What is maltodextrin and for what is it used?

Hello, my dear readers! My new article will be devoted to such a component as maltodextrin. That this, the benefit and harm of this component – all this will be reflected in my article.

Dashing 90-s, when in our country there was a huge number of different kinds of products of questionable content, safely left behind. And now, most of us, before buying any food for ourselves, are wondering – what is included in its composition?

Most of the titles do not say anything to the average person, but in the most common ones one needs to be guided. So, what is maltodextrin? Another name, more familiar to us, is molasses.

If the process of hydrolysis of starch is carried out, then as a result special molecules – dextrins are formed. In its pure form it is colorless, resembling liquid syrup in consistency. If the resulting component is subjected to special drying, the result is a white powder with a pronounced sweet taste. In our country, for the production of maltodextrin on an industrial scale, potatoes or corn are usually used. Often, wheat and rice are often used.


If we take the industrial scale of production, then it should be noted that maltodextrin is most common in the following industries:

  • Pharmacology – maltodextrin as an auxiliary substance serves as a flavor additive to certain medicines, is also part of a number of prebiotics responsible for the normalization of the intestinal microflora.
  • Food industry – is used in various qualities, from the core it is possible to distinguish the taste enhancer, baking powder. Often used as a thickener.
  • Cosmetic industry – also, the main function of using in the role of thickener when creating various kinds of creams, shampoos and gels.
  • In sports – in the manufacture of sports nutrition, as a source of carbohydrates.

Operating principle

From all of the above, we can conclude that maltodexin on our life path occurs to us more than once. Let’s try to figure out how he behaves, getting into our body.

It’s no secret that glucose is the main source of energy for the human body. Accumulating in the muscles and liver of a person, it, as necessary, is used by the body for its own needs.

Usually glucose enters the body with foods containing carbohydrates. And this is just starch and is one of the complex carbohydrates, with the hydrolysis of which dextrin is obtained. Here we are with you and went to the fact that maltodextrin is inherently glucose.

The only difference is that the process of splitting maltodextrin occurs already in the small intestine, which provides the human body with a systematic intake of glucose into the blood.

Maltodextrin: the arguments for and against

And now every curious consumer, buying a product containing maltodextrin in his composition, is asked quite reasonable question: how useful is this component and will it harm our body? And here we come to a fairly trivial truth – like any other product, maltodextrin can be beneficial to the human body, but certain risk factors associated with the consumption of maltodextrin can not be ruled out.

First of all, people with a disease such as diabetes mellitus or having a tendency to this disease are at risk. This is due to the fact that maltodextrin is similar in composition to molasses and starch, which means that it is the carrier of a sufficiently high glycemic index, which, in turn, is characterized by the release of a large amount of sugar into the human blood.

However, this problem can be seen on the other hand – for people unwilling to take diabetes maltodextrin is a kind of prevention, because it causes the production of insulin, so necessary for a healthy person.

Also, when you eat maltodextrin, you need to know exactly what product was produced from the beginning. Absolutely safe maltodextrin, produced from corn or rice. But if the initial product is wheat, then you should pay attention to the individual tolerance of gluten, which is contained in wheat.

The huge advantage of this component is that it is absolutely safe for allergy sufferers without causing allergic reactions. Another important advantage in the use of maltodextrin is the fact that, being in the body, it fulfills the functions of fiber, and therefore cleans it of various kinds of slag, radionuclides and heavy metals.

For people who seriously engage in sports, maltodextrin is an excellent source of energy, restoring strength after the training process. And now I’ll tell you more about sports nutrition …

Place maltodextrin in sports nutrition

As I mentioned above, maltodextrin is among the best sources of carbon for the human body. Perfectly copes with the task of replenishing glycogen stores in muscles, while ensuring gradual absorption of glucose into the circulatory system of man.

Therefore, for people who lead an active lifestyle, regularly engaged in sports and physical culture, the introduction of maltodextrin into their diet is guaranteed to ensure a full-fledged replenishment of the body with glucose, which is so important for a full recovery.

To accept or not to take maltodextrin is a decision that everyone must take for themselves. This component is available to a wide range of consumers, and according to the results of our article, we can conclude that maltodextrin for most people is absolutely harmless, and there are many cases when it can bring huge benefits to your body.

In my article I tried to reveal for you all the nuances concerning the food additive maltodextrin, what is it, the benefit and harm of this component for the human body. On this I say goodbye to you, subscribe to our updates, share links to this and other blog articles on social networks. I await your comments about this and other blog articles. See you soon!

Benefit and harm to a person from medlar

Grows an orange fruit, with the same name. Having eaten it once, I asked myself: Does the medlar have useful properties and contraindications? And if so, which ones? And will a full-fledged tree grow from the remainder of eating the fruit of the bones?

My acquaintance with the information about the medlar

From a trip from Israel, a friend brought a very interesting orange fruit, similar to a small pear. Of course, we ate it, but the bones remained. I asked: what kind of fruit? A friend said that in Israel it is called shizik. I did not believe, because such a name can not carry a fruit, even from Israel. Armed with the wrong name, turned to information on the Internet.

And what do you think? When asked “fruit Israel” I immediately gave the internet a picture with a familiar orange fruit, although the name was not shizik, but a scheshe. And also it turned out that the fruit has one more name – a medlar Japanese. I was interested in information about this tree, which I want to share with you.

A bit about the tree itself: it is evergreen with large leaves, belongs to the family of Rosaceae. The pictures are very beautiful. Blooms white flowers, collected in the inflorescence. Fruits are also gathered in clusters.

Fetal seeds and leaves of the tree contain a small amount of cyanide glycosides. Of these, the splintering produces a terrible poison – cyanide. Fortunately, there is little cyanide there, enough only to give a bitter taste to the leaves and seeds.

The environment of the tree is extensive, cultivated in Japan, Israel, Brazil. The tree is unpretentious, it occurs as a wild-growing tree. Loves the humid climate, and therefore grows in Israel. It blooms in late autumn, fruits are usually torn off in May-June. The tree is often planted in squares and parks because of its beautiful leaves. The aroma of flowers resembles the smell of almonds.

What substances are in the fruit medlar?

The usefulness of the medlar is predetermined:

  1. Low calorie. Therefore, it is shown to those who wish to lose extra pounds. The fetus contains many dietary fiber.
  2. The leaves of the spike are rich in antioxidants, the maximum concentration of which is observed in late spring.
  3. Has a huge number of substances useful to our body.

The composition of fruits is similar to apples:

  1. Sucrose.
  2. Apple acid.
  3. Lemon acid.
  4. Vitamins C, E, B, K, carotene, beta-carotene.
  5. Microelements: calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, selenium.

The use of medlar is useful for various diseases.

  1. Eliminates kidney dysfunction. In its raw form has the effect of a diuretic.
  2. Improves vision due to the large amount of carotene and beta-carotene, which in the body turns into vitamin A.
  3. Strengthens the intestines and improves digestion.
  4. Potassium, found in fruits, stabilizes the work of the heart and blood vessels.
  5. Increases the body’s resistance to infections.

In addition to fruits, folk medicine uses flowers, leaves, seeds.

  1. The leaves contain a polysaccharide and triterpen, which help the body produce its own insulin. This property is used in diabetes mellitus.
  2. Decoction of leaves medlar is considered a hemostatic.
  3. Seeds make surrogate coffee.
  4. Decoction of flowers used to treat inflammatory processes in the lungs, bronchi, asthma, cough of unknown nature.
  5. Water infusion of leaves is drunk with diarrhea, intoxication, poisoning.

But, as always, there is a fly in the ointment. Medlar can bring not only good, but also harm.

  1. Recall that the composition of leaves includes cyanide glycosides. Of course, a small amount can not cause poisoning, but it is not recommended to stay in medlar for a long time. There may be severe headaches.
  2. When eating fruits, allergic reactions can occur, manifested as a rash on the skin. In such cases, just stop using.
  3. And one more nuance. The tree is loved by bats, which in Israel are many. Therefore, next to the house it is not saddened.


I want to share a recipe of alcohol tincture for the treatment of bronchial asthma, created in Japan on the basis of medicinal properties of the medlar. Recipe is simple, and the ingredients in our time to get no problem.

It is necessary to take 5 fruits of medium size and grind them together with bones. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and 100 milliliters of sake to the mixture. For reference: sake – vodka from rice, it has 28 degrees. The mixture is placed for a week in a dark place, then filter. Drink before eating 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. Tincture clears the lungs of phlegm. In a warmed-up form, it eliminates a suffocating cough, but it must be drunk slowly through a straw.

If there are delicious fruits, it means that some of them do something? In Israel, they are trained:

  1. Jams.
  2. Jelly.
  3. Syrups.
  4. Jam.
  5. Filling for pies.
  6. Fruit salads along with other fruits.

I hope I answered the question: what has the medlar useful properties and contraindications?

Is it possible to grow a medlar at home?

By the way, my mother planted seeds from the eaten fruit, stuck them in the ground in a flower pot. They went both! I had to transplant, left one plant, the strongest. I was very interested in how it will grow.

A pot with a medlar stands on the southern window, but a little shaded from the bright sun. I follow the humidity of the soil in person. First the medlar was behaving, surprisingly well. The leaves grew one after another, large enough and beautiful, then for some reason they began to fall off. I reviewed all the materials on the Internet, but I did not find the reason.

I will write down the essence of the problem. The green leaf begins, like the autumn leaf of our tree to wither. The disease comes from the upper tip, gradually grabbing the entire leaf. It becomes brownish in color, curls and falls off. If someone knows how to deal with this, I want to help.

If you or your friends have encountered such a problem, leave a comment with a possible solution.

How to treat Hoff’s disease? Symptoms, prevention and treatment

Hello, my dear readers. In my today’s article there will be a talk about problems with the diseased knees. Hoff’s disease of the knee joint, the treatment of this disease has become a problem not only for people of the age, but also for the younger generation. In my article, we will try to disclose the causes of this disease, preventive measures, and, of course, treatment – both traditional and popular ways to combat this unpleasant disease.

What is the knee joint? This is one of the most difficult joints in the human body, which includes many different elements. Its functional component is responsible for the mobility and stability of the lower limbs of a person. Trauma or disease of any of the elements of the knee joint leads to difficulty in movement, a sense of discomfort in the knee.

Goff’s disease – what is it?

If we try to understand more specifically the diseases of Hoff, then we should return to the functions of the knee joint. In addition to movement, the knee joint in the human body is responsible for depreciation, that is, it performs a certain kind of emollient function for jumping, running, walking.

And it is for the depreciation in the knee joint that the elements called fat bodies of Goff answer. They are small fatty structures located above the synovial membrane. Speaking in a simpler language – these are peculiar pillows that evenly distribute the load.

If an inflammatory process occurs, the fatty bodies of Goff lose their damping ability. This is due to the fact that the fat tissue in the process of chronic inflammation is gradually replaced by a joint that can not perform the functions necessary for the knee joint.

Most often this disease develops on the background of the received trauma of the knee joint. Also the reason can be a long stay in a squat position. In this case, pressure is exerted on the front wall of the knee joint and, correspondingly, the disturbance of fatty bodies. For women, this disease is characteristic during the menopause, against the background of hormonal changes.


Hoff’s disease can be divided into two conditional periods: acute and chronic.

Symptoms of an acute period:

  1. Frequent pain in the knee area
  2. The onset of swelling, often swelling continues to increase
  3. Absence of the possibility of full extension of the knee joint, against painful sensations

Chronic or later period:

  1. Periodic painful sensations, intensifying at night
  2. With the independent palpation of both sides of the patella, palpations are palpated, with pressing on which are audible crackling sounds
  3. The peculiar blockade of the knee joint, which excludes the possibility of fully utilizing the leg for the support
  4. Partially limited functionality of the quadriceps femoris muscle
  5. The instability of the knee joint is gradually developing


There are a number of symptoms by which you can visually diagnose Goff’s disease. This lameness, pain in the knee joint, edema of the knee, the lack of the ability to fully unbend the aching leg.

The presence of these symptoms should serve as an excuse for you to see a doctor who, in turn, should send you to an MRI or instrumental examination, which will result in the necessary treatment.

Treatment of Hoff’s disease

After all the horrors we have outlined above, we will try to calm you down – with the correct diagnosis and professional treatment, Goff’s disease is curable, with almost complete restoration of the knee joint.

Official medicine offers for patients suffering from Goff’s disease two types of treatment: conservative and operative.


  1. Restriction of the patient’s motor activity, complete exclusion of physical activity, including exercise
  2. Physiotherapy, Sollux lamp treatment, various applications (mud, paraffin), laser therapy, oxygen therapy
  3. Anti-inflammatory and hormonal drugs
  4. Complex of physiotherapy exercises
  5. In the event that the disease was diagnosed at an unopened stage, this treatment is sufficient to completely restore the functions of the fat bodies of Hoff.

In the event that all of the above methods are ineffective and the disease is already running, medical workers prescribe an arthroscopic operation. The meaning of such an operation is to eliminate the deformed fat bodies of Hoff. After the operation, within 15-20 days, from the remaining bodies the full fatty tissue with all the necessary functional is regenerated.

Restoration after arthroscopic surgery on the knee joint should be at least three weeks, during which it is recommended to undergo courses of physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy.

Folk remedies

We are forced to warn you immediately that in the case of Hoff’s disease, self-medication is not the best way to help yourself.

The councils that meet in various health centers basically recommend the use of various kinds of warming compresses. The whole problem is that these methods relieve pain, mask the disease, but do not solve the problem.

Timely without intervening in the course of the disease, you run the risk of transforming Hoff’s disease into a more serious disease – arthrosis, which will lead to constant pain in the knee joint area. Therefore, do not blindly believe folk medicine and if you have any symptoms that I listed in the article, I strongly recommend that you do not delay the decision and contact a specialist who can correctly diagnose the disease and prescribe the necessary course of treatment.

Hoff’s disease of the knee joint, treatment of this disease, should not frighten you – this problem for modern medicine is completely solvable.

On this I say goodbye to you. Subscribe to updates, leave your comments about this and other articles. Until new meetings on the pages of my blog.

What is ecdysterone asteroid?

Hello, dear readers. In my today’s article there will be a talk about steroids and their effect on the human body. And to be more precise, we will try to understand more deeply what Ecdysteron is from itself. The asteroid, one of the main drugs in the production of which the ecdysteroid base is laid, will also be the focus of our attention.


So, let’s try in an accessible form to understand what steroids are, and how much the opinion of the benefits and harms to the human body.

The meaning of the word steroid has a Greek origin and in free translation means – solid. Anabolic steroids, which include and created on the basis of ecdysterone – an asteroid, are an artificially created version of the all known hormone – testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible in our body for two main functions: androgenic, it is also sexual, allowing to divide the mankind into men and women. And the second, most interesting to us – anabolic. Just the anabolic function and is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the muscles of the person in tonus.

There are many supporters and opponents of taking steroid drugs. Without imposing my opinion, I will describe the possible pros and cons of the effects of steroids on the human body.

Benefit and harm


  • The opportunity for a more intensive training process, due to a significant reduction in the time to restore the body
  • The increase in muscle mass occurs in a shorter time
  • A significant increase in power endurance, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the training process
  • Metabolic processes in the body under the influence of steroids pass in a more intensive mode

If you summarize the above pluses, you can come to the next – taking steroids will allow you to achieve the desired result in a shorter period of time. But do not forget at the same time that the expected result is possible only against the backdrop of an intensive training process, magically, taking only anabolic steroids, you will not achieve anything.


  • To the main problems that are possible with the reception of steroids, it is worth attributing possible health problems. First of all, the body receives a significant blow to the liver.
  • Next, we should note a violation of sexual functions. This is due to the fact that the body, getting what it needs from the outside, ceases to produce the much needed male hormones.
  • Possible problems with blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood.

If we sum up our little digression into the world of anabolic steroids, then it should be noted that, like any medicine, steroids in some way help a person, and in some cases can harm the body.


But now we will try to delve into the topic of one particular steroid substance – ecdysterone.

Ecdysterone is the main component of all drugs with similar names (eg, ecdystene, beta ecdysone, etc.). The prevailing view that it is a purely plant steroid, based on the production of Leuzea and the vita of Turkestan, is not entirely true.

Ecdysterone is present in worms, beetles, butterflies, but its share is so small that the optimal way of synthesis still remains of the listed plants.

Officially represented in medicine in the 60s of the XX century. The authorship belongs to the German scientist. Already at the beginning of the XXI century, scientists from a number of countries (the United States, Germany, etc.), conducted in-depth studies on the effects of ecdysterone on the human body. The main conclusions obtained as a result of the conducted experiments revealed a number of interesting facts.

Ecdysterone significantly reduced the accumulation of fat mass in the body and led to a significant hobby of muscle mass, which is required for anabolic steroids. There was also a positive effect on bone and cartilaginous tissues, which is important for people actively involved in sports.

And on the basis of the active substance of ecdysteroids, a non-hormonal herbal preparation was created, which was called an asteroid. The main advantages of this drug are the pronounced anabolic and stimulating effects achieved when taking an asteroid. In the manufacture of an asteroid, the synthesis was based on plants such as the Leuzea safflower and the Turkestan wort, which made it possible to obtain a non-hormonal plant preparation – an asteroid.

So what’s the difference between an asteroid and other ecdysterone-containing drugs? Here we should note the presence in the asteroid of such an important component, from the point of view of modern medicine, as turcesteron.

Recent clinical studies have shown that the anabolic activity of turcesterone is several times more effective in its effect on the body. Also worth noting is a sufficiently high dosage of the main substance (turcesterone) in each capsule. Its specific fraction is 65 mg. Per capsule, which significantly increases the effect of taking this substance.

In addition to effective effects on the body, it is worth paying attention to the lack of side effects. This is achieved due to the fact that performing the role of the strongest anabolic, at the same time, the asteroid does not affect the production of the body’s own testosterone.

Contrary to the prevailing misconception that such drugs are suitable only for athletes – siloviki, the asteroid perfectly suits both representatives of gaming and cyclic sports, greatly increasing the overall physical endurance of the organism.


If you chose the asteroid, consider that the maximum effect can be obtained with a course reception, the optimal duration of which is 30 days. Having chosen the ecdysterone asteroid, you will solve many problems related to active sports.

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Correct technology of performance of exercise vacuum

Hello, my dear readers! In my new article, I will touch on a topic that is painful enough for many people. This is a problem – the presence of the tummy. It is naive to assume that this problem concerns only complete people. Often, from the appearance of the bulging belly, rather thin people suffer.

The existing belief that the sticking-out stomach can be gathered in by means of stomach exercises, quite misleading. There is an exercise, more suitable for house conditions, which is perfectly coping with this problem. This exercise vacuum. As it is correct to do this exercise, various nuances when performing this exercise what its efficiency consists in – all this will find reflection in my today’s article.

As already it has been told above, many people continue consider that it is possible to take away the appeared tummy by means of exercises for press muscles. This belief is quite misleading.

It is necessary to consider that in our organism fat is divided into two groups, usual fatty tissue and the visceral fat enveloping internals. Even at intensive exercises fat it is simple to turn into muscles or under his layer a peculiar muscular corset is formed, and the stomach at the same time won’t get to anywhere. And if you have decided to deal with this problem in house conditions, then the most optimal variant can be considered safely exercise vacuum.

The meaning of the exercise

Let’s try to understand in what an essence of this exercise? Exercise vacuum directly works with internal muscles of a stomach. When performing muscles of an internal press, cross and multiseparate are widely involved. These muscles which are under a direct and external braid bear responsibility in a human body for process of retraction of a belly wall and support of a bearing.

In fact, the cross muscle of a stomach carries out a role of the peculiar belt passing on a stomach from left to right. If the person has this weak muscle which isn’t trained, then there is peculiar “dumping” of a stomach that looks not absolutely esthetically at any age.

All sense of exercise vacuum comes down to that the cross muscle was in the necessary tone, without allowing your stomach to be stuck out foully.


By including this exercise in your daily routine on a regular basis, you are entitled to expect after some time the following results:

  • Partial or full disposal of so-called effect of “the dropped-out stomach”, due to improvement in development of a cross belly muscle
  • Considerable reduction of a share of the visceral grease layer which is on internals
  • Noticeable reduction in waist sizes, for a short period
  • Against the background of reduction of a waist there is a visual increase in a thorax
  • Increase in law enforcement agency of cross belly muscles
  • Increase in indicators at test to Valsalva
  • Improvement of digestive process
  • Ensuring stable work of a spine column
  • The main advantage of this exercise is its absolute availability.

Recommendations for performance

If you for yourself have decided to use this exercise, then it is worth adhering to a number of recommendations:

  1. At the initial stage it is important for to understand correctness of performance of exercise, otherwise the desirable effect won’t be reached
  2. It is necessary to begin with small breaths, further, in process of mastering the equipment, depth of a breath should be increased
  3. It is necessary to vary also time of a delay of breath; at the initial stage 2-3 seconds, further it is possible to finish to 10-15 seconds
  4. It is desirable to give the first classes in front of the mirror, visually tracing correctness of performance of exercise
  5. Systematicity of occupations is important for obtaining necessary result
  6. If during training process systematically arise unpleasant, or pain, studies should be interrupted and made a small pause

Technology of performance

At the moment there is a number of the most widespread ways of performance of exercise “vacuum”. The difference in ways is usually concluded only in the choice of position of a body. Making own choice, be guided by those positions in which to you will be engaged most comfortably. So, we will sort the most traditional positions:

Lying on a back:
Initially we choose a plain surface, we lay down on a back, legs are placed on width of shoulders, hands are lowered along a body.

  1. we exempt lungs from air (we make a deep exhalation)
  2. we strain stomach muscles, as if tightening them up
  3. we keep in this situation time chosen by you
  4. without relaxing a stomach we try to gather a little air
  5. further full relaxation to the following cycle follows

In this situation process joins the muscles which are responsible for deduction of a spine column in equal situation. For exercise we choose any firm, plain surface (chair), legs are bent in knees at an angle in 90 degrees, the back is completely straightened. Consider that it is impossible to lean on a chair back.

On all fours
This kind of exercise concerns to the most difficult as occupations join also gravity. Starting position: to kneel, having rested hands about a floor. Legs at shoulder length, hands are straightened in elbows, a back direct.

The optimum number of repetitions at the initial stage can be considered 7-10 for one approach. Though any rigid framework doesn’t exist, you have to be guided by own state. On average exercise has to take about 8-10 minutes. For achievement of necessary effect it is worth carrying out daily, at desire twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


At all seeming simplicity of this exercise, after all there is a series of the moments to which it is necessary to pay attention. It is about contraindications at which it is worth refraining from occupations:

  1. Inflammatory processes in a gastrointestinal tract
  2. Chronic diseases of vegeto-vascular system
  3. Diseases of lungs
  4. Infectious diseases in the active phase

In the conclusion of article there is a wish to notice that the beautiful figure in many respects depends on you. There is no special need in the exhausting trainings, for a beautiful waist rather regularly to carry out exercise “vacuum”. On it I say goodbye to you, subscribe for updates of the blog, leave the comments about this and other articles. Before new occurrings!

So, can you drink water after a meal or not?

Good afternoon, our dear readers! The question of whether it is possible to drink water after eating food is of interest to very many. There are a lot of myths surrounding this issue, this article was written in order to try to illuminate this issue as much as possible, so if you are also interested in knowing whether to drink water after eating, then this article is able to help you. Personally, I think that it’s better to drink water after having dined well, after a while, let’s consider this issue in more detail.

The main factor that many people think makes drinking water after eating unacceptable is that the liquid used can lead to dilution of the gastric juice, which can lead to digestion disorders. However, it is also possible to note another opinion, which suggests that drinking water after dinner is not only possible but sometimes even useful. Let’s weigh all the pros and cons, and try to decide in this way whether to wash down the food.

The thesis for drinking water after eating

The main thesis of people who believe that drinking water after eating can be that the water consumed, getting into the stomach, is quickly transferred to the 12-colon through its folds. Thus, water simply does not manage to blur anything, it can not damage the digestive juice.

The main point of this statement is that you can not drink food with cold water, since cold water is in the stomach for 20 minutes, and not 4-5 hours, which are usually required for digestion of food. That is why the food simply does not have time to digest, which can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences, for example, the protein used will not break down into amino acids, and the insufficiently digested food will move further along the intestine, which can lead to its fermentation. This state of affairs has a number of problems, one of the most important consequences of this is a set of excess weight.

Thus, if you believe this statement, then drink at the end of dinner can not only cold water, while water at room temperature is completely acceptable.

Abstracts against drinking water after eating

If a person begins to sing the food with water, it helps to less thoroughly chew it. Thus, with insufficient chewing food, saliva does not produce a substance such as lysozyme, which is an important means against getting infections into the body.

In addition, the food that was sufficiently chewed is better absorbed by the body, and will create less stress for all other digestive organs.

As you can see, even here there is considerable harm to the body from the water drunk in the process or after eating, however, there are a number of negative effects that often depend on the temperature of the water:

  1. Too cold water, after eating food, can lead to a decrease in the production of enzymes in the body, which are known to play a big role in the process of digesting food.
  2. Too hot water, after eating food, can significantly reduce the mechanical effect on the food on the part of the body, and lead to a violation of the production of digestive juices.

Thus, after eating, do not drink either too hot or too cold water, as this contributes to a disruption of the normal process of digestion. It is best to use water, which is close to the temperature of our body in temperature, and its temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Interesting observation

People who had excess weight problems say that they could get rid of it after they started eating juices, fruit drinks, green tea and other drinks instead of water after eating. They say that when they drank food with water they did not have a sense of satiation and they wanted to eat again and again, so they consumed significantly more food than they needed, and this led to problems with excess weight.

Very interesting fact, is not it, it turns out the drinks affect our body differently than water. Do you know if you should drink distilled water?

Another important issue is the reason why a person wants to drink food with water, there are two main points:
“He’s just used to it and so moistens the food he used.”
– Drinks insufficient amount of water during the day.


Above were presented all the theses for and against the use of water after a meal, so what is the conclusion from this all follows? Can I drink water after a meal? It’s very simple, if you need to drink after dinner, then it’s best to do it with some liquids, but not water, for example, you can use green tea, mors, juices, kefir or something else.

The main difference between these drinks is that they perceive our body about the same way as food, because they contain calories, and water, as you know, does not contain calories at all.

However, here you also need to be as careful as possible, do not use too cold or too hot drinks, because a sharp temperature drop in your body can lead to certain problems with digestion, so there is no cold ice cream in this case either.

In addition, the products should be thoroughly chewed, as this will allow them to be more easily absorbed by the body, and will also provoke the production of a large amount of lysozyme, which has a positive effect on our body.

If you are accustomed to drinking water after a meal and you can not replace it with any other drinks, you should either consume more liquid throughout the day, which will allow you to get the required amount, or revise your own food, do not eat dry, eat more liquid Dishes, all kinds of soups and other things.

I hope this article has helped you to understand this issue, and now weighing all the theses for and against, as well as other information that you have learned from this article, you can decide for yourself whether to drink water after eating, and also be able to balance Own food.

The correct technology of performance of exercise a pullover with dumbbells lying

My respect, ladies and gentlemen. With you again I, and today you learn what is a pullover from dumbbells lying as to carry out it and for what it is necessary. Also I will tell about ways of performance of exercise, about an aktsentualization on concrete muscles and still something. Has intrigued? Then we won’t drag out!

All of us with you know that exercises are aimed at the development of concrete muscles: them there can be a little, and maybe one. But one fact remains (in most cases) invariable: exercises develop “parallel” muscles. It means that these muscles almost always work together, carrying out the same exercise. For example, chest and tricepses.

The pullover “behaves” absolutely differently: during his performance are put into operation as “parallel” muscles, and, I would be expressed, “left”, that is strangers. About what specifically muscles there is a speech, I will tell a bit later.

What is it?

By the nature the pullover from dumbbells is the exercise directed more to extension of muscles than on their development by means of efforts. If to look at the leading body builders claiming about uniqueness of usefulness of this exercise, then it is possible to understand that it is difficult to overestimate a pullover role in development. But the statistics says that the pullover isn’t so popular among the beginning athletes. And in vain …

The principle of work at what pullover? Correctly, extension. And how extension of muscles can help at a set of weight, for example, or at correction of own figure at girls? Yes it is very simple!

We will take, for example, cultivation of dumbbells in the parties lying on a bench. The same exercise is “stretch” too, that is stretching. But he is “hollowed” for some reason constantly, and right after pumping of pectoral muscles. Question: what for?

To stretch the clogged muscles. Therefore, to increase their “injury” which leads to a bigger gain of dry weight. Similar action happens and when performing a pullover – muscles stretch that influences their further growth.

What muscles participate in work

Generally the pullover is used for study of muscles of a breast and three-headed muscles.

But the emphasis can be placed also on the broadest muscles of a back, carrying out the elementary rules. By the way, in parallel with the broadest muscles develop also gear (lobbies). If it is interesting to you, you can look how they look where are and the figure of the athlete or athlete at their due development becomes how more beautiful.

For men the wide and developed thorax as the business card. For the girl tightened, and to tell the truth, the sticking-out breast – too plays a large role in respect of appeal.

All this can be reached by means of exercises on a breast and, naturally, a pullover. What principle of his work? Extension! But what extension? “Distributing” too the stretching exercise, but it is easier in performance. So why everything to complicate?

The matter is that “distributing” pulls breast muscles in width (in the parties), at a pullover pulls them up, that is in length.

This prospect is attractive to girls that the natural corset for a breast is created that corrects her sagging. In other words, the breast gets an attractive form. For men … And what for men? With them and so everything is clear: it is more chest – will shake more.

Ways of performance

There are two plain options of exercise, and in both you need a bench. You will be able to find suitable in gym? Then half-problems it is solved.

The first is to lie along a bench with lowered stupnyam on each side on a floor. The second is to lie an upper back across a bench, planting the feet against a floor and holding a torso in a certain situation.

As for the first method of execution, it is considered simple and suitable for beginners where big weights don’t play a role yet, and the technique of execution isn’t adjusted yet. In the second everything is slightly more difficult: there and stretching of muscles is at the advanced level because of the increased movement amplitude, and exercise isn’t restricted only to movement of hands for the head.

How to carry out?

In the first case it is enough to lay down on a bench, having recorded not movably legs on a floor. Further, you take a dumbbell in hand, you lift over themselves and you lower to themselves on the head (slightly lower than the top) almost on straight arms. Notice, almost on straight lines. That is they have to be a little bent in elbows and are recorded (elbows don’t “walk” during performance). You need only to return because of the head a dumbbell to an initial position and to repeat exercise necessary number of times.

In the second case you lay down across a bench (upper back), you plant the feet against a floor (width between feet is equal to width of shoulders) and you straighten a torso – it shall be parallel to a floor. You take a dumbbell in the same way as in the first option. Difference in movement back. Here you work not only hands, but also the casing: during lowering of a dumbbell back, you also lowers a basin down that considerably increases amplitude of movement of a dumbbell that leads to bigger stretching of muscles. Because of it skilled bodybuilders so love this exercise.

Emphasis on different muscles

During rise of a dumbbell up you can do nothing that to a large extent involves a breast and tricepses, and you can during effort specially strain the broadest and toothed muscles that will affect their study. Thus, the pullover can be considered versatile exercise.

As for breathing, here you shall take a breath on lowering and an exhalation on rise of a weighting compound. The similar technique will help with the considerable weight of burdening, and will be absolutely useless at the initial stages.

Pullover from dumbbells lying – an excellent method to improve itself or to put the body in order. And I have nothing to add more. If there are questions – favor are asked in the comment. I will remind that having subscribed for up-dating of the blog, you will be aware always of new articles. And having shared this article with the friends on social networks, receive a plus in a karma. Happily.

What is curative starvation? And why starve to lose weight?

Hello, my dear readers. A new article posted on my blog will touch upon a problem that has been very relevant for many people in recent years. The problem of overweight became a scourge of our time. There are many ways to combat this unpleasant phenomenon, but today I want to dwell on one of them. It will be about such an option to get rid of excess weight, like curative starvation at home for weight loss.

In my article I will try to understand in an accessible form all the pros and cons of this method, to study various methods of curative fasting.

The urgency of the problem of excess weight is large enough. And here we are talking not only about aesthetic perception (we all want to look attractive), but also about the chain of problems that arise in our body with the appearance of extra pounds. Here, and high blood pressure, and problems with the liver and kidneys, a negative effect on the functioning of the heart. This is only a small list of problems that arise in our body together with excess weight.

Main advantages

The first step on the path to curative fasting is the ability to admit to yourself that the problem of excess weight really exists for you.

The next moment is a choice of the way of struggle against excess weight accessible to you. The main advantage of this process is a fairly rapid weight loss, not accompanied by the sagging and flabbiness of the skin. Already at an early stage you can feel the effect of this method – your health will improve, a kind of lightness will appear, and the work of your internal organs will change in a positive way.

In this case, do not forget that if you undertake treatment in this way, then consider that this procedure is a purposeful process and it is necessary to approach it carefully and reasonably.


At all pluses of medical fasting all the same, before to start it it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

If there is any doubt about your health, take a survey aimed at identifying the problems of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract.

Also pay attention to chronic diseases. A long process can serve as a kind of provocative factor that can exacerbate health problems. If you do not have the above mentioned problems, you can safely proceed to the procedure of medical starvation.

Therapeutic starvation

Do not take this rather complicated process lightly. This is a kind of stress for our entire body and our task with you as far as possible is to smooth all the unpleasant moments that may appear in the process of starvation. For this it is necessary to observe certain moments that allow this process to be transferred painlessly:

  1. Do not try to eat for future use, this will complicate the task for your own organism to clean it from various slags.
  2. Before the beginning of therapeutic fasting, it is recommended to make a curative enema (a liter of warm water a tablespoon of table salt).
  3. An important aspect is our own attitude, awareness of the difficulties that will have to be overcome at the first stage. And here it is important not to step back, not to stop the process, but to move strictly to the intended goal.


Before you stop on any method, you should understand for yourself the principles that you must adhere to. First, it is necessary to determine the duration of the course. Usually the duration varies within 3-5 weeks.

In addition to the ban on food intake, during this period you must stop taking medications. Special attention should be paid to water intake. The daily rate should be about 2-3 liters of water, and drink this amount in small doses throughout the day.

In addition to ingestion, water should be constantly present in a different quality: daily bathing is necessary, and it is worth paying attention to the water temperature, which should not be very hot or cold (30-40 degrees). Although there is a small exception to the rules.

There is a so-called dry fasting, during which a complete refusal of water is prescribed. The duration of dry fasting should not exceed three days. But we all the same will stop on more conservative ways of medical starvation:

  1. Water – implies a complete refusal of any food, but at the same time unlimited use of water is allowed. There is an opinion that for the greatest effect you should use only distilled water.
  2. Cascade or cyclic – based on the principle of alternation: day eat – two days of starvation, or two by three.
  3. Tea starvation and fasting on juices – in this case water replaces teas (green or brewed on herbs) or juices (fresh). In this case, two goals are immediately pursued: cleansing the body of all kinds of slag and simultaneously enriching with various kinds of vitamins. Tea can be replaced with water and honey.

Painless ending process

Another important aspect of curative starvation is the correct way out of this process. The main point is the planned introduction of food in your diet. It is not necessary to afford food excesses on the first day of the end of fasting.

The duration of the process of exiting the fasting regime in time should be equal to the process itself. That is, if your medical starvation lasted 3 weeks, then you should return to your usual food ration also 3 weeks.

For this period, exclude from your diet the following foods: sugar, salt, meat, dairy products, fat. Compliance with these rules will not spoil the result achieved.

Medical starvation at home for weight loss is only one of the methods of combating obesity. Stop on it or try something else to decide for you. And I’m saying goodbye to you, do not forget to subscribe to the updates of our blog, I look forward to your comments on this and other articles of our blog. Until next time!

Effective exercises for men with a breast escapander

Greetings in my blog! Today I want to suggest some tips how to pump up muscles, having at hand only a chest expander. Exercises for men have their own specifics, so I want to dwell on them.

Many representatives of the strong half want to have a beautiful pumped up body that attracts the gaze of women. This is especially true in the spring, when the hot season is at hand. Or there is a desire to exercise, but there is no time or opportunity for attending a professional gym.

In this case, you can buy an ordinary chest expander, which is a rubber tourniquet, limited by two handles, and perform relatively light exercises at home. These expenses can not be hit by a pocket, and the result will not be worse than from training on simulators.


First you need to decide which muscles you want to put in order. This will determine the direction of the exercises.

Muscles of arms and shoulder girdle

  1. Stand straight, legs a little dilute. Taking a shell for both handles, stretch your arms forward and spread them to the sides, at the same time exposing one leg in front of you and squatting on it. Another leg and both arms are not desirable to bend. Do 10 repetitions and change your leg.
  2. Stand on the handle and pull by the hand behind the other end of the projectile, with the arm bent at the elbow. After 10 times change your hand. Keep in mind that only the muscles of the forearm work, the back and legs should not move. Only in this way it is possible to pump up the biceps qualitatively.
  3. While holding the expander for both handles, straighten one arm to the side parallel to the floor, while the other, bending, press against your chest area. Without changing the starting position of the straight arm, bend straight until it stops and bend again. After 10 repetitions, change your arm. With this exercise, triceps are perfectly trained.

Muscles of the press

The chest expander can help during the exercises on swinging the press. Using it, you increase the load on the muscles, which leads to a better result.

  1. First of all, attach the expander to one handle on the wall opposite the one where you will be engaged. Then you need to lie on the floor, fixing your feet under some kind of stop, and lift the trunk to your knees. In this case, the hands, put behind the head, keep the projectile for the other handle.
  2. In this exercise, the expander is still fixed on the wall, and the other end is on your feet. It is necessary to slowly bend your legs from the prone position in your knees, pulling them to your chest. In this case, the tourniquet is stretched, increasing the load on the muscles. Then the legs slowly straighten, taking the original position, but do not forget that you do not need to relax the muscles until you do 10 repetitions.
  3. This exercise is aimed at training the lateral muscles. Stand, legs spread apart shoulder width. Taking an expander for one handle by hand (it should be lowered along the body), the second side of it fasten under the corresponding foot. Then you make the slopes to the side opposite the one where the projectile is located. After 10 approaches, change sides.

Muscles of the legs

  1. Exercise is performed sitting not in the chair. The expander is fastened at one end on the opposite wall or under some kind of interior object. In the second ring-handle thrust his foot. At the expense of “fold” the leg is raised parallel to the floor, while the thigh from the chair does not tear off. After 10 repetitions, change your leg.
  2. The expander is also fixed with one end on the wall. Stand on one foot, holding your hand to the other end of the projectile, and slowly squat (the second leg is bent at this time). Then, too, slowly climb up to the stop on the toe. In order to maintain balance, you can use your free hand to lean on a chair or other support.

Features of exercises

During classes with the chest expander, you need to remember some features that will help make the exercises more effective, without causing harm to the body.

  • Like any other sport activity, exercises with an expander should start with a little warm-up. This is a prerequisite for warming up the muscles before more serious activities.
  • Any such exercises are designed to perform at a leisurely pace, so the chest expander is arranged. Exercises for men are no exception. Reduce muscles need to smoothly, slowly overcoming the resistance of elastic rubber, and then also gradually take the starting position. Gusty movements, especially for an untrained body, can lead to a deplorable state.
  • Between several approaches, you need to take small breaks to relax the muscles.
  • If you have just started to deal with an expander, then just do exercises for 10 repetitions do not. Start with fewer, gradually increasing repetitions. Listen, first of all, to yourself.

If you perform exercises with the chest espander neatly and according to the rules, you can achieve excellent results even at home. I hope, my advice will help you always stay in shape. Subscribe to blog updates and advise it to your friends. Until next time!

What vitamins contain raspberries and why it must be eaten

I wish everyone who reads me to be healthy. Today I will again talk about such a precious thing as our excellent health with you, which is not measured by despicable metal, as it can not be bought for money. I hope, at the expense of such a statement, you will not argue with me? And my goal is to share with everyone who is interested in it, useful information, gently advising: what exactly foods should be eaten in order to saturate your body with essential vitamins.

My attention was attracted by the well-known berry, which the people loved. It is immensely tasty, sweet, fragrant. But most importantly, it contains just a sea of ​​priceless elements that supplement our vital energy. So, this minute I’m eager to discuss with you an extremely important question: what vitamins are contained in raspberries, and also how can this help healthy body work?

ABOUT! How many songs and poems were invented about the raspberries! All of them are now spinning on my tip of the tongue. And how many fairy tales they composed about this coveted delicacy. Poets, artists, musicians, folk rumors did not cease to admire the aesthetic image and taste properties of such a wonderful gift of Mother Nature, singing the sweetness of the berries mentioned in all available colors. What can I say to myself? And I’ll try to add some useful information to certain truths.

A little bit about the plant itself

I think I did not surprise anyone, saying that the juicy and sweet berries of raspberries are not just an indescribable treat, but a full set of minerals, useful elements, priceless vitamins.

And the impressive taste qualities of the product are combined with unique, rare healing properties. Yes, one of the grandchildren in a deep childhood grandmothers were not treated with the most delicious raspberry lice, when their body during colds was attacked by malignant viruses and microbes? A painful fever, filling the whole body, after a prudent treat gradually declined, bringing the patients considerable relief.

Well, how after all that has gone through it is sacred not to believe the miraculous power of the berries that are glorified by all? I will share the secret that my personal faith from such nostalgic memories is just crossing all boundaries!

I hasten to note that the plant, called the half-shrubby scientists, giving us glorified fruits, is extremely common in the territory of Russia. Sometimes it grows wildly in the forest, and is often a valuable property of gardens and household plots.

Moreover, I note that forest raspberries interfere significantly more useful substances. Although, the garden is much sweeter, at least, so it seems to me – a famous sweet tooth. Do you think otherwise? However, there is no dispute about tastes.

But it’s time to take a closer look at the unique properties of raspberries to use this plant with the greatest benefit for our organisms.

A whole treasure of health

Yes! As we have already found out, indulging in nostalgia, the berries of this popular, all-beloved plant have antipyretic effect. I will reveal a secret, such valuable properties raspberries get thanks to the presence of salicylic acid in it.

In addition, the composition of the product includes cellulose, other organic acids, pectin, tannins.

Many beautiful words we used today to address the sweetness of this berry. But who exactly knows how much sugar inside her? I hasten to anticipate your answer, as well as explain to those who for some reason do not know. There is not much sugar in the raspberries. Only about 10%. But the unique therapeutic effect of this product is betrayed by such elements as phytoncides and copper. By the way, I’m extremely happy to add that they do not carry any harm to the organism, without side effects.

But the most important value of raspberries is a vast storehouse of vitamins, among them A, C, E and others. But it is especially rich in group B. What are the minerals in it? However, it is easier to list those that are not included, because the raspberries contain as many elements as, perhaps, can be found only in the periodic table.

A little bit more in detail

One of the most valuable qualities of the described product is a rare property to retain its usefulness even after heat treatment. What follows from this? Prepare yourself for health from this ingredient infusions, decoctions, jams, compotes. But from the impact of fire, all the valuable ingredients and constituent elements of raspberries do not break down somewhat, without losing even a gram of their ability to bring invaluable benefits to our health.

And what serious ailments can be cured? My answer will not be too brief. Making for the winter blanks of raspberries, dried flowers, as well as leaves of this fertile plant, it is possible all the flu-like time not to be afraid of viral cold sores.

In addition, crimson jams and compotes can rightfully be called real elixirs of longevity. After all, it is a storehouse of wine, apple and citric acid. And such substances strengthen vessels and capillaries, on a root destroy sclerosis, reduce a level of a prothrombin.

In addition, the raspberry contains another priceless acid: folic. You ask, why is it so unique? Good news for expectant mothers: this substance is extremely necessary for their tiny babies, whom they plan to present to the world soon.

How useful are the flowers of the plant? From them they prepare medicinal infusions and ointments that save from herpes and hemorrhoids. And insisting leaves, you can create remarkable for their effectiveness diuretics.

What else can surprise you? I will add to all that this plant is widely used for cosmetic purposes, which again is greatly promoted by the vitamins A, E, B2, B3 contained in it.

From raspberry make nutritious masks and mixtures that miraculously transform the appearance of the skin, making your hair delightful. And all this is possible to create with his own hands, not difficult, cheap.

Some historical information

At the end of the story, I had a desire to go a little deeper into the story, and tell my readers about: how was the plant described cultivated by man?

How long ago did this happen? I will inform you that the mentioned half-shrub remained wild up to the 4th century of the bygone era. Where does this information come from? Of course, from ancient chronicles, where the described plant has already been mentioned, as a garden. And the ancient inhabitants of Greece and Rome actively used its miraculous properties to get rid of the bites of scorpions and all sorts of venomous snakes.

Medieval Europe contributed to the cultivation of plants, and this was promoted by severe monks. A little later the half-shrub was brought to the American continent.

But I think I got a little carried away, and the time of our conversation is inexorably coming to an end. It’s a pity of course! But what can you do? It’s time to say goodbye, but I hope that our separation will not be long.

Do not forget to subscribe to update the blog. Share your opinions and additions on the question: what vitamins are available in raspberries, and how they can be useful for strengthening our health? Leave your comments, share your impressions with friends on social networks. Until next time!