The importance of physical education and sports for human health. In which sport to give the child?

Sport, physical education and health closely interact with each other. More than once it was said about how sports can influence the body, and this applies to both adults and children. Sport and health are two definitions that flow from each other. The following will describe how sports affect the adult organism and how to choose the sports section for the child.

The influence of sport on man

The fact that sport helps health is written not just one article. Below, the main reasons will be formulated, based on which, we can say that physical education and health are mutual concepts:

  • If a woman regularly exercises exercises, her musculoskeletal system improves. If she regularly runs, engage in simulators, then her oxygen supply of muscles will improve. In addition, when practicing sports, blood capillaries work and new blood vessels are formed. If you regularly exercise, you can forget about such diseases as hernia, osteochondrosis, arthrosis. If you are still susceptible to osteochondrosis, here’s a course on how to cure it!
  • A person who is engaged in sports, new reflexes are formed, which he enjoys throughout his life.
  • If you constantly exercise, then the work of the heart and blood vessels will improve. After all, with regular training all organs work in intensive mode. Do not worry about the heavy stress on the heart, because the body quickly gets used to the stresses and quickly recovers after them.
  • When playing sports increases the immunity of a person, the composition of blood becomes better.
  • The respiratory organs begin to work better, as the amount of air passing through the respiratory tract increases.
  • By playing sports, the human nervous system can develop. This is due to the fact that coordination of movements improves.
  • A person changes his attitude to life – he becomes more cheerful.

What can you achieve from sports?

Above, it was shown that sport helps health. But how else are sports and health linked? In addition to the positive impact on health, sports can give such results in human development:

– Influence the human psyche, as its attention and thinking develops;
– Very often sport contributes to the rejection of bad habits;
– A person becomes active and has a constant hobby;
– Such personal qualities as independence, diligence, will power, decency and discipline are brought up;

How can a child develop a child?

Modern children are characterized by hyperactivity, they can not sit for several hours, doing the same thing, they find it difficult to tune in some sort of activity, because they are different mobility. And very often parents do not know what to do with a child, in order to somehow reduce its activity. But the way out of this situation is obvious – take him in sports.

You can write a child in the sports section, then, as before, he will be active and vigorous, but only this will be aimed at achievements in the sport. In addition, thanks to sports, you can make a child disciplined, and also improve his health.

Many children, not yet going to school, suffer from such problems as overweight or violation of posture. And in order not to suffer from these diseases, you need to play sports as a preventive measure. But the most important thing is to start exercising in time.

It is worth while choosing the sports section to take into account not only your wishes, but also the desire of the child. Do not give the child to the gym only because you like this kind of art. In the first place, this should please the child.

How to choose a sport for a child?

If your child is sociable, then you need to pay attention to such sports as hockey, football, basketball or volleyball. But even if the child is closed, then this kind of sport will help to reveal the communicativity in it. After all, when children are fond of sports they have time to communicate, they can share their impressions of the game.

Swimming. This kind of sport is like swimming for almost all children. And in recent years, there has been demand for it. Swimming can improve the nervous system of the child, his blood circulation. And even if the child does not know how to swim, then it will be taught by experienced specialists. In general, learning to swim is a useful activity that is necessary for every child, it first of all ensures the safety of the baby in the summer.

A gymnast is a kind of sport that is popular among girls. This sport can rightly be considered the most beautiful. Gymnastics can be called a basic activity that will help any sport.

It happens and this is when gymnastics can have contraindications, for example, scoliosis or nearsightedness.

Hand-to-hand fight. Today, hand-to-hand fighting is popular not only among boys, but also among girls. After all, girls should also be able to defend themselves. With the help of such exercises it is possible to develop a reaction, responsibility and self-esteem in the child.

Dancing is also suitable for both girls and boys. This is a very beautiful art form, which promotes the development of different skills in children.

Winter sports are also popular, it’s about skiing, skating, snowboarding, ski jumping. But it is safer to do skis, especially if the child has no skill in sports. But do not forget that skiing is one of the dangerous sports.

Figure skating is another one of the favorite sports for girls, who need to study for a long time.

Contraindications for this sport can be the following diseases:
– Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
– short-sightedness;
– asthma;
– lung disease.

Tennis. A great and popular sport is tennis. People who are engaged in sports are distinguished by their agility and have a quick reaction.

Contraindications for this sport can be called:
– flat feet;
– Peptic ulcer disease;
– short-sightedness;
– a disorder in the structure of the cervical vertebrae.

Horseback riding. This kind of sport, like horse riding is recommended for children, whose age exceeds ten years. At such employment the child strongly does not load. There are many cases when riding allowed to solve mental disorders.

It should be noted that communication with the animal helps to cure many diseases. Even simple communication with a horse can give a lot of positive emotions to any person.

A good solution for your whole family and your child can be such a sport as Nordic walking with sticks.


It can be concluded that each of the sports is useful for children. In order for a child to attend classes with a desire, he must independently choose the kind of sport that he will be engaged in. In order to determine the activities, it is necessary to talk with the child and find out what his soul is. Even in sports clubs, you can arrange for the child to visit the trial sessions and then decide.

But before you start playing sports, you need to consult a doctor and get all the necessary information.

Sport, physical education and health closely interact with each other. And in support of this there were several facts in the article. That is, we can say with certainty that sport helps health and can eliminate various diseases and diseases. To do this kind of activity is necessary as prevention and to constantly feel young.

And what kind of sports do you prefer?

How to take fish oil? Benefits and harms of fish oil

Do you watch your body? Perhaps you are doing sports, and are looking for ways to strengthen your body. Or are you prone to fatness, and are in search of a method of how to maintain your weight in a normal state? Or, you often get sick, and want to strengthen your immune system to be stronger and healthier? Then my article is for you.

From the article you will learn about what is fish oil, the benefits and harm, how to take this remedy. If you have already heard about this drug, then today all your questions will be undone, and you will find the exact information that interests you.

So, let’s discuss what fish oil is useful, that it is so often recommended. We will find out whether it is really effective for losing weight. Also we will concentrate on why it is the athletes who are so often advised to take this remedy. What is in it so worthwhile.

Moreover, this tool can be used even for children to promote health. How to take it? Is there any harm from his reception? We will discuss all this now.

History of fish oil

Even in the Soviet Union, fish oil was widely distributed. In all kindergartens and other similar institutions, all children were regularly given this remedy. The reason is that the growing generation must be strong. They were supposed to build communism. Maybe one of your relatives remembers that time. The older generation still remembers the opposite taste of this drug.

This substance is a liquid fat content. His origin is an animal. In general, animal fats are known for their density and acid content. But the substance, which is now in question, was the real exception. Its composition is similar to vegetable fats. It has the most unsaturated acids. That’s why he was brought to the list of pharmacy products, for bodybuilding. He is very popular in this field.

Like any fat, our remedy consists of two components, namely: fatty acids and impurities.

Among the impurities can be vitamins, as well as minerals. They are present in both animal and vegetable fat. Also impurities are all other compounds that dissolve fat.

In our substance there are many such components as Omega three and six. These are very necessary components for the human body. They need a man every day. In addition, we can not produce these acids on our own.

Benefit and harm

Omega three consists of EPA, as well as DHA. These are useful acids. Also in the composition of Omega-3 is linoleic acid. Omega-6 also contains arachidonic acid. They are difficult to pronounce, will you agree? It is not easy to repeat their names. But they are of great importance for the organism of every person. It is these acids that are responsible for the state of our functions, such as:

  • The work of the kidneys and the brain;
  • Strength of immunity;
  • Condition of the skin, hair and nails;
  • Fetal growth during pregnancy.

Also, the acids that are found in fish oil help to cope with the state of depression, overexcitation, and psychological stress. They contribute to the recovery of the nervous system.

Apparently, for athletes this substance is irreplaceable. It’s just a godsend. DHA and EPA are needed for the structure of muscles, but these components are present in fish oil.

In our remedy there are also a lot of vitamins, minerals and microelements, like:

  1. phosphorus;
  2. selenium;
  3. iron;
  4. iodine;
  5. zinc.

So, it is clear that the benefits are enormous in the use of fish oil. Is there any harm from such a substance? It can be bad for a person if the product is not taken by instruction. There are some contraindications, these are:

  • With thyroid disease;
  • Intolerance of some components;
  • With stomach and bowel disease.

If you do not have such problems, then you decide how much to take the substance. Everyone has his own individual needs. Therefore, look at the reaction of your body, and stick to the dosage from the manufacturer.

Mode of application

The sale of fish oil for simple prevention stopped in 1970. This was due to the fact that the technology of production began to represent the draining of fat from such fish waste.

Most of these toxins accumulate in these wastes. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a product from the liver. Since the ecology has worsened even more, harmful substances, as well as heavy metals, accumulate in the liver of the fish. It is best to lose weight, or strengthen the immunity of using fat from fish meat. It is best if the meat is not one, but different varieties.

Although vitamins are most in the liver, it is better not to buy such fat. It is better to buy a product from meat, so that it has less and bad impurities. Minerals with vitamins can be obtained by consuming fruits or vegetables. And there are a lot of them. So it’s not a problem to eat one apple a day, right? I think you will agree with me. It is also recommended to purchase refined fat. This will protect you from the presence of harmful impurities.

Look at the amount of EPA and DHA in the product. The more of them, the better. A substance from expensive fish breeds costs not cheap, but it is more useful. In capsules, the product is better stored. Yes, and it’s easier to consume. You do not want to feel the unpleasant taste of fat? You can check the quality if you cut the capsule. Try the contents to the taste. A quality substance will not be bitter.


Now you know what fish oil is, the benefits and harm, how to take this substance. I really hope that this information was useful for you. Let it help you to strengthen, lose weight, or achieve success in sports. We see that the benefits of the product are enormous, and harm can be in exceptional cases. Now you can determine the quality product. Be healthy, beautiful, and cheerful!

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Increased testosterone in women

Hello friends! Here and again we are together on the most interesting and informative page about health, sports, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle. Sport so densely entered into our lives that many of us no longer represent our existence without it. This applies to both men and women. More and more women are engaged in “male” programs, often achieving better results than males in the same weight category. But, no matter how we measured our strengths in rights and abilities, we are all different (and this can not but rejoice), and the systems in our organisms work with some differences – which is good for men (I’m talking now about the approach to nutrition, Loads), it is not always beneficial to women, and vice versa. So, let’s talk today about one particular such difference – testosterone, namely, on the topic: elevated testosterone in women causes and consequences.

Testosterone levels in men

Of course, we all hear and use this word many times in our vocabulary, but I will once again remind you what it is – testosterone, and what it is eaten with.

So, this is the main male hormone, which is produced in the testicles, adrenals and liver, the appearance of a man depends on it (more precisely, on its quantities in the body): developed musculature, broad shoulders, narrow pelvis, abundant hairline, low voice, As well as sexual behavior, concentration and the amount of semen in men, libido.

With your strengthened musculature, say thank you first of all to this hormone, because the more testosterone in the blood, the faster you manage to increase muscle mass, and the stronger your muscles and the more muscle, the more active the hormone synthesis occurs, that is, it is produced more quickly and more.

The peak of activity of this hormone in men comes in 16 – 28 years, with time decreasing, carrying with itself negative consequences in the form of bad mood, reduction of an erection, feeling of uncertainty and inferiority.

Do not be afraid! To raise the level of testosterone in the blood is possible! This is proven in practice, and here are three basic rules for how to do it:

  1. Sports, Sports, Sports and Sports! Yes, it is physical exercise that helps to raise the level of the hormone and support it. So, kettlebell help you and a bicycle in addition;
  2. Abuse of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol not only provokes a set of excess weight in the form of a fat layer, but also has a disastrous effect on the content of testosterone, lowering its level;
  3. Good, right emotions. For example, from an exciting movie or watching a match of a football team.

Testosterone levels in women

And now about the ladies. You are now most likely to be surprised, but in the female body testosterone is also present and in sufficient quantities, is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands, and responds, in the main, to the libido and the muscle-fat mass of the body.

The level of the hormone, as well as in men, varies throughout life, and the peak of its content falls on 25-35 years, as well as the period of menopause and pregnancy. Being in norm, testosterone is responsible for the formation of the right “female” skeleton, takes part in the working capacity of the mammary glands, insures against unwanted osteoporosis.

Signs and external indicators of increased testosterone in women

The problem occurs when the testosterone rate increases dramatically. External and internal manifestations and indicators of this can be:

  1. Excessive hair growth in non-native places (on the face and chest, for example);
  2. Increased dryness of the skin;
  3. Change of voice (to a more rough);
  4. Disproportionate physique (like a man’s, with a massive shoulder girdle and a narrow pelvis);
  5. Violation of the menstrual cycle or the termination of menstruation in general (of course, this can lead to infertility);
  6. Increased libido;
  7. irritability;
  8. Development of diabetes mellitus;
  9. Disturbance of normal sleep.

Causes of increased testosterone in women and ways to combat it

The causes of increased testosterone may be in the wrong, unbalanced diet (long-term diets, the exclusion of products of animal origin), heredity, the side effects of the use of medications.

There are ways to help fight high testosterone levels, here are some of them:

High-grade food.
In the diet of a woman should be not only vegetables and fruits (concerns vegans or women who constantly sit on diets), but also protein in the form of a piece of meat, white bread, salt, sugar, honey, vegetable oil; As well as products containing tarragon (soybeans, beans, rice, wheat, cherries, apples);

Scientists have found that with regular yoga exercises, the level of testosterone in women’s blood stabilizes, and the hormonal balance is normalized;

The use of herbal decoctions.
Such as: licorice root, bug-keeper, angelica, evening primrose, evening primrose and others;

Of course, this method is acceptable only if you are in the hands of a professional.


Increased testosterone in women causes and consequences is a serious matter, in some extremely severe cases can lead to the formation of malignant ovarian tumors or to a disease such as Cushing’s syndrome, and this is already a direct threat to life.

Therefore, it is very important in time, noting the signs of a high content of the hormone, to pass the analysis and, having turned to a specialized medical institution, to undergo a course of hormone therapy.

There are certain rules for passing test for testosterone, which should be strictly adhered to (analysis is given on the 6th day of menstruation, 12 hours before delivery it is impossible to eat or drink anything except water, exercise, sports and smoking are also excluded). The raised hormone during pregnancy does not carry a special threat, although it can exceed the norm by 4 times, but it is still desirable to monitor its deviations.

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What is so useful for the body drug astaxanthin?

Hello, friends, subscribers! Another time I am glad to welcome you to the vastness of my blog. Today’s topic is astaxanthin, what is the use of the human body. I’m sure many of you have heard this name, some even had time to test it for yourself. We will understand today in all the “benefits” of this rather new product and find out whether it really has such unique properties, declared by the manufacturers.

A few words about antioxidants and free radicals

Astaxanthin is declared as the most powerful antioxidant that exists on the market. Of course, all of us many times in the last years of our lives we hear this word – an antioxidant and on a subconscious level we know that it is something extremely useful and necessary for each of us. But what is it really, and how do antioxidants work, are they really necessary? Let’s understand together.

So, antioxidants are a group of vitamin, for example, such as C, A, E, as well as phytochemical compounds synthesized by plants and animals, for example, beta-carotene. These substances are designed to fight free radicals, thereby preventing the destruction of “good” cells.

Free radicals are deformed atoms damaged by the oxidation process. They do not have paired electrons, so they “hunt” for healthy cells to take them away. The process leads to the fact that new and new cells are affected, the “sick” atoms are assembled into large groups, called free radicals. Their accumulation and further negative damaging effects on the whole organism leads to a number of serious diseases: Alzheimer’s (from which, incidentally, Muhammad Ali suffered for 30 years), Parkinson’s, heart attacks, strokes, autism and others.

In general, as we see, with free radicals it is worth fighting and removing them from the body, not allowing to accumulate in it. So, these very antioxidants are substances that divide their electrons with damaged cells, which provides protection of healthy cells of the body from damage or, at least, slows down this destructive process. In other words, they like Robin Hood distribute wealth to the poor needy.

Products and substances with antioxidant properties

Antioxidants in small doses are produced by the body itself. Such a number of them can provide protection against free radicals only under ideal conditions: a completely healthy organism, good ecology, proper nutrition, regime. In the absence of one of the factors, you need to replenish the stocks of antioxidants from the outside. As a rule, a good proportion of antioxidants are found in foods rich in vitamins C, E, green tea, green vegetables, marine products, cereals.

List of foods high in antioxidant substances:

  1. Citrus fruits: tangerines, oranges, lemons, lime;
  2. Greens: parsley, dill, coriander;
  3. Berries: sea-buckthorn, currant, viburnum, strawberry, cherry;
  4. Fruits: kiwi, apricot, grapes;
  5. Vegetables: Bulgarian pepper, broccoli, spinach, carrots, eggplant;
  6. Nuts: peanuts, almonds, cashews;
  7. Vegetable oil of the first pressing;
  8. Seafood: squid, salmon, eel, oysters;
  9. Dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots;
  10. Dairy products: brynza, cottage cheese, butter, sour cream;
  11. Eggs;
  12. Sea kale;
  13. Liver.
  14. Ginger

All products from the above list must be present in the daily diet of each of us in sufficient quantities. I, like you, understand perfectly well that it is not always possible to adhere to such a balanced and varied diet for a number of reasons. But you need to watch for health all the time. What to do in this situation? (At this point, the drum roll sounds, and you carefully read on.)

Astaxanthin rushes to the rescue

Scientists derived the formula Astaxanthin, the main element of which is the algae family Haematococcus. In these algae is the largest content of carotenoid antioxidants in the world.

Experiments confirm that Astaxanthin exceeds the efficiency of all existing antioxidant drugs to date, almost 20 times! This means that while an ordinary antioxidant copes with one free radical, Astaxanthin – simultaneously “works” immediately with twenty. Of course, with such intensity, the result of Astaxanthin’s work will not take long to wait.

Astaxanthin what is the use of the human body:

  1. Protects against solar radioactive rays, burns;
  2. Promotes inhibition of the development of cancer cells, in other words, helps in the fight against malignant tumors;
  3. Helps maintain blood cholesterol levels;
  4. Normalizes blood pressure;
  5. It provokes the resistance of the body’s immune system to all kinds of infections, allergies;
  6. Helps the body to fight various kinds of fungi;
  7. Has a positive effect on the skin condition, increasing its elasticity;
  8. Increases working capacity, general well-being;
  9. Gives an additional charge of energy.

Good characteristics, is not it?

Where can I find Astaxanthin? How to take it? And does he not have contraindications?

Astaxanthin is not produced by the human body, its natural source can be fatty fish (trout, salmon), crayfish, lobsters, shrimp (in general, everything that feeds on this wonder alga, which has so much useful antioxidant substance). It should be noted that we are talking only about seafood, which are grown on the will, in their natural habitat, not on fish farms.

Well, of course, Astaxanthin can be purchased at pharmacies. Pay attention to the product was obtained only from natural, non-synthetic material.

It takes astaxanthin to work faster in a greasy environment, so combine the intake of the supplement with oil. Often, in a set with the product comes capsules of vegetable or olive oil.

There are no side effects of astaxanthin, but pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should refrain from taking it to avoid a decrease in blood pressure. And here, my friends-sportsmen this product is simply shown to application!

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What is free testosterone and what is the norm for men and women?

Hello, dear readers! Nowadays, when the propaganda of a healthy lifestyle and fitness is gaining momentum, people began to pay more attention to their health and try to learn about the factors that contribute to it. Both specialists and newcomers who only come to the gym understand that all the processes in the body, and consequently, the changes, are controlled by a combination of hormones. One of the most important hormones is testosterone and it is very important to know such a parameter as free testosterone in men and free testosterone in women.

What is this hormone?

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that has an androgenic effect. Despite the fact that the hormone is called masculine, it is present in the body of both men and women, differing in quantity. In the male body, it is synthesized from cholesterol due to the sex glands of the testes. In the female body, the ovaries respond to the production of testosterone, giving it in much lower concentrations (normal). In organisms of both sexes it is synthesized due to the adrenal cortex. In men, the hormone is responsible for the masculinization (that is, the totality of features originally inherent only in men), and in the female – for androgenization (the appearance of atypical changes for the lady).

What are the properties of testosterone

The effects of this hormone are indispensable, because testosterone has many positive effects:

  • Promotes the development of male sexual organs (this occurs even in the intrauterine period);
  • Thanks to him develop secondary sexual characteristics in men (this coarsening of the voice, growth of hair on the body and face, the development of male features, a powerful muscle corset – all that makes it possible to distinguish a man from a woman);
  • Has an anabolic effect, contributing to the buildup of muscle mass (that is why testosterone in its various forms is used in sports pharmacology);
  • Affects the sex drive;
  • Plays a role in phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism.

But with insufficient or decreased levels of this hormone, there may be side effects:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • The appearance of edemas;
  • Masculinization (concerning ladies);
  • Development of infertility;
  • Tendency to frequent mood changes, as well as manifestations of aggression, instability of behavior, excessive excitability;
  • Partial or complete alopecia;
  • Problems with skin (fat, acne).

Variety of testosterone forms

Testosterone is present in the human body in two forms: free and bound. There is also an intermediate variant, where testosterone is called conditionally free, or bioavailable. This conditional form is a combination of testosterone, bound to albumin, with a free.

The most informative is the free indicator, since only in this form the hormone will be active and can interact with androgen receptors, and also participate in many biochemical processes.

Surely you once were in the medical laboratory and saw among the list of tests “testosterone total.” Thus, doctors determine the entire sex hormone (bound + free) in the body. But it will be more useful to know the level of only free, because its fluctuations will affect health and appearance in a much more visible way.

What are the norms of free testosterone?

The level of this hormone is different not only for men and women, but for different ages of the same sex. It is logical that an ardent boy of 20 years of age testosterone level is higher than that of a solid adult man who has already exchanged the sixth decade. It is still the laws of nature.

Consider free testosterone in men

The data of specialists-endocrinologists read:

  1. At the age of 20 to 39 years, men should normally have an average of 10.75 ng / dL;
  2. At the age of 40-49 years – 7-26 ng / dL;
  3. At the age of 50-59 – 5-22 ng / dL;
  4. And at the age of 60 to 69 years – 5-19 ng / dL.

With further increase in age, the level drops lower.

Ng / dL (or ng / ml) is the common unit of measurement for hormonal assays. Since the venous blood sample is taken as a material for the analysis, this unit shows how much of the nanogram of the hormone falls on a small volume of blood (deciliter or milliliter).

For women, these indicators, of course, vary.

Normal for women

Only when the baby is born and up to 5 months, the testosterone in girls should be within 0.2-0.8 ng / ml;
From half a year and up to 6 years – 0,06 – 0,2 ng / ml;
In 10-11 years – 0,06 – 0,44 ng / ml;
In 12-16 – 0,07 – 0,75 ng / ml;
In 17-18, 0.2-0.75 ng / ml;
Older than 19 years – 0.08 – 0.6 ng / ml;
During the period during and after menopause – 0,15 – 0,7 ng / ml.

Why is it important to know the level of free testosterone?

To control their hormonal background, doctors advise all men to avoid unpleasant consequences and, if necessary, to start treatment.

This is important, as increasing the level of free testosterone causes such problems:

  • Risk of adrenal hyperplasia. This pathology means that organs and tissues will grow disproportionately (for example, the penis grows and the testicles do not).
  • Growth accelerates, not taking into account the age and maturity of other body systems.
  • There is a risk of a testicular tumor;
  • Risk of infertility;
  • There are problems with sleep.

If the hormone is deficient, on the contrary, the person will experience:

  • Weakness, lethargy;
  • Delay in muscle growth, strength;
  • Sexual impotence;
  • Deficiency, as well as imbalance of hormones, can lead to gynecomastia – a problem that arose because of the increase in the level of female hormones in the male body.

So from time to time monitoring the level of testosterone, you run the risk of maintaining your health for many years. And taking into account the anabolic effect of the hormone, you can maintain the body in excellent shape.

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What is the minimum time to sleep in sports?

Hi guys. Today I would like to talk with you about such a topic as “how much you need to save a day for an adult person”. After all, agree – the topic is quite interesting and urgent. Especially for those who care about their health or go in for sports.

Despite the fact that a person in a dream spends about a third of his life, sleep is an integral part of human life. Do you want to tell me how it all ended when Napoleon Bonaparte, who was well known to everyone, decided to completely remove sleep from the daily routine of his armies? He really believed that you can get by without sleep, it’s only necessary to get used to, hold on to that period when you will very much want to sleep, and then everything will pass away. And before ordering his soldiers not to sleep, he decided to test his own speculations on himself. For four days he stayed, drank coffee and walked like a plague, but after all, he finally gave up and immediately fell asleep, lying in bed for almost 24 hours. Waking up, the French commander recognized the need for sleep.

What can happen if you do not sleep?

Napoleon lasted only 4 days, when the destructive consequences for the organism had not yet taken effect. In the world there are records, in which (not to lie) the guy stayed 11 days without sleep. After a week of abstinence, he began hallucinating (and sound too), severe malaise and weakness, problems with the work of internal organs and many other problems, both small and large.

As you understand, the guy had to undergo rehabilitation under the supervision of doctors to return to normal life. This again indicates the need for sleep.

Sleep for athletes

Rest, that is, a dream, is one of the three main and most important components that are responsible for the health and successful athletic activity of the athlete. The other two are training and nutrition. If one of the components falls out, the other two will be simply useless. The principle of the pyramid is obtained – remove one side, and the other two will collapse.

When playing sports, getting enough sleep is quite an important task for an athlete, because it is during sleep that muscles grow, not in training, as inexperienced novices suggest.

You can say that you have a lot and you do not need at all. And the power? After all, the bigger the muscle, the stronger it is. Yes, you may not have an impressive body size, and be a strong person at the same time. Bruce Lee can serve as an example. But without restoration, which occurs only in a dream, and the increase in strength will not be realized, as well as other physical qualities: endurance, flexibility, speed and other.

Do not neglect the rest, explaining that the dream is not so important. Important, believe me! And it begs ma’am from a well-known social network where the children do not sleep at a quiet hour in the camp, but indulge in, and from the bottom of this picture the inscription: “Sleep, fools!”.

How much sleep per day?

There are several factors that you need to build on when drawing your schedule, in which the dream has to occupy its niche.

This is the type of physique, your employment and habit. And, if something can be done with the third item, then the first two will have to be adjusted.

The habit can be changed, only time is needed. But if you have a certain type of physique and go in for sports, then how much should you sleep: the ectomorph – 8 – 8.5 hours a day, the mesomorph – 7,5 – 8 hours, endomorph – 7 – 7,5 hours.

These figures are due to the fact that the first type requires an increased time for the restoration of muscle tissue due to its anatomical features. The second is enough 8 hours because of its “universality” of the body. And the third, on the contrary, it is necessary to sleep less, and to restore the musculature, and to increase the wakefulness time to reduce subcutaneous fat.

By the way, if you think that only the body rests at night, then this is not quite so – the nervous system, too, seems to be rebooting. And other body systems too.

But if you still sleep on average about 8 hours per night, then nothing bad will happen. No wonder that in the army sleep takes approximately this time, but in fact there they do not pay attention to what your physique is.

But a certain minimum is also worth keeping. Do not reduce the time of night rest below 6 hours. Sleep is superficial and deep. So during this time the body has time to enter more or less into different phases of sleep, which is necessary for us with you. If this does not happen, a person simply does not sleep enough.

Have you noticed how you, waking up in the middle of the night, feel cheerful, and again lying down, and waking up in the morning – tired and not getting enough sleep? This is an example of the fact that you have not entered a deep sleep at night, and this phase was interrupted earlier in the morning.

By the way, there were experiments on this matter. The students woke up after a certain time, not allowing them to plunge into deep sleep. The result – the students were not slept and irritable. And this is subject to one day of research. And what would happen next?

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What is maltodextrin and for what is it used?

Hello, my dear readers! My new article will be devoted to such a component as maltodextrin. That this, the benefit and harm of this component – all this will be reflected in my article.

Dashing 90-s, when in our country there was a huge number of different kinds of products of questionable content, safely left behind. And now, most of us, before buying any food for ourselves, are wondering – what is included in its composition?

Most of the titles do not say anything to the average person, but in the most common ones one needs to be guided. So, what is maltodextrin? Another name, more familiar to us, is molasses.

If the process of hydrolysis of starch is carried out, then as a result special molecules – dextrins are formed. In its pure form it is colorless, resembling liquid syrup in consistency. If the resulting component is subjected to special drying, the result is a white powder with a pronounced sweet taste. In our country, for the production of maltodextrin on an industrial scale, potatoes or corn are usually used. Often, wheat and rice are often used.


If we take the industrial scale of production, then it should be noted that maltodextrin is most common in the following industries:

  • Pharmacology – maltodextrin as an auxiliary substance serves as a flavor additive to certain medicines, is also part of a number of prebiotics responsible for the normalization of the intestinal microflora.
  • Food industry – is used in various qualities, from the core it is possible to distinguish the taste enhancer, baking powder. Often used as a thickener.
  • Cosmetic industry – also, the main function of using in the role of thickener when creating various kinds of creams, shampoos and gels.
  • In sports – in the manufacture of sports nutrition, as a source of carbohydrates.

Operating principle

From all of the above, we can conclude that maltodexin on our life path occurs to us more than once. Let’s try to figure out how he behaves, getting into our body.

It’s no secret that glucose is the main source of energy for the human body. Accumulating in the muscles and liver of a person, it, as necessary, is used by the body for its own needs.

Usually glucose enters the body with foods containing carbohydrates. And this is just starch and is one of the complex carbohydrates, with the hydrolysis of which dextrin is obtained. Here we are with you and went to the fact that maltodextrin is inherently glucose.

The only difference is that the process of splitting maltodextrin occurs already in the small intestine, which provides the human body with a systematic intake of glucose into the blood.

Maltodextrin: the arguments for and against

And now every curious consumer, buying a product containing maltodextrin in his composition, is asked quite reasonable question: how useful is this component and will it harm our body? And here we come to a fairly trivial truth – like any other product, maltodextrin can be beneficial to the human body, but certain risk factors associated with the consumption of maltodextrin can not be ruled out.

First of all, people with a disease such as diabetes mellitus or having a tendency to this disease are at risk. This is due to the fact that maltodextrin is similar in composition to molasses and starch, which means that it is the carrier of a sufficiently high glycemic index, which, in turn, is characterized by the release of a large amount of sugar into the human blood.

However, this problem can be seen on the other hand – for people unwilling to take diabetes maltodextrin is a kind of prevention, because it causes the production of insulin, so necessary for a healthy person.

Also, when you eat maltodextrin, you need to know exactly what product was produced from the beginning. Absolutely safe maltodextrin, produced from corn or rice. But if the initial product is wheat, then you should pay attention to the individual tolerance of gluten, which is contained in wheat.

The huge advantage of this component is that it is absolutely safe for allergy sufferers without causing allergic reactions. Another important advantage in the use of maltodextrin is the fact that, being in the body, it fulfills the functions of fiber, and therefore cleans it of various kinds of slag, radionuclides and heavy metals.

For people who seriously engage in sports, maltodextrin is an excellent source of energy, restoring strength after the training process. And now I’ll tell you more about sports nutrition …

Place maltodextrin in sports nutrition

As I mentioned above, maltodextrin is among the best sources of carbon for the human body. Perfectly copes with the task of replenishing glycogen stores in muscles, while ensuring gradual absorption of glucose into the circulatory system of man.

Therefore, for people who lead an active lifestyle, regularly engaged in sports and physical culture, the introduction of maltodextrin into their diet is guaranteed to ensure a full-fledged replenishment of the body with glucose, which is so important for a full recovery.

To accept or not to take maltodextrin is a decision that everyone must take for themselves. This component is available to a wide range of consumers, and according to the results of our article, we can conclude that maltodextrin for most people is absolutely harmless, and there are many cases when it can bring huge benefits to your body.

In my article I tried to reveal for you all the nuances concerning the food additive maltodextrin, what is it, the benefit and harm of this component for the human body. On this I say goodbye to you, subscribe to our updates, share links to this and other blog articles on social networks. I await your comments about this and other blog articles. See you soon!

What vitamins contain raspberries and why it must be eaten

I wish everyone who reads me to be healthy. Today I will again talk about such a precious thing as our excellent health with you, which is not measured by despicable metal, as it can not be bought for money. I hope, at the expense of such a statement, you will not argue with me? And my goal is to share with everyone who is interested in it, useful information, gently advising: what exactly foods should be eaten in order to saturate your body with essential vitamins.

My attention was attracted by the well-known berry, which the people loved. It is immensely tasty, sweet, fragrant. But most importantly, it contains just a sea of ​​priceless elements that supplement our vital energy. So, this minute I’m eager to discuss with you an extremely important question: what vitamins are contained in raspberries, and also how can this help healthy body work?

ABOUT! How many songs and poems were invented about the raspberries! All of them are now spinning on my tip of the tongue. And how many fairy tales they composed about this coveted delicacy. Poets, artists, musicians, folk rumors did not cease to admire the aesthetic image and taste properties of such a wonderful gift of Mother Nature, singing the sweetness of the berries mentioned in all available colors. What can I say to myself? And I’ll try to add some useful information to certain truths.

A little bit about the plant itself

I think I did not surprise anyone, saying that the juicy and sweet berries of raspberries are not just an indescribable treat, but a full set of minerals, useful elements, priceless vitamins.

And the impressive taste qualities of the product are combined with unique, rare healing properties. Yes, one of the grandchildren in a deep childhood grandmothers were not treated with the most delicious raspberry lice, when their body during colds was attacked by malignant viruses and microbes? A painful fever, filling the whole body, after a prudent treat gradually declined, bringing the patients considerable relief.

Well, how after all that has gone through it is sacred not to believe the miraculous power of the berries that are glorified by all? I will share the secret that my personal faith from such nostalgic memories is just crossing all boundaries!

I hasten to note that the plant, called the half-shrubby scientists, giving us glorified fruits, is extremely common in the territory of Russia. Sometimes it grows wildly in the forest, and is often a valuable property of gardens and household plots.

Moreover, I note that forest raspberries interfere significantly more useful substances. Although, the garden is much sweeter, at least, so it seems to me – a famous sweet tooth. Do you think otherwise? However, there is no dispute about tastes.

But it’s time to take a closer look at the unique properties of raspberries to use this plant with the greatest benefit for our organisms.

A whole treasure of health

Yes! As we have already found out, indulging in nostalgia, the berries of this popular, all-beloved plant have antipyretic effect. I will reveal a secret, such valuable properties raspberries get thanks to the presence of salicylic acid in it.

In addition, the composition of the product includes cellulose, other organic acids, pectin, tannins.

Many beautiful words we used today to address the sweetness of this berry. But who exactly knows how much sugar inside her? I hasten to anticipate your answer, as well as explain to those who for some reason do not know. There is not much sugar in the raspberries. Only about 10%. But the unique therapeutic effect of this product is betrayed by such elements as phytoncides and copper. By the way, I’m extremely happy to add that they do not carry any harm to the organism, without side effects.

But the most important value of raspberries is a vast storehouse of vitamins, among them A, C, E and others. But it is especially rich in group B. What are the minerals in it? However, it is easier to list those that are not included, because the raspberries contain as many elements as, perhaps, can be found only in the periodic table.

A little bit more in detail

One of the most valuable qualities of the described product is a rare property to retain its usefulness even after heat treatment. What follows from this? Prepare yourself for health from this ingredient infusions, decoctions, jams, compotes. But from the impact of fire, all the valuable ingredients and constituent elements of raspberries do not break down somewhat, without losing even a gram of their ability to bring invaluable benefits to our health.

And what serious ailments can be cured? My answer will not be too brief. Making for the winter blanks of raspberries, dried flowers, as well as leaves of this fertile plant, it is possible all the flu-like time not to be afraid of viral cold sores.

In addition, crimson jams and compotes can rightfully be called real elixirs of longevity. After all, it is a storehouse of wine, apple and citric acid. And such substances strengthen vessels and capillaries, on a root destroy sclerosis, reduce a level of a prothrombin.

In addition, the raspberry contains another priceless acid: folic. You ask, why is it so unique? Good news for expectant mothers: this substance is extremely necessary for their tiny babies, whom they plan to present to the world soon.

How useful are the flowers of the plant? From them they prepare medicinal infusions and ointments that save from herpes and hemorrhoids. And insisting leaves, you can create remarkable for their effectiveness diuretics.

What else can surprise you? I will add to all that this plant is widely used for cosmetic purposes, which again is greatly promoted by the vitamins A, E, B2, B3 contained in it.

From raspberry make nutritious masks and mixtures that miraculously transform the appearance of the skin, making your hair delightful. And all this is possible to create with his own hands, not difficult, cheap.

Some historical information

At the end of the story, I had a desire to go a little deeper into the story, and tell my readers about: how was the plant described cultivated by man?

How long ago did this happen? I will inform you that the mentioned half-shrub remained wild up to the 4th century of the bygone era. Where does this information come from? Of course, from ancient chronicles, where the described plant has already been mentioned, as a garden. And the ancient inhabitants of Greece and Rome actively used its miraculous properties to get rid of the bites of scorpions and all sorts of venomous snakes.

Medieval Europe contributed to the cultivation of plants, and this was promoted by severe monks. A little later the half-shrub was brought to the American continent.

But I think I got a little carried away, and the time of our conversation is inexorably coming to an end. It’s a pity of course! But what can you do? It’s time to say goodbye, but I hope that our separation will not be long.

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What foods are good for the liver and pancreas?

Kind time of the day, friends. The theme of healthy nutrition is more popular than ever. In this regard, I want to ask you a question: which organs and body systems are most vulnerable to the quality of our products and the way we cook food? It is obvious that this is the digestive system. It is the system, my friends, in which each mechanism performs a certain function. The most important components of the digestive system are the liver and pancreas.

I will explain if one of you still does not know: the liver is the organ that carries the main load in the body, fulfilling the role of the filtering mechanism. Neutralize and remove harmful substances that are formed in the body as a result of metabolic processes, as well as toxins that get into the body from the outside – this is a direct functional task of the liver.

The duties of the pancreas are the production of enzymes directly involved in the cleavage of food components. In addition to improper nutrition, the contaminated ecology also exerts additional strain on the liver and pancreas.

Industrial poisons that enter the body by inhalation can lead to dysfunction of the most important organs. The ability of the liver to process and neutralize poisons is not unlimited, otherwise there would be no poisoning. Therefore, in order to facilitate the work of the fundamental elements of the system, thus securing your own life, it is important to consume products useful for the liver and pancreas. This is especially true for people who are actively involved in sports.

It is unacceptable to abuse protein food and specific additives to build muscle. The bodies responsible for processing are not able to cope with the excess volume of protein metabolism toxins, and are forced to work on wear and tear.

But, my friends, that’s enough for this horror story. Further information will be more positive, and most importantly, useful. Let’s answer the question: how can we help the liver and pancreas work in the most favorable and stable mode?

If we change the external environment, eliminating the negative factors, we can not, then provide a comfortable internal atmosphere to our body are fully capable. And even have to do it. You agree with me?

First of all, we need to adjust the diet, in order to enrich it with the right products for the full operation of the pancreas and liver.

The right products

To the category of the right, are products rich in mineral substances, fiber, amino acids and vitamins:


Carrots, beets, broccoli, cauliflower. Sufficient intake of these vegetables will help us to activate the process of carcinogen withdrawal, normalize metabolic processes and improve blood circulation.

Pumpkin. In the root crop contains a lot of magnesium, which helps in the recovery of already damaged cells, and does not let the cells get healthy. Also, there is a rare vitamin T, which accelerates the absorption of heavy food, which is important for unloading the liver. Pumpkin seeds will also be useful.

Onion and garlic. These burning vegetables accelerate liver detoxification.

Fresh greenery. Parsley, dill, celery, various kinds of green salads are actively involved in the synthesis of new cells.

I want to say separately about sea kale. In addition to the record iodine content, the leaves of kelp are rich in natural sorbents – pectins. These substances have the ability to bind heavy metal salts for easier disposal. That is, they help the liver in the process of purification.


  1. Melon. Just like her vegetable relative, the pumpkin is rich in magnesium.
  2. Green apples. It is a source of potassium and iron
  3. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits provide us with vitamin C
  4. Dried apricots and prunes. These dried fruits well fill the lack of sodium and phosphorus in the body.

Dairy products

Kefir and low-fat cottage cheese. It is a storehouse of useful substances: chrome, selenium, fluoride, potassium, zinc, vitamins A, B, PP and D. And still sour-milk products have anti-inflammatory effects and fight with microbes.

A fish

Cod, pollock, flounder, haddock, pike. They contain fatty amino acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iodine, vitamins A, D, E. All of them contribute to the qualitative work of not only the liver and pancreas, but the whole organism.

Olive oil

Also mandatory part of our menu. Its small amount helps purify the blood. And the vitamin E present in this product is able to protect our body from the negative effects of radiation and air poisoned by harmful substances.

Green tea

It is a natural antioxidant, which helps to cleanse the liver.


Porridges do not load the pancreas and liver, and also accelerate metabolism. Therefore, necessarily include in the diet of buckwheat, rice, “Hercules”.

Wrong products

Animal fats.
Fatty meat and fish
Fatty cheeses

These products are burdensome for processing their pancreas, as well as a lack of bile, which dissolves fats in the body, can poison the liver.

Products cooked by smoking and roasting.
Additional aggressive processing of products, entails and additional load on the liver.

Canned food.
They contain sharp seasonings and harmful preservatives.

In this block, I would like to highlight mayonnaise. Industrially processed useful vegetable fat becomes extremely harmful. I urge all lovers of this sauce to say goodbye to him once and for all. For an alternative, take low-fat sour cream or natural yogurt.

So, we got acquainted with the possibilities to minimize the negative impact of food consumed, by rejecting harmful foods, including only foods useful for the liver and pancreas in the daily diet. Adhering to the rules of healthy eating, we will provide protection to these bodies and their full functioning.

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Benefit and harm to humans from using the helba

Hello, dear readers! Today I want to tell you about such an interesting and remarkable plant as helba, I will tell you what its useful properties and contraindications are, how to use it correctly, what ailments can be healed with the help of this miraculous flower.

Some general information

Helba (other names – hilba, shamballa, fenugreek hay or camel thorn) is a medicinal plant known to many peoples of the world, widely used in folk medicine and cosmetology.

It grows in India, Egypt, Morocco, France, and also in Eastern Europe. The odor of fenugreek is specific, nothing like it. The grass is characterized by a bitter taste.

If we turn to history, we will see many statements by famous people about the healing properties of camel grass. It was often used in Ancient Egypt to facilitate labor in women, and also as an effective antipyretic agent.

The Prophet Muhammad mentioned fenugreek in his advice to Muslims, advising everyone to heal themselves with the help of this plant.

A famous English scientist named Kleber believed that camel’s herb for its medicinal properties is equivalent to all other medicines in the world.

Hippocrates also paid due attention to shamballa, describing her remarkable qualities.

What is the value of helba

What worries you? What diseases do you want to cure by the folk method? I can assure you that fenugreek is so beautiful, it has such a huge quantity of valuable qualities that it is impossible to disassemble in detail all its merits that benefit the human body. Let’s make an overview of the main advantages of using shamballa:

  • Its regular use helps to renew the cells of our body;
  • The nervous system is strengthened;
  • Camel thorn copes with various kinds of inflammatory processes;
  • Removes parasites;
  • If you are tormented by flatulence, the grass will come to the aid;
  • Can effectively withdraw phlegm from the nasopharynx;
  • Shamballa can help improve memory;
  • It helps in digestion: improves appetite, cleanses the intestines, strengthens the pancreas;
  • Is very effective in the treatment of the cardiovascular system, stabilizing the work of the heart in such unpleasant diseases as tachycardia and arrhythmia;
  • Coping with impotence in the early stages of the disease;
  • Grass can help a person regain strength after considerable physical exertion, increases the general tone of the body, gives courage.

Different peoples have their own customs of using medicinal shamballa. For example, in India, it is popular among women in childbirth. It helps to recover from childbirth, strengthen the body, and also promotes lactation.

In Europe, the plant is used by women who suffer from painful menstruation, relieving spasms and giving strength to a weakened body.

A real treasure trove for tourists around the world is the famous “yellow tea”, cooked from hilba. Perhaps you’ve heard of such widespread trouble as “traveler’s diarrhea”. This disorder of the intestines, which is caused by a sharp change in climate, eating during long trips, lack of immunity in visitors to some microorganisms, completely safe for the local population. So, healing tea removes symptoms of the disorder and normalizes digestive processes.

There is also good news for lovers of healthy and healthy food – raw vegetables and fruits, as well as legumes, which, of course, supplement the body with a mass of vitamins and trace elements, but as a side effect cause flatulence due to high fiber content. Healing tea perfectly copes with bloating, eliminating discomfort in the digestive organs.

If you want to learn how to properly prepare and consume such tea, I’m happy to be ready to share a recipe with you.

Tea recipe

So, for this, of course, you will need a camel thorn itself, namely its seeds, which, fortunately, can be bought at a pharmacy at a very affordable price. Two teaspoons dried and roasted seeds without oil, pour a glass of boiling water, then put on a weak fire and cook for about ten minutes.

After that, pour the drink into a cup and drink like a regular tea. Seeds, as an option, can be grinded on a coffee grinder, and, no longer boiling, pour a teaspoon of the resulting powder into a cup, let it settle for a couple of minutes.

It should be noted that tea is not only extremely useful, but also has a wonderful taste.

I also advise you to read my previous articles about water with honey, ginger for weight loss and basil.


Now, dear readers, let’s consider what danger can entail self-treatment helboy, and who better to abandon the use of this plant.

It is commonly believed that there is only one serious contraindication – this is pregnancy in the early stages.

Although many believe that fenugreek has a number of harmful properties. For example, a high estrogen content in a plant can adversely affect the health of women suffering from diseases of the reproductive system, such as tumors, fibroids, endometriosis.

Often the use of camel grass leads to the progression of these diseases. In addition, the same phytoestrogen, which is so much in fenugreek, can adversely affect the sexual life of men, disrupting the balance of male and female hormones.

In general, I should note that any self-treatment is not good. Even if you are sure of choosing a folk remedy that helps with this or that disease, do not be lazy after all to visit a doctor and consult with him about the use of such a remedy.

I hope the material laid out in the article has become useful to you, gave an idea of what the helba is, what its useful properties and contra-indications are. Leave, please, comments on the article, share information with your friends in social. Networks, and of course subscribe to site updates. Be always healthy, my dear!