How to choose the best sports nutrition for weight loss?

Hello friends! Let’s talk today on a very important topic, which almost every beginner and even more professional athlete encounters! I’m talking about sports nutrition now. More specifically, we’ll figure out what sports nutrition is better for burning fat.

Themes of daily life

I note that sports nutrition – these are the usual products, only in concentrated form, and besides, they lack all harmful and unnecessary elements. Nutrition is developed specifically for athletes by physiologists and nutritionists, taking into account all the needs of people leading an active lifestyle. Due to their unique compositions, the mixtures are very quickly absorbed. The minimum time for the body to digest nutrients. Maximum of energy value.

The use of sports nutrition contributes to:

  • Accelerate the achievements of desired results in transformations with your body;
  • The growth of muscle mass;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Increased strength and resistance to physical stress;
  • Optimize body weight.

Fat Burners

So, friends, if your goal is to “dry out” and burn excess fat, you should choose the fat burners from the whole variety of sports nutrition. Here are 3 main functions that they perform:

  1. Intensively stimulate metabolism;
  2. Reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates;
  3. Activating the conversion of fats into energy, which can be quickly used during training.

In today’s existing drugs try to understand. The composition of fat burners is diverse and specific. Virtually all of them are aimed at blocking the synthesis of fats in tissues and the activation of free energy. Here are the main ones:


The main principle of action is to increase the internal temperature of the body. Due to this – the acceleration of metabolism and the ability to spend more calories during training with its reception than without it.

The main components of the drug are the natural components – caffeine and guarana.

Caffeine invigorates, improves the functioning of the circulatory system, which intensively begins to transport nutrients to the muscles.

Guarana is the Brazilian fruit of the evergreen shrub, which has a good stimulating and toning property. Tannins contained in it, help in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. It also positively affects the work of the nervous system, helps to raise the mood and overall well-being.

You should know that they are applied cyclically, not more than one month, then – a break for at least 2 weeks.


The principle of operation is the blocking of the absorption of fats or carbohydrates entering the body. Due to this, the use of existing subcutaneous fat begins.

The blockers are based on chitosan and orlistat. Chitosan is a polysaccharide, it does not split in the digestive tract, it can absorb fat 6-10 times larger than its own volume and withdraw it along with excrement.

Orlistat has a similar action, but it does it more efficiently. I note that blockers act on all fats, including omega-3 and omega-6, which are simply necessary for the body.

Of the minuses of these drugs, it is also necessary to note liquid, often uncontrolled, stools, bloating, orlistat causes hunger, lowers insulin levels in the blood, worsens skin and hair, since along with fats there is not enough vitamin A, D, F, E , K.


In another way, you can call them diuretics. I wrote about them in detail here.

The composition is mainly natural components. Vigorously remove the liquid from the body (but not fat), thereby reducing weight. Minus of diuretics is a negative interference in the function of the kidneys. Excretion of potassium and sodium with a liquid. Well, and very short-term effect.


Group of pharmacological drugs. Work as blockers of appetite, that is, only with the brain. They help to develop a habit of eating less and help to keep a diet.


Levocarnitine is an amino acid. It transports fatty acids into the mitochondria where their destruction takes place and additional energy is created. Helps reduce harmful cholesterol, thereby protecting from constriction vessels of the brain and heart.

Contraindications for the substance a little in the main – this is a bad influence on the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In my opinion, this is the best and safest way to burn fat.


I gave examples of the most common existing types of fat burners, this list is replenished with new ones every day.

An important question is to find out which sports nutrition is better for burning fat. Any of the drugs has its positive and negative properties. It must also be remembered that prolonged continuous use of them can lead to overstrain, insomnia, digestive disorders, digestive disorders, and so on.

When choosing a drug you need to rely on your feelings, it is better to consult with a doctor after all, the trainer’s opinion alone can not be authoritative in this case. Look at the composition – the more natural it is, the safer.

The fat burners of different types can be combined, the same kind – not desirable and even dangerous. In any case, the choice is yours! And I wish that he was faithful and brought his positive results, be sure to pay attention to the course.

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What sports nutrition is better for drying the body for girls and men?

Greetings to all – readers, subscribers and just random guests of my blog. If you are interested, today’s article is devoted to sports nutrition for body drying for girls and for men. Yes, there are some differences between the nutrition of girls and men, so I will try to highlight them as much as possible.

After the man has already gained enough mass, and the girl on the contrary dropped the bulk of excess weight (there are still some deposits under the skin), what will be the next step? Maintaining a form? A good option. But it would not be better, so to say, “dry out” – to minimize the remaining subcutaneous fat, in order to increase the relief and detail of the muscles?

It is about drying, or rather, about the appropriate nutrition will be discussed below. No matter how hard you try to work in the hall, no matter how much work you do, you will not be able to lose weight without changing your diet. Namely: reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats. And, I want to tell you, cut down considerably. What then to eat? Try a protein diet or start, finally, use sports supplements – they will become irreplaceable helpers when drying.


A feature of the female body is that it quickly recovers the fatty layer and slows it down – this is due to the physiology of the body, genes and diet.

Therefore, in this case it is necessary to act radically, but still with an eye for one’s health. For girls, I can advise fat burners, which will quickly and qualitatively improve the relief.

But do not think that fat burners will do everything themselves, it is only to accept them. No, by accepting them, you need to “work hard” in training, in another way you will not say.

There are three types of fat burners. I would advise you to start with so-called thermogenics. About other less stressful additives for girls it will be discussed below.


Most guys tend to quickly lose weight with due diligence, even if you are a fat person – no offense, I say directly. Therefore, of course, you can use fat burners, like girls, but it’s better to resort to a less radical remedy, L-carnitine.

This additive can be as a part of any other additive, and in its pure form. L-carnitine also has different forms. The most effective is liquid. The principle of operation is that it simply oxidizes fats (breaks them down), and the released energy is used by the body to work “with iron” without affecting the muscle tissue.

Why should it affect the muscles? Good question. Fat deposits are like an extreme reserve, used only in extreme cases, with prolonged hunger strike.

Before you start to reduce this reserve, the body first will bring the muscles to a critical point, that is, simply “eat” them to survive. To prevent this from happening, even if you are not going to starve, use L-carnitine.

What sports supplements do not need to use when drying

Gainers. Have you heard of such? This is a protein-carbohydrate mixture. But we have to cut down the intake of carbohydrates with you, so it’s strictly forbidden to use the geyners when specifying the muscles.

Yes, they are high-carbohydrate and high-protein, but still there are many carbohydrates, despite the large amount of protein. Therefore, the reception of the geyner during drying, whatever it is, will be a gross error.

So, let me remind you for a change, that during drying you should work with small scales and do a large number of approaches (5 – 7) and repetitions (15 – 25) in each exercise. A signal that you are working correctly should be a burning sensation in the muscles.

For girls

When using a protein diet, an excellent solution will be the use of soy protein. It will nourish your muscles, not giving the body materials for the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, and these are the same carbohydrates.

As well as guys, I can advise girls to take l-carnitine, an additive that helps increase energy and accelerate the transport of proteins to cells. You can work longer in training, and, therefore, more burn calories.

Have you ever twitched in a dream? This phenomenon is very common after long loads. Therefore, vitamin-mineral complexes, dear girls, will help you to solve this problem.

For men

Just like girls, men can use protein, but with the only difference is that it must be multicomponent or at least serum. Soy is not so much useful (I think men will understand me).

But even better solution would be the purchase of essential amino acids (BCAA). What are essential amino acids? These are the amino acids that our body can not synthesize on its own. As a rule, there are three. This supplement protects muscles from catabolism, which causes the body to use fat as an energy source.

Not bad decision, as in the case of girls, would be the acquisition of l-carnitine, and at the same time, vitamins. In any case, it will not cause harm, and positive impact will affect in any case.

As we see, a set of sports nutrition for girls and men is different, and for that there are reasons.

I was glad to tell you about sports nutrition for body drying for men and women. If there are questions – ask, I will answer all. And in gratitude for the detailed information, I ask you to share this article with your friends on social networks. I wish everyone success, both in life and in the world of sports.

Myths about sports nutrition, is protein good or bad?

Hello, dear subscribers and readers. Many people ask me: “Is the protein harmful?” I will try to answer it, and also soften some stereotypes and myths about sports nutrition. I will not write the introduction for a long time, I will immediately get down to business.

Let’s first find out what sports nutrition is for you personally. No, not that it is in truth, but specifically for you. How do you feel about protein, for example? He for you is “chemistry”, as they used to call it “know-it-all”? If not, then be sure to read the article to the end, and if so, then listen to more such “omniscient” ones. It’s like getting advice on real estate from a homeless person. I think, you understand what I mean, and without resentment – just expressed my opinion.

Protein – chemistry or not?

Protein is not chemistry? No? And why then the protein can cause doubts about its belonging to natural products? After all, protein from English is translated as protein, and foreigners (not residents of CIS countries) are in no doubt.

Protein mixed with flavoring, defoamer, dye and other additives abroad is called WHEY, so there is also no association with chemistry.

Someone may argue that the dye, flavor additive – it’s all chemical compounds. Yes it is. But believe me, in the usual all packaged milk or boiled sausage, these additives are many times greater. But these products for some reason do not cause fear among parents of teenagers who go to the “simulator” and want to buy themselves a protein.

Protein in its pure form is a modified milk, or egg whites, or soy protein.

After all, as you know, there are several types of proteins, and they differ not only in the basic ingredient, but also in the way they are used, and in the tasks that are being performed. An example is the usual whey protein and casein – the first is absorbed quickly, the second is slow, which affects the time of reception.

Ahead of the questions of some types “Why change the protein?”, I will answer the question with a question: “Why do you take vitamins?”. Probably, then, that there is no possibility to consume a sufficient amount of greens, vegetables and fruits to provide the body with all the necessary trace elements. So the protein is taken in order to saturate the body with protein, when it so needs it.

Again, some may argue that it is better to eat a natural product such as meat or boiled eggs. Yes, it would be great to eat meat all the time, but there are several so-called “BUT”:

  1. High cost of meat or other protein in comparison with protein;
  2. Inconvenience of reception (it is necessary to prepare in advance products, to carry with itself on training and other);
  3. The rate of assimilation of the protein is much larger, it does not need to be split long;
  4. Simplicity of cooking, reception and, as a result, saving time.

Other sports supplements

As for other sports supplements, for example, creatine, fat burners, weight gainer, vitamin-melatonin or tribulus, the situation is similar here. I’ll tell you briefly.

Creatine is a natural chemical compound that is contained in large quantities in our body, but it does not even suffice to perform a long work. Therefore, creatine monohydrate is used.

Gainer is generally a mixture of protein (or amino acids – depends on the price of the product), creatine, and carbohydrates – maltodextrin. All these are natural compounds despite complex names.

A tribulus is generally grass. Yes, it has a tablet form, but it does not mean that it is chemistry and it is harmful. It’s just pressed grass in a convenient form for swallowing. All. Nothing extra.

Another thing is counterfeiting or counterfeit products. There, of course, anything can be put together. Probably you heard on TV about the scandal with dope meldoniyom.

But all the same we will pass directly to the harmfulness of the protein.

Is the protein harmful?

I think that from all of the above, I already understood what kind of an unambiguous answer I wanted to give – no. Protein is absolutely harmless, if, of course, it is not overdue. And then in this case you are not waiting for global health damage, and a slight indigestion. Well, you understand what I mean.

Well, especially for those whom I have not yet convinced, I will give one more argument-comparison. Let’s take meat again – the easiest way to get protein. When you eat it a lot, do you have any negative consequences? Well, for example, hands refuse, health deteriorates, there are chronic diseases? The maximum that awaits you is overeating.

So, no such effects and protein does not cause, does not affect the potency, as many men fear, does not destroy or upset internal organs and systems. This is all there is. Moreover, even overeating is not terrible.

However, I highly recommend that you do not consume a lot of meat to people with a weak heart. Do not ask why, go and consult a doctor.

In a day our body is able to take a certain amount of protein – 3 grams per kilogram of your weight. All the surplus he simply does not absorb and displays in a natural way without any consequences.

I do not know how else to prove to you that the protein is absolutely harmless, if it is of high quality (from a well-known manufacturer, with quality marks) and has an adequate shelf life. Therefore, I am always surprised by a similar question, which I decided to deal with finally.

Do you still think about whether the protein is harmful? Write in the comments still some myths about sports nutrition, I’ll try to confirm and dispel them. Well, I was pleased to “chat” with you.

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Mildonium in bodybuilding

Hello friends. Do you know what meldonium is? And how is it used in bodybuilding? This article is for those who answered negatively the two above questions, and it is called “Meldonium in bodybuilding”. Read on, and you can learn more about this drug, what effects it has on the athlete’s body and why it is so popular.

You know, the use of medicines or, as they are still called, pharmacy drugs for bodybuilding is not new. Bodybuilders of different stripes, from beginner to Mr. Olympia, do not hesitate to use the strengths of medicines for their benefit, thereby gaining an advantage over their rivals. But it’s not just rivalry.

Tell me, why do I need medicines? Correct to treat. But there are also those that serve as prevention or support for the body, right? Here to number of such preparations muldonium concerns.

Meldonium as a pharmaceutical drug

This tool was called “meldoniy” mainly among athletes, and not only bodybuilders. In fact, it can be called differently, depending on the country of the manufacturer. In the States it is a “millonium”. In the CIS countries, this is trimethylhydrazinium propionate. By the way, invented it in the Soviet Union for the needs of the Red Army.

How could the army use it? But here is a small secret lies in its effects, provided by the reception. Imagine that a company of soldiers must make a march-throw, for example, at 20 km – quite a normal distance for the infantry. After such exercises, usually soldiers who participated in the march-throw, the next day rest and recover, because the forces were spent a lot, and the load on the heart was enormous. The key word is the heart!

But these are teachings. And in a real combat situation, there would be no time to rest. Here, in the “game” comes meldoniy. You probably already guessed what a positive impact it has on the body. But believe me, that’s not all.

Tell me, are weightlifters lifting weights in training, and bodybuilders, drying to pain in muscles, are not prone to the wear of the heart muscle? After all, it has its “expiration date”, and it will be reduced if it is not helped.

Meldonius in Bodybuilding

So, the main task of this medicine is to protect the heart from the development of appropriate diseases, to prevent premature muscle wear, partial cell renewal. All this happens at the cellular level, of course. And this remedy is not steroid.

By the way, for all the drug acts differently. Someone also senses a surge of energy, which is explained by the accelerated synthesis and movement of ATP, and on someone the drug acts only in its main direction – the protection of the heart. Therefore, there is no unequivocal opinion, and the reliability of information, as always, will have to be checked on personal experience.

According to the creator of the drug, in a relatively recent interview – the drug is not able to affect the athletic performance and achievements of host athletes, but only to protect their heart from excessive loads. But all the same, in an empty place rumors that meldonium has an energetic charge, are not born. And ardent lovers of bodybuilding, I think, you can listen to the opinion of bodybuilders.

Another fact that meldonia is not only a means of protecting against excessive loads, is the mass use of this medication. And now I’m not talking about patients. Surely those who use it, found something uniquely positive. So why do not we try with you? After all, you can stop taking at any time.

By the way, since recently, meldonia is doping – it was officially listed as a prohibited substance. So, dear participants of major competitions, keep in mind that you can “burn”.

His presence was learned to reveal in the body after 120 days after the end of admission. All this – entering the “black” list, the excitement around Sharapova, taking meldonia, indicates that the drug carries not only protective effects, but also some stimulating. After all, the World Anti-Doping Agency is not fooled, and their laboratory research is one of the “coolest”. Therefore, meldonium can obviously charge the energy of athletes. So why not use this fact for bodybuilders?


So, meldoon in bodybuilding is a very useful tool. And what do you think about this? Leave comments and share articles with your friends on social networks. If you have not subscribed to the blog updates, now is the time. All the best.

What to choose for a set of muscle mass protein or geyner?

I am glad to welcome everyone who is now visiting me. Surely the vast majority of readers of this article are guys, and the exciting question is “a protein or a gainer for muscle mass”. If so, then you, friends, have come to the right place. I’ll tell you in addition what they are different in, in which cases are applicable and which is better of them.

I must agree with you that the question, or rather the choice of a sports supplement, is really difficult. After all, understand which of them will help to increase the dry mass on the body, and which one will not be so effective.

You know, to answer which of these sports supplements will better help you gain weight, I can not. After all, the “profitability” of sports nutrition, so to speak, depends on many factors. What exactly – we’ll figure it out right now. Well, based on the following, the choice of “what is better” to do to you.

What is the difference?

To begin with, in order to understand why these two representatives of sports nutrition face forehead, we need to find out what they are different about.

So, the protein. In translation from English squirrel. I think that this is no longer a secret for anyone, so let’s drop the moment that this is the main building material for muscles.

Further. It contains carbohydrates and fats, but they are negligible. As we understand, protein is, roughly speaking, pure protein. But imagine that a lot of protein is necessary for mass gaining, and it should come not only from sports nutrition, but also from food: “sportspit” accounts for only 50% of the protein produced, the rest should be provided with food. But the fact is that excessive protein intake affects the functioning of the liver. Here is the minus. It seems sorted out.

Gainer. This supplement is not as well known as protein, but in sports it is quite popular. It is of two types – high-carbohydrate (where 75% is carbohydrates, the rest is proteins and fats), and high-protein (where 35% protein, 55% carbohydrates, and the rest fats).

Let you not be confused by the ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, seeming, at first glance, uneven, because the geyner is high-protein, and for some reason carbohydrates predominate. But the fact is that for 55% of carbohydrates 35% of proteins is a lot, so it turns out that the gainer is called high protein. But this is not so important.

Obese people under the skin have what? No, not fat. Although now it is fat, but before that it was pure carbohydrates, and only then they became a subcutaneous fat as a reserve for a “rainy day” thanks to the body. And believe that even those 55% for fat people will be enough to gain not only muscle mass, but also fat.

I hope the minuses influencing the choice of the additive are clear?

Factors influencing the choice of a weight gainer or protein

So, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of physique. Agree that it would be strange if a man with an endomorphic type started taking a geyner that continues to increase his excess weight, even though the muscles will also grow. Therefore, the endomorph should be repulsed from the protein as the main method of mass gathering, and two other types can use both the geyner and the protein.

Although, again, the mesomorph is easily gaining mass, even unwanted. Therefore, the use of the heiner is recommended to dose it. But the thin ectomorphs can drink a heiner and protein, as they say, “even pour” – any subcutaneous fat will not be able to debug because of rapid metabolism.

That is, the protein can be taken to all types, but the geyner does not suit somebody at all, and some only partially.

The second is restoration. Gainer, if it is of high quality, restores damaged muscles “with a bang,” and also allows you to quickly restore the energy spent in training. Protein can not boast of such, because it is not able to make up glycogen, for example, which can be restored only by fast carbohydrates, which, in fact, is a geyner. What to do in this case, complete, endomorphic people? Just eat a small amount of sweet (fast carbohydrates) after exercise, for example, an orange. But also to drink “prot” do not forget! Read about the carbohydrate window.

That is, in terms of rapid recovery – the leader is leading. In addition, drinking it before training, on the training itself, you can work a little longer – carbohydrates are energy, which the protein can not provide.

Third, the price of the additive. I will say at once: a gainer of two (at best) times cheaper than a protein supplement. Such a price policy is based on the fact that it is easier to “extract” the basis of the geyner (maltodextrin) than the protein base, whatever it is (soy, egg, milk, whey). Therefore, the payer is cheaper, but, unfortunately, does not give enough protein, in contrast to protein.

My advice to you

Therefore, my advice to you. For fast, high-quality and trouble-free dialing of mass, get two additives at once – the geyner and protein, which perfectly mix with each other and complement each other. It turns out that you can get enough protein and muscles with energy to recover. That’s just for different types (Lord, again, these types of build), the physique of the ratio of the heiner and protein in one cocktail will be different.

I hope I helped you to decide what is best – a protein or a gainer for muscle mass. If you have something to say – I’ll be happy to “hear” you in the comments. I say goodbye to you. Share the article with your friends via social network. Network. Subscribe to the blog updates yourself. Successful recruitment.

How to take creatine monohydrate in powder?

Greetings to everyone, dear friends. With you again I am, and this is my personal blog “About Your Sport”, from which you will today learn how to take creatine monohydrate in powder, than differs from other types of creatine and forms. And in general, everything that is related to creatine, I will try to tell you as much as possible.

If you want me to call you a universal supplement for gaining weight, developing strength and endurance, reducing subcutaneous fat in the body, then this will be uniquely creatine, and not just any, namely monohydrate and it is in powder form.

Why monohydrate?

Yes, because only this type of creatine (in contrast to hydrochloride) is the most effective in calculating the amount of additive taken, the cost and the effect. I will not be the first and not the last one to compare these two types of creatine, but in any case I will come to the same opinion that the majority – creatine monohydrate is several times better than creatine hydrochloride.

Yes, the second type dissolves in water and does not settle on the teeth, like sand, for example. But this substance quality was achieved by excluding some of its positive aspects, for example, the ability to quickly accumulate in the muscles without an obligatory loading phase. Do you know what the download phase is and what is it for? No? Then keep reading the article, and I will definitely talk about it.

Why the powder?

Again, the information in the network about this is not that the sea – the ocean. Powder form is the most successful in comparison with the same tablet form. Yes, in the tablets (or capsules) the dose (portion) of the sports supplement is strictly defined, but to compress the creatine you need equipment, energy for the work of equipment, human labor and many other things, for which you will eventually pay out of your pocket. So, in any scenario, creatine in powder leaves cheaper than creatine in tablets by several tens of percent (by about 30%).

But I note at once that the powder powder is different: this sports supplement can be ordinary, medium, milling, or fine. The difference in price in both cases is not important.

How to use

If we are talking about monohydrate in powder from the very beginning, I will only talk about its reception, without touching other forms and types of this sports supplement.

As I said, this form does not require an obligatory download phase.

The loading phase is a relatively short period of time when the sports supplement is taken in increased doses in order to fill the muscles with creatine as quickly as possible for their maximum productivity (efficiency, strength, endurance).

Usually the phase of creatine loading lasts about a week, after which the usual mode of taking this kind of sports nutrition comes – almost two weeks. Also there is (but it is not necessary for this kind of) unloading phase, where the portions of the drug are reduced from the usual regime by 50% – 3-4 days. Then comes a week-long interruption of creatine intake to purify the body and prevent the formation of so-called stones in the organs. After passing this cycle, you can start all over again. This method of admission lasts one month, taking into account the week for rest from the drug.

But there is a second method of reception, in which the phase of loading from unloading is not needed, which gives another advantage to monohydrate over the hydrochloride. Usually, in this situation, you immediately go into normal mode and eat creatine for three weeks. In the end, there is always a week of rest.

At the first way of reception in a phase of loading you should accept 7 – 8 gram four times a day. Total amount per day: 28 – 32 grams (I will say at once – this is a lot). The usual regime is four times a day for 5 grams (a teaspoon). Total amount per day: 20 grams. This is optimal. The unloading phase is 2-3 grams three times a day. Total amount per day: 6-9 grams.

In the second method of reception, as I have already said, we omit both phases and immediately pass to “manual control” – the usual mode, as in the first case. All these data – this is how the reception of creatine should ideally look. But you can use the economical option.

Under the economical option, I mean the intake of creatine not 4 times a day, but only two 5 grams each. So you will save money for sports nutrition, but somewhat slow down your own results.

Interesting fact

Creatine itself is in all of us in the muscles in certain quantities. An unprepared person does not have much of it, while engaged in power and other loads – more. Therefore, an experienced athlete can work more and more with projectiles than a beginner.

During the exercise, creatine in muscle is consumed, and during rest between approaches and exercises – partially restored. This is one of the factors of muscle strength and fatigue.

That is, “pouring” the muscles with creatine, you yourself adjust your body for a long work, which subsequently affects the increase in strength, weight and endurance, or reduces the percentage of subcutaneous fat in the body.

I hope you liked the article, but also, I hope that it caused you some questions. So ask them in the comments. Do not be shy.

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What is ecdysterone asteroid?

Hello, dear readers. In my today’s article there will be a talk about steroids and their effect on the human body. And to be more precise, we will try to understand more deeply what Ecdysteron is from itself. The asteroid, one of the main drugs in the production of which the ecdysteroid base is laid, will also be the focus of our attention.


So, let’s try in an accessible form to understand what steroids are, and how much the opinion of the benefits and harms to the human body.

The meaning of the word steroid has a Greek origin and in free translation means – solid. Anabolic steroids, which include and created on the basis of ecdysterone – an asteroid, are an artificially created version of the all known hormone – testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible in our body for two main functions: androgenic, it is also sexual, allowing to divide the mankind into men and women. And the second, most interesting to us – anabolic. Just the anabolic function and is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the muscles of the person in tonus.

There are many supporters and opponents of taking steroid drugs. Without imposing my opinion, I will describe the possible pros and cons of the effects of steroids on the human body.

Benefit and harm


  • The opportunity for a more intensive training process, due to a significant reduction in the time to restore the body
  • The increase in muscle mass occurs in a shorter time
  • A significant increase in power endurance, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the training process
  • Metabolic processes in the body under the influence of steroids pass in a more intensive mode

If you summarize the above pluses, you can come to the next – taking steroids will allow you to achieve the desired result in a shorter period of time. But do not forget at the same time that the expected result is possible only against the backdrop of an intensive training process, magically, taking only anabolic steroids, you will not achieve anything.


  • To the main problems that are possible with the reception of steroids, it is worth attributing possible health problems. First of all, the body receives a significant blow to the liver.
  • Next, we should note a violation of sexual functions. This is due to the fact that the body, getting what it needs from the outside, ceases to produce the much needed male hormones.
  • Possible problems with blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood.

If we sum up our little digression into the world of anabolic steroids, then it should be noted that, like any medicine, steroids in some way help a person, and in some cases can harm the body.


But now we will try to delve into the topic of one particular steroid substance – ecdysterone.

Ecdysterone is the main component of all drugs with similar names (eg, ecdystene, beta ecdysone, etc.). The prevailing view that it is a purely plant steroid, based on the production of Leuzea and the vita of Turkestan, is not entirely true.

Ecdysterone is present in worms, beetles, butterflies, but its share is so small that the optimal way of synthesis still remains of the listed plants.

Officially represented in medicine in the 60s of the XX century. The authorship belongs to the German scientist. Already at the beginning of the XXI century, scientists from a number of countries (the United States, Germany, etc.), conducted in-depth studies on the effects of ecdysterone on the human body. The main conclusions obtained as a result of the conducted experiments revealed a number of interesting facts.

Ecdysterone significantly reduced the accumulation of fat mass in the body and led to a significant hobby of muscle mass, which is required for anabolic steroids. There was also a positive effect on bone and cartilaginous tissues, which is important for people actively involved in sports.

And on the basis of the active substance of ecdysteroids, a non-hormonal herbal preparation was created, which was called an asteroid. The main advantages of this drug are the pronounced anabolic and stimulating effects achieved when taking an asteroid. In the manufacture of an asteroid, the synthesis was based on plants such as the Leuzea safflower and the Turkestan wort, which made it possible to obtain a non-hormonal plant preparation – an asteroid.

So what’s the difference between an asteroid and other ecdysterone-containing drugs? Here we should note the presence in the asteroid of such an important component, from the point of view of modern medicine, as turcesteron.

Recent clinical studies have shown that the anabolic activity of turcesterone is several times more effective in its effect on the body. Also worth noting is a sufficiently high dosage of the main substance (turcesterone) in each capsule. Its specific fraction is 65 mg. Per capsule, which significantly increases the effect of taking this substance.

In addition to effective effects on the body, it is worth paying attention to the lack of side effects. This is achieved due to the fact that performing the role of the strongest anabolic, at the same time, the asteroid does not affect the production of the body’s own testosterone.

Contrary to the prevailing misconception that such drugs are suitable only for athletes – siloviki, the asteroid perfectly suits both representatives of gaming and cyclic sports, greatly increasing the overall physical endurance of the organism.


If you chose the asteroid, consider that the maximum effect can be obtained with a course reception, the optimal duration of which is 30 days. Having chosen the ecdysterone asteroid, you will solve many problems related to active sports.

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In what difference between the Omega 3, 6, 9 and how it is correct to accept?

Hello, my dear readers! New article of my blog will be devoted to fatty acids and if to be more exact, then by one of groups – to nonsaturated fatty acids the Omega 3 6 9. For what it is useful how to accept these fats and the speech in my today’s article will go.

For a start we will try to understand what fatty acids are? 20 fatty acids are vital for human body, our organism itself perfectly copes with synthesis of these substances with one exception. Here is how time exception are also polynonsaturated fats which the organism independently does not synthesize, but they are necessary for life of each of us.

These most polynonsaturated fatty acids also have to enter the menu of each person. Omega 3 and the Omega 6 treat polynonsaturated acids, and here the Omega 9 represents monononsaturated acids.

Opening history

These acids better known as complex of vitamins F, became known to medicine in the thirties of the 20th century. Rather long time discovery of these vitamins did not find broad application in medical practice. And only at boundary of the 70th 80th years, the Scandinavian experts have shown interest the lifestyle of the people of Far North, factors influencing their state of health much surpassing the level of health of inhabitants of continental Europe.

Number of the conducted researches has shown that at the Greenland Eskimos the low level of cardiovascular diseases is observed. This fact has been directly connected with diet of local population which on constant basis sea fish entered. And as is well-known, sea fish is rich with the content of the substances interesting us.


Functions to the Omega-3 in our organism consist in the following:

  1. Protective role for our internals
  2. Positively influences visual acuity
  3. Is responsible for condition of hair, nails, skin
  4. Being in essence rather strong oxidizer, influences senilism
  5. Promotes healing of internal wounds, such as gastritis and different ulcers
  6. Regulate hormonal balance
  7. Irreplaceable thing in diet of pregnant women, positively affect on pre-natal fetation

Now we will consider the food containing this component. First of all is different sea fish and seafood. And fish has to be mainly fat grades, in such fish contains the acids interesting us in enough. Different contents which are not refined vegetable oil.

Try to include nuts in the diet. Also it is worth paying attention to usual eggs, the truth with one specification, eggs have to be from poultry. If to take vegetables, then rather high content of acid necessary to us is in cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, melons, haricot.

If to take daily diet of the adult into account, then the content of this fatty acid has to be within one-two grams, depending on specific features of human body. To receive necessary quantity, it is necessary to eat, for example, around 100 grams of above-mentioned fish or small amount of seeds of flax.

Behavior of organism at surplus or deficiency the Omega-3

At the use the Omega-3 it is important not to forget that it is necessary to adhere to golden mean.

The lack of organism of this fatty acid conducts to noticeable problems with skin, articulate pains, gastrointestinal tract problems.

But also the Omega-3 will not give to anything good surplus in organism. In this case you are threatened by hypotonia attacks, weakening of muscle tone, violation of work of pancreas.


This substance represents polynonsaturated fat with components of linoleic, arakhidonovy and gamma and linoleic acids. Gamma and linoleic acid considerably reduces PMS consequences, positively influences appearance of integuments, is prophylactic in fight against such diseases as diabetes, arthrosis, problems of immune and digestive systems.

If to consider the list of products, the most saturated the acid interesting us, then the list will be in many respects similar on that which I already gave above:

  1. Various vegetable oils
  2. Seeds of sunflower, pumpkin
  3. Butter
  4. Lard
  5. Eggs of home-made chicken
  6. Germinated wheat

Proportional distribution of these products will be brought to your organism much more benefit, than by attempts to compensate shortcoming the Omega-6 by something to one, but in large numbers.

Also it is worth paying attention to quality of the used oils, oil of cold extraction perfectly is suitable for seasoning of salads, but on it it is not recommended to cook food. For preparation of dishes with frying process use, it is better to apply creamy or refined sunflower oil.

Behavior of organism at surplus or shortcoming the Omega-6

If in your organism surplus the Omega-6, then subsequently you can face such problems as immunity easing, cardiovascular diseases, to development of inflammatory processes in organism.

The shortcoming, in turn, conducts to various sort to nervous diseases, diseases of hair, negatively affects female genital function.


Unlike the Omega-3 and the Omega-6, the Omega – the 9th is monononsaturated fatty acid which cornerstone oleic acid which, in turn, helps organism to fight against surplus of cholesterol is, strengthens immune system of the person.


  • Not refined vegetable oils
  • Animal fats
  • Pork, fowl
  • Nuts

The necessary use of useful fats will help you to establish the necessary balance in organism, so, will allow to keep full-fledged health. Fatty acids the Omega 3 6 9 how to accept what are useful to, there is a wish to hope that information obtained by you from this article will be for you really useful.

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How correctly to accept tribulus a maximum and what effect to wait?

Well, many know that using sports nutrition can achieve great results in bodybuilding, with the help of steroids – even greater although there are many negative moments, but are there any additives that will not harm health, but will be similar in effect to the same steroids? The answer is! Hello everyone, friends. Today I will tell you about this supplement, namely Tribulus Maximus Extra. How to take – will also be in my article, so read to the end.

As I said, there are several ways to achieve your goals in a short time – sports nutrition, steroids (for example, Ecdysterone asteroid) and natural remedies. Have you ever heard such an expression “Sway to the Nuttyk”? This slang expression of athletes means that the guy does not use anabolic steroids, and “uses” only natural supplements.

Tribulus from BioTech (Biotec) is a grass extract called tribulus terrestris, which, due to its properties, affects the increased production of growth hormone – testosterone. Not directly, of course, but it does. How exactly I will try to tell you now.

How does the testosterone level increase Tribulus terrestris

The additive itself is compressed capsules of specially treated grass. Roughly speaking, they took the grass, withdrew all the necessary stuff from it and the resulting mixture was compressed into tablets. Nothing superfluous, no chemistry. That is why tribulus is a natural product.

The process of increasing the content of growth hormone in the blood occurs as follows: trace elements contained in this herb directly affect the activity of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which increase the synthesis of lutein hype. He, in turn, leads to an increase in the synthesis of the male hormone – testosterone. Here such a chain is obtained. For what you need testosterone itself, I think you can guess, but I’ll repeat it.

A growth hormone

It is for the specific production of the male hormone in the body that you can judge the ability of an athlete to gain weight quickly or slowly. And it’s about the muscles right now. Thanks to synthetic hormones or steroids, guys can quickly find the body of dreams and increase the performance of their physical qualities. But there is a huge risk of side effects. It’s worth it? Therefore, I personally advise you to “arm” with natural products, similar in effect to anabolic, but not having such bright negative sides.

The production of the hormone directly affects the increase in muscle mass. As you have already understood, the tribulus level of this hormone in the blood increases, which affects the rate of muscle growth. At the same time, there are no side effects: the product is natural, the hormone increases smoothly, without stress for the organism, it does not “clog up” the production of its own hormone synthetically, but affects the production sites, causing them to produce more.

The only drawback of the drug may be the addiction of the body to the supplement itself, which as a result will affect its effectiveness. Therefore, it is worth keeping to the recommendations.

By the way, tribulus is not the only natural product that influences the synthesis of male hubbub – there are others.

Additional properties of the additive

In addition to the fact that tribulus terestress is used by athletes for weight gain (mainly), it can also be used by an ordinary person who has a lower level of the male’s main hormone. I will not list the shortcomings of low levels of the hormone, I will only say that the drug increases sexual desire, sperm production, excitability and other related issues.

Therefore, it can be used by all those who, in their opinion, have problems with sexual health. Although Tribulus can not be considered a medicine, it can not be also referred to sports nutrition. Rather, it falls into the category of sports supplements or testosterone boosters.

How to take an additive

The instruction says that for successful mass recruitment you will need 3-4 capsule of Tribulus each day. It is best to do this immediately after a meal or during.

But, as always, athletes are not accustomed to listen to the producers of the product and increased the dose to 6 tablets a day, and all of them are taken in different ways. Someone takes 2 on the morning, at lunch and at night. Someone at once consumes all six. But one thing remains unchanged – the result. In both cases, on the fifth day of admission, the level of growth hormone increases in most athletes by 30% or so.

Personally, I would not advise you to take more than one can of this supplement for one course. That is, take breaks between the methods of this drug: drank one jar, stop, let the body come back to normal (weeks 3-4), then you can take it again. Such actions will not cause addiction to the remedy, and because of the prolonged growth of the hormone, there will be no aggressiveness and excessive irritability, as is the case with athletes sitting on steroids.

Tribulus Maximus is a wonderful remedy for a proven manufacturer for additional stimulation of your body. If you have any questions – feel free to ask them in the comments. And do not forget to subscribe to the blog updates, if not already subscribed, and do not forget to share this material with your friends via social networks. Good luck to all.

Folic acid: what is this and what benefit does it bring to girls?

Hello, my dear reader! My today’s article will be devoted to vitamin B9, for most more known as folic acid. What is the use of folic acid for women, what is the importance of this element, how to correctly take this drug – all this will be reflected in my article.

Indirectly, the discoverer of folic acid can be considered Lucy Wils, who in 1931 deduced the regularity of the influence of yeast extract on anemia in pregnant women. In the future, this prompted scientists to carry out a series of studies to identify the effects of folic acid, as the main effective ingredient in the yeast. The first chemical synthesis of vitamin B9 is dated 1945.

Products containing vitamin B9

Let’s start with the fact that in ordinary life the organism of every average person allocates a certain proportion of folic acid. For this in our body meets the intestines, and to be more precise, those secretions that are responsible for maintaining the necessary microflora in the body.

But we must take into account that the amount of vitamin B9, which is actually released by our intestines, is too small to allow the whole organism to function normally. This is the drawback, we should, as far as possible, fill it ourselves.

Let’s look at the list of foods that contain a different amount of vitamin B9.

So, the first thing that you should pay attention to is different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Here you have a fairly wide choice, almost all herbal products to some extent contain a certain amount of folic acid. Particular attention should be paid to beans, spinach, dill, parsley. From the fruit, a kind of rating on the content of vitamin B9 is led by melon, bananas, citrus fruits.

If we consider products of animal origin, here in the first place it will be worth choosing pork, beef and lamb. If eating meat is unacceptable for you, then eat dairy products, eggs of poultry.

It is also worth considering the fact that folic acid is very susceptible to direct sunlight, heat treatment. The products of long-term storage also do not represent nutritional value in terms of replenishment of vitamin B9 stores for the body.

Another option for replenishing the folate reserve in the body is the mobilization of internal reserves. This can ensure the reception of various kinds of bifidobacteria, which stimulate the endogenous production of folic acid.

There is also a group of medicines containing a certain amount of folic acid. Here, first of all, it should be noted such medications as Folacin, Apo Folica, Folio and some others. If you decide to supplement the content of folic acid in your body with medications, be sure to consult with a doctor about this, since each of the above medicines has a different vitamin B9 content, and only the attending physician can select the necessary dosage for you.

The action of folic acid in the human body

In our body, folic acid most directly affects various biochemical reactions. Here it is worth noting protein metabolism, the synthesis of amino acids. All this directly affects the reproductive function of the female body. Lack of vitamin B9 is especially dangerous in the process of cell division, not allowing the fission process to take place in the planned mode. Also I recommend reading about vitamin B17 and alpha-lipoic acid.

If it is more mundane to consider the positive aspects of the influence of folic acid on the normal functioning of the human body, then the following should be noted:

  • Positive effect on the cardiovascular system, prevents the development of anemia
  • Stabilizes the work of the nervous system due to participation in the synthesis of serotonin and norepinephrine (the so-called hormones of joy)
  • Due to active stimulation of leukocyte production, folic acid positively influences the strengthening of the human immune system
  • Stabilizes reduced gastric acidity
  • Positively affects the appearance of the skin, which is especially important for women

And most importantly: the great importance of folic acid in the process of bearing a child. Vitamin B9 promotes the normal development of the cells of the future child, affects the correct formation of all systems of life of the child, protects against various pathologies and abnormalities in development.

Vitamin B9 for women after 40

It’s no secret that the age of forty for most women is a kind of a border. The organism of a woman at this age undergoes a huge restructuring of the hormonal system. This is primarily due to the onset of menopause.

Folic acid helps delay the onset of menopause, and therefore actively struggles with premature aging of the female body. During the onset of menopause, vitamin B9 weakens the detrimental effect of hormonal changes. As stated above, the presence in the body of the right amount of folic acid has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system, which is important for a woman during menopause.

And one more important argument in favor of vitamin B9: a beneficial effect not only on women’s health, but also on its appearance.

Hormone beauty

Folic acid is a kind of beauty hormone. First of all, this is due to the positive influence on the condition of the skin of women. In addition to the skin, it is worth noting and the effect on the appearance of hair and nails. That is, all the main components that make up the formula of female beauty.

The daily need for a woman’s body is quite individual. If you take the average indicators, you can stop at the following figures: at a young age, the daily dose should be in the region of 300 mg, with a slight increase to forty years. During pregnancy, the average daily rate should be about 900 mkg.

But do not forget, the figures given by me are averaged, without taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. A more accurate rate can only be reported to you by your doctor.

I hope, my article will help you understand the question of how useful folic acid is for women, what points should be considered when taking this drug. And I’m saying goodbye to you, subscribe to blog updates, leave your comments on this and other articles posted on the blog. Until next time!