How to properly perform a goblet exercise squats? Technology and Benefits

I greet everyone again on my blog. This time I would like to tell you about what a goblet of squats or squats with kettlebells. Also you will be able to find out how such squats and clear step-by-step technique are of use. We proceed to the main part.

Any squats with weight is a pledge of strong and strong leg muscles, a tight and beautiful priests (guy, girl – it does not matter), and also “hardened” abdominal muscles and lower back. Yes, all these positive moments can be achieved thanks to squats with weight. So what’s the difference between squats and weight loss from everyone else? This and we have to find out.

Exercise Features

The main, I would say, “highlight” in this exercise is that due to the cent shift of heaviness, the muscles of the legs, priests and back with the press have to work a little differently. What exactly are you talking about, I think, you will understand when it comes to technology. Aw, okay – I’ll say it now. In these sit-ups, you must hold the weight at the level of the upper chest, which leads to a specific position of the body.

The closest analogue can be the exercise “squats with a barbell on the chest.” This is in case, if you do not have a weight at hand, but there is a bar, and you really want to crouch along the technique of goblet.

Let’s return to the special features of the exercise. Despite the fact that in any squats one or the same muscles are involved one way or another, the goblet allows you to load more quadriceps muscles or, as they are called, quadriceps. That’s all.

Ah, no. As a result of training with similar squats, I am sure that in time you will be able to lift large weights, and one giri (even 32 kg) will not be enough for you. Therefore, in order not to stop improving your results, take two weights, holding them by the handles. But not just two at 32 kg, but, for example, 16 and 24 kg. In general – as much as 40 kg.

Yes, here the way of keeping two weighting agents is somewhat different than in the case of one additional weight. But everything comes with practice, so you practice in something new.

Why do we need such squats?

Well, first of all, because of the main feature of the exercise (shifted forward OCT – the total cent of gravity), the biceps muscles of the legs are strained slightly more.

A great way to pump your feet or remove excess fat, if you work on a “drying” scheme. In addition, because of the lowered pelvis, joints are loaded, which serves to strengthen them.

For girls – this is another way to include additional work in the ass. Well, and so on, nothing more that immediately catches your eye. How do you think?

Technique of execution

To begin with, I note that you can take the original position of the legs before or after raising the weight. Therefore, you yourself will choose one way or another – which is more convenient to say I can not.

So, let’s start with grasping and lifting weights. Put your hands on the top of the weights so that your thumbs are put in the handle, and the rest of your fingers are behind it. Grab the hilt from both sides, lift the weight to the level of your chest and turn it upside down. It turns out that the weight rests on your palms and is fixed with your fingers. You can even slightly lean the weighting on the chin, while it should not be located on the side, but on top of the dumbbell.

Staging feet. As I said, you can put your feet in advance or after lifting the weighting agent. But the way of setting is unchanged in both cases. The feet should be placed slightly wider than their own shoulders. Socks should look slightly to the side, somewhere 30 degrees from the “straight” position. Knees, like the hip joints, should be straightened.

Move down (squat). From the above described position it is necessary to perform flexion of the hip and knee joints, lowering the buttocks below the knee level. That is, the hips should be below the level when they are parallel to the floor. Yes, the technique is somewhat similar and at the same time different from the powerlifting. Crouching is necessary for low in both techniques, but the position of the feet and the width of the setting of the legs are different. In powerlifting, for example, in most cases use the classic setting of the feet – on the width of the shoulders, the socks look straight. And here everything is somewhat different.

I almost forgot. The back must be bent when lowering. Also, a variation is possible with protrusion of the priests back, which is very suitable for girls. But especially do not get carried away – the weight in front will not allow it to protrude far, and if you can do it, then you risk switching the load from the legs to the spine.

Move up (rise). There is nothing complicated in this, it is enough just to stand upright, straightening all the bent joints of the lower limbs. Only the position of the hands and the head remains unchanged; they do not have to move at all. By the way, about the head. As I said, the chin is on top of a kettlebell, but said nothing to look at. Look forward-up, as if throwing a little back of the head. This is the optimal position.


Here, in fact, that’s all. Goblet sit-ups are not as complicated as they seem at first glance, but very effective at pumping muscles and strengthening joints. If there are questions or you want to say your opinion, then I wait for you in the comments. Well, personally, I would be very grateful if you share this article with your friends / girlfriends on social networks and subscribe to blog updates. All the successes, all the best.

We swing bottom at home correctly

Hi, dear subscribers and dear readers. Today I would like to acquaint you with how it is correct to swing bottom in house conditions that for this purpose it will be required and that you as a result receive. I think, it is time to begin.

Home conditions, or rather, occupations at home, are really specific, because not only is the area for “maneuvers” limited to the interior of the home, so also sports equipment in short supply. I would even say – in acute deficit. Therefore, for those who want to tighten their ass and have slender legs, I’ll tell you how to do it all at home, using either a minimal set of sports equipment, or even using improvised means.

How the gluteal muscles work

In order to understand the work of the gluteus maximus muscles, we will resort to a course of literature on anatomy.

So, in the ordinary state, when we simply stand, the gluteal muscles support the whole body in the right (upright) position. When leaning forward, these muscles, or rather their upper section, also support the entire body, by pulling the pelvis back. And, if necessary, bend the legs in the hip joints, the large gluteal muscles (lower section) perform this function. This is simplistic.

During the work of the legs (sit-ups, deadlifts, jumps, bench presses on the hack machine, etc.), the gluteal muscles work in tandem (together) with other large muscles of the legs and trunk – quadriceps, hamstrings, lumbar muscles, press.

Why do I say “big gluteus muscle”? You are right, there are several of them – as many as three. But the “lion’s share” of the load during exercise falls precisely on the large buttocks. And they are responsible for the posture, attractiveness (convexity, form) of all priests. Therefore, I am generalizing and saying.

In short, all the movements associated with the hip joints are due to the priests muscles. But the movements are not only due to the gluteal muscles, these muscles are “one of”.

How to pump up bottom at home

For a start you will need to get couple folding dumbbell by means of which you will be able to increase or reduce loadings.

If at all there is no opportunity to get them (to lend, buy), excellent substitute will be to five – or six-liter gallons from under usual drinking water. At the beginning you can fill them with water, and already at advanced stage when you are involved in trainings, and there will already be not enough operating loading, can fill up inside sand. It is heavier. Yes, similar make-shifts dimensional, but cheap.

You will also need a skipping rope – you should not have any problems with it. If the pair of dumbbells is, say, normal, then in comparison with them the rope is a “drop in the ocean”.

Let us pass directly to the exercises that promote the pumping of priests. But, as you have already understood, the booty will not be limited to one thing: the trailer, the lower back and the lower section of the press will go.

Training program

1. Squats with weight.
The weighting agent can be placed in different ways: holding in loose hands or putting it on your upper back (trapezoid). In any of the options, you crouch so that the priest falls below the level of the knees. Not much, but lower.

Weight in this case should not touch the floor, if it’s gallons, and you hold them in your hands. The back is straight, the sight is directed forward and upward. Feet on shoulder width and look forward. Over time, you can change the width of the setting of the legs, and also increase the weight of the weights so that there is progress.

2. Squats near the wall.
I warn you in advance, the exercise is difficult, and its implementation can cause difficulties. It is necessary to find a section of the wall where it will be more or less “slippery” so that you can fidget on it with your back. So, stand with your back to the wall closely, and your legs take out 30 – 40 cm ahead. Put the feet together. Begin crouching without taking your back off the wall. Similarly, go back to the starting position. Exercise is difficult, but perfectly develops the buttocks.

If there is no such wall, take the ball and lean against the wall and crouch so that it rolls on the back.

3. Lunge with weight.
Hold the weight in your hands and do Deep lunge forward with either foot. The second one should not touch the floor with the knee. Return the leg back. Do the same with the other leg.

Drops can be performed on the spot or moving around the room. With the second option, you do not return the front leg, but substitute the back foot for it. Over time, increase the intensity of this exercise (do it faster).

4. Jumping out of place.
Make a squat, lowering your hips to a position parallel to the floor. Then strongly push away from the floor, unbending the legs in all joints, and jump to a height of 25 – 30 cm. If in the future, the load is no longer enough, then perform the same jumping from the rolls from the back. You will see, you will like it.

5. Romanian traction with weight or leans forward.
In loose hands you have weighting. Put your feet shoulder width apart, socks straight. The back is bent, the knees are slightly bent and fixed, and the head is directed forward. Perform extension of the trunk until it is fully straightened, and then return to its original position. You can vary the width of the setting of the legs. Experiment which “comes in” better.

6. Jumping on the rope.
Jump on the rope for at least 5 minutes per workout. But not on straight legs, but on slightly bent. Over time, you can bend your legs lower and lower, reaching almost to squat. Tried to jump in the squatter? It’s difficult, but effective.

If it does not work out, try jumping back and forth, from side to side on both feet or from one to the other. On two in a circle or on a square. And try to make alternate attacks when jumping rope. They are not too wide, but your muscles will surprise you.

7. Squats on one leg.
Become one foot on a solid hill at least 25 cm. The second will be over the “abyss”. Do squats on one leg. After change the position of the legs. At runtime, you can hold one hand for anything, but do not help yourself in this way. Do an exercise without burdening – and it will be so hard.

Exercise from the complex perform at least 8 and not more than 12 times (if you get more – increase the weight of the weighting). In total, each exercise should have 4 sets (more can be done, less). Complete the exercise with the press exercises.


Performing the above exercises, you will no longer be wondering how to properly pump the ass at home. Here are the most popular and effective. For any questions, please contact us in the comments. And I’m telling you “Until new meetings”. Subscribe to updates, share the article. All the best.

What muscles work with deadlift?

And again, hello. I want to thank everyone who looked to me “for a light”. Today you will find out what constitutes a deadlift, what muscles work during this exercise, and you can get useful tips that simplify your workout.

I do not claim the role of Columbus and I’m not going to “discover America” about the fact that it is the basic exercises that maximize the muscle mass and stimulate a lot of muscles and muscle groups. One such exercise is a deadlift,

That “she” is, racks and stuff

This basic exercise is very popular with representatives of power sports because it involves, roughly speaking, almost the entire body. Yes, some small muscles do not participate in the movement, but 95% of the muscles of the body, one way or another, contribute to the exercise. Some act as muscle stabilizers (responsible for the balance), while the latter directly affect the weight gain.

By the way, the deadlift for girls is an excellent tool for correcting your own figure: priests, all planes of legs, back and abdomen.

There are several ways to accomplish a deadlift, more accurately to use when performing several racks (legs sets). The most common was the so-called classical stand: the legs are shoulder width or slightly narrower, the socks look straight or slightly to the sides, the knees are not bred in the sides when the legs are squashed and straightened. If you hear an expression like “pull the classics” or “classics”, then rest assured that this is a classical setting of the feet.

The second rack is called the sumo rack. Its name was given to the production of the legs because of the fact that before performing the athlete’s feet are almost as wide as possible. This, on the one hand, is good, because the amplitude of motion is significantly reduced (the distance from the floor to the lifting of the bar, rectification of the back is reduced by one and a half times). On the other hand, this starting position does not suit everyone. But for the sake of interest, try both, and choose for yourself the most convenient.

The grip of the bar may be of the same name and different. The difference between them is that in the first case, the arms are taken for the bar equally, and in the second one in different ways (one of the hands is in reverse grip). Again, a different grip causes difficulties for beginners.

It is interesting that the deadlift has a variety – Romanian or dead deadlift. This is already a full, independent exercise, but the principle of exercise is very similar. In addition, deadlift (or traction on the straight legs, as it is also called) is often used as an additional exercise after the usual deadlift.

Tips for Beginners

Decided to gain weight? Correct solution. But do not waste time learning from your mistakes. Listen to a few tips that will facilitate the whole process of training.

Often an athlete can perform more repetitions in the approach than what is actually obtained – the brushes do not give. That is, they unbend, although there are still forces to repeat the exercise 2-3 times. The problem is very common. Do not use belts (or straps) to fix the bar on your hands. Thus you can not train the grip strength and your brushes. If there is such a problem, do exercises from arm wrestling or armlifting training programs.

Do not put anything under the bar (usually a rubber platform). This raises the bar to some height, and, therefore, it will be easier for you to do the exercise – the amplitude is less. It can play a cruel joke with you if you are, of course, performing. They do not allow “pads”, and you will not be accustomed to such an amplitude of movement – to lower it, it will need to be lower.

Also, do not perform the exercise in any horrible shoes. It is better to fork out for shoes with a special, measured outsole (rods, for example). Believe me, it’s better to pay with money than inconvenience in training.

Do not take a lot of weight at once. First and foremost, focus on the technique of implementation.

As for the position of the body, always keep your back bent or at least straight – it will allow you to maintain health and avoid injuries to the back and spine, and even more serious injuries. I’m talking about hernia.

After the set is complete, do not straighten out sharply: straighten your back and legs smoothly and slowly. With sharp straightening, dizziness often occurs, which can lead to loss of consciousness. This is due to changes in pressure on the internal organs and blood vessels.

Well, if you use Romanian draft, your legs should not be very straight. Bend them slightly in the knees, otherwise you risk transferring the entire load to the joints, and not to the muscles of the legs, as expected.

Muscles working during traction

Let’s start with the most obvious. Muscles of the legs and buttocks:

  1. Large gluteal muscles (that same sacred part of the body for girls);
  2. Quadriceps muscles of the legs or quadriceps (all the heads work, after all two pairs of joints – the hip and knee) are bent;
  3. Biceps leg muscles or hamstrings (for the most part, the lower head works, the upper one is more involved with traction on the straight legs);
  4. Calf and soleus muscles (mainly statically loaded);
  5. Small leg muscles (involved in the work of “trailer” biceps and quadriceps);
  6. Deep (skeletal) muscles of the legs.

Muscles of the press and waist:

  1. Extensors of the back;
  2. Rectus abdominis (lower section);
  3. External oblique abdominal muscles (responsible for the balance).

Muscles of the trunk:

  1. The widest back muscles;
  2. Large round muscles;
  3. Trapezius muscles;
  4. Rhomboid muscles.

Naturally, some hands and arms, or, more precisely, forearms and brushes get some load, because they are not responsible for holding the projectile. But about the growth of these muscles can not speak.

So, I hope, I was able to answer what is the deadlift, what muscles work in the performance of this multi-joint exercise and give you some valuable advice. Leave your comments, subscribe to blog updates, share articles with friends on social networks and be athletic. Good luck.

How to pump pectoral muscles to men and women at home?

Interested in how to pump the pectoral muscles at home? Then you have come to the address: my Internet blog is the place where I talk in detail about such issues. From this article you will find out what you need to pump your breasts, what exercises are suitable for this, and also something else.

Recently, occupations at home – this is a popular “thing”, because not everyone can afford to engage in expensive gyms (and even with a personal trainer), someone just does not have enough time for this because of work or children, for example , But I know for sure that everyone would like to look great. So it remains only to praise those who decided to engage, although at home.

What you can use at home

If you have a burden at home such as a dumbbell or a dumbbell – it’s great, it does not need to “sweat” because of bench press. But if such sports equipment is not available, and their acquisition is not expected in the near future, they can be done independently. Take two plastic 5 or 6-liter containers. Girls can fill them with water, and the guys with sand: water is easier than sand. To begin with, you can do an exercise with one weighting, then you can take two at once. Bench press is the main exercise for the chest.

You will also need two chairs or a stool, which is more convenient – choose yourself. For what I’ll tell you later. You can also buy a rubber expander – a universal tool for maintaining the whole body in tone. But we will adapt it precisely for the chest. It is not as expensive as a set of dumbbells, I would even say cheap, and the “exhaust” is significant.

For the development of the chest, one of the most effective exercises are push-ups on the uneven bars. But since the bars are not at home, and putting chairs on top of each other is not an option (traumatic), then we will do the leading exercises and combining them into drop sets. How to do it – I’ll tell you below.

Benefits of pumping the pectoral muscles

For men, the pumping of the breast is beneficial from the position that the development of the chest testifies to all physical strength, and indeed it is beautiful. Women in addition to beauty also play a role in their health – thanks to the developed pectoral muscles a natural corset is created to maintain … em … mammary glands, their visual increase. I do not know how to put it another way, but you understood what I mean. And I’m sure girls understand all the advantages of pumping a breast.

What exercises are suitable for increasing pectoral muscles

Well, the first, I already said, is a bench press. You can lie down directly on the floor, laying something like a veil, or make yourself an improvised bench, making several chairs or stools in a row. By the way, the second way is much better – the amplitude of movement in it is increased, that is not limited to the level of the floor, and the projectile can be lowered below. If the amplitude is greater, then the pumping is better. But this statement does not apply to all exercises. You can lay down lying down like sports shells, and homemade.

As for the expander, in this exercise it can also be used. Lay your back on him, picking up both ends. Do the bench press, stretching the rubber.

The second exercise – push-ups on improvised beams (on chairs). Put them so that there is enough distance between them for the passage of your torso (but not too wide). Lie with both hands on the edge of the chairs, and put your feet (ankles) on the sofa, for example. Bending your arms in the elbows, drop to some depth, and then straighten your arms. Try to work not with your body, but with your hands. Over time, you can increase the depth of lowering.

The third exercise is push-ups from the floor where you can focus on different parts of the chest. Wide setting of the hands – the outer part of the chest and the upper section, the middle (elbows near the trunk) – the inner part and the middle section. It is difficult to pump the lower section with such an exercise, but it is possible: take a narrow setting of the hands (the index and thumbs should form a triangle) and move your palms down under you. This position will make the lower chest work.

Using drop sets

The drop set means performing the exercise with the usual, working weight, and after failure – work without rest with reduced weight. That is, in the bench press you can press the working weight, and how tired you are – take the reduced one and continue to work until you are tired again. You can add another “step” – to take the weight even easier.

In push-ups on chairs (bars), you can remove the legs from the couch after the main exercise and lower them to the floor, directly under yourself. Continue the exercise by helping yourself with your legs, but not too much.

When pushing away from the floor, the drop set can be done like this: press normally, but as tired – get on your knees and continue the exercise. Thus, you exclude from work the weight equal to the sum of the weight of your shins.

Use of drop sets is often not recommended due to a strong exhaustion of the body. But if you use sports nutrition to restore muscle, you can do it more often.

This is one of the easiest ways to pump pectoral muscles at home. If you do it differently, then unsubscribe in the comments about your method. Share information with friends on social networks, subscribe to updates to my blog and stay beautiful in any situation.

Training program for gastrocnemius muscles for girls in the gym and at home

Hello. Especially I’m glad to welcome our beloved girls and women, because this article is more concerned with them. And it sounds like this: “Exercises for gastrocnemius muscles for women.” You know, the topic is rather narrow, and maybe I will not tell you anything new, but still I’ll try not to disappoint you with the prepared information.

To begin with, the human calf muscles are the strongest muscles in the whole body. Some people think that the strongest muscle is the language. Yes, the language is able to create pressure that exceeds the pressure of “calf”, but so the language as a whole is a combination of several muscles, and not the whole muscle. So the statement about the language is not entirely correct. The strongest are still the calf muscles.

Comparison of the arms and legs

In general terms, the legs are the opposite mapping of the hands. This, to put it crudely, there are differences, if anyone did not know. So, as well as on the hands, there are biceps (two-headed muscles) on the legs, there are muscles similar in terms of functions – triceps and quadriceps. And with what to compare calf muscles? Of course, with the muscles of the forearms. As with the forearms, there are several groups of muscles, and on the lower parts of the legs (shins) there are different muscle groups. How to swing them – I’ll talk just below.

Why did I draw a similar analogy? Yes, the fact that the forearm can be pumped up not only with exercises aimed at the work of the forearms. After all, when you work on the biceps hands, the muscles of the forearms also participate in the movements and, accordingly, grow. Exactly the same picture with the muscles of the shins: they can be stimulated to growth by not only various ascents to the socks, but also thanks to some exercises for the muscles of the thighs.

Exercises for women

Go tell that exercises for the “simulator” and for the house may differ due to technical support (simulators or lack thereof), but the principle of their implementation is the same. Let’s start by describing exercises that can be performed in specialized halls, where all necessary equipment is simply required.

In the gym

The first and most simple exercise is lifting on socks standing in the simulator. Here you can adjust the required extra weight. If we proceed from this exercise, then we get a few more: pushing the platform with a socks in a gak-simulator (you can change the direction of socks for working out different heads of calves) and climbing socks in the Swedish staircase.

These exercises differ only in the nature of the loads: in the first the weight falls on the spine, in the second on the legs, but the amplitude of movement is limited, and in the third one only the weight of the body is present, but on the stairs one can fall much lower (lower the heels) than in the previous ones Two exercises.

Raising on the toes standing can be carried out and on the floor, holding in your hands additional weight (dumbbells, weights, barbells or pancakes). The same can be done for each leg in turn, so even more effectively. By the way, as a weighting agent you can use your girlfriend: let him sit on your shoulders, and you just do everything necessary. Better, of course, this exercise is done near the Swedish wall.

As for exercises that are not related to socks, here you can use the following: bending the legs in the simulator (the trainers themselves can be in different types – sitting, standing on one leg).

There is another exercise – lifting on the toes sitting in the simulator, but it is more aimed at pumping the soleus muscles, although the work of caviar is also possible.

At home

As in the hall, you can do the lifts on the socks at home, using improvised means – self-made weighting agents, a bar about 7 to 10 centimeters in height.

Just get up in a convenient place for you, take in your hands or arm burdens begin to climb the socks. This same exercise can be done for both legs, but separately.

Excellent caviar, if you jump on your toes. This can be done with a rope, changing the position of the legs (one in front, the other behind, widely spaced legs).

You can also jump on your toes without a rope, making jumps, legs in the knees at the same time bend very little – push off with socks.

To replace the Swedish wall, you can use the same bar – stand on it and climb up, and then go down as low as possible.

Another exercise: stand in a wide rack, bend your knees, dropping the pelvis on their level, and now rise from this position to the socks. Heavy? Yes! But how effective.

Similarly, with bending the legs in the simulator, you can use the same leg bending, but using a rubber bandage (sold in a pharmacy) or a rubber expander. Tie it with one end to the battery, for example, and in the second make a loop, in which you will pass the foot. You can do it in turn for each leg, and for both at once.

By the way, walking on socks with weights in hands is a great way to stimulate your calf muscles.

Well, I have everything for today. If you liked the article, then do not forget to share it with your girlfriends. Subscribe to blog updates, leave your comments. All excellent results. Till.

The program of a training of a back for girls in gym

Hi, hi, dear friends. “At requests of workers” as spoke in the country which is absent any more, I decided to write article about a back training in gym for girls. Below the program will be provided, and also its advantages, methods of application depending on the purposes, and also explanations to separate exercises are described.

The male athlete well developed muscles of a breast and hands, and girls … decorate the priest, but also the trained back will hinder not, about her the speech in this article will go.

The back in itself consists of a set of muscles of both big (main), and small (auxiliary). In certain exercises the main muscles work for a back at first, and behind them small afterwards develop. For example, together with trapezoid muscles (the lower and average department) muscles of shovels – round, diamond-shaped and other well develop. Therefore the described below program will be directed first of all to strengthening of the main muscles. Additional will go “trailer” or “engine”, call as you want.

Features of the program for a back

This program is special in that regardless of the goals (mass, relief or development of the physical qualities of this part of the body), it can be used in all cases without changing the exercises themselves and their sequence. It will be enough just to change the weight of the weighting in the exercises, as well as the number of approaches and repetitions. How to do it – I’ll tell you.

Advantages of the program is that it can be harmoniously combined (supplemented) with other programs to other muscle groups, or used over and over again to develop a specific back.

Change of sets and repetitions. In general exercises (several muscular groups, several pairs of joints work) the quantity of sets (approaches) changes so:
on weight – from 4 to 6;
on force – 4 – 5;
on endurance – 6 – 8;
on a relief – 6 – 8.

The number of repetitions changes so:
on weight – 8 – 12;
on force – 3 – 5;
on endurance – from 15 and above;
on a relief – 20 – 25.

Change of scales of burdenings and shells:
Weight in general exercises on exercise machines or with shells (pullings up aren’t considered, for example, – it is work with a body weight) change as follows:
on weight – 75 – 80% of the maximum weight (that is there is so much how many you, dear girls, are capable to lift only once, it is no more);
on force – 85 – 90%;
on endurance – 50 – 60%;
on a relief – 50 – 55%.

But if it is simpler to speak, then the weight and force, and also a relief and endurance go nearby with each other so these indicators in parallel therefore it is possible to choose something average will improve.

Program for girls

As it is impossible to train the same muscles too often, the program is calculated on at most 2 of her uses a week, but I would advise you, in general, to use it all once a week. This results from the fact that muscles need rest. You don’t want to go in a month to trainings without mood, tired and to literally force itself to visit the hall? Then trust in me and do as I speak – time or two in a week.

Don’t forget to warm up before each occupation not to injure a muscle. If in exercises any terms are unclear, then address the duty trainer in the hall or “google”. And it is even better – ask me in comments.

Day 1

  1. The deadlift (classic) – the back is straight, it is necessary raznochvat, the main load on the legs.
  2. Romanian (dead) thrust – the legs are almost straightened, the back is bent.
  3. Thrust rod to the trunk (lower abdomen) in the slope – pull first with the shoulder blades, then with the elbows, the back is bent.
  4. Pulling or pulling the vertical block wide grip – to the chest and head for a pair of approaches, the back is straightened, again – first pulling the shoulder blades, and then elbows. If you can not pull up, then use the gravitron simulator.
  5. Shargs with a barbell – hands are slightly bent at the elbows, the head looks straight.
  6. Thrust rod to the chin – you can use the EZ-neck, elbows should look sideways and up, and not just sideways.
  7. Dumbbell cultivation in the sides in the slope – the back is bent, the head looks forward, the weights at the upward movement are slightly shifted back, and not like in a similar exercise on the deltas forward.

Day 2

  1. Deadlift (classic).
  2. Romanian (dead) thrust.
  3. Thrust of the T-neck or pull of dumbbells in the slope – the work begins with the shoulder blades, and continues with the elbows, that is, you first reduce the shoulder blades, as if lifting the weight only by them, and then bend the elbows, bringing the projectile to the bottom of the abdomen along the thighs.
  4. Pulling up with a developed grip (palms look at each other). If you, dear girls, can not perform a full cycle of pull-ups, then I suggest you do half-pulls – hold onto the crossbar, and your feet stand on the floor (almost touching your knees). The legs are relaxed. You resort to their help only when there is no strength to perform the exercise.
  5. Army bench presses sitting or in the Smith simulator – the back is fully pressed to the bench, the grip is wide, do not lower it below the chin. Run several approaches in front (on the chest) and behind (behind the head).
  6. The cultivation of dumbbells in the side lying on the bench face down – work mainly with the shoulder blades and muscles of the back, and not with the shoulders and elbows.
  7. Hyperextension (can be with extra weight or on an incline bench).

Additional exercises on the back

These exercises can be periodically included in your program, replacing others, or simply completing the complex.

  • Thrust dumbbells with one hand in the slope (for both hands alternately).
  • Pulling up with a back grip.
  • Thrust of the lower block with extension of the waist – hands hold the handle of the simulator, the work falls only on the lower back.
  • Extension and flexion of the back in the Roman chair.
  • Vertical traction to the chest.

Well, how, girls, cope with this program? But imagine what you can achieve by doing it.


Today I showed my back training in the gym for girls. I hope you will like it. Well, I suggest that you subscribe to the updates of my blog to receive new interesting materials and articles.

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Correct technology of performance of exercise Arnold’s press

All of us strive for perfection. And perfection demands efforts. All hi, friends, didn’t “see each other” long ago. In today’s article I will share with you information concerning what is Arnold’s press. Technology of performance of this exercise, naturally, will be in details sorted by me, and also the aspects and the interesting moments connected with this movement will be specified.

To pump up shoulders, that is deltoid muscles of shoulders, it is necessary to do presses of burdenings up in a standing position or sitting. Of course, there are also exercises not less effectively developing “deltas”, and at the same time the push-ups which aren’t connected with presses up, for example, on bars in any way. But among all other special attention one exercise, rather known in the circles, – Arnold’s press deserves.

Origin of a press of Arnold

For a start I want to tell you that this exercise has been thought up by all famous Arnold Schwarzenegger at the time of the athletic career. Though as it is thought up? Not from scratch he has created him? Yes, it is valid, exercise “a press of dumbbells has been taken as a basis sitting” and is simply added, improved by one more movement – a conclusion of hands (elbows) with dumbbells for additional loading of forward bunches of deltoid muscles forward.

In other words, Arney has created new, having taken at the same time as a basis known for a long time. Judge for yourself. The T-90 tank, in fact, is deep modification of his predecessor – the T-72 tank. But after all it is the new tank different from “father” many parameters. A similar picture and at us in exercises if who has understood my analogy.

What it is necessary for

As I have already told, this exercise means a conclusion of hands forward after end of a press of dumbbells sitting. This conclusion of hands is also that difference which does all exercise special: presses from each other differ slightly, at least — for fans of body building.

And so, carrying out presses of dumbbells or a bar, for example, you when lowering weighting compounds down, put them as if on the broadest muscles of a back, allowing to relax the working muscles – deltoid. If to remove hands forward (how exactly – I will tell slightly below), then the phase of rest vanishes, there is no place to put hands already – the widest won’t help here.

Here also it turns out that thanks to it removal of hands forward “deltas” receive additional loading, losing rest in the lower point of the movement. More precisely, forward departments of deltoid muscles most of all strain though at a press also two others work – average and back.

This exercise can be used as at an initial stage of a training of shoulders as much as possible to reduce them, and on final to kill them for the best study. But it should be taken into account that fact, friends that at the end of a training of shoulders in this exercise you, most likely, will take the weight of dumbbells less, various presses of burdenings will tire before with order your “deltas” up. And there is also different raising of hands in the parties, forward, if the program is made competently.

Technology of exercise

For performance it will be necessary for a dumbbell to execute to you with a weight allowing you up to 10 repetitions in a press of dumbbells sitting. Therefore spend one day for picking up this weight, but don’t do it in day of pumping of shoulders.

Further you need an inclined bench: lift her to a maximum up. Almost everything is ready, we will pass to the equipment.

Accept a sitting position on a bench. Feet arrange so that they were wider than shoulders, and socks looked in different directions. Take dumbbells in hand. Whether you sometime saw how boxers put the block against the rival’s gifts? How they expose both hands before themselves that the opponent hasn’t struck with him in a face? Make the same, but with dumbbells in hands (the return successful fellow): completely they don’t need to be reduced, let there will be a space between hands – nobody is going to beat you. It is also, actually, initial position.

After that develop elbows in the parties so that they were at the level of shoulders, but looked to the opposite sides, that is to the left and to the right. Naturally, dumbbells together with brushes are developed: handles already look forward, in not in the parties as earlier. Now execute a press of dumbbells from this situation sitting (straighten hands with scales) with “dovoroty” brushes: palms look directly before you, and handles of dumbbells – in the parties.

If it is simpler to describe technology of performance of this exercise, then three phases turn out:

  1. initial position;
  2. cultivation of elbows in the parties;
  3. straightening of hands.

It is necessary to return back hands in an initial position in the same way, but since the end: lowering of hands in the parties with turn of brushes, data of elbows before with the same turn of brushes.

Features of a press of Arnold

The main feature (and the most widespread mistake in combination at beginners) is deduction of elbows before itself. They need to be held at the level of shoulders without lowering.

As you understand, beginners without the assistance of the trainer or more experienced companion of it do not do that considerably reduces efficiency of exercise, and and all training in general. The meaning then of this exercise is lost.

If after all this exercise is carried out hard (urgent for the last approaches and repetitions), I suggest you to use the breath help: by each effort (at extension of hands up) you have to do an exhalation – lungs help to overcome resistance of free scales, that is pressure of dumbbells. Take a breath when lowering hands.

Arnold’s press, technology of accomplishment – all this for you, dear friends. If you want to learn something else about other exercises interesting you – write in comments. And I have everything for today, was glad to try. Subscribe for updates of the blog to be aware of all sports innovations, and also share this material with the friends. All the best.

The correct technology of performance of exercise a pullover with dumbbells lying

My respect, ladies and gentlemen. With you again I, and today you learn what is a pullover from dumbbells lying as to carry out it and for what it is necessary. Also I will tell about ways of performance of exercise, about an aktsentualization on concrete muscles and still something. Has intrigued? Then we won’t drag out!

All of us with you know that exercises are aimed at the development of concrete muscles: them there can be a little, and maybe one. But one fact remains (in most cases) invariable: exercises develop “parallel” muscles. It means that these muscles almost always work together, carrying out the same exercise. For example, chest and tricepses.

The pullover “behaves” absolutely differently: during his performance are put into operation as “parallel” muscles, and, I would be expressed, “left”, that is strangers. About what specifically muscles there is a speech, I will tell a bit later.

What is it?

By the nature the pullover from dumbbells is the exercise directed more to extension of muscles than on their development by means of efforts. If to look at the leading body builders claiming about uniqueness of usefulness of this exercise, then it is possible to understand that it is difficult to overestimate a pullover role in development. But the statistics says that the pullover isn’t so popular among the beginning athletes. And in vain …

The principle of work at what pullover? Correctly, extension. And how extension of muscles can help at a set of weight, for example, or at correction of own figure at girls? Yes it is very simple!

We will take, for example, cultivation of dumbbells in the parties lying on a bench. The same exercise is “stretch” too, that is stretching. But he is “hollowed” for some reason constantly, and right after pumping of pectoral muscles. Question: what for?

To stretch the clogged muscles. Therefore, to increase their “injury” which leads to a bigger gain of dry weight. Similar action happens and when performing a pullover – muscles stretch that influences their further growth.

What muscles participate in work

Generally the pullover is used for study of muscles of a breast and three-headed muscles.

But the emphasis can be placed also on the broadest muscles of a back, carrying out the elementary rules. By the way, in parallel with the broadest muscles develop also gear (lobbies). If it is interesting to you, you can look how they look where are and the figure of the athlete or athlete at their due development becomes how more beautiful.

For men the wide and developed thorax as the business card. For the girl tightened, and to tell the truth, the sticking-out breast – too plays a large role in respect of appeal.

All this can be reached by means of exercises on a breast and, naturally, a pullover. What principle of his work? Extension! But what extension? “Distributing” too the stretching exercise, but it is easier in performance. So why everything to complicate?

The matter is that “distributing” pulls breast muscles in width (in the parties), at a pullover pulls them up, that is in length.

This prospect is attractive to girls that the natural corset for a breast is created that corrects her sagging. In other words, the breast gets an attractive form. For men … And what for men? With them and so everything is clear: it is more chest – will shake more.

Ways of performance

There are two plain options of exercise, and in both you need a bench. You will be able to find suitable in gym? Then half-problems it is solved.

The first is to lie along a bench with lowered stupnyam on each side on a floor. The second is to lie an upper back across a bench, planting the feet against a floor and holding a torso in a certain situation.

As for the first method of execution, it is considered simple and suitable for beginners where big weights don’t play a role yet, and the technique of execution isn’t adjusted yet. In the second everything is slightly more difficult: there and stretching of muscles is at the advanced level because of the increased movement amplitude, and exercise isn’t restricted only to movement of hands for the head.

How to carry out?

In the first case it is enough to lay down on a bench, having recorded not movably legs on a floor. Further, you take a dumbbell in hand, you lift over themselves and you lower to themselves on the head (slightly lower than the top) almost on straight arms. Notice, almost on straight lines. That is they have to be a little bent in elbows and are recorded (elbows don’t “walk” during performance). You need only to return because of the head a dumbbell to an initial position and to repeat exercise necessary number of times.

In the second case you lay down across a bench (upper back), you plant the feet against a floor (width between feet is equal to width of shoulders) and you straighten a torso – it shall be parallel to a floor. You take a dumbbell in the same way as in the first option. Difference in movement back. Here you work not only hands, but also the casing: during lowering of a dumbbell back, you also lowers a basin down that considerably increases amplitude of movement of a dumbbell that leads to bigger stretching of muscles. Because of it skilled bodybuilders so love this exercise.

Emphasis on different muscles

During rise of a dumbbell up you can do nothing that to a large extent involves a breast and tricepses, and you can during effort specially strain the broadest and toothed muscles that will affect their study. Thus, the pullover can be considered versatile exercise.

As for breathing, here you shall take a breath on lowering and an exhalation on rise of a weighting compound. The similar technique will help with the considerable weight of burdening, and will be absolutely useless at the initial stages.

Pullover from dumbbells lying – an excellent method to improve itself or to put the body in order. And I have nothing to add more. If there are questions – favor are asked in the comment. I will remind that having subscribed for up-dating of the blog, you will be aware always of new articles. And having shared this article with the friends on social networks, receive a plus in a karma. Happily.

The best exercises for study and development of the lower part of pectoral muscles

If you read these lines, then for certain interests you how to pump up the lower part of pectoral muscles. Hello, dear readers and casual visitors of my blog. Now I will tell you how to achieve growth of the lower part of breast what exercises for this purpose approach more and what will be inefficient.

The sports girl is allocated by the tightened figure and beefy bottom. And what then allocates the guy? Bicepses? Not absolutely so. It is rather width of shoulders and development of thorax. It is possible to determine existence of pushing movements in the program of trainings of the guy by these criteria. And to pump up bicepses is for weaklings. Lump – here the real force.

How breast muscles grow?

As well as all others of muscles – by their stimulation by means of physical work (training), food and restoration. But all “trick” is that different departments or as them it is accepted to call bunches of pectoral muscles can develop differently. The hardly pumped most up department is top, but those cases at which lower lags behind are frequent.

Usually as it occurs? You begin to reap bar, dumbbells, to do distributings and BAM! the breast already, it seems, gets sportswear, to be exact the lower and average departments. But happens and so that lower lags behind owing to morphology or physiology – I do not know in what difference there. Do not prompt?

So, the pectoral muscles develop under the action of the jaw muscles (in which you repel something from yourself – they are also called jogging) and stretching exercises (when the chest can be stretched). As there is nothing absolutely pure or unambiguous in the world, it will not work for you (and anyone else) to pump only the lower fascicle of the chest muscles: in parallel with it, medium beams will be involved in the work, as well as the muscles of the shoulders “Delt”) and triceps. So we are arranged.

How to train breast?

If you have aimed to put breast in order, then be so kind as to release under exercises on breast two days a week instead of one as it is demanded by all normal systems of trainings. Usually advise to train first of all to keep the lagging behind muscles and leading simply in tone that “have not become limp”. Our case not exception. Therefore push back, legs and shoulders the background, but not the third if you understand about what I.

 Also, there should be rest between the busy days, so we put these days at the beginning and end of the training week. It is desirable that there is a gap between them in a couple of days. Thus, piles and triceps can rest and be restored (and, therefore, grow) fully. Naturally, you need to eat as well as when typing mass – eat more than was spent in training.

What exercises can be used?

It is important to note that the weight of burdenings needs to be picked up so that the last two repetitions were heavy. Do not hesitate to use the help of friends or companions with the hall on the last approaches. Well, and, of course, do not forget about warm-up.

Beginning of week

  1. Barbell bench press under negative bending – the bench is inclined down and you should reap up, but slightly obliquely in relation to the body. If have not understood – “Google” in the help. 4 approaches till 8-12 times.
  2. Dumbbell press under negative bending – in principle the same, as in the previous exercise, with difference only in apparatuses. And yes, do not forget what dumbbells to lift the same weight as was on bar, will not turn out: there hands work together, and here everyone is responsible for the weighting compound. 3 approaches on 10 times.
  3. Cultivation of dumbbells in the parties (“distributing”) – it exercise is aimed not at the concrete development of lower part, and at extension of the working parts of breast. In this case – the lower bunches. The more stretch breast, the more has to accrue. But be not overzealous – still nobody cancelled trauma. 3 on 10.
  4. Bendings and extensions of hands in emphasis on parallel bars. However, difficult name? It will be simpler to tell “push-ups on bars”. Adjust width of bars so that it was not wide, but also it is not narrow. If width is not regulated – work with what is I to you not the assistant here. 3 on 15 — 18
  5. Push-ups from floor. You want to learn how the full name of this exercise sounds? “Bendings and extensions of hands in lying support”. Difficult, isn’t that so? Deliver to palm (and fingers) on floor so that they made triangle, lower them a little down, on the level of solar plexus. Be wrung out 10–12 times in 2 sets.

Additional information: happens so that the hall has no the bench allowing to make negative bending. Well, then take bench with positive bending, lift it almost up to the end, put under bar in Smith’s exercise machine and level lowering of bar so that she to you laid down accurately on breast bottom (is possible slightly below). Shower legs (back part of knees) on bench top, and back you lay down down, previously having adjusted the provision of bar. Here to you and press under negative corner.

The end of the week

  1. Bar press narrow grip – not such narrow, as during the work on tricepses, but also not such wide, as during the work on average department of breast. 4 on 8 – 12.
  2. Push-ups on bars with additional weight – attach to yourself additional 8–10 kg of iron and be wrung out. Let you will not be able to do at first sets up to the end – do how many you will be able. In total it is desirable to make 4 sets on 6–8 times. Further is possible more.
  3. Push-ups from floor from eminence – put some eminences (whetstones, bricks, step platform) under palms. Because of the increased range of movement the breast literally will be broken off. I in general performed this exercise, leaning on handles of weights, for the lack of nothing else. You represent? In other words, it was wrung out on weights. I think, and you will find way. Make it in 3 approaches on 12 – 15 times.
  4. “Distributing”. 3 on 10, anything new. You can do, by the way, not distributing, and “butterfly” — same “distributing”, only sitting in the exercise machine.

The exercises which are not helping development of the lower part of breast

It is possible to rank as them: presses of bars and dumbbells under positive bending, back push-ups or as it will be correct, bendings and extensions of hands in rear support, push-ups from floor with broad statement of hands.

Here in principle and everything that needs to be known for this purpose how to pump up the lower part of pectoral muscles. Well, and I have all for today. Subscribe for updates of the blog, leave comments and you share this article with friends. All kind.

Proper technique of performance of exercise of squat of zerkher

You have noticed, dear girls and guys too that the modern male half of humanity likes girls not just with sports figure, namely with beefy and magnificent bottom? The same tendency is around the world traced! Hello, friends. I would like to tell you about what is Zerkher’s squats as to do them and that for this purpose is necessary today.

“Than, actually, these squats it is better than the others?” — you for certain ask. And it is better they for those that allow to achieve similar results at squat with bar on shoulders, but along with it without the burdening weight pressure upon backbone. More detailed it is slightly below.

For whom Zerkher’s squats can be necessary

You sometime squatted with bar on shoulders? Felt the inconveniences accompanying these squats? And so they can be avoided, having replaced with others, the truth. At once the picture from the old movie “Major Paine” where after the major’s question “you want to forget about the scelalgia has emerged?”, it breaks finger to the guy. The guy is already concentrated on hand pain, and the leg does not hurt any more. Joke, of course, but sense same – replacement of one inconveniences with others, but more acceptable.

These squats can be useful to those who have obvious problems with backbone like pinching of nerve, hernia and other problems, but persons interested to squat with additional weight for finding of worthy figure.

Also quite often by Zerkher’s method people who are confused by some discomfort squat: pressure upon shoulders and shovels of bar with which it is necessary to enclose towel, rubbing of bar at numerous repetitions and the subsequent pain or burning of skin.

No, I do not claim that squats with bar inconvenient or, upas My God, inefficient exercise. On the contrary. I only want to show different ways of acquisition of sports constitution.

All these unpleasant moments force people to look for the new exercises excluding similar inconveniences. And such exercises are. One of them – Zerkher’s squat. Yes, it is possible to resort to leg press in a hack machine, but you should take into account that the lumbar extensors and abdominal muscles (the lower section of the straight and the lower part of the oblique muscles) do not work practically with the leg press.

Also this type of squats seldom, but is used by weight-lifters, powerlifters and body builders for a change of the program and stimulation of muscles. All new is stress for muscles, and the stress is growth.

How to perform this exercise

For a start I will note that when performing leg (the direction of feet, width of statement of legs) are in the same situation, as well as at squats with bar on shoulders: if you squat in classical manner (feet look directly, legs shoulder width apart), then take the same position also in these squats, well and if you love non-standard stands (feet look forward and in the parties, and width of statement of leg can be different), then, naturally, choose this stand. Well, take the same, as usually.

Initial position.
The bar costs on the corresponding stands, but not at the level of shoulders, and it is slightly lower than the level of breast for convenience of removal of bar. Approach it and take middle part of bar elbows, having crossed at the same time forearms or brushes (depends on length of hands).

You can tear off bar from stands. But I will tell at once that there is also the second way of deduction of bar – on forward parts of shoulders. For this purpose you need to sit down a little under signature stamp, having put it on forward parts of shoulders. Elbows at the same time look forward, forearms at the level of shoulders and are crossed among themselves, and palms hold bicepses.

Now just straighten your legs. But keep in mind: with the second method, the rod control is slightly worse. And you have already chosen the way to hold the bar?

If you think that this description of the starting position has ended, then you are mistaken. After you have taken the bar of the bar in a certain way, move away from the posts by 20 – 30 cm. This distance should be enough for comfortable sit-ups. Next, set your feet in the way that you described at the beginning of this section. Now the starting position has become complete.

We pass directly to squats.
Movement down. Holding burdening, gradually bend hip and knee joints until you reach parallel – situation at which your hips will be approximately parallel to floor. As the weight cent during lowering will be displaced a little forward, be ready that your body will bend forward. Just adapt to it, putting aside bottom back and holding back of straight line or a little bent (consider, not bent, and bent).

Important point is smooth lowering and rise. If you decide to fall quickly, then the stronger you will sit down, the more will press down you weighting compound weight. If you want to get up quickly, then at full knee stretching the bar at you will jump literally on shoulders or hands (depends on grip), reducing your control over it.

Movement up. This movement is the complete antithesis to the previous movement, that is down. Your task to do everything with accuracy “to on the contrary”: smoothly begin to unbend all bent joints, straightening postural pose and giving bottom.

Statement of apparatus on stands. Now you just needed to approach stands and to lower on them bar. But do not do it, bending forward, burdening can move you, and you will fall. Just adjust bar to stands and bend knees, having lowered it.

What is necessary for squats

I will answer in two words: desire and the bar. Although no, three: racks. The equipment can be found in any normal gym, and the desire for viewing motivating clips or with obvious progress in the results.

A clear drawback of such squats is the inability of athletes to maintain maximum weights. But you are not aimed at this, am I right? Therefore, you should like sit-ups of Zerekher. And I have everything for today.

What do you think about this? Leave comments. And also talk about this article to your friends through social networks. If you are not yet with us, then I invite you, dear guests, to subscribe to the blog updates. I wish you to be always in shape and look 110%.