Fish oil – than useful for men

Friends, good afternoon! I’m glad to welcome you all here. Today I want to talk with you about “The benefits of fish oil for men.” In my opinion, this is one of the most useful additives for a person who wants to protect their health. Do not you think so? Then you urgently need to read this article.

Composition and benefits

Fish oil is a dietary supplement that includes two types of essential fatty acids – alpha-linoleic acid, as well as LA (linolenic acid).

The synonym is ALA = Omega-3 fatty acids, and LA = Omega-6. These fatty acids are not synthesized by our body, we need to receive them from the outside. These acids contribute to:

  • Improved joints and ligaments (this is especially important for people who are involved in sports, this will prevent you from injury, and add elasticity to your ligaments).
  • Improved lipid profile.
  • Improving the production of testosterone (one of the major male hormones).
  • Improvement of the brain work (they preserve the flexibility and elasticity of the membranes in the first place of the brain.) If a shortage of fatty acids is found, the quality of the membrane can change, resulting in a decrease in the cognitive abilities of the individual, damage to mental activity, a violation in the volitional sphere, as a result, the possibility of depression is increased).
  • Reduces the viscosity of the blood, resulting in improved pressure in men.
  • Increased bone density (a note to young mothers, this property is important for your children).

Already convinced of the benefits of fish oil for men? If not, then continue and here’s a series of conclusions about its usefulness.

Fish oil protects against schizophrenia

Employees of the Melbourne Institution together with workers from the Vienna Medical Institution conducted a fair number of experiments with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. The first experiments gave us that omega-3 restrains the development of the disease, and from another aspect, in persons suffering from schizophrenia, the degree is sharply crumbling.

The new experiment involved a fair number of new recruits aged 12 to 26 with the first signs of the disease: for example, several had auditory hallucinations (“voices in the head”), but they lasted only a couple of days, the rest seemed that some or Something tries to harm them, these thoughts were lucky enough to quickly break off. Often these symptoms are less than a year later, they become real schizophrenia.

Half of the people during 4 months were given capsules of fish oil, concentrated omega-3, the second used a placebo, there was only a smack from real fatty acids. Subsequently, the course of tablets for recruits experimented for almost 8 years.

The results were as follows: schizophrenia only got sick of 10% of those people who consumed fish oil, and 40% of those who consumed placebo. The results of the experiment were fully published in the records of Nature Communications.

Omega-3 has a big advantage over ordinary antipsychotic drugs, their advantage is that from people with omega-3, there is no increase in cholesterol, no weight gain, no threat to diabetics.

How much to use?

Dosage for an ordinary man should be 1.5-2 grams per day, if you take 500 mg capsules, then it’s 3-4 tablets. For men who exercise, it is better to take 2.5-2.8 grams. To protect your joints and strengthen them.

Side effects

They can be, only in case you strongly overdo with taking omega-3. It is not recommended to take fish oil to people who suffer from “pancreatitis”. It can also be a vitamin poisoning, it contains vitamins of groups A and D, an excess of them can harm your health. But if you follow the rules that are described in this article above, then everything will be fine with you.

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What is the use of fish oil for children?

Hello, dear readers! For more than one decade, our beloved parents have been given fish oil as children. Only here few people thought about what it is so useful. Let’s try to understand with you this question.

Beneficial features

Due to its rich content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins E, A and D, it perfectly improves the blood circulation of the children’s brain. Of course, this has a beneficial effect on the brain as a whole and enhances the child’s mental performance and intelligence.

It is important to note that fish oil and hyperactive children, which are now very much in our gardens and schools, are useful. Due to its properties, they become more attentive and focused. Agree, this is very important in the process of studying.

Well, tell me, who among you did not come across such a phenomenon as a child’s hysterics? Perhaps, there are no such. How sometimes it’s hard to calm a raging child who is demanding something fiercely. So, in this case, fish oil will come to the rescue, which perfectly influences the child’s psyche and prevents the emergence of stress.

Vitamin A, found in the composition eliminates such problems as brittle nails, improves the appearance and condition of the baby’s skin, and also strengthens the hair.

Another plus in favor of this food supplement is its ability to enhance immunity. And this question worries more than one generation of mothers on the whole planet. Plus, he controls the level of cholesterol in the child’s blood and prevents the development of obesity at an early age.

Indications and contraindications

Who should take:

  • Hyperactive children.
  • Children who are very often ill with colds.
  • Presence of diseases associated with visual impairment.
  • Children with congenital heart defects.
  • Children with mental development disorders.
  • Frequent depression in a child and sleep disturbance.
  • Postoperative period in children.
  • Prevention of acute respiratory infections.

Strangely enough, it sounds, but for use there are also contraindications:

  • It is not recommended for children with congenital diabetes.
  • Chronic low blood pressure in a child is also a contraindication to the use.
  • Allergy to seafood.
  • With diseases of the stomach.
  • Tuberculosis in the active stage.
  • Severe injury to the child.

Can I give babies?

It is believed that it is possible to give fish oil to infants, but this should be the doctor’s recommendation. This is often advised to his children on artificial feeding. This is because they do not receive the required amount of omega acids. But again, we do not recommend self-medication, because you can only harm your child.

The course of treatment and dosage should be prescribed by a strictly treating pediatrician, taking into account the individual characteristics of your child.

Which kind to choose?

Currently, liquid fish oil and encapsulated fish are on sale. The question is, which one to choose? Given the specific taste of this product, not all children love it, but rather almost everyone does not like. The way out of this situation will be capsules, which have no unpleasant aftertaste. It is recommended to give these capsules to children while eating, while the liquid is best absorbed right before meals.

It is worth noting that the pharmacy you can offer specifically for children with different vitamins in the composition. This is wonderful, but before going to consult with your doctor. If there are no contraindications, then you can start the course boldly.

So, what kind of fat to choose, it is a personal matter of every mother and the taste preferences of the child.

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How correctly to jump over a skipping rope?

Hello, readers! Surely you know that jumping rope is very useful for health. If you doubt it, then be sure to read this article, and there will be no doubt. From it you will learn about the types of jumps, as well as the technique of how to jump on a rope with a cross.

In fact, the rope is one of the most effective simulators. Maybe someone does not believe this, but it really is. It’s hard to imagine that a projectile, which in childhood used everything as entertainment, can really help every person. It is simply necessary for those who dream of throwing off extra pounds. If you belong to such people, you need to read this article.

All are well aware that the right load makes it possible to make the body beautiful and fit. This is true, and many people who hear this thesis immediately go to the gym. In fact, it is not necessary to do this, because you can always jump on the rope.

Such physical activity will help get rid of annoying fat, and will also allow you to always be in a good mood. All you need is ten, fifteen minutes a day, fresh air, and the rope itself. If you add to this the right diet and mass desire, then definitely everything will work out as well as possible.

Variants of training

In fact, there are a lot of options, how to make a workout, if there is a skipping rope. There are different options for jumping, which equally well affect the body. Next, each species, and its features, will be highlighted.

The first type of jumping is classical. So, everyone jumped in their childhood and jumped now. The skipping rope rotates, and a person should simply jump over it at the moment when it is under his feet.

The second type is jumping with crosses. This option is considered the most lightweight, because it does not require special efforts. As a rule, jumps with crossings are performed at an average pace, and are designed for warm-up.

The third type is reverse. Performed exactly as classic, but the rope rotates back, not forward. Use those who have the necessary experience in classical jumps.

The fourth view is with double scrolling. This variant of jumps is considered one of the most difficult. Use it, as a rule, professional athletes, or those who have a good sporting form. A beginner is not recommended, as there is a risk of injury.

The fifth view is cross-shaped jumps. Such jumps are considered one of the most difficult, along with double scrolling. They should be focused on, because they should not be performed without special training.

Cross-shaped jumps – machinery

In fact, you can see how many children jump this way. They get it mainly because they are small and insanely active. Adult people who want to learn how to jump like this often face serious difficulties. The fact is that there is a whole algorithm of actions that will help prepare the body for such jumps.

So, if you want to learn how to jump on a rope with a cross, you should read carefully. First of all, it is necessary to conduct a qualitative warm-up, so as not to get an annoying trauma. Warm up a few minutes, and it’s best to spend these minutes on jumping back and forth, and left – right.

After the warm-up, you can start the exercise.

  1. It is necessary to accept the starting position, as before the usual jumps.
  2. You need to start with the usual jumps.
  3. At the moment when a person realizes that he is ready, he crosses his left hand with his right, and lets the rope over him.
  4. At the time when the hands will go to cross, the brush should be wrapped inside.
  5. Legs need to be bent slightly stronger.
  6. Everything repeats in a circle.

At first glance, it may seem difficult, but after a few training sessions everything will turn out to be easy.

If a person does not have any experience in jumping rope, then he should take his time and jump in the classical version. After that it will turn out without problems, it is possible to pass to cross jumps.

A bit about the length of the rope

The length should be matched exactly according to your height, if you certainly do not want to get injured.

To determine the desired length, you need to fold the shell in half. The length should be slightly higher than you.
If the rope is too long, then the person will constantly get confused and get lost. As a result, there will be no result from such training. If too short, then nothing but discomfort you will not feel.


Regularly jump on the rope with a cross, and you can always be in good shape. In a few weeks after the beginning of the class, you will see how your body has changed. The main thing is to follow the technique, and do not be afraid to admit to yourself that you have not yet learned how to jump.

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How to choose the right size and length of sticks for Nordic walking?

Greetings, dear reader! If you read this article, then you are engaged, or plan to do Scandinavian walking. If this is true, then this article is definitely useful to you!

Everyone knows perfectly well that in order for a person to be healthy, he must necessarily move. The best solution is a walk in the fresh air.

To date, more and more popular is a sport such as Scandinavian walking. This article will tell you that this kind of walking is of itself, and it will also help to choose sticks. If someone thinks that sticks can be chosen, not without much effort, then he is seriously mistaken.

The fact is that, depending on how correctly the length of the sticks for Nordic walking is chosen, your health will depend first of all. It is necessary not only to preserve health, but also to strengthen it, it is necessary to read further.

What is Scandinavian walking?

This sport involves ordinary walking, during which ski poles are actively used. Often you can hear that such walking is called Finnish or Norwegian. It forces almost all the muscles of the body to work. The main load goes to the legs and hands, but if you do the movements correctly, you can work the chest and shoulders.

To choose the right stick, you must clearly adhere to a few basic points. First of all they should have a comfortable handle. If it is uncomfortable, then the lessons will cause primarily discomfort.

The second point is the tip. It should be made of a hard material that can provide good adhesion to the surface. It should be ensured that the tip has an elastic band that will prevent its rapid wear.

The stick must be strong enough to withstand even the highest loads. It is made of carbon or aluminum, and is integral and demountable. Well, the most important parameter is length.

The maximum result from training can be obtained only if the length is calculated correctly, relative to the growth of a person and with the correct technique. If you make a mistake in the calculations, you can not only not get a positive effect, but also harm your health.

How correctly to calculate the length of the sticks for Scandinavian walking?

In order to properly pick up equipment, you should use a special formula or determine by eye (applies only to experienced athletes).

The formula is as follows: the length of the sole is added to the growth, and the amount is multiplied by 0.66. The result, which will eventually be rounded.

If you determine visually, then you should also follow some rules. You need to take the sticks, and put them so that the tips are opposite the heels. The elbows should be pushed to the body as much as possible. The hand at the folding point should form an angle of ninety degrees.

If everything turned out, then the stick is chosen correctly, if not, then it is necessary to continue the search. It is worth noting the fact that in both cases the length of the equipment should be less than the growth of exactly half a meter.

If the stick is too long, then the physical load will be higher. It can be concluded that the length of the stick allows you to adjust the load. Given this factor, one more important point needs to be clarified as to how to properly determine the size of sticks.

A very important role is played by the physical state of the person, and also by the length of his arms and legs. If the length of the equipment is too short, then there is a risk that the body will bend forward forcefully. This will lead to the fact that it will not qualitatively come off the ground. A poor-quality push has a negative effect on the development of the hamstring.

A few tips for beginners

A beginner to choose a stick is not very difficult, but you need to remember a few points. First of all, it is worth paying attention to products made of aluminum. It is better not to spend a large amount immediately, because the formula that is given above can not suit every person.

The athlete only after a few classes will be able to determine what length he needs. Start better with a minimum height, and then move on ascending.

The second factor, which speaks in favor of the fact that it is not worth much spending – Scandinavian walking may just not like it. It is best to start with the most simple sticks.

Experienced athletes know exactly what they need, and what load will fit perfectly. Professionals use solid sticks, the length of which is chosen according to the formula.

Taking into account the information obtained from the article, everyone who wishes can correctly calculate the size of the sticks for Nordic walking. Correct and regular training will help you to always stay in good shape.

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What exercises to carry out to men with a spring expander?

I welcome you, dear readers, I offer your attention interesting and informative material on a subject: exercises with a spring expander for men. You ask, what is it, why to you and what advantage of him, and I will give the answer to these and other questions.

I will tell what pluses of the exercise machine, as it works that doctors and professional coaches tell about him also the main how to train and as to use him. Therefore remain with us and learn everything about a spring expander.

The most practical and functional

Soon, therefore, as never before, you need to think about restoring the physical form, and in this expander is your first assistant. First of all, it is inexpensive, takes up minimal space, but the set of exercises is as wide as possible. So, by purchasing only one expander, get the simulator for almost the entire body. As they say, all the beauty in simplicity, so the simulator is very simple and simple in its construction.

Spring Expander – this two handles are connected together by several steel springs. At the ends of the springs there are small hooks, with which the springs are attached to the handles. The maximum number of springs on the expander can be from 4 to 8 or more. The expander works by stretching the springs, overcoming spring resistance provides a load on the muscles, develops their strength and increases the amount of muscle.

Thanks to a large number of springs it is possible to correct loadings respectively, reducing quantity of springs, you reduce also loadings. As a result of shooting and addition of springs you will be able individually to choose for yourself loading depending on your physical shape.

It can be transformed. Namely: you remove handles on the one hand at two expanders, attach these ends hooks among themselves, as a result you receive a long expander of 120 cm of length.

It is possible to connect handles of two expanders a usual belt and by means of such design, the exercise machine for additional types of exercises turns out. It does it by universal it that will be suitable for a change exercises and even for female half of humanity.

The shoulder group of muscles will say thank you for the exercises with the simulator

At the choice of a spring expander it is worth remembering! For you that expander which at the maximum load you will be able “to stretch” no more than three times will be correct. There are spring humeral expanders, and spring expanders for hands and a finger.

The spring expander for hands is directed to a training of each finger separately, a joint hands and developments of a hvatatelny reflex. Doctors strongly recommend this expander to office workers and people with sedentary work, tightening of an expander promote improvement of blood circulation in an organism.

At a chest arm spring expander much ampler opportunities. They can train muscles of a breast, a forearm, a hand and a back. On its basis it is possible, to make even the program of trainings.

Most often doctors recommend to use this exercise machine for morning exercises.

Advice from professionals

Professional coaches always recommend to use the old kind and well checked spring expanders for a training. They advise to be engaged with him in the morning and in the evening from two to three times a week. Big plus of an expander — it it is possible to be engaged anywhere: at work, houses or not the nature.

In the morning with him it is enough to execute from two to four exercises and if you have included an expander in the main day training, then the set of exercises should be increased ten times.

It is necessary to begin exercises with small loading with one or two springs. With growth of trainings add also a spring, so that it was easy to execute for one approach from 6 to 10 times. At such loading to be engaged on an extent of 5-6 trainings. Subsequently add loading so that it is possible to execute exercises 4-5 times with repetitions in two approaches.

If trainings three times a week then to carry out this set of exercises within a month so far, the complex partially or completely isn’t replaced with more difficult loadings. Generally, exercises can be the most various. Everything depends on you and your desire, but after a month of occupations with a spring expander you will see the true consolatory results.

Exercises with a spring expander for men it is best method to strain the muscles, and always to keep them in a tone. Having bought once an expander, you are convinced that you made a favorable purchase. Therefore dear readers, be always in good shape and in good mood. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates of the blog. You share articles with friends on social networks and put likes. Bye bye!

Effective exercises for men with a breast escapander

Greetings in my blog! Today I want to suggest some tips how to pump up muscles, having at hand only a chest expander. Exercises for men have their own specifics, so I want to dwell on them.

Many representatives of the strong half want to have a beautiful pumped up body that attracts the gaze of women. This is especially true in the spring, when the hot season is at hand. Or there is a desire to exercise, but there is no time or opportunity for attending a professional gym.

In this case, you can buy an ordinary chest expander, which is a rubber tourniquet, limited by two handles, and perform relatively light exercises at home. These expenses can not be hit by a pocket, and the result will not be worse than from training on simulators.


First you need to decide which muscles you want to put in order. This will determine the direction of the exercises.

Muscles of arms and shoulder girdle

  1. Stand straight, legs a little dilute. Taking a shell for both handles, stretch your arms forward and spread them to the sides, at the same time exposing one leg in front of you and squatting on it. Another leg and both arms are not desirable to bend. Do 10 repetitions and change your leg.
  2. Stand on the handle and pull by the hand behind the other end of the projectile, with the arm bent at the elbow. After 10 times change your hand. Keep in mind that only the muscles of the forearm work, the back and legs should not move. Only in this way it is possible to pump up the biceps qualitatively.
  3. While holding the expander for both handles, straighten one arm to the side parallel to the floor, while the other, bending, press against your chest area. Without changing the starting position of the straight arm, bend straight until it stops and bend again. After 10 repetitions, change your arm. With this exercise, triceps are perfectly trained.

Muscles of the press

The chest expander can help during the exercises on swinging the press. Using it, you increase the load on the muscles, which leads to a better result.

  1. First of all, attach the expander to one handle on the wall opposite the one where you will be engaged. Then you need to lie on the floor, fixing your feet under some kind of stop, and lift the trunk to your knees. In this case, the hands, put behind the head, keep the projectile for the other handle.
  2. In this exercise, the expander is still fixed on the wall, and the other end is on your feet. It is necessary to slowly bend your legs from the prone position in your knees, pulling them to your chest. In this case, the tourniquet is stretched, increasing the load on the muscles. Then the legs slowly straighten, taking the original position, but do not forget that you do not need to relax the muscles until you do 10 repetitions.
  3. This exercise is aimed at training the lateral muscles. Stand, legs spread apart shoulder width. Taking an expander for one handle by hand (it should be lowered along the body), the second side of it fasten under the corresponding foot. Then you make the slopes to the side opposite the one where the projectile is located. After 10 approaches, change sides.

Muscles of the legs

  1. Exercise is performed sitting not in the chair. The expander is fastened at one end on the opposite wall or under some kind of interior object. In the second ring-handle thrust his foot. At the expense of “fold” the leg is raised parallel to the floor, while the thigh from the chair does not tear off. After 10 repetitions, change your leg.
  2. The expander is also fixed with one end on the wall. Stand on one foot, holding your hand to the other end of the projectile, and slowly squat (the second leg is bent at this time). Then, too, slowly climb up to the stop on the toe. In order to maintain balance, you can use your free hand to lean on a chair or other support.

Features of exercises

During classes with the chest expander, you need to remember some features that will help make the exercises more effective, without causing harm to the body.

  • Like any other sport activity, exercises with an expander should start with a little warm-up. This is a prerequisite for warming up the muscles before more serious activities.
  • Any such exercises are designed to perform at a leisurely pace, so the chest expander is arranged. Exercises for men are no exception. Reduce muscles need to smoothly, slowly overcoming the resistance of elastic rubber, and then also gradually take the starting position. Gusty movements, especially for an untrained body, can lead to a deplorable state.
  • Between several approaches, you need to take small breaks to relax the muscles.
  • If you have just started to deal with an expander, then just do exercises for 10 repetitions do not. Start with fewer, gradually increasing repetitions. Listen, first of all, to yourself.

If you perform exercises with the chest espander neatly and according to the rules, you can achieve excellent results even at home. I hope, my advice will help you always stay in shape. Subscribe to blog updates and advise it to your friends. Until next time!

Where is the meldonium?

Good afternoon, dear readers. Surely, many of you regularly watch the news from the world of sports, and heard that recently, the sports community was shocked by a whole series of doping scandals. In the blood of athletes was discovered a prohibited drug meldonium, which you can freely purchase at any pharmacy.

Maria Sharapova was convicted of his use, the composition of the youth hockey team had to be changed, almost in full force, due to the presence of remnants of meldonia in the blood.

“What kind of a drug is this?”, You ask. Let’s figure out where meldonium is kept, why it is used by athletes, and in general “what kind of animal is it, and what does it eat?”

Use in medicine

Like most drugs used in sports, meldonia is used in medicine as a medicine. If translated into Russian, gibberish for doctors, written in the instructions, it becomes clear that meldonia improves energy metabolism in cells, and protects the cells themselves from destruction, and it normalizes blood circulation.

If we recall the lessons of biology, then cells are built from the cells, and from the tissues – organs. Improving the work of cells, we improve the functioning of the whole body, entirely.

Apply meldonias, with diseases and conditions, when the nutrition of cells and tissues is disturbed. This is a comprehensive therapy for heart attack, coronary heart disease, ischemic stroke, eye diseases associated with circulatory disorders. He is appointed, for the speedy recovery of the body, after long, serious illnesses. It is also used for the treatment of hangover syndrome.

After all of the above, it may appear that meldonia, this is a real panacea, a miracle cure for all diseases, but here there are reservations. Its effect can be described as moderate, so it is only an assistant in the treatment of diseases, but a non-essential drug.

He also has his side effects, such as upset stomach and intestines, skin itching. In some people, it can cause emotional arousal, but all this is extremely rare, usually its reception is well tolerated.

It is forbidden to take meldonia to pregnant women, children under 12 years old, and people suffering from increased intracranial pressure.

Use in sports

We learned that meldonia improves the processes of energy metabolism and allows us to normalize the blood supply of tissues and organs. So why is it so loved by athletes? The fact is that all this, allows you to increase your stamina somewhat, make training more intense, and improve recovery. That’s why he took root in almost all sports, from athletics and tennis, to power triathlon and bodybuilding.

Another important advantage, which has already been mentioned, meldonia is widely available. It can be absolutely free, bought in any pharmacy, without a prescription. Most often, it can be found under the trade names “Mildronate” and “Cardion”, rarely come across “Idrinol” and “Medetern”. It is produced, as in tablets with a dosage of 250 and 500 mg, and in injections.

If you are doing sports for yourself, and decided to try the meldonia, to improve the result, I want to warn you immediately – do not expect too much from the drug. It will only give a little bit of stamina, and will help to better transfer the load. Meldonius is a kind, humble assistant, and will not achieve results for you.

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The program of trainings on endurance and force

Hello friends! Again, I’m glad to welcome you to our useful, vigorous and positive page, where the most effective and truthful information about sports and a healthy lifestyle is collected. Today we are talking about a special program that helps in a short time to bring yourself in shape and increase the coefficient of endurance. The training program for endurance and strength combines standard strength training with weights and a set of low-intensive occupations that should be performed for a long time or in multiple repetitions.

Contradiction of force and endurance

How it is correct to connect, apparently, both types of physical training, absolutely opposite on technology of performance? At power training good rest between approaches in exercises and trainings is important stage in work (high-quality rest is responsible for efficiency of training and end desirable result in set of muscle bulk).

At trainings on endurance growth of aerobic ability of muscles, that is increase in time for which the same exercise at the fixed intensity is performed will be the main criterion (at the same time endurance, thanks to growth of force of cardiovascular system, considerably increases, but it does not affect the volume of muscles in any way).

Numerous researches of scientists from NSCA say that it is impossible to improve at the same time indicators in two of these directions: accumulation of endurance and force, and in certain cases it even harms organism and reduces quality power indicators.

In support of this, they cite a number of reasons why, in their opinion, joint training for strength and endurance, do not work or work inefficiently:

  1. Lack of good rest will lead to overtraining and as a result — to stagnation of growth of muscles;
  2. Excessive difficulty for organism to adaptation at once to two modes of trainings;
  3. Extreme exhaustion of organism and further its full exhaustion, especially when carrying out two types of trainings in one day;
  4. Imbalance between catabolic and anabolic systems in organism in the course of the parallel trainings.

However, in practice, the return is confirmed. Especially positive results from the mixed trainings are visible at introduction of power exercises in the program on endurance in such sports as sprint, cycling and others that is where it is necessary to apply big force to “final breakthrough”, to delay time of approach of fatigue.

Investigation: if to do everything it is correct and balanced, then parallel trainings on force and endurance nevertheless yield the positive results and opportunity to receive desirable physical shape with the greatest increase in coefficient of sports effectiveness.

Program of trainings

For now heated arguments concerning positive and negative influences on organism of joint trainings, increasing number of trainers are conducted create programs on the basis of two of these types of exercise stresses, investigating and selecting ratio of frequency, types of exercises, their intensity and time of training for obtaining most the best end results.

Here one of programs of approximate week-long training on force and endurance.

Day the first.
Well, have driven!) We perform exercises in the hall, everyone – on 10 times in 3 approaches:
Squat with bar (we take the weight with which we work constantly), for example it is possible to perform exercise goblt squats;
General exercise on calves;
2 – 3 exercises on biceps with dumbbells with habitual weight;
Ellipse – 20 min.;

Day of the second.
Run outdoors – 60 min. For the best effect run with variable speed.

Day the third.
Occupation in the hall or houses, then outdoors.
Jumps through the nacherchenny line or jump rope sideways. Jumping, it is necessary to try to press legs as it is possible closer to buttocks. We perform exercise in 3 approaches on 30 sec.;
Jumps up from position legs shoulder width apart. When performing exercise, we try as it is possible to raise the knees bent before themselves above. 3 approaches on 30 sec.;
Run by gallop on the place (or if the space – the 30 meters allows). When performing exercise in step to legs intensively we use hands. We carry out 10 approaches 1 min.;
Walking in the parties in half-squat (as in stand of sumoist). 5 approaches 1 min. The back needs to try to be held as it is possible more exactly;
Front scale – balance deduction. 5 repetitions on 30 sec.;
Run on uneven sublime surface (some hill means). It is necessary to make 5-10 repetitions, depending on slope height, descent from slope – slow step, rise – at the maximum effort, between approaches – we have a rest 1 min.

Day the fourth.
Training in the hall. Power. We carry out 3х10 times.
Press from bench;
Lunges with weight;
Training with ball (there can be basketball, volleyball, soccer or other dynamic ball routines), about 1 hour.

Day the fifth.
Day of development of endurance. Carrying out time 1-2 hours.
It can be intensive foot walk, it is desirable with weighting compound in the form of full backpack if there is no such opportunity, then it is possible “to walk” on the exercise machine, having included the floors function.

Day of the sixth.
Training power in the hall.
Any power exercises from given above, with repetitions till 10-12 times in 3 approaches. After — dynamic training with ball.

Day of the seventh.
Day when it is better to do nothing, just let’s the organism have a rest.


This program of trainings for endurance and force is approximate, having corrected it under itself, it is possible to achieve over desirable results. I sincerely wish it to you! Remember, in well trained body – iron spirit!

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What is muscles bark where are and what are responsible for?

Today it is fashionable to do fitness. Probably, the reader, you also visit the fitness club, which means you have heard about the bark muscles. To clarify the muscles of the bark what it is, to understand what ways to effectively use to strengthen them, this article will help.

“Bark” is easier to begin a conversation with interpretation of a word meaning. The translation from English will be a little unexpected – “case”, “center of gravity”. But, if to connect the last concepts with physical activity, then everything falls into place.

The sculpture of the person, metayushchy a kernel can be a bright example (for certain, you met it in parks and the museums). The person holds a kernel in one hand, having prepared for a throw. Having moved the center of gravity on the case, he has bent forward. The moment – a kernel will fly to the purpose.

Why to train muscles?

We won’t begin to tire the reader with reasonings on what muscle fibers make this group, we will better try to answer the asked question.

Experts say that fans professional athletes and just fans of physical exercises, train different types of muscles, but the main accent falls on the trainings connected with the weight of own body.

The trained muscles bark as at the athlete-athlete, facilitate performance of any physical exercise. Such athletes, as a rule, go to the finish without injuries. It is interesting that in an interview winners don’t hide success secrets: a constant training of a backbone, that is, muscles bark, in other words, development of ability to send a signal – “box” — to the muscle fibers connected with the movement.

Muscles bark: appointment

To accustom this group to ever-increasing physical loads is necessary for every inhabitant of the planet, because it is extremely important in human activity. Passing anatomical terms, you can explain the function to the reader:

  1. Muscular threads are connected with a backbone and an abdominal tension. Being in the balanced state, they allow the person to carry out inclinations in different directions and to make various movements.
  2. Not for nothing mothers, forming a correct posture at the daughters, advise them to look at tops of trees. At such moment of a muscle of a backbone strain and get used to keep a certain situation.
  3. Any young girl dreams to have ideal hips: the training a muscle in this part of a body promotes it. Guys seek to have strong bicepses therefore choose occupations on exercise machines.
  4. The person with the trained muscles of this group has an athletic constitution; the trained abdominal tension allows to tighten without effort knees to a breast.
  5. Training of muscles bark – creation of a support for internals.

How to train?

Lovely readers, having gathered a little information, are eager to receive an answer to the question: “How should this type of muscle be trained? What physical exercises can I choose for this? “

It is necessary to be engaged in a training constantly. Deeply that girl who once a week goes to fitness club is mistaken. Remember, young girls that beauty of a bearing and a fitness a muscle, it is possible to gain only regular jobs. Therefore take advice: morning physical exercises and house exercises.

By the way, don’t forget to spend at work five-ten minutes to give loading to the body. Don’t do an astonished face! You shouldn’t carry out exercises on a rug in the office. And here the simple rhythmic movements can be executed imperceptibly for people around:

  1. If it is required to get the folder with papers on the lower shelf, sit down and you will rise several times, holding the taken papers in hand.
  2. Or, on the contrary, having reached for a thing in the top case strain a stomach. Do it several times.
  3. Going to other department, straighten shoulders, feel press muscles — and walk as the queen.

Occupations of the house

Having come back home, having made a dinner, spend minutes twenty for a training. Here don’t feel sorry for the body, give it such loading to feel fatigue:

  1. “Bridge” can become classical exercise. For this purpose it is necessary to lay down on a back and to cave in as a kitty. Don’t forget, to record position of a body for several minutes in the top situation. Try to put hands on a floor in the beginning, and then complicate a task, having linked hands the lock behind the head. If have decided that muscles of buttocks were tired, give yourself a two-minute break and pass to other exercises.
  2. Turn over on a stomach and, leaning on elbows and feet, strain. Holding a straight line back, strain stomach muscles. In such situation indulge in pleasant reflections.
  3. Now try to complicate: having turned on one side, rest on the hand driven in an elbow. Become straight. Hold situation while there are enough forces. Turn on other party. If after performance of these simple exercises, there is a cheerfulness charge, then, so studies can be continued.
  4. Exercise “bridge” is known to all from school lessons of a physical education. Now it is just necessary to complicate it. To accept a starting position, to raise one leg, to straighten it and several minutes to watch frankness tenches of a leg and the case.
  5. Complicate occupation, lean on the elbows bent at right angle. Try to raise a leg, without bending it in a knee and to take it aside. Repeat exercise, having done the same with other leg.

The third period of occupations begins after the organism gets used to loading. Now it is possible to carry out all exercises with dumbbells in hands. Were fond? The husband says that the dinner has cooled down. Ten minutes on the refreshing shower – the conversation at an evening table has also begun to flow. Suggest the elect to go on the next Sunday to a travel by bicycle or to visit the pool.

Time to say goodbye to readers came. Notes about muscles bark were pleasant and what is it? Then you track new councils which soon will appear on pages of the blog. And if exercises pleased, then tell about them to the familiar young men and girls on social networks. Leaving our website, don’t forget to leave a comment.

6 movies about bodybuilding which will motivate you

Hello dear subscribers and guests of my blog. In total I am glad to welcome on the blog. In this article it will be a question of movies about bodybuilding. I will share several of its types which I will advise you with you to look and be based.

Movies about bodybuilding the list

Pumping iron

If to speak about bodybuilding, then it is necessary to mention the best-known person of the planet Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film is shot in 1976. It is documentary, and it is based on real events from life of the great master of sports.

In plot show how Arnold Schwarzenegger in 28 years became title holder already of the 5th multiple champion of the planet “Mr. Olympia”. And without stopping on this way all went further.

It was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, characterizing as the man who possessed ideal constitution. In shots its trainings, and new stage when it rushes into Hollywood show difficulties which it faces. Also in the movie there are a lot of reviews of its success, from lips of people which surrounded it.

Also there is version for girls — “Pumping iron 2: Women” which has come out in 1985.

Fight for gold

The film is about several famous bodybuilders – Rich Gaspari, Lee Haney and others. It was filmed in 1988, and it is documentary. At the beginning of the movie show Rich Gaspari, who, due to overtraining, lost everything, but always dreamed and kept thinking about winning. His heavy workouts are shown.

They take an interview with him, in which he tells how important his training is, how when, and what he eats and what it all needs. You can see footage when he cooks meals at home in the kitchen and explains the essence of such food. He says that his training methods are very different from the others.

In his opinion, even such a format, called Gaspari’s gap, appeared. Also show the training of athletes and his rivals. The initial weigh-in of the athletes and the history of the preparatory training of each. The film is quite emotional and will affect everyone who loves bodybuilding and lives by it.

The muscular car from Maryland

A documentary about Kevin Levrone. Heavy workouts in the gym are not easy for him, but he still as a true athlete goes ahead. The movie is not filmed by professional people. The essence of this documentary film, based on Kevin’s example, is to show all the bodybuilders what kinds of obstacles they can face. How important is proper nutrition. As his family members support him, their attention, or the care of cooking.

He achieves and advises everyone to achieve results without regretting oneself, if you have a goal. For me, this is the essence of all life, not only in bodybuilding, but in everything. Having the kind of will power that Kevin has before his eyes, everyone can start the path to his goal through pain, as Kevin did.

Evolution in bodybuilding

Do you want to know how bodybuilding has changed since 1955, and how is it changing to this day? Then you should look at this film.

Bodybuilding is a tradition of self-development. Here with such motivating words begins this documentary plot of the movie. He has a lot of interviews with the famous athletes of his time. The whole point of the film, to show the whole world as from 1960, athletes who have strength both in will and in the body, created greatness in sport. And how the athletes continued to evolve to this day.

The film has a lot of photography and video materials with athletes of different generations who can not remain indifferent to fans of this sporting direction.

Iron does not grow old

For me, this is the best documentary story about bodybuilding, which was filmed in Russia. The film was released in 2015. It is attended by many Russian athletes, such as Stanislav Lindover Andrei Skoromny, Dmitry Yashankin and others.

It is shot in good quality and nice to watch. In the plot, many athletes talk about how they used to train in uncomfortable rooms, and with poor-quality simulators. For example, dumbbells could be welded from different pieces of iron. But this did not stop the real guys from achieving their goal.

They were able to make such a popular such a sport that many sports halls for bodybuilding have been opened and continue to open. In the movies, each athlete shares with the difficulties that he faced in his time. If you want to learn about many Russian bodybuilders, how they were doing, how they progressed, then this film will definitely help you.

Live life full

A documentary film featuring Jay Cutler. In the first minutes of the film you can get a motivating speech for everyone: a bodybuilder can not be ordinary, he should like a feeling of dissatisfaction, and a constant thirst to get even more impressive forms.

He believes that in order to achieve the goal, you need to be a little crazy. Also in the film there are a lot of frames from his everyday life situations. Where he goes, with whom he communicates, what he buys and eats, who supports him in this not easy way and much more.

Of course, he tells and shows his training, and how he is emotionally preparing for them. Describes how difficult it is to pick the right clothes for him, because of the large size of the arms and legs, often you have to sew clothes to order.

That’s the whole list of movies about bodybuilding, which I wanted to advise you for viewing. If there are other films that you looked at about bodybuilding, write their names in the comments.