What muscles can be worked and loaded, being engaged on bars?

Do you know the phrase “All ingenious is simple”? It is this “genius” and simplicity that the usual parallel bars have. Greetings, friends. The topic of this article is both useful and practical in practice, and quite interesting in its content, and it is called so – “Bars: what muscles swing.”

In the program of any body builder, to be exact in days of pumping of pectoral muscles and tricepses, it is possible to find the exercises connected with work on bars. So why usual and plain, apparently, parallel bars enjoy such popularity at gymnasts, weight-lifters of different “colors”, athletes and even (Oh, My God!) at football players?

Everything is simple! Push-ups on bars belong to number of multiarticulate general exercises which involve besides the main big groups of muscles also set of small. It is possible to tell safely that bars, to be exact, exercises on them, allow to develop harmoniously all torso of body, beginning from physical qualities like force and endurance, and finishing with volumes of concrete muscles.

What else are the beams noticeable?

A full list of muscles that actively swing during work, as well as those that are auxiliary and grow a little slower, will be given just below. And now I can only say that squeezing on the uneven bars, you have the ability to always act differently on specific muscles.

What I mean? I’m talking about the position of the body in relation to the floor, if you are training in the hall, or the ground, if your classes are taking place on the street – on the sports ground. Moving the body forward, as if overwhelmed, you thereby provoke a shift of the center of gravity forward, which, in turn, forces the pectoral muscles to decrease more actively, or more precisely, their lower and slightly smaller middle sections.

The opposite option is possible, where the emphasis is placed on the triceps arm muscles, that is triceps. Here it is enough to hold the body more or less evenly (without any overturning or deflection forward), which will affect the greater activation of the muscular tissue of the triceps.

In addition, I can say that in the first case, the front beam of deltoid muscles (delt or, as everyone used to call – the shoulders) is more loaded, and in the second case the middle one, although in both cases the shoulders work completely.

Basic muscles

As you already understood from all of the above, the main muscles in the work on the uneven bars are the thoracic, triceps and deltoid muscles.

It is on the development of these large muscle pairs that athletes of various sports bet. And with full confidence I can say that doing only on the bars (without the bar or other simulators) can bring your torso in full order. I mean pull it up and get some muscle mass.

But if you are interested in further growing, and also increase your strength, then I recommend that you use extra weight. If you want to be embossed / embossed and have great endurance, then simply increase the number of approaches and repetitions in the exercise “flexing and extending the arms on the uneven bars”.

In addition, when talking about the beams, we understand that you can do not only the usual push-ups (when the legs are hanging down), but also the rear push-ups, push-ups from the bars in the resting position, when it comes to long, gymnastic bars, But not about short, combining a horizontal bar.

In this case, you can simply toss the ankles from above on the uneven bars and further work on the muscles described above.

If the bars can be adjusted in width, then in this case you can easily change the width of the setting of the hands in the rest lying on these very bars. Just rest in them with your hands and put your feet on them (in any way – sideways, socks). Now you have the opportunity to press off with a comfortable grip: the wrists do not weigh the weight of their own body, the fists do not hurt.

With push-ups lying on the uneven bars, by the way, the same muscles also work – only the nature of the loads changes.

I am sure that not all of us knew about such a non-standard exercise, which can perfectly diversify the same type of training program.

Additional muscles

To the number of additional muscles involved during the work on the uneven bars, we can include the broadest muscles of the back, trapezius muscles (some of them), round, diamond shaped (that is, the muscles of the shoulder blades), and (as strange as it sounds) the biceps of the hands and Muscles of forearms. Yes, believe this fact.

Pump these muscles as basic will not be possible thanks to the exercises on the uneven bars, but to tone them up, keep them in working condition – this is possible.

I wonder how they work, for example, biceps? Then look: during the repulsion phase, that is, when you push your body up, the main muscles work, but during the lowering phase (when you do not easily fall down, but try to descend smoothly) additional ones are turned on. And although the degree of their tension is not enough for a full-fledged growth, but it allows you to keep working muscles in tone.

By the way, the muscles of the press and the waist also contribute to the retention of the body in a certain position.

In short, I consider the bars to be a universal and indispensable simulator and assistant. Although now the modern “simulators” have a lot of devices that simulate exercises on the uneven bars.

But (personally my opinion), all this was invented for “Ponte”, but the real practical value there is less. Do you need to puff up or show off before the opposite sex, friends? Then decide for yourself which simulator is more useful for you.


So the article “Bars: what muscles are rocking” came to an end. Well, I was pleased to share with you my experience and thoughts.

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How can a thin guy become an athlete?

People always want what they do not have: summer – winter, winter – summer, thin – athletic body, full – aesthetic figure. Hello, friends. Today we will talk about how to gain muscle mass to a thin guy. And from today’s material you will learn what to look for, where to start, what exercises to use, how much to train and other interesting moments.

Excessive leanness, like excessive fullness, is not a verdict. It would be a desire to improve the situation. And, by the way, there are many examples of total reincarnation. So why do not you become one of them?

At first

Before you rush headlong into the “simulator” with the first training program on the Internet, you need to look at yourself in the mirror, and determine your somatotype, that is, the type of build. Personally, I can say if you are a thin guy or already a man, then, most likely, you can safely be referred to either an ectomorphic type or a mesomorphic type.

Such a definition is necessary in order not to waste time and from the very beginning to find out which complex of exercises to choose, how much and how to train, what is there or what can not be used.

How to do it? Take a good look at yourself. Can you say that you completely lack any fatty layer of the body (which is absolutely impossible, of course)? Then with a high probability you are an ectomorph.

If the features of the body are somewhat smoothened, and not angular or acute, the musculature is not very detailed (no vessels or veins visible), then, again, I’m inclined to assume that you have a mesomorphic type. Although I may be wrong, but at first it does not matter.

There is also a third type, but it is typical of full people. And the article is designed for skinny guys, is not it?

This event is necessary, because the principles and approaches to training are somewhat different. But there is also much in common.

Complex of exercises and training

After you are determined with the membership of your body to a certain type, you will have to choose a training program. If you previously were engaged in physical culture only at school lessons, then the program can be safely used up to six months (otherwise – 3-4 months).

Note that for lean people (ectomorphs) the basic exercises are more suitable, and isolating ones generally should be postponed “in the long run”. What do these two types of exercises mean? You can find out for yourself.

People with an athletic type (mesomorph) should also focus on basic exercises, diluting them with insulating ones. If the ectomorphs are 100% base, then the mesomorph 80 is 20%, where 20%, as you understand, the very single-joint isolation exercises.

The duration of training for the first type is about an hour, not more. For the second – an hour and fifteen minutes. The frequency of training for both will be optimal – 3-4 times a week. This allows you to work through the whole body, taking advantage of all the advantages of a split training. Rest between the approaches and exercises can also be optimal for two somatotypes: 2 and 3 minutes respectively.

There are also some questions about the number of exercises in the training program of the ectomorph: some say that there are enough 4, and some tend to 6. I will say this: do 4 and look at the state of health: if there are forces, then why not do all 6 exercises. The main thing is that this should not be at the expense of the length of the classes.

The intensity of the exercise should be average in both cases, provided that you will not yet raise almost maximum weights. That is, you do not work fast so as not to stray in technique and breathing, but also immediately, so that the musculature senses the load, otherwise the muscle growth will be unstable.

Personally, I would add that any beginner athlete, despite the type of physique he has, needs to clearly put the technique from the very beginning in three basic basic exercises – bench press, sit-ups with the bar and deadlift. This triple is the key to the success of anyone.

Food and water

Due to its rapid metabolism (metabolism), ectomorphous people can consume more fast carbohydrates without the risk of gaining excess weight. Therefore, they need to mass not only a large amount of protein, but also a large number of carbohydrates (both fast and slow) to provide the body with energy and better recovery.

With these same fast carbohydrates, people-mesophytes need to be a little more careful: they too must be present in a considerable amount, but their excess will lead to an increase in subcutaneous fat, and you will think that you are “on the mass”. It’s not quite true. So do this: slightly more slow carbohydrates, a little less fast. Balance them. Well, and, of course, a lot, a lot of protein.

As for water, everything is simple: drink a lot, and even when it seems to you that you do not want to drink. Dehydration of the organism adversely affects the collection of the mass. You need to drink both before the classes begin, so during and after their completion.

Sports Supplements

Quickly and qualitatively for lean to gain weight, but without sports nutrition – a problematic and requiring great patience and time. Therefore, the output is obvious: you need to use sportspit. If you are wondering what exactly – ask in the comments.

“How to gain muscle mass to a thin guy” is an interesting question. And I hope that I was able to help you to determine the tasks for yourself at least for the first time. Of course, as you begin to develop, you will change your approach to training, and the boundaries between body types will be somewhat blurry.

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10 exercises for the house and gym to pump up bottom

Dear girls and women! The elastic, beefy and beautiful bottom is interesting to you? That is it is interesting that your bottom was such? Then allow to tell you about what exercises need to be done to pump up bottom. I welcome all. Also let me long not tighten greeting, and I will pass to material statement. Let’s roll.

When it comes about bottom rating, what first exercises come to your mind? Give, do not hesitate, tell couple offhand. For certain it squats or lunges. And I cannot tell that you are mistaken – you absolutely are right though for a long time there is set of exercise machines in various variations for pumping of bottom. And how to be in that case?

By the way, generally the fifth point strains at knee stretching in hip joints, and at their bending – stretches.

I will try to mention both cases – how to pump over bottom of the house and as to pump over it in gym. Yes, all house exercises with the same efficiency can be applied also in gym, and here on the contrary it will turn out not at all, very few people can get and place exercise machines owing to cost or the limited area at home. And can you want to yourself the Brazilian bottom?

Exercises for home

As I said above, we will start from basically two basic exercises, different variations of which can be easily done at home, without taking up much space at the same time. But the effectiveness can be increased if these exercises are supplemented with other developmental (grinding, if you like) exercises.

In advance I will tell that at the initial stages you will have enough weight of own body (or its separate parts), but further it is required to increase loading. Therefore I advise in advance to get rubber expander and couple of burdenings. It can be both dumbbells, and self-made devices like the 5 liter container with sand or water. Further you will understand why all this is necessary.

Squats. You can carry out squats differently constantly to stimulate buttocks to growth: new exercise means stress for muscles, and it is prerequisite for growth. You can squat classically, with broad statement of legs, with narrow, with burdening, with expander and as you want – the benefit of various squats much. It is possible even at wall with statement of legs forward.

Lunges. Besides, constantly change ways of lunges – it will help you to work more qualitatively not only gluteuses, but also set of muscles of legs. For example, you can do lunges on the place, in the movement, skating lunges, diagonal lunges, lunges back, here and there, lunges with statement of back foot on height. Believe, the variety of this exercise will surprise you. You do not trust? Check.

Deadlift on straight legs. Yes, you need a weighting agent, but the benefit of doing this basic exercise is huge – you will immediately feel it.

Leg swings back. Here again it is possible to approach question of performance differently: it is possible to do standing at wall and straight leg, it is possible being on all fours bent in knee, in both cases it is possible to attach expander or burdenings in the form of belts with sand. This exercise is effective only after the main.

Raising of basin lying on floor. Too you can carry out depending on preferences and the level of readiness: it is simple to lift basin, straining buttocks, or with data of knees (you part when you fall). Each option is good in own way. You can complicate: put feet on height.

And in conclusion jump on jump rope up to 10 minutes.

Exercises for gym

I will repeat, all above described exercises intended for work in house conditions can be applied successfully and in the hall. But give I I will describe better those which can be done only in gym if, of course, you have no own gym at home. Well, I start.

Smith’s exercise machine. In it you can squat, changing both width of statement of feet, and their situation – with carrying out forward, for example, and also to do various lunges. By the way, deadlift (“dead” – Romanian) is possible in this car too.

Gakk-machine (gakk-exercise machine). Besides, at statement of feet on platform, you can accent load of gluteuses. For example, put feet together and as above in relation to platform is possible. In addition the leg press with different width between feet too perfectly pumps over buttocks.

Leg split (hips). Here what really you will not make the house, so it these cultivations. The exercise machine simple – just sitting in comfortable position, you part hips in the parties. You stimulate with this the treasured muscles to growth.

Leg swings back in the exercise machine. Straightening of hip joints is provided just by bottom (but not only it). In swings you consciously increase range of movement that leads to bigger loading of muscles. Excellent exercise.

Steppers and elliptic exercise machines. You remember about knee stretching? Well, the fact that thus the bottom shakes? And so permanent and long job on these exercise machines remarkably develops the fifth point of your body. About steppers I wrote here.

This is, perhaps, everything, except for the deadlift (“sumo” or classics), the pull of dumbbells like stanovaya, the slopes with the barbell and dumbbells, jumping out of the squat and a lot more.

I hope, I have it is clear explained what exercises need to be done to pump up bottom? If there are questions – set in comments. And if is not present, then subscribe for updates of the blog or you share this information through social networks with the friends and acquaintances.

Elastic bottom at home or how to pump up the Brazilian bottom?

I’m sure this topic will be very interesting for girls. Therefore, beloved girls, hello. Today I will try to tell you about how to pump up the Brazilian bottom in house conditions most in detail. In the article you will see a lot of useful information related to different areas – with meals, exercises, rest and other things. Are you sure you want to know the details? Then we begin.

Recently (the last about 10 years) there was a tendency to the fact that the girl should be appetizing (pumped up breasts and breasts, thin waist, weak sketching of muscles and all that), and the guy should be athletically built.

But in the early 2000s it was fashionable to be “anorexic” thin. Therefore, it is not surprising that today so many people are interested in bodybuilding, fitness or just a healthy lifestyle (everything new is a well forgotten old one), and social networks are full of pictures with beautiful girls and inscriptions something like “Guys love meat” and everything in This kind. After all, am I right?

But in the name of this material there is word “Brazilian”. Why Brazilian bottom you want? Why not Portuguese, for example, or we will tell generally – European? Why, actually, Brazilian? Let’s understand.

Why bottom – Brazilian

Tell me, what do you know about Brazil? Surely, you immediately came to their carnivals, masquerades and crowds of dancing youth in colorful dresses. And just try to say that I’m wrong.

Personally, I still know about Brazil that there are constantly held competitions of women, girls, moms and even grandmothers. At competitions determine the best figure, as in the “Miss World” (this, if we say simplified). And what kind of figure can a grandmother have, for example? Well, all right, girl. Well, okay – a woman. But grandmother? “Yes” – I will answer you. There grandmothers in their 40 (and 45, and 50) look just charming, and can give odds to the young. And with what is it connected?

Brazil is not considered a rich country: it has many poor people. But, nevertheless, it is a hot region with a lot of beaches and such competitions for the beauty of the figure and body of women. And what else do adult women, where there are full gyms, beaches and “hot” men?

Look at least one contest from Brazil, and you will understand why the adjective is not “European”, but “Brazilian”.

But enough about this, let’s move on to the highlight of our topic. How to achieve such a figure?


In the earlier article “What Exercises Need to Be Done to Pump Up Bottom” I already said that buttocks shake during extension of hip joints, that is at knee stretching. And if we are talking about home conditions, then think about what exercises can be at your disposal. Squats? Right, Blows? It is truth too. Let me supplement the list:

  1. various squats;
  2. various lunges;
  3. different raising of basin lying on floor;
  4. leg swings back (it is possible with resistance of rubber expander);
  5. raising of the bent and straight legs being on all fours (it is also possible with resistance);
  6. deadlift;
  7. jumps on jump rope;
  8. Jumping out of the squat.

But the beefy bottom needs to be studied not easy, but also to stretch that it grew quicker – literally this word. Therefore I advise to do upon termination of occupations extension on legs.

Girls! With you I will be frank: You will not be able quickly to increase to yourself fleshy buttocks if you do not eat properly. Guys can shake, but is not adequately, and grow, their organism is full of testosterone. And in you it is not enough. Therefore compensate it by the food necessary for the constant growth of muscles (buttock – not exception).

I want to tell that muscles need protein. It can arrive to you both with food, and with sports food. But it is better to approach question in a complex: use everything together.

Concerning rest and restoration I can tell that you will need to get enough sleep, and also to allow the bottom to have a rest: do break between trainings at 48 o’clock.

Each employment should differ from previous though in something is will provide a constant gain of a muscular fabric. Therefore make the most of all arsenal of exercises on legs and buttocks constantly to progress.

In advance get jump ropes, expanders, and it is even better – folding dumbbells and “small weights” (belts with sand on legs) that your training really was full and effective. Set of exercises demand the additional equipment, but not demanding it will give effect only at the beginning: sooner or later you get used to resistance of own body, and muscles need new incentive – additional burdenings.

The frequency of training should be within 3-4 classes per week, and the duration of an individual training should be 45 minutes on average (you work for the same group of muscles, longer it does not make sense to train them).

The number of approaches and repetitions I can not say in advance. For growth, usually 4 sets (approaches) with 8-12 repetitions in each. If you feel that you can do more, then this indicates a lack of workload. Therefore, increase the weight of the weights.

I hope, I could answer the question “How to Pump Up the Brazilian Bottom in House Conditions”? If not fully, then I ask – ask questions in comments. Well, and I need to say goodbye to you. Subscribe for updates of the blog, you share article, and be beautiful. Bye bye.