What is a danabol? And why is it taken by bodybuilders

Ever faced steroids? Well, at least hear about them? One of them will be discussed today. Hello, friends. The theme of this article is: “Danabol: instructions for use”. You will find out what this preparation is, how to apply it correctly, and also about something else that concerns this topic.

I will not surprise anyone if I say that modern bodybuilding (and any other sport, with the possible exception of chess) is impossible without the use of special drugs that significantly increase the results. No, of course, it is possible to study bodybuilding with a natural (without the use of steroid drugs and even some sports nutrition), the only question is whether you can achieve at least some decent results by doing “in-kind”.

Danabol and “places of his dwelling”

This drug refers to steroid anabolic or anabolic steroids, call it whatever you want.

The essence of his work lies in a significant jump up the indicators of strength and increase in muscle mass. If we consider under the microscope the effect of this steroid drug, it can be seen that the muscle cells have a larger size, and, hence, the muscle strengths become larger.

For today, there is little where you can find this drug. The most popular places of purchase are the Internet, through acquaintances, or an independent purchase abroad (on a free sale in Moldova, for example). Are you not going to Moldova accidentally?

But despite the fact that danabol is supposedly difficult to obtain, it is very popular among experienced and professional athletes, as well as among beginners.

How to use Danabol

First, I will tell you about the positive and negative consequences of using this steroid, and at the end of the section I will give a detailed description of how to apply it.

Danabol has two forms of release – tableted and injectable (injections). I do not know why, but the Internet is widely believed that the pill is more effective and preferable to injections. But this statement is far from the truth, because injections, as the practice of my friends, actively using danabol and other means, have much more effects.

No not like this. Injections have less negative effects on the body than tablets.

Judge for yourself. Oral intake of danabol is a direct negative effect on the kidneys. Believe me. And injections – no. There are many more of the same examples. If interested, ask experienced athletes, which is less dangerous.

In addition, the solo application of this tool is a direct way to disappointment. You take only one danabol, everything seems to be cool: the mass grows, the force increases. But you should stop taking the medication, as from 6, for example, you gain 5 pounds, and the strength is good, if it does not fall below + 10% of the original figure.

Simply put, danabol, or rather, its use without other anabolic agents, simply floods your muscles with water, due to which the mass increases. It seems like not fat, but not pure “dry”. Throw, and the body excessively retained water simply displays as useless.

Therefore, the action of danabol must be supported by other steroids such as Deca Durabolin, Stanozolol Plow, Boldenone or Growth Hormone. Do you know that meldonia is also considered doping?

As for the very intake of this anabolic drug (tablets or injections – it does not matter), then everything here is as follows: you need to start with a minimum dosage, gradually raise it to a certain level, keep the dosage, and at the end smoothly without any sudden changes to a minimum.

The minimum you will need to take is 20 mg (see the package, how many milligrams are contained in one pill or ampoule). The level of dosing gradually increase to 40 – 50 mg, holding it for two weeks, after which, again, smoothly reduce the concentration of the drug in the body to 20 mg.

The phases of raising and lowering are usually called “loading” and “unloading”. For each phase is given about a week. In total, the course of taking danabol is a month, if this is your first time. Naturally, with subsequent use, the rate should gradually increase.

Do not “rip off the bat” – do not start taking full-time doses: the drug has its side effects (“pobochki”) in the form of increased blood pressure, rash on the face. Also, do not abruptly throw up the reception of this steroid – rollback, that is, the discharge of mass and force, will be even greater than with a smooth lowering.

In short, the general picture of the application of danabol looks like a pyramid. Stick to it. Since the peak of the action of the drug is 4-6 hours after administration, it would be advisable to apply it for several (up to three) hours before the training.

If it is a tablet form of the drug, the tablets can be taken after a meal or dissolve, putting it under the tongue (there are vessels, the active micro-matter directly enters the circulatory system and spreads throughout the body, or rather, the muscles).

If it is a question of injections, then it does not matter after which you will also put – the main thing is to calculate the correct time before training.


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How it is correct to accept pantothenic acid and for what it serves?

Hello! Interested in the topic? So, today you will be my interlocutor, and I, in turn, will share knowledge on this issue. I myself have been doing bodybuilding for a considerable time and know the benefits of vitamins firsthand. Together we will try to understand the functions of the acid (vitamin B5, pantothenate of calcium or sodium salt), the consequences of its deficiency in the body, its sources, interaction with other substances.

Decided to go in for sports or already in it, an article on the topic of pantothenic acid instructions for use, will help understand the benefits of vitamins. The Greek word “pantos”, translated “everywhere” gave the name to the substance. Indeed, it has a very wide range of applications, and it is to some extent found in almost all food products and plays a leading role in shaping our health and the clear functioning of the body.

This substance in 1933 was allocated by Roger Williams from the liver of animals, in 1935 he was able to get a more humane way of rice bran. Pantothenate is also called an anti-stress drug. In cells, he creates a large number of enzymes, and in the nervous system and the brain is converted to acetylcholine. All mental signals and impulses (auditory, visual, touch and smell) pass through it.

During the day, the enzyme can reduce absent-mindedness, unreasonable anxiety, forgetfulness and minor depressive disorders, and have a beneficial effect on the entire body. Vitamin B5 refers to a water-soluble group and is not stored “in reserve”, so it must be constantly replenished. It does not tolerate thermal exposure (high temperature), it loses some of its useful functions when heated.

Pantothenic acid promotes the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which leads to the production of energy necessary for life support of the body. Did you feel apathy, fast fatigue? This is spent stock pantothena in the adrenal cortex, its lack inhibits the production of a hormone that stimulates the synthesis.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consequences of deficiency of pantothenic acid:

  • leads to memory impairment;
  • sleeplessnesses become frequent;
  • fatigue increases or the general weakness is felt;
  • skin diseases (dermatitis, eczemas) become aggravated;
  • allergic reactions are shown;
  • the structure of hair worsens, up to their loss;
  • immunity (frequent viral diseases) weakens;
  • arthroses are possible;
  • because of metabolic disorder, as a result obesity.

It is believed that the vitamin increases the duration of life, therefore, its role is large and obvious, it also stimulates the adrenal glands for the production of hormones. This is an effective tool in the treatment of allergies, heart disease, colitis. In people exposed to stress or heavy physical exertion, consumption increases.

You can take medication form, the drug is issued in the form of a powder or ampoule. The daily norm necessary for the child is from 2 to 5 gr., And in an adult from 4 to 7 gr., These figures are arbitrary, only an expert can determine the individual rate. B5 is synthesized by flora of the intestine about 3.4 mg / day, disruption of its work, leads to diarrhea or constipation, flatulence can occur.

The composition of medications prescribed for this problem will necessarily contain calcium pantothenate. Proper nutrition – is the source of intake into the body together with the products of such a necessary vitamin.

Sources of vegetable production:

  • yeast, bread from whole grain;
  • oranges, bananas;
  • cucumbers, tomatoes;
  • garden radish, radish;
  • kinds of nuts, bean cultures, oat flakes.

Sources of animal production:

  • uterine bee milk;
  • products from fermented milk, yolk of crude egg;
  • fish, fowl, liver, kidneys.

As I said, you need to remember, the molecule of the vitamin destroys the heat (when cooking, the useful properties are lost), acetic acid or lemon it also splits.

In interaction with other substances

Pantothenate in its pure form does not enter, it forms a number of coenzymes. One of the most important for life activity can be called coenzyme A. It promotes the processes of oxidation in the body, therefore any reaction without it is impossible, it gives impetus to those biochemical reactions that are necessary for the body at the moment.

Fatty acids secrete much more energy, but their problem is that they do not penetrate well into the cell, synthesizing with coenzyme A, this process is quite normal. In the liver, it oxidizes amino acids, glucose is obtained. What is extremely important for me, I hope after our communication and for you, he synthesizes steroid cells, and they actively increase and improve muscle mass, adding strength to it. Transforming fats into energy, they do not allow them to become overweight.

In sports

B5 is the most important vitamin for me, it is multifunctional, it helps to keep muscle mass in good form, is a medicine, is used in the cosmetic industry (it is also used to treat acne). Serves as a psychotropic drug (contributes to the improvement of the nervous system). It has no contraindications, no overdose, it is not toxic, but it detoxifies well.

Isolating radioactive nuclides from the body, supports the liver. Stimulates the sex glands and adrenal glands for the secretion of hormones, so necessary for us. Increases stamina and muscle strength. Increases the resistance of cells to insulin, lowers and normalizes blood sugar.

I hope I could understandably and clearly give you an explanation on the topic of pantothenic acid instruction manual, and you learned from our conversation the information you need. Saying goodbye to you, I want to suggest signing up for a blog update. And if you were interested in the topic, I suggest discussing it in social networks with friends or leave a comment.

Why do we need folic acid

Hello, friends! In this article, we’ll talk about why a person needs folic acid, how much it needs for the body, who needs it most, and will understand what foods rich in folic acid are consumed by us for food.

It is necessary as air

Folic acid or vitamin B9 is indispensable for the formation and maintenance of the immune and nervous systems, promotes the production of leukocytes, participates in the proper development of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. I can enumerate endlessly the positive effect of this organic compound on human life. Let’s start:

  • treats anemia (better in total with ferriferous minerals, B6 and B12 vitamins);
  • it is the prevention of “female” cancers: breast and ovarian cancer;
  • positively affects nervous system (influences processes of excitement and braking);
  • in general on female part: provides the correct metabolism in the woman’s organism;
  • prolongs genital function, youth and appeal of the woman;
  • influences growth of hair and condition of skin;
  • lightens the mood, increases the level of “happiness hormone”;
  • facilitates work of heart;
  • exerts positive impact on digestion;
  • promotes formation of cages of nervous system and brain of embryo;
  • its additional reception is necessary during pregnancy for maintenance of health of the woman;
  • helps the best digestion of some vitamins and minerals, for example, such as B1, B6, B12, iron, calcium and magnesium;
  • restores forces and brings order to organism after the delivery;
    I’m already tired, and still so much is not said …)) very much)
  • increases local immunity (as prevention of cold, during disease and later, for the fastest restoration);
  • improves ability of organism to remove “harmful” cholesterol;
  • provides normal functioning of liver;
  • participates in formation of blood cells;
  • increases memory and attention.

And still there are a lot of positive moments for girls (during puberty harmonization of menstrual cycle that solves the problems connected with this process, such as – spots, grease hair, bad mood).

B9 vitamin is releaser in formation of DNA. That is all program of formation of the person put in our genes directly depends on this element. So that’s that! Its quantity is extreme a little.

I note that an overabundance of folic acid in the body is very rare, mainly due to abuse of drugs containing this organic compound. Its quantity in foods and, directly, in the body is so small that it is calculated in micrograms (μg). The microgram is 1: 1000000 grams.

If to take into account the fact that presence of this organic component is necessary, practically, for all bodies and systems, then there will always be site where it is not enough.

So, for maintenance of healthy balance in organism, it is important:

  • to adults every day to use 200 – 400 mkg of folic acid;
  • to children from the birth about one year — about 50 mkg;
  • to children years up to 3 years are more senior it is necessary to receive about 100 mkg with food;
  • to children up to 12 years – 150 mkg;
  • young men and girls are later 12 years old – 200 mkg;
  • to pregnant women – 800 mkg;
  • to the feeding women – 500-600 mkg.

The most “hungry”

I have already mentioned the special participation of this element in the life and health of a woman. He performs a special function in the period when a woman is waiting for a child. After all, the neural tube (the precursor of the nervous system) of the embryo is formed already in the second week of pregnancy, the heart – on the third. And for the proper formation of these systems, a sufficient amount of folic acid is important. The lack of it leads to various pathologies of the development of the brain.
I would say: a pregnant woman should eat for two. And all the necessary vitamins should also be received in double size! Correctly? Hence, it is logical that pregnant women need twice as much as folic acid.

Together with the mother’s milk, the child receives all the useful substances. But this is so, if the nursing mother properly and fully nourishes, that is, with the food gets the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals.

Conclusion: women during pregnancy and lactation should receive a large amount of folic acid, and it will be more appropriate to take vitamin B9 in addition to tablets.
Who else needs this micronutrient? That’s right, people experiencing constant increased physical and mental stress. It is very important during sports, as it helps in the process of protein formation.

Where the treasure is hidden

Since folic acid in food does not happen much, consider foods rich in folic acid. It is contained in almost every product that we eat. The following table will show the “bare” figures of the vitamin B9 content in products:

Other fruits, berries, dairy products, turkey, eggs, beef, pork, lamb, fish contain less than 10 μg of folic acid.

Why do I call the numbers in the table “bare”?

Yes, because vitamin B9, like everyone else,

  • remains in the crude products which have not undergone thermal treatment better;
  • it is acquired together with other minerals.

Therefore for the best digestion of folic acid, it is desirable to consume crude products. Sunflower seeds, nuts, salad, cottage cheese, sheep cheese concern to them, for example. Content of this chemical element is much less in fruit and berries, but, but, it is possible to eat them much bigger quantity, than, for example, liver or peas.

But, undoubted record holders in this rating are sunflower seeds of sunflower and flax. Seeds of sunflower can be eaten even crude, and from seeds of flax the excellent oil having a number of irreplaceable useful properties is produced. Linseed oil does not suffer heating, fill with it salads, use in cosmetic procedures. But it is already separate article.

Do not forget about dairy products. Still, they are quite a frequent guest on our table. Sour-milk products contain a large number of useful lactic acid bacteria, which help the assimilation of vitamins and minerals from food.
Vitamins of group B (B1, B6, B9, B12), calcium, magnesium are contained in bread, cereals, greens, salad.

And the last. If you take folic acid in tablets, you need to remember that a large amount of vitamin B9 destroys vitamin B12.

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Thank you for attention! I’m waiting for you, there will be something interesting and new!