing).

Exercises for the press.
If you are a completely unprepared person, then the first lessons begin with the usual flexion and extension of the trunk. Fix the legs (or ask the friend to hold them). Further you can start the complicated exercises: the press on the incline bench, the army flexion / extension of the trunk. These were general exercises. Now let’s go through the specific departments of the rectus abdominis muscle, that is, the press.

For the lower department.
The lower part of the press is well toned up by running. Also, it is perfectly toned by lifting the straight legs: lying on the floor (not lowering the legs on the floor itself), sitting on the floor (the body is tilted back by 45 degrees, the back is leaning against the bench, for example), in the vis on the bar (here the legs can be lifted like The crossbar itself, and up to the horizontal position) or in the pore on the uneven bars.

If you have difficulties with these exercises, we resort to more simplified options – pulling the knees to the chest: sitting on the floor (the body at 45 degrees, the back is elbows), in the vise on the crossbar or in the support on the bars.

There is one more exercise, but it is a bit difficult to implement: an assistant will be needed: you lie down on the floor, straight legs lift up, your friend gets right over your head and throws your straight legs away from you forward and to the sides. Your task here is not to lower your legs to the floor and raise them every time after folding.

For the middle and upper divisions department.
We use an inclined bench. Sit on not, fix your legs, put your hands behind your head or cross over your chest. We perform flexion and extension of the trunk with turns to the sides. That is, after each rise up you make a turn, for example, to the left. They went down, went up, turned to the right. So the whole approach. You can also use the usual twisting: lie on the floor, hands behind the head, and rise until the shoulder blades are torn off the floor. Repeat all over again. This exercise can be complicated by raising both knees upward.

Exercises for the sides.
Do slopes with dumbbells in the sides (you can both with one dumbbell, and with two at once). Lateral twists will also be appropriate. Also more technically challenging is the exercise “bicycle with torso turning”. Sit on the edge of the bench, lift your feet forward and start them impromptu on the bicycle pedal. Simultaneously, start from side to side with your body torso (hands behind your head).

I hope I’ve told you enough how to remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen to a man, but if there are questions, I will gladly answer them in the comments. Do not forget to subscribe to blog updates, and share this information with your friends on social networks. All the beautiful press. Till.

What exercises to carry out to men with a spring expander?

I welcome you, dear readers, I offer your attention interesting and informative material on a subject: exercises with a spring expander for men. You ask, what is it, why to you and what advantage of him, and I will give the answer to these and other questions.

I will tell what pluses of the exercise machine, as it works that doctors and professional coaches tell about him also the main how to train and as to use him. Therefore remain with us and learn everything about a spring expander.

The most practical and functional

Soon, therefore, as never before, you need to think about restoring the physical form, and in this expander is your first assistant. First of all, it is inexpensive, takes up minimal space, but the set of exercises is as wide as possible. So, by purchasing only one expander, get the simulator for almost the entire body. As they say, all the beauty in simplicity, so the simulator is very simple and simple in its construction.

Spring Expander – this two handles are connected together by several steel springs. At the ends of the springs there are small hooks, with which the springs are attached to the handles. The maximum number of springs on the expander can be from 4 to 8 or more. The expander works by stretching the springs, overcoming spring resistance provides a load on the muscles, develops their strength and increases the amount of muscle.

Thanks to a large number of springs it is possible to correct loadings respectively, reducing quantity of springs, you reduce also loadings. As a result of shooting and addition of springs you will be able individually to choose for yourself loading depending on your physical shape.

It can be transformed. Namely: you remove handles on the one hand at two expanders, attach these ends hooks among themselves, as a result you receive a long expander of 120 cm of length.

It is possible to connect handles of two expanders a usual belt and by means of such design, the exercise machine for additional types of exercises turns out. It does it by universal it that will be suitable for a change exercises and even for female half of humanity.

The shoulder group of muscles will say thank you for the exercises with the simulator

At the choice of a spring expander it is worth remembering! For you that expander which at the maximum load you will be able “to stretch” no more than three times will be correct. There are spring humeral expanders, and spring expanders for hands and a finger.

The spring expander for hands is directed to a training of each finger separately, a joint hands and developments of a hvatatelny reflex. Doctors strongly recommend this expander to office workers and people with sedentary work, tightening of an expander promote improvement of blood circulation in an organism.

At a chest arm spring expander much ampler opportunities. They can train muscles of a breast, a forearm, a hand and a back. On its basis it is possible, to make even the program of trainings.

Most often doctors recommend to use this exercise machine for morning exercises.

Advice from professionals

Professional coaches always recommend to use the old kind and well checked spring expanders for a training. They advise to be engaged with him in the morning and in the evening from two to three times a week. Big plus of an expander — it it is possible to be engaged anywhere: at work, houses or not the nature.

In the morning with him it is enough to execute from two to four exercises and if you have included an expander in the main day training, then the set of exercises should be increased ten times.

It is necessary to begin exercises with small loading with one or two springs. With growth of trainings add also a spring, so that it was easy to execute for one approach from 6 to 10 times. At such loading to be engaged on an extent of 5-6 trainings. Subsequently add loading so that it is possible to execute exercises 4-5 times with repetitions in two approaches.

If trainings three times a week then to carry out this set of exercises within a month so far, the complex partially or completely isn’t replaced with more difficult loadings. Generally, exercises can be the most various. Everything depends on you and your desire, but after a month of occupations with a spring expander you will see the true consolatory results.

Exercises with a spring expander for men it is best method to strain the muscles, and always to keep them in a tone. Having bought once an expander, you are convinced that you made a favorable purchase. Therefore dear readers, be always in good shape and in good mood. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates of the blog. You share articles with friends on social networks and put likes. Bye bye!