What muscles are involved in the exercise for the press “bicycle”?

Good day, dear reader! We all remember well the school years, when a physical education teacher made us twist the “air” pedals. A simple exercise that you could do laughing. Few then took care of his figure and thought about the advantages of a “bicycle”. But this is a great exercise that can be done at home, saving finances at the gym, and getting excellent results.

What muscles are involved

So, exercise a bicycle, what muscles work when you perform it:

  1. First of all, the musculature of the abdomen, especially the abdominal oblique muscles, is active;
  2. Upper and lower press;
  3. Muscles of the back;
  4. Muscles of the hips and legs.

I think this is a good indicator for one simple exercise. Of course, for maximum efficiency it is necessary to develop an individual training complex for yourself. And also monitor their food, otherwise any training is initially meaningless.

Correct execution technique

Any exercise should be done correctly. I will describe the technique of performing several variations of the “bicycle”:

Basic sedentary variant.
Sit, rest your hands on the floor, legs bend at the knees. From this position, you can begin to twist the “pedals”, tearing off the feet from the floor only a few centimeters. To complicate the task, giving a big load can be a simple movement – to raise the straight arms up above your head, to keep them that way. It is useful to twist the “pedals” in both directions. This type of exercise perfectly increases the flow of blood to the necessary points on the body.

A classic “bicycle”.
Lie on the floor, hands straighten, arrange along the body, legs lie flat. Then you need to tear your legs to a height of about 10 cm and slowly alternately bend them. If it is difficult to keep such a height, you can raise your legs higher, only then the load on the press will decrease.

Complicated type of exercise, but the most effective.
To do it you need to lie down, put your hands in the lock, putting it under your head, raise your feet to a height of 10 cm. Then you can start to join in turn the left knee bent in the knee with the right elbow, and then the right leg with the left elbow. In order to get the maximum benefit you should watch your posture – the back should be flat, and the thorax does not fall, the shoulder blades are straightened.

Benefits for the body

If you are interested, what benefits the “bicycle” can give to your body and body read on. In addition to the main pumping of the press, a person receives:

  1. The real load on all the muscles described above.
  2. Training for the heart muscle, which begins to contract faster, resulting in the cardiovascular system becomes stronger.
  3. Strengthens the back.
  4. Losing weight in the leg area, because when exercising there is a big load on the leg muscles.
  5. Stretched elastic buttocks.
  6. Strengthened blood circulation in the legs, and accordingly the prevention of varicose veins and cellulite, which, of course, is more interesting for women than for us.
  7. For men, the “bicycle” makes it possible to “reach” faster than the day when he wakes up with the beautiful cubes on his stomach, which are so crazy for the female sex.

Important information

I want to believe that you have understood the training and now you know how to make a “bicycle” correctly. But now I must tell you about the important points of this exercise:

  1. During the session, your breathing should be balanced and even, rather than choppy.
  2. To connect the elbow with the knee is necessary on exhalation, and on the inspiration the body should straighten.
  3. Do not think that the essence of the exercise is to connect the elbow with the knee. It will be quite enough if they see each other close.
  4. You can not push your head with your hands.
  5. The lower part of your back should lie like a chained, it can not be torn from the floor.
  6. Do not strive to develop speed, it is here to nothing. Quickly doing the training will only lead to the fact that you will do it automatically without working out the muscles. In this case, the phrase “Hurry up – you’ll be on” is very handy, and in all senses. To carry out the exercise you need slowly, without sharp jerks and movements, only then your press will work to the maximum.
  7. Exercising, try to focus your attention on the muscles, feel what is in them tension, what strength.
  8. Do not bring yourself to the sensation of burning muscles. To properly work out the muscles of the abdomen, you do not need to bring yourself to exhaustion, doing a large number of repetitions of the exercise.

“Bike” perfectly pumps the press with a small number of repetitions, about 10 times for 2 or 3 approaches. If you are a beginner and you are hard pressed to even 10 repetitions, reduce them. The main thing is not to feel very tired and burning muscles. Perhaps, with this approach, do not lose a lot of extra pounds, but only so you can arrange a real pumping to your press.

By observing these simple rules, you will not repeat the standard errors of beginners.

Advantages of the “bicycle”

Let’s sum up all of the above. Exercise “bicycle” has a lot of advantages, namely:

  • Trains at the same time several groups of muscles, strengthens the back, cardiovascular system, legs, tightens the buttocks;
  • Allows to improve the physical form, to pump up the press, to form cubes;
  • Helps burn fat, makes the stomach flat;
  • Does not require the purchase of expensive simulators or season tickets to the gym;
  • Does not require special physical training, allowing you to increase the load gradually, without terrorizing your own body.

This exercise gives a lot of benefit, the main thing is that you have a desire to become a sculptor of your own body and work on yourself.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for the attention you have given and offer to share your own opinion on this exercise. Perhaps you own more information or you can tell about personal experience of training. Subscribe to update my blog, recommend an article on social networks. And I wish you active training and stunning results!

Technique of exercises lunges back

The fall back, how to do it is what we will talk about today, dear friends. Hello everyone, I am with you again, and I do not know what kind of an article on my blog. You will learn from it how the attacks differ from usual attacks, what else there is a variation of attacks backwards, of course, the technique of the exercise will be described, well, in general – read on, and I’m sure you will not remain indifferent to the article. Begin?

Of the many exercises on the legs and buttocks, lunges occupy a niche of one of the most effective exercises in terms of acquiring beautiful priests and legs, increasing the strength or relief of these same parts of the body. Believe me, this can not be said about most other exercises, although they are necessary for the full effect of this basic exercise.

What distinguishes these attacks from ordinary attacks, and their other variation

The technique of the exercise itself differs only in a few points of motion, and so everything is the same. But these distinctive moments are precisely the features of the exercise. First of all, you will not have to step forward, but backwards, which is not very convenient for a person because of his body structure. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the balance of the body, and this already includes the stabilizing muscles responsible for the balance, and efforts must be made to clearly coordinate the actions of the body. Already a plus. Further.

If the forward attacks can be done without returning to the starting position in front of the standing leg (we step forward with the foot and do lowering / raising in the attack until the end of the set), then in the attacks we will have to return the standing leg to the starting position from behind, because then the meaning of the exercise is lost.

It is also worth noting that the muscles of the legs and buttocks tighten differently in this exercise. This can be seen if you constantly “hammer” the attacks forward, get used to them, and after switching to attacks back – the same working muscles will be sick at first because of the unusual load.

As for the other variation of these attacks, I can say one thing: they can be done with steps backwards, that is, do not put the exposed leg back to the one standing in front, but do one more attack back in front, and so on. Such an exercise is worth doing after mastering the technique of simple attacks back, because in an untrained person the technique of falling back in step can be a “curve”. Then what is the use of it?

But on the other hand, this exercise in a more complex variation is simply incredibly “blowing up” your buttocks, dear girls, but I’m not talking about how your legs will be loaded.

Exercise Technique

Everything starts from the starting position. So it is here. The starting position is as follows: You just stand exactly on both feet, the feet are already shoulder widths, the socks look forward, the hands are freely lowered (if you do the exercise with extra weight) or stand on the belt. The back is straight, the head is directed forward.

Go backwards. Do a lunge back, bending, for example, the left leg in the hip, knee and ankle joints, and putting it on the toe from behind. The right leg (which stands still) is also slightly bent in the two upper joints. The position of the trunk, hands and head remains unchanged – they, like in the original position, do not bend anywhere and do not change their position. Too far to make an attack is not necessary – the quadriceps are less loaded, but close too it is not necessary – gluteus muscles are less loaded.

Move down-up. After all the above, bend the legs further in all the joints involved, bringing the knee of the hind leg almost to the floor (but not touching it). The position of the body remains unchanged. Similarly, do the reverse movements: first straighten the legs in all joints, and then return the left foot back to the right.

It is noteworthy that you can do this exercise first for one leg, and then for another (a set of eight, for example, repetitions on the left foot, then on the right foot), or alternately for both legs (a set of sixteen repetitions for both legs at once ). Both of these options are correct, if the exercise is correct.

What to look for

As I said, the body should not bend forward. Also, the lower leg of the front leg should not lean forward (the knee should not be in front of the foot).

With the legs retracted and lowered, you should breathe in, and when you straighten your legs and bring your foot to its starting position, exhale. Thus, the lungs with exhalation, as it were, help you, putting effort to lifting. This is especially true when using weights – rod (even in Smith), a dumbbell or something else. I advise you to read the article: how to breathe properly with physical exercises.

Before the beginning of the exercise, concentrate on the balance – this is necessary for the successful and correct execution and completion of attacks.

In addition to dumbbells in your hands, you can also use a barbell, laying it on your shoulders (conditionally) and controlling her arms. When using a bar with pancakes at both ends at least 10 kg, it is also possible to additionally include the muscles of the stabilizers of the upper humeral girdle.

This exercise can also be performed in the Smith simulator, where the fixed bar will not allow your body to bend forward, and the attacks will be as they should – not narrow and not wide.

Backstabbing back how to do is an interesting topic. As you can see, the exercise is quite complex, but equally effective, especially if you apply different variations. Subscribe to blog updates, leave comments and share articles with your friends on social networks. All the best.

What is facebuilding? Exercises for the face at home

Hello, dear readers, I am glad to greet you on the pages of the blog! Have you heard anything about face-building? Exercise for the face at home allows you to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Selecting only half an hour a day, you will soon find a young, fresh and radiant face!

Description of facebuilding

Gymnastics appeared in the middle of the last century, the most widespread in the last 10 years. It is aimed at eliminating facial wrinkles, which are not able to cope with everyday mimic movements.

They take about 30 minutes a day (preferably split twice: 15 minutes in the morning, 15 in the evening). It’s not that long to get a smooth and radiant skin, is not it? You can see the first results in 7 days! But remember: to fix the effect, you need to continue the exercises for 3 months.

I recommend taking a photo “before” and “after” classes, you will be amazed! The gymnastics acts on a zone of a forehead, a mouth and a neck, the skin around of eyes is tightened, fogs are refreshed.

Rules of home facilitation

Adhering to the following rules, you will quickly achieve the desired result, and the process of doing exercises will be more enjoyable:

  1. Be sure to cleanse your face before gymnastics
  2. It’s better to do a light massage before facebuilding
  3. Perform all the exercises you need to start with 6 approaches
  4. Start gymnastics in front of the mirror, so you will quickly remember the order of the exercises and will be able to perform them without any problems anywhere and anytime.
  5. As it was said above, often gymnastics is divided into two parts: morning and evening. If it is more convenient for you to do it at a time, do it in the evening.
  6. Evening classes are more effective
  7. After the end of the gym, lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream


Exercises for the forehead area

Along the mimic wrinkles formed vertically, we have middle fingers (at the top of the forehead), nameless (opposite each other below). We begin to slowly pull the skin in different directions. After soaking for a few seconds, repeat.

We put fingers over the brow (preferably pointing fingers), as if imitating their shape. We begin slowly to raise the eyebrows, resisting the phalanges of the fingers.

Having pressed brogue arches by middle fingers, shift them so that a fold between them did not form.
Near the hair growth zone, put your fingers one after another (let the thumbs be in the temples), stretch the skin of the frontal part, resisting the muscles.

Exercises for the Eyes

Open your eyes and lift your eyelids so that the skin also rises slightly up near the eyes.
Now lift the upper eyelids as much as possible so that the white eye becomes visible.

On the outer corners of the eyes, place your index fingers, cover your eyes and take the phalanxes of your fingers, not tearing them away, to the central part of the eye.

Unfold both thumbs, so that the pads rested against the outer corners of the eyes, turn your gaze upward and suppress with your fingers.

Place index fingers on brow arches, do not tear them off, stretch them in different directions, open your eyes and put them on your brows.

Exercises for the nasal zone

Swell your nostrils to make the skin of your nose wrinkle, and place your middle fingers on it from the corners of your lips to the inner eye area.

Phalanges of index fingers put on the wings of the nose, their tips touch, pull down.

Exercises for cheek region

At the wrinkle in the gap between the cheeks and nose, place the index fingers parallel to the nose, stretch the lips.
Squeeze the teeth, pressing to the outer corners of the pads of the middle fingers.

Raise the corners of the mouth, bend the lower lip so that you can see the teeth.

Exercises for the area of ​​the lips and neck

Pull the neck muscle, and lower the lower lip, if everything is correctly done, the muscle should be visible.

To the lower lip, lift the lower jaw.

Be strong with your tongue in the palate, resting, do a few more times.

Exercises for the neck, chin and jaw area

Get the tongue out and stretch it below the chin.

Lower your chin so as to overcome the resistance of the hands resting on the chin.

Lean against the tongue in the palate, and lift the chin so that the skin is stretched both on it and on the neck. Straight shoulders, sit up straight. You should feel a slight tension in the muscles of the tongue and neck. Accept a similar position (as described earlier), just dilute the lips.

Turn the lower lip over the jaw, tip the head a little, stretch the muscles of the chin as much as possible.
Tilt your head back to the maximum level, pull the lower jaw forward. Look through the first shoulder, then through the other.

Place your thumbs between your lips to make a tick out of your hands, press your lips tightly, but look to avoid wrinkles around them.

Open your mouth, place the middle finger on the lower jaw, lowering it, after a few seconds, start the opposite action: resist the fingers of the closing jaw.

Place the index fingers in the corners of the mouth, unfold the brush with the back side. Push your fingers inward until you touch the pads, press the lips tightly. Do not press on the cheeks and stretch the corners of the mouth.


Despite the useful influence of facebuilding, there are some contraindications in which classes can be dangerous:

  • Less than two years have passed since the moment of plastic surgery
  • The presence of hypertensive crisis
  • Diseases of the facial nerve

People who tested this technique on their own, speak exceptionally positively about it. Applicable for everyone from 25 years. Try it yourself and make sure that the result will be visible not only to you, but also to others.

Share with your friends, let them also learn about the amazing combination of exercises. If you have previously been involved in facebuilding, write your opinion about gymnastics in the comments. Stay with us and find out more new, interesting and useful things!

Facebuilding: effective exercises for oval face

Kind time of the day, dear readers! It’s no secret that many women, reaching the age of 30-40, begin to focus on the shape of their faces: the lowered corners of the mouth and eyes, saggy cheeks, wrinkles. Some buy up numerous creams, masks, but gradually realize: nothing can restore youth, others are immediately ready to accept and live on. Do not you like any of these ways? Then I will offer you a third, requiring effort, but capable of solving this pressing problem. Consider what is facebuilding or exercises for the face oval.

What is fasbilding, how does it work?

Facebuilding stands for “face building”, to which he as a whole is directed, thanks to him, the desired contour is formed, wrinkles and other imperfections of the skin (for example, bruises under the eyes) are eliminated. He works by training, strengthening the muscles, gradually acquiring elasticity, for good reason during the facebuilding techniques are not easy techniques, and approaches with resistance. This is its main difference from ordinary gymnastics. The skin is connected to the muscles, so it immediately reacts to any changes, in our case – it becomes fresh, looks younger, its tone rises.

Facebuilding trains both the facial muscles and the neck muscles. This gymnastics is performed daily (you can even 2 times a day), preferably in the morning and / or in the evening. The first results can be observed after 7-8 days, namely, a reduction in the number of wrinkles, the next – after about 50 days (increased muscle tone, tightening the contours). You can use it for several months, and regularly, sometimes allowing the muscles to relax.

The best exercises for correcting the oval face

As it was mentioned above, it is better to use facebuilding in the morning (in that case we will get a charge of energy) or before going to bed to warm them up, having prepared for rest.

Exercise aimed at acquiring muscle tone.
Take a deep breath, inflate as far as the cheeks can, tighten the lips, palm while you need to rest on the cheeks, and put the phalanxes of your fingers on your ears. Brushes squeeze your cheeks, resisting. Hold on for a couple of seconds – take a breath, repeat again.

Exercise to form cheekbones.
Imagine that you shout out the sound “O”: this is how your mouth should be opened. With your tongue, touch the inner surface of the cheek, slide it along the first cheek, then on the second cheek. Do at least 10 approaches!

To increase the elasticity of the muscles of the eyes and mouth.
Lips curl into the tube, pressing the upper of them to the teeth, imagine that you are smiling, opening your mouth wide (it is advisable to do this with the corners of your mouth).

Exercise to reduce the volume of the face.
Slightly slightly opening his mouth, as if drawing his lips inward, palms from the lower jaw to the auricles through cheekbones. Repeat the exercise until you feel a burning sensation! Then facebuilding approaches for face oval will be most effective.

Exercises for getting rid of wrinkles

The following exercises are not easy to fight wrinkles, they prevent their appearance! Such a physical complex helps to say goodbye to them, is also used as a preventive measure.

Against wrinkles on the forehead.
Rest your fingers of one hand in the fingers of the other on your forehead, lift your skin upwards with your hands so that folds do not appear. So the skin is smoothed out, the possibility of repeated appearance of imperfections is eliminated.

Against the folds between the eyebrows.
Make a frown, and place your middle fingers on your eyebrows, try to resist frowns (and medium ones).

Exercise, helping to avoid “crow’s feet.”
The middle fingers are placed between the bridge of the nose and the corner of the eye, and the index fingers to the opposite corners. I open my eyes in surprise, raising my eyebrows. The main thing is that you should experience tension in this area.

Against the formation of folds around the mouth.
We collect more air into the mouth, we begin as if to “chase” it from one cheek to the other, combining it with drawing out the lips in the opposite direction. We perform 6 minutes.

The strengths of face-building

So, after examining the main exercises, we will outline the main advantages of facebuilding:

  • It is much cheaper and safer than plastic methods to eliminate shortcomings.
  • It does not require a lot of time, effort, opportunity. Such approaches can be carried out almost at any time, anywhere: when traveling in the metro, during a ten-minute break in the office or at home while watching TV.
  • Before going to bed, such a complex helps to fall asleep more quickly, and in the morning – sooner to awaken.
  • It does not work easily with the skin surface, but with the muscles themselves, thereby providing a lasting effect.

Despite the fact that facebuilding for shaping the face oval is quite effective, there are several weaknesses of this method.

Some weaknesses of facebuilding:

  • It can not completely eliminate very deep folds, additional funds will be required.
  • It requires self-organization, since you yourself must control the regular execution of several approaches. At home, people who fall under the influence of their laziness often refer to different reasons and skip exercises. Sometimes they simply forget about them.

In this case, I recommend selecting from the full list only those that will specifically deal with your problem. Do only them, you will greatly shorten the time spent on gymnastics.

I would like to note that facebuilding (or exercises for the face oval) has already helped many women to cope with the shortcomings that have appeared with age. With regular exercises, selected specifically for your problems, you will certainly see a quick result. The main thing is not to be lazy, regularly to execute the necessary number of approaches!

Be sure to share the secrets of facebuilding with your friends, do not forget to tell us about your success in the comments. Stay with us and remember: the beauty is in your hands!

Exercise the traction of the vertical block to the chest with a back grip

In our age of fitness and wellness, a beautiful body is the object of desire and the goal of many people. Harmoniously developed male body is a set of proportionally developed muscles of the body. And the notorious male type of the figure “triangle” consists of the unity of the broad shoulders and back. Indeed, a powerful wide back is half the success in bodybuilding, since by pumping the latissimus muscles of the back, no attention will be given to the shoulders and hands, since the whole body takes on part of the load during training.

Types of exercises for the back

You can achieve this result by training in the gym. There is a mass of exercises designed to develop the muscles of the back in all directions. First of all, these are basic exercises, such as deadlift and even bench press. Doing these well-known exercises, willy-nilly, you will give your back a total mass. But if in addition to mass and strength you want to see your back more bold and more inviting, pay attention to isolated exercises.

To the isolated (that is, directed to the development of individual muscles) exercises for the back are:

  1. Front (horizontal) thrust on the block simulator;
  2. Vertical (or upper) thrust in the simulator;
  3. Pullovers;
  4. Hyperextension;
  5. Traction dumbbell to the waist;
  6. Shagi.

Naturally, these exercises are performed in various variations, that is, depending on the purpose, the grip, the height of the simulator, the dumbbells or the bar, etc. are changed. Thrust rod in tilt, pulling (with or without weight), T-neck pull is more likely to be the base for back development, since many muscle groups are involved. In this article, we will talk about such an exercise as the pull of the vertical block to the chest with a back grip.

All the actions performed on this simulator are designed to simulate pull-ups (in the event that for some reason you can not do them), that is, they perfectly develop the most “noticeable” latissimus muscles. The upper traction to the breast develops the outer and inner tufts of the broadest muscles, as well as the shoulders and biceps, depending on the type of grip and its width.

On this universal simulator you can develop the body in various ways. Carrying out the pull of the upper block with a back grip to the chest, in addition to the medium beams of the broadest, you also give a good load on the biceps. That is why this exercise (like everything, in principle, isolating) should be put on the end of training, in order to “finish off” the burning muscles needed. But if you do it at the beginning of the training, and even with a solid weight, your biceps simply refuse to work with full efficiency.

Technique of doing the exercise

Set the weight that you plan to do. Consider that the first approaches do not immediately take record weights. Take a comfortable position on the simulator (for the feet to stand completely on the floor, not on their toes), grasp the handle with an average back grip. The converse is in such a way that your fingers are facing you, not the back of your hands.

Slightly lean back, taking your shoulders back. With one smooth movement, pull the handle of the simulator toward you, bringing it to the chest area. After making a second pause at the bottom, return the handle to the top, trying to fully straighten your hands. So, repeat the whole number of repetitions and approaches. Usually in this case we are talking about standard 12-15 repetitions and 3-4 approaches.

That in this exercise biceps and even forearms work well, you will understand already on the first approach. So how are these smaller muscle groups than the broadest, and, therefore, get tired earlier, you will think about putting an end to the exercise after the first approach mentioned above. In that case, at least try to pull your back, not including the biceps, but as if straining more back. But the more weight, the more difficult it is to do, so you should ask for a special fitness accessory, namely wrist straps. Fixing the brush with straps, you reduce the load on the hands.

If you intuitively feel that you are doing something wrong, try to lower your weight. Thus, it is easier to learn the correct technique, which is much more important than pulling a hundred on the block.

Some tips

When planning back training, keep in mind that experts advise combining it with training biceps, shoulders or legs.

It is worth repeating again: do not have enough experience in the technique of execution, do not chase after large weights, since back training has an increased trauma risk, and you should not risk your spinal discs by trying to pull more possible.

Start any workout with a warm-up, pumping a little blood into the desired area.

To give the muscles the opportunity to grow after intensive training, they should be well fed and given them a rest. In other words, pay attention to the nutritional value and quality of your sleep. Rest between back exercises should be at least 72 hours (3 days).

With a rational approach to training, combining basic exercises with isolated ones, which is the pull of the upper block to the chest with a back grip, you will soon become the owner of the widest and most prominent back among all customers of the hall and even more.

The monthly program of trainings on gluteuses for gym and for house conditions

All kind day or evening, or morning. I don’t know in what time zone you are, dear readers, but I am glad to welcome you on the blog. You know, today’s subject will be rather interesting to girls, but also guys it, I think, won’t leave indifferent. Anyway the subject including the monthly program of occupations is free, and it sounds as follows: “Squats for buttocks, the program for a month”.

The beautiful bottom – the main attribute of any girl respecting herself, but also for guys this “well-groomed” part of a body won’t be superfluous. Therefore the exercises given in a complex below will suit both floors.

So it has turned out that squats are nearly only effective exercise on study of big gluteuses. Yes, there are also other exercises connected with a bottom rating, but their efficiency considerably concedes to old kind squats.

Besides these squats can be improved: to carry out with a weight in hands, on shoulders, with different statement of feet on a floor, placing emphasis on concrete (small buttock, for example, or big buttock) muscles.

Features of the program of trainings

This program special the fact that in its basis usual squats are put, but modified by means of additional movements or burdenings for bigger efficiency.

If you, for example, the beginning athlete, then before starting the beginning of classes in the program, allocate several days for the minimum preparation for more difficult exercises.

For this purpose you need to use usual, all clear exercises which all of us, I hope, carried out at physical education classes at school. Namely: usual squats, squats with broad statement of legs, squats with narrow statement of legs, attacks on the place, attacks in the movement, jumps up about places, jumps on a jump rope.

I will repeat, give to these exercises several days for basic preparation for the program. Carry out them on 3–4 approaches, in each of which on several tens of repetitions. Jumps on a jump rope about 5-7 minutes.

Still this program special the fact that in the majority it uses general exercises, and it means that not only buttocks, but also and muscles of legs will shake. They work as if in common. Beautiful, harmonious and beefy legs wanted? Please, here to you all and at once – both legs, and a bottom, and attention of an opposite sex. But the set of exercises bears in itself as well additional exercises – isolating.

The monthly program of trainings on gluteuses

The program though is calculated on a month, but it can be applied much longer if gradually to increase loadings. Month, it as starting point: in four weeks you have to notice result and whether stop on it is depends on you.

As one more amendment to the program serves that rest is necessary for muscles for full-fledged result. It has to last not less than 48 hours or two days. Therefore if you have worked on Monday, don’t resort to a training of buttocks before Wednesday. You can do longer break, without forgetting to pay a little attention and an upper body.

Day 1

  1. Warm-up plus 10–15 normal squats.
  2. Squats with the rod (a signature stamp of the rod empty): 4 approaches on 12 repetitions (further 4 on 12).
  3. Squats in Smith’s trainer forward the exposed feet (feet it is a little ahead and together, a body as if under an inclination): 3 on 12.
  4. From dumbbells in a wide stand (a dumbbell about 5-7 kilograms, are retained between legs, legs it is wide, socks separately): 3 on 12.
  5. Standing jumps up (to jump out as it is possible above): 2 on 10.

Day 2

  1. Warm-up.
  2. Squats with a bar (on a bar about 50% of the maximum weight): 4 on 3–4 times.
  3. Jumping from squat up: 4 to 12.
  4. Press legs in a hook to the car (platform weight about 30% of a maximum): 4 till 10-12. Bendings of legs in the exercise machine: 3 till 8-10.

Day 3

  1. Warm up.
  2. Squats in the Smith simulator (narrow rack, weight 15-25 kg): 2 to 15.
  3. In the Smith simulator (the average rack, the weight is the same): 2 to 15.
  4. In the Smith simulator (a wide rack, the weight is the same): 2 to 15.
  5. In Smith’s simulator (narrow stance, legs forward, bar empty): 2 to 15.

Day 4

  1. Warm up.
  2. Squats with dumbbells (weight of each 5-7 kilos): 4 to 12.
  3. Jumping out of the squat with a roll on the back (jumped out, crouched, rolled onto the back, and all in reverse order): 3 to 10-12.
  4. Dumbbells with dumbbells (weight of each up to 5 kg): 3 to 8-10 per foot.
  5. Leg extension in the simulator: 2 to 10-12.

Day 5

  1. Warm up.
  2. Usual sit-ups: 4 to 20-25.
  3. On one leg (you can from a hill, you can hold on to something): 2 to 6-8 on each leg.
  4. Side drops or squats from foot to foot: 3 to 10.
  5. Jumping on the rope: 10 minutes.

Day 6

  1. Warm up.
  2. Squats with a barbell (empty neck): 4 to 12-15.
  3. Negative sit-ups (quickly climb, preferably with the help of a partner, slowly lower yourself): 3 to 12.
  4. With dumbbells (wide rack): 4 to 10.
  5. Ordinary: 2 to 20.


After the end of the program, the days need to be repeated anew, but already increasing the load a little – the number of sets, repetitions or weight of the weighting agents. Although most of the exercises are suitable for performing in the gym, you can still take something for class at home. After all, not all have at their disposal a home gym.

I hope you liked the article. If there are questions – welcome in the comments. If there is a desire to help your friend and friend – please share with her or with him this article through social networks.

Well, I suggest that you subscribe to the updates of my blog to be aware of new programs, exercises, and in general – useful articles. All for now, be healthy.

Correct technology of performance of exercise vacuum

Hello, my dear readers! In my new article, I will touch on a topic that is painful enough for many people. This is a problem – the presence of the tummy. It is naive to assume that this problem concerns only complete people. Often, from the appearance of the bulging belly, rather thin people suffer.

The existing belief that the sticking-out stomach can be gathered in by means of stomach exercises, quite misleading. There is an exercise, more suitable for house conditions, which is perfectly coping with this problem. This exercise vacuum. As it is correct to do this exercise, various nuances when performing this exercise what its efficiency consists in – all this will find reflection in my today’s article.

As already it has been told above, many people continue consider that it is possible to take away the appeared tummy by means of exercises for press muscles. This belief is quite misleading.

It is necessary to consider that in our organism fat is divided into two groups, usual fatty tissue and the visceral fat enveloping internals. Even at intensive exercises fat it is simple to turn into muscles or under his layer a peculiar muscular corset is formed, and the stomach at the same time won’t get to anywhere. And if you have decided to deal with this problem in house conditions, then the most optimal variant can be considered safely exercise vacuum.

The meaning of the exercise

Let’s try to understand in what an essence of this exercise? Exercise vacuum directly works with internal muscles of a stomach. When performing muscles of an internal press, cross and multiseparate are widely involved. These muscles which are under a direct and external braid bear responsibility in a human body for process of retraction of a belly wall and support of a bearing.

In fact, the cross muscle of a stomach carries out a role of the peculiar belt passing on a stomach from left to right. If the person has this weak muscle which isn’t trained, then there is peculiar “dumping” of a stomach that looks not absolutely esthetically at any age.

All sense of exercise vacuum comes down to that the cross muscle was in the necessary tone, without allowing your stomach to be stuck out foully.


By including this exercise in your daily routine on a regular basis, you are entitled to expect after some time the following results:

  • Partial or full disposal of so-called effect of “the dropped-out stomach”, due to improvement in development of a cross belly muscle
  • Considerable reduction of a share of the visceral grease layer which is on internals
  • Noticeable reduction in waist sizes, for a short period
  • Against the background of reduction of a waist there is a visual increase in a thorax
  • Increase in law enforcement agency of cross belly muscles
  • Increase in indicators at test to Valsalva
  • Improvement of digestive process
  • Ensuring stable work of a spine column
  • The main advantage of this exercise is its absolute availability.

Recommendations for performance

If you for yourself have decided to use this exercise, then it is worth adhering to a number of recommendations:

  1. At the initial stage it is important for to understand correctness of performance of exercise, otherwise the desirable effect won’t be reached
  2. It is necessary to begin with small breaths, further, in process of mastering the equipment, depth of a breath should be increased
  3. It is necessary to vary also time of a delay of breath; at the initial stage 2-3 seconds, further it is possible to finish to 10-15 seconds
  4. It is desirable to give the first classes in front of the mirror, visually tracing correctness of performance of exercise
  5. Systematicity of occupations is important for obtaining necessary result
  6. If during training process systematically arise unpleasant, or pain, studies should be interrupted and made a small pause

Technology of performance

At the moment there is a number of the most widespread ways of performance of exercise “vacuum”. The difference in ways is usually concluded only in the choice of position of a body. Making own choice, be guided by those positions in which to you will be engaged most comfortably. So, we will sort the most traditional positions:

Lying on a back:
Initially we choose a plain surface, we lay down on a back, legs are placed on width of shoulders, hands are lowered along a body.

  1. we exempt lungs from air (we make a deep exhalation)
  2. we strain stomach muscles, as if tightening them up
  3. we keep in this situation time chosen by you
  4. without relaxing a stomach we try to gather a little air
  5. further full relaxation to the following cycle follows

In this situation process joins the muscles which are responsible for deduction of a spine column in equal situation. For exercise we choose any firm, plain surface (chair), legs are bent in knees at an angle in 90 degrees, the back is completely straightened. Consider that it is impossible to lean on a chair back.

On all fours
This kind of exercise concerns to the most difficult as occupations join also gravity. Starting position: to kneel, having rested hands about a floor. Legs at shoulder length, hands are straightened in elbows, a back direct.

The optimum number of repetitions at the initial stage can be considered 7-10 for one approach. Though any rigid framework doesn’t exist, you have to be guided by own state. On average exercise has to take about 8-10 minutes. For achievement of necessary effect it is worth carrying out daily, at desire twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


At all seeming simplicity of this exercise, after all there is a series of the moments to which it is necessary to pay attention. It is about contraindications at which it is worth refraining from occupations:

  1. Inflammatory processes in a gastrointestinal tract
  2. Chronic diseases of vegeto-vascular system
  3. Diseases of lungs
  4. Infectious diseases in the active phase

In the conclusion of article there is a wish to notice that the beautiful figure in many respects depends on you. There is no special need in the exhausting trainings, for a beautiful waist rather regularly to carry out exercise “vacuum”. On it I say goodbye to you, subscribe for updates of the blog, leave the comments about this and other articles. Before new occurrings!

The effective program of trainings on push-ups in house conditions

I welcome all subscribers, readers and just casual guests on the blog. Today’s subject are push-ups from floor. The program of trainings is attached. Also I will tell how to pump over the torso only about the help of one push-ups.

In the world of sport there is set of different exercises: basic, isolating and special. And each of these types differently influences development of muscles or physical qualities. But I can call to you several exercises which allow to become stronger, massivny (weight gain) and over time – relyefny. One of such exercises – push-ups from floor.

What can be reached by means of push-ups

Bendings and extensions of hands involve set of muscles in lying support (those push-ups) both directly involved in work, and the muscles stabilizers which are responsible for balance and correct position of body. For example, press muscles – dynamically do not work, but strain at deduction of the equal case.

As I have already told, thanking below the described program it is possible not only to increase force or endurance, but also to reach the impressive sizes or improbable specification of muscles.

Among the working muscles during push-ups from floor it is possible to note:

  1. pectoral muscles (different departments at different statement of palms);
    tricepses or three-headed muscles of hands (also different departments,
  2. depending on width and the direction of palms);
  3. forward and average departments of deltoid muscles;
  4. the broadest muscles of back;
  5. trapezoid muscles;
  6. small muscles of back like big round, diamond-shaped and other muscles.

It I do not take those which strain during the work too in attention. These are press muscles (straight line and external slanting) of waist, gear muscles, bicepses of hands and muscle of forearms.
Well, you see, the range involved in muscle work is how wide.

Description of the program of trainings

The set of exercises given below allows at the same time, for example, force and weight, relief and endurance, to achieve goals, or to pump over skills serially – at first the weight, then relief. Difference only in route of administration of exercises: the number of approaches, intensity and the number of repetitions changes. Exercises can be not changed throughout the 3rd – 4 months, being engaged according to the same scheme.

It should be noted that the complex is suitable both for gym, and for application at home. Universal and trouble-free as all known Kalashnikov. The main thing to learn “to shoot”, that is equipment.

Work on force and weight

In each exercise it is necessary to do 3–5 approaches, in each of which till 6-12 repetitions. Rest between sets and exercises 1,5 and 2,5 minutes respectively. Obligatory application after each exercise of one or two drop sets. What is it – your “house” task. Tempo of execution – below average.

Work on endurance and relief

It is necessary to repeat each exercise from 15 to 25 times in one approach. The number of approaches can vary from 6 to 8. Rest between sets only 1 minute, and between exercises – 1,5. Tempo of execution – high. Pay attention to breath: by effort has exhaled, on relaxation – breath. It will help to adapt to complex quicker.

Set of exercises

It is calculated on 3 training days, between everyone there have to be days of rest, the same muscles in most cases work. Our task to develop them, but not to tire out. I want to pay your attention to importance of warm-up – exercises can be heavy that will lead to receiving possible injuries and stretchings.

First training.

  1. Push-ups from floor from height (whetstones, step platform, weights and other) with broad statement of hands.
  2. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands (when palms are slightly wider than shoulders).
  3. Push-ups from floor with the broadest statement of palms (the range of movement will be short, but exercise is directed to extension of pectoral muscles).
  4. Serial push-ups on each of hands (emphasis on two hands, but when performing you have to be displaced at first more on the right hand, having forced it to be reduced more, then on left, and so in turn).
  5. Push-ups from floor with incomplete arm stretching (unbend hands not up to the end).

Second training.

  1. Push-ups from floor on fists with narrow statement of hands (palm at the level of shoulders).
  2. Push-ups from floor with the narrowest statement of hands (palms and thumbs of hands form triangle).
  3. Push-ups with the palms displaced up (the same triangle, as in the previous exercise, but hands are not at the level of breast, and at the level of face or forehead).
  4. Push-ups from floor with narrow statement of hands (it is possible on fists), but small rolling forward back (that is you at arm stretching are rolled slightly forward, caving in in back, when bending – back, straightening back or bending it a little).
  5. Static push-ups with narrow statement of hands (hands narrowly, shoulders are parallel to floor). You will have to be in motionless state certain amount of time. For example, 4 for 10–15 seconds.

Third training.

  1. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands.
  2. Push-ups from the floor with an average setting of hands, but with a slight jumping (when straightening the hands, push the palms away from the floor, bouncing all over the body for 5 – 7 cm). Socks should always stand on the floor.
  3. Push-ups from floor with serial emphasis of one hand on height (whetstone or step platform). Your task at each push-up to change arm position, putting one, another on platform, allowing necessary to strain below more.
  4. Push-ups from floor with the developed palms in the parties (palms at the level of shoulders, fingers look in the parties, hands are bent in the direction of palms).
  5. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands and full rolling on elbows (when bending hands you put elbow joints on floor, at extension – you tear off from floor before full arm stretching).

Additional exercises

Further when finding some force or endurance, you can try more difficult, but more effective exercises like “push-up on one hand” where you most widely place legs for acquisition of triangular shape of support: two legs, one hand.

Or “push-ups from floor standing on hands”. In this exercise can lean legs against wall or ask about the help of the companion who will hold to you legs. This exercise remarkably pumps over deltoid muscles and upper part of pectoral muscles.

“Push-ups from floor on fingers” — remarkable way of strengthening not only muscles, but also joints of brushes and fingers that considerably will increase strength of grip.

Push-ups from floor, the program of trainings – all this was the main subject of today’s material. I hope, I could help you with the matter. In gratitude you can subscribe for updates of the blog, tell friends about this article. Surely I want to see your comments. Be strong, friends.

The training program krossfit for real men

Hello, dear readers! Today we will consider the training program for the cross-media system. Crossfit training program for men consists of a complex of exercises, which is performed in a short period of time.

There are several exercises, for an entry-level take, for example, five. They are performed in a certain interval, for example 45 seconds, then we pass without rest to the next one and, as a result, we close the circle by the chain. Rest for 30 seconds and start a new one.

In this program, the greatest number of muscles will be involved. These workouts are ideal for those who want to lose weight, also improve strength, endurance, agility. Weightlifting exercises will be included, with their weight and cardio.

Sample program and technique for its implementation

Squat with blasting.
It is carried out as well as with empty signature stamp, and with dumbbells. We put legs more widely than shoulders, socks apart, we sit down until so far hips will not be parallel to floor (special attention to knees, they should not leave for socks). At the time of raising of signature stamp or dumbbells, we try that elbows rose above brush and as much as possible we load shoulders. We do not bend down at all, we hold back exactly and we do not take away shoulders forward.

The following exercise will be performed with the weight, these are ordinary push-ups from floor. We accept lying support, we watch that muscles of stomach worked statically, that is we do not sag stomach to floor.

Freely we move in shovels, elbows freely go to the parties, we raise the head if easily we carry out full range of motion if it is hard possible to carry out on a lap. We try not to do delays, both in top, and in the lower point. We watch closely time and we perform the put task.

How you think what most favourite exercise at krossfiter? Of course, burp. It also is our following exercise. It becomes so: — squat starting position, rest hands against floor and transfer to them all weight of the body.

Performance: tear off legs from floor and quickly straighten them having accepted lying support. At the same time do not bend back. In the following movement it is necessary to transfer weight to hands again and to bend legs to accept starting position, and already from this situation to jump out up. After have landed, quickly sit down and reach starting position.

This sequence of exercises is considered for once. We perform exercise on the set time.

If it is difficult to you to carry out burp, then it is possible to replace it as follows: we rise by step platform. For performance of exercise put one leg on step platform and, leaning on foot, tighten the body top. Try to perform this exercise without abrupt movements, smoothly. The right leg lift top, tightening it to breast and so serially change.

Hopping up.
Also excellent replacement of burpa will be hopping up on height. Establish or find height where within your powers will be to jump from two legs, with the maximum concentration treat this exercise. Has to be hopping up explosive and bystry, and the landing is on the contrary softer. If there are problems with knees, then it is better not to do this exercise.

Pullings up.
It is obligatory that it is necessary to include in the training is pullings up. It is better to begin with classical pullings up. They are carried out so: we hang on horizontal bar and straight arms it is begun to delay smoothly itself to horizontal bar, after that, also under control, we fall down to straight arms. When performing this exercise we hold body directly, and muscles intense.

A jump with an empty neck.
The next exercise is a jump with an empty neck. We try to do this exercise intensively and at the same time adhere to the technique of execution. During the landing, you need to smoothly, slightly springy, bend your legs, so as not to injure your feet and knees. At the time of the jump, we sharply tear off the neck from the chest, straightening the arms forward, and during the landing also sharply return it to a similar position.

The final exercise is called a clamshell. How can you do it? First, we lay down on our backs. At the same time, we raise our arms and legs perpendicular to the floor, stretching our hands to our toes. When lying on the floor, press your back to the floor. Do not forget to breathe properly and do not close your eyes during exercise.

Great, so we made one lap. Now rest about 30 – 60 seconds. But, it is possible and longer, if you feel that training is difficult.

With each training exercise time can be reduced by performance as well as rest time. You can combine the trainings different exercises, proceeding from your features, skills. Also you with ease can make the program of trainings for krossfit independently with inclusion in it of darlings, but at the same time the complicated options of exercises.

Harm from Occupation

You may be interested in the question, is it possible to harm from the employment of a crossfit? The main damage to the crossfire is extreme loads, which the beginner acquires in fact at the primary lesson. After all, the cross-training program for men does not have a specially written program for beginners.

Extreme occupations are the constantly raised injury risk and possibility of cardiovascular complications. At execution of exercises athletes are guided not by equipment, and by speed and strong weight. For this reason the possibility of drawing damages many times over increases.

Remember – in any sport important technique, dimensionality and an adequate assessment of their capabilities!

Well, to you, my friends, I wish to achieve success in your chosen sport and creative victories! Do not forget to subscribe to update the blog and share articles with your friends on social networks, and also expect from you comments. Goodbye dear readers.

Training for real men

I am glad to welcome you in my blog, dear guests and subscribers. Guys, I appeal to you, because this topic is just for you. And it sounds like this: “The plan for training in the gym for men.” In this article, you will learn the training program itself and its construction features. Forward!

Since experienced athletes are probably not looking for a suitable program for themselves (they have already found it for a long time, or rather, because they need a few), so I decided to help beginners who will always be more than experienced.

Let’s first figure out some of the points about which we will build on the training plan.

Where and with what it is necessary to be defined

For yourself, you immediately, not yet started fully engaged, should put a clear amount of training per week. I understand, work there, study, fascinating hobby, stealing a lot of time, and all that, but I would suggest that you train at least three times a week.

It is always necessary to push off from a minimum or from the worst scenario. That’s why my program is built on three workouts a week.

Next, you need to prepare for the fact that one or two workouts (the first) will have to spend on determining your working weights in the basic basic exercises.

They are calculated simply: in bench press, deadlift and squats with a bar you will have to work with 70% of your maximum. In each of these exercises, perform one lift, in your opinion, the maximum weight. And with the help of a calculator, calculate 70% of what you have raised. It’s simple.

The next aspect is the time of training. Training on average should last no more than an hour, there are reasons for this (catabolism). Therefore, if you do not invest at the right time, simply shorten the rest time between the approaches and the exercises.

Warm up and hitch should be present in each lesson. They do not enter during working hours, and their duration in 5 – 7 minutes will be quite enough for performance of their basic tasks.

I would also like to say about water in training. Drinking is not something you can, but it is vital.

General information of the training plan

Remember, I helped you pick up weights only in the basic ones, I stress, in the basic basic exercises, and not in all basic ones. All the exercises listed in the complex, except for the three basic ones, require individual weight selection. Therefore, be prepared that you yourself will have to choose your own weight in the bench dumbbell bench press, for example, or in lifting the bar to the biceps (flexing and extension of the arms with the bar)

As already mentioned, the complex is divided into three days, between which there should be at least a day of rest. So put your workout through the day: on the first, third and fifth days of the week or in the second, fourth and sixth.

In each of the days, only 5-6 basic exercises are set, allowing beginners to quickly develop strength and volume of muscles. This amount may seem small, but believe me – it is more than enough to “clog” your muscles.

Each exercise carries in itself 2-4 approaches and from 6 to 12 repetitions. This ratio is an adjacent force and mass, in short, what a beginner athlete needs, that is, you. Are you ready for the most important?

The complex of exercises excludes isolating exercises and strengthening, such as exercises on the press or the lower back. Do you need the maximum development of strength and musculature? So do not get distracted while on the “cubes” of the press. All then.

Training plan for beginners

First day.

  1. Press the bar with a wide grip: 4 to 6 – 10 (see how it feels).
  2. Press of dumbbells lying on an incline bench: 3 to 10.
  3. “Divorce” or dilution of hands with dumbbells lying on the bench: 3 to 10.
  4. Press the bar with a narrow grip: 4 to 6 – 8.
  5. Flexion and extension of arms in rest on the uneven bars: 3 to 12.
  6. Reverse push-ups: 2 to 12 (can be more if there are forces).

Second day.

  1. The deadlift (classic): 4 to 6 – 8.
  2. Deadlift (Romanian): 3 to 6 – 8.
  3. Thrust rod inclination: 3 to 10 – 12.
  4. Pulling on the crossbar (can be replaced by the pull of the upper block): 3 to 8 – 10.
  5. Bending of hands with the bar standing (you can use the “curve” neck): 3 to 8 – 10.
  6. “Hammer” with dumbbells: 2 to 8 – 10.

The third day.

  1. Squats with a barbell: 4 to 6 – 8.
  2. Press the legs in the hack machine: 3 to 10.
  3. Dumbbell wrestling sitting us bench (can be replaced by bench press Arnold): 4 to 10 – 12.
  4. Press the bar in the simulator Smith: 2 to 8 – 10.
  5. Press the bar in the Smith simulator from behind the head: 2 to 8 – 10.

Additional exercises

Periodically, you can use other basic exercises aimed at developing strength and volume of muscles. For example, you can replace the rod rod in the slope of the pull of the lower block or the pull of the dumbbell with one hand in the slope – the principle is the same.

Deadlift can be replaced by leaning forward with a barbell on the shoulders. And so on: there are many exercises similar in principle to the principle of impact – choose.

The training plan in the gym for men, described below, is not canonical – it can be supplemented, diluted or, conversely, reduced to your own needs.

Well, I was pleased to share this information with you. You can do the same by telling your friends on social networks. Leave comments and subscribe to blog updates. Be strong and beautiful.