Benefit and harm to man from chia seeds

You are also increasingly turning to nature and are looking for ways to help your body function more efficiently? If so, you probably heard about many natural products that improve the functioning of the human body. One of these is chia seeds or the fruits of Spanish sage, as they are also called. This product is one of the healthiest on our planet. In the literal sense of the word, these seeds are filled with nutrients, charity affecting the brain and the entire body as a whole.

A little history

Fruits of the plant Salviahispanica was actively used by the Aztecs more than 5000 years ago. And although linguists have not yet come to a common opinion what exactly the word “chia” means, thanks to the high content of protein, fiber, hydrophilic properties, the ability to keep your blood sugar level, the seeds are an ideal food supplement for vegetarians, meat eaters, athletes And loafers.

Aztecs used chia seeds in the same volume as, for example, corn. Today, this product is still used in Mexico, Guatemala or in the south-west of America, where it came 30 years ago due to research in the field of alternative products of Argentine farmers.

Chia are small black or white seeds with a slightly nutty taste. One gram of this nutrient bomb contains 0.3 grams of fat in the form of omega-3 fatty acids, 0.18 mg of sodium, 04 g of fiber, 0.14 g of protein and a considerable amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

The fruits of Spanish sage are a source of protein, so it is great for daily addition to protein cocktails or introduction of Orthodox vegan in the diet. Just like blueberries, seeds are rich in antioxidants, so they can significantly stimulate your immune system. Their important feature is the ability to absorb liquid.

Chia gel helps athletes to prolong the state of hydration, retaining electrolytes during physical exercises, which will be appreciated, first of all, by runners for long distances.

Impact of chia on health

Seeds are very valuable because of their nutritional value. And quite rightly. This product has a very beneficial effect on our body. I would like to clarify what are the beneficial properties that have and how they affect our body:

  • increase immunity;
  • improve fetation during pregnancy, promote bystry and a complete recovery in the puerperal period;
  • positively affect a condition of a skin, humidify it;
  • protect an organism from a deaquation;
  • promote depression of level of a harmful cholesterin;
  • are suitable for diabetics;
  • have the high content of a vegetable calcium;
  • are an energy source during an exercise and mental stress;
  • improve neogenesis of a musculoskeletal system, eliminate an inflammation,
  • muscle and joints pain;
  • are protein-rich, thereby promote body height of muscle bulk;
  • are suitable for a diet;have high content an omega-3 of fatty acids in the most natural form;
  • represent an ideal source of protein for athletes, vegetarians and vegans;
  • oppose as prophylactic Alzheimer’s disease;
  • reduce blood pressure, stabilize Saccharum level;
  • reduce risk of development of a stroke;
  • reduce risk of development of an osteoporosis;
  • oppose as prophylactic cancer;
  • promote the correct development of a nervous system of a fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • raise a metabolism and quality of a chair;
  • improve coordination of movements;
  • works at problems with a prostate.

Contraindications to application of a chia

Although the seeds have many positive qualities, it is worth remembering that, like any product, chia can do harm. Excessive consumption of seeds significantly increases our consumption of calories, disrupting all our attempts to get rid of excess weight.

Allergy is another question mark when using seeds. A reaction can arise on whether or not, therefore, the fruits of sage will not be excluded. However, again it will be good if you use a moderate amount of the product, and the likelihood of an allergic reaction will be reduced to a minimum.

Higher doses (more than 2 teaspoons per day) in sensitive people can cause indigestion – bloating or, worse, diarrhea. This is a rather rare phenomenon, which is difficult to explain. The reasons for the appearance of this problem can be different.

Who should be careful:

  • People suffering from problems with the gall bladder, pancreas should eat any seeds moderately. The ideal solution is to grind the seeds to the state of flour and consume them with drinks;
  • Patients who take drugs to dilute the skin;
  • People with low blood pressure. The seeds moderately reduce the pressure, so if you have such a problem – do not eat the daily dose immediately, you need to separate it.

How to use

Athletes-runners use primarily in the form of energy gels or drinks immediately before training. The easiest way to make chia gel is to mix several seeds in a cup of water or coconut milk. Approximately within 10 minutes they absorb the maximum amount of liquid and the finished product can be used in the preparation of different delicacies or taken in a “pure form”.

The uniqueness of the product

I think everyone will be interested to learn that the fruits of Spanish sage are not only rich in vitamins and nutrients, they are also exceptional products in some way, namely:

  • contain twice more cellulose, than grain flakes;
  • it is more than potassium, than bananas;
  • the squirrel, than haricot is more;
  • it is more than calcium, than milk;
  • the omega-3 of fatty acids, than a salmon is more;
  • it is more than magnesium, than broccoli;

It is quite clear that there is no evidence that chia directly helps with weight loss. Nevertheless, these grains have many good qualities and useful properties that slow the aging process of the skin, reduce the risk of developing diabetes, positively affect the whole organism and much more.

Follow the principles of a healthy supply, without exceeding admissible quantity of seeds in a diet, and they will well affect yours health.

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  1. Never met such on sale. Maybe they are in the composition of some “composite” drugs go and are called in another way? Or only in specialized stores are sold, for athletes?

  2. Useful or not? First of all, you need to know that they can provoke an allergic reaction (upset stomach, skin rashes, shortness of breath). People prone to allergic manifestations, especially sesame seeds or mustard seeds, should start taking chia from small portions and closely monitor the body’s response

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