Technique and benefits of Scandinavian walk with sticks

Today, stumbling upon a man who walks down the street with unusual sticks is pretty usual. All around them practically do not pay any attention to them. After all, these people have found a new hobby for themselves, which is only gaining momentum and is called Nordic walking with sticks. The benefits of this sport have long been proven by many scientists and doctors.

The history of walking

If you think that this sport was invented by the Scandinavians, then you are deeply mistaken. The Finns also took part in creating an unusual kind of walking. They were mainly professional sportsmen, who were engaged in skiing.

This lesson followed from a normal ski ride. Only in this case, movement with the help of sticks occurs at any time of the year, there is not necessarily the presence of snow or ice. The person moves independently along the road, holding his body with small sticks on both sides.

Actually, why did walking appear? Undoubtedly, every athlete needs to train daily. But to whom, as not to skiers, this is the hardest thing to do. Here they also have thought up to improve the skills even when in the street there is a warm weather and the bright sun shines. They kind of created artificial conditions for training. And in the end, that’s what happened.

The most popular this walk has got in Finland, that’s why it got such a name. Although in other countries, this method of movement is used as the main method of rehabilitation of people who have experienced motor problems.

Already since the twentieth century, this sport was introduced into the population of Finland. On the streets, it became customary to observe people who moved along the asphalt with the help of ski poles. Over time, certain techniques and types of movement began to be described, which were aimed at treating certain types of diseases. There was new information about the use of this type of walking for the treatment of children.

Attempts to declare a new sport were back in the eighties, then the promotion was not crowned with success, as modern society found this occupation a waste of time and energy.

But today this sport is gaining popularity and is gaining more and more fans who live around the world.

What is Scandinavian walking with sticks?

Scandinavian or Nordic walking with sticks is a new unusual sport that consists of walking walks. During which the person supports his own body from two sides with sticks, which to some extent resemble ski equipment.

Today this sport is often used for the purposes of therapeutic and recreational physical education. It helps to recover athletes after severe injuries, in particular damage to joints, fractures. And also the problems that are associated with the malfunctioning of the human musculoskeletal system.

In 1997 this sport was patented by the Finn M. Kantan. It was he who gave her the name “Scandinavian or Nordic walking with sticks”, which to this day remains unchanged.

The benefit of walking with sticks

It should be mentioned that in the development of this type of walking, the research of German doctors was made. It was they who proved to the whole world that northern walking is unique and has healing effects for combating various human diseases. Also for people with health problems, the Pilates system is ideal.

During walking, the active part is taken by the dorsal and brachial muscles. They not only strengthen, but also allow to avoid problems with health of a back (a scoliosis, a stretching of muscles and another).

Even if we cite an ordinary run as an example, when performing it in the movement of a person, there will be much less muscle involved than with Scandinavian walking.

Modern scientists carried out calculations, according to which it became known that when walking with sticks, more than ninety percent of all the muscles of the body are involved, and in ordinary walking – only seventy percent. Agree, because there is a difference.

Also, this kind of walking is useful for human bones. With the support of sticks, the load on the knee and heel joints is significantly reduced. These facts only provide an opportunity to use a sport gait to treat joint and bony diseases, as well as make predictions for the future improvement of this sport. Walking with sticks is good for treating gout and calcaneal spurs.

Not everyone knows the fact that with northern walking in the human body, a lot of calories and fat cells are burned. Therefore, this type of sport will be useful for those people who have problems with overweight. Still I advise to familiarize with article about growing thin in pool.

It is very useful for the work of the heart. It increases its tone and allows you to stabilize the level of blood pressure. The muscles of the heart and the walls of the vessels are also strengthened.

Doctors recommend practicing this sport for those who have problems with posture, including with a curved spine. It will not be superfluous to train for people who have suffered injuries to the ridge. Gradual and uniform loads on the body will help to restore the motor abilities of all parts of the body much faster.

Since walking is more upper parts of the muscles, it is impossible to note the benefit of walking for the condition of the lungs. With regular classes, their volume can increase to almost thirty percent.

Most experiments and studies show that people who actively use Nordic walking with a stick in their daily lives do not have excess cholesterol in the blood, their bowel condition improves, the stomach works stabilizes. The metabolic processes of the whole organism are being adjusted, as a result of this a person has an excellent mood and well-being. His body seems to be a few years younger.

Also important is the fact that when walking you can use sticks that will serve you as a support and support for climbing the mountain and long stops on the road.

In Germany, this sport is an indispensable element of any rehabilitation program. For example, patients who undergo surgery to replace hip joints after a month of active activities can begin to move without help and return to the usual rhythm of life.

Scandinavian walking can be used to treat the following diseases:

  • Scoliosis.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Severe pain in back and waist, shoulders and neck.
  • Problems with arterial pressure.
  • Depressive states and neuroses.
  • Insomnia.
  • Extra weight of the body.

There are practically no contraindications for classes. The main thing is to consult your doctor in order to clarify the amount of exercise that will work for your body.

Correct execution technique

The technique of walking is simple enough and will be understood by everyone. The most important thing, as with any other sporting activity, is not to rush and do everything gradually.

Walking usually begins with an offensive on the heel, only then go to the sock. At the same time, it is necessary to move slowly and not to make sudden movements.

It is very important to take the first step correctly: one arm needs to be bent slightly in the elbow joint and pull it forward, while watching that the pack always was under a certain slope. The second hand in the bent position is at the level of the pelvic bones and is slightly retracted.

Walk with a stick you need a little faster than with a normal walk. The amplitude of the movements will depend on the weight of the body and the movement of the hands.

The faster the speed, the greater the load will be performed on all the muscles of the body.

Do not be afraid to experiment and walk towards your future. Classes Nordic walking with sticks not only diversify your life, but also will strengthen health, thereby making your mood and well-being many times better!

What is the use of Scandinavian walking with sticks?

Hello, dear! Recently strolling in the local forest park, I saw a man of retirement age, who walked along the path with a backpack and two, I thought, ski poles. And the pace of his movement me, if honestly pleasantly surprised. He walked so quickly and so easily that it became very interesting to me, it was his sticks that helped him so much, or was he naturally so athletic? Arriving home, I decided on the Internet to see what I missed and what I do not know about such walking. And he was extremely interested and surprised that, it turns out, there is a whole direction in physical culture, which is called Scandinavian walking.

So it turns out that the man – a true sportsman amateur, and not just a pensioner, who is difficult to walk! Scandinavian walking, than useful and useful to everyone, that’s what I would like to tell you about.

What is Scandinavian walking?

As you already understood, this is a kind of physical culture that gradually and confidently is gaining popularity among us. “It came” to us from snowy Finland. The idea of walking with sticks, similar to skiing, first came to athletes skiers. They could not prepare for the competition in the season when there was no snow. And they found a good way out – they began to train in the summer, walk with ski poles, and showed excellent results at the competitions.

Patented this sport Mark Cantan. He also perfected walking sticks and even made a allowance for this type of training. From that time, walking with sticks began to spread around the world. So it has acquired the greatest development in Germany.

Scandinavian (Norwegian, Finnish, northern) walking is walking-training on time, which the moving one relies on special sticks.

What are the benefits?

This kind of walking involves almost 90% of the muscles of the body. It is worth recalling that running or just walking is only about 70%, so it turns out that for one and the same time you can work out more muscle mass, and therefore spend more calories (this is a big plus for those who want to lose weight).

Also it must be said that leaning on a person’s sticks, relieves your joints and feet (heels) from extra load, which can not but please everyone who keeps them.

During training, the heart muscles are also trained. Also, scientists found that such exercises perfectly develop coordination and a sense of balance.

And if we add to this the correction of posture (everyone knows how important and necessary not only for beauty, but also the healthy work of all organs) and a significant increase in lung volume (30%), it becomes clear why Scandinavian walking is so popular.

Are there any contraindications and can everyone “walk with sticks”?

If you, as well as I was interested in Finnish walking, then having learned that she has practically no contraindications, you will be delighted and start to gather for sticks.

It should be noted that it is impossible for those who do not walk this walk:

  • Has a cold, flu or other diseases in which bed rest is recommended.
  • Who is in the postoperative period and the attending physician does not allow the load in the form of walking (including with sticks).
  • Has an exacerbation of chronic diseases, which is accompanied by pain syndrome.
  • People who suffer from heart disease should only practice after consulting a doctor!

All the rest can not only walk, but also need to!

How to walk correctly?

There are special methods for walking, but for those who have just started or are just about to start, it’s enough to learn simple ways.

They are the maximum naturalness of the step, with the difference that in the hands of a stick. And at a time when you make a step with one foot (right), the hand (opposite to it) makes an emphasis on the stick and with every next step everything changes in places.

It should be noted that there is no respiratory system per se. There are recommendations that it is desirable to breathe with the nose, but as practice shows, because of the load, the practitioner starts to breathe with his mouth.

To begin such exercises, it is necessary with small-time trainings (from 15 minutes) and gradually to increase them. For example, adding each training for 2-3 minutes.

Training equipment

As for the equipment, it should be mentioned that the most important role here is assigned to special sticks (ski – not suitable!), And otherwise – comfortable clothes and shoes.

Sticks are telescopic (sliding), which change its length, and static. The latter are considered more expensive and reliable (professionals and people that are already sufficiently well informed, choose them), and telescopic ones are convenient because they can be folded and carried in this form, but they can not stand and break.

When choosing sticks one must carefully select their height, so that the training sessions are both effective and enjoyable. So there is some formula to calculate the height of the sticks.

So: we must divide our growth by 0.68 and round it to the number that divides by five. Although I would not like to hope for such a way and buy without a test in the living (all people are different and all have their own characteristics and needs). What fits all, not necessarily suitable for you!

Also it is necessary to pay attention to the material of sticks. It is better not to choose aluminum.

Make sure that the stick has a removable tip (spike or “claw”) made of durable material. Even if it breaks, you can replace it.

Still it is necessary to pay attention to “boots” (a cover for the thorn which is worn while walking on asphalt or concrete), it should be non-plastic, and rubber (will last longer).


I hope now you also know what Nordic walking is, what is useful and whether you need it. That’s actually all you need to know for beginners about Scandinavian walking and its benefits.

Oh, yes, an occupation, like any other kind of training, can not be started without a warm-up. This is very important for everyone who does not want to get injuries in the form of stretching.

Thank you for reading, do not forget to share information with your friends in social networks. Keep the rhythm! BYE!

Instructions with the correct technique of Nordic (Scandinavian) walking with sticks

Hello! It is difficult not to notice that Nordic walking is becoming more popular every day. If only recently people who walked with sticks, but without skis, looked strange, but today this is not. This kind of sport helps to work out absolutely all muscle groups. In order to achieve high results, you should read this article. Here the technique of the Nordic walk with sticks will be described in detail, the instruction for mastering it is extraordinarily simple.

A little about the new sport

The point is to move using sticks. In the past, skiers practiced at a time when there was no snow.

Sticks can reduce the strain that occurs on the joints. Given this factor, Nordic walking will be an ideal exercise for the elderly, who often have problems with joints. Plus, after training, there is always a rush of energy and a charge of vivacity.

Naturally, not without the general effect on health. Walking improves the functioning of the heart, and helps to normalize blood pressure.

History of appearance

The first mention of Nordic walking comes from the late thirties of the twentieth century. It was practiced by Finnish skiers, who were afraid to lose shape in the off-season.

After some time, scientists became interested in this sport, and wanted to study it. After efficiency was scientifically confirmed, walking began to gain popularity.

Main advantages

The main advantage is that you can always and everywhere. The only thing that is needed is special sticks.

There is an opportunity to get rid of excess calories. During the fitness training a person loses about 350 kcal. Within 60 minutes of walking you can throw twice as much.

Regular trainings will help not only to remain with good physical shape, but also to be always healthy. It is recommended to be engaged in that who has problems with excess weight, with heart, and that who has sore lungs.

The training is in the fresh air much better than daily occupations in gym hall. It is necessary to agree with it.

It is possible to distinguish the following from the main pluses of the Nordic walking:

  • Improvement of work of joints.
  • Energy charge for all day.
  • Brain activity improves.
  • Muscles of legs and shoulder girdle are studied.
  • Oblique muscles of press get into gear.

And one more — sticks will help to strengthen well backbone of subjects who has it still or already weak. It concerns children and elderly people.

Who is not recommended to do Scandinavian walking

What good would not be this sport, it nevertheless has some contraindications. It is not necessary to be engaged to people who I have the following problems:

  • Injury in the shoulder joint.
  • Acute hypertension.
  • Congenital diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

If you are not worried about anything from the above, then you can do without hindsight.

Kinds of walking

For each person the type of walking has to be selected especially individually. In total there are three kinds of the Scandinavian walking:

  1. Strengthening. The main action is directed to strengthening organism, and to make it healthier. Suits generally elderly people and beginners. It is ideal to use for recovering of organism from injuries.
  2. Training. Suits those who have full order with health. The task consists in working muscles, and to reduce excess weight. The training takes place in bystry speed.
  3. Sports. Athletes who need to keep good physical shape constantly use mainly.

Irrespective of the fact which the option of walking will suit you, the main thing that classes were given regularly. It is desirable that the training took place not less than two times a week. Time — 30 minutes. It is recommended to increase duration of occupations gradually.

Selection of equipment

As it became already clear, for trainings it is not necessary to buy something supernatural. Everything that can be necessary — special sticks. It is necessary to choose them attentively.

In general, they have to be not heavy, but strong. It is the best of all to buy such sticks where it will be possible to change tip. All sticks are made of coal plastic which is famous for the durability.

That trainings brought good result, it is necessary to pick up correctly equipment, concerning growth. To decide on the size, it is necessary to use simple formula. To increase growth of the athlete on 0,68. The result will display necessary length.

It is also possible to buy gloves that on hands there were no callosities and to make grip more convenient.

The correct movement — the key to success

At first glance, the technique is very simple, but there are some nuances. To get maximum effect and pleasure from training, you need to master the technique, and hone it to automatism. Help in this step-by-step instruction.

The technique resembles the usual walking on skis, but not without some features.

  1. When the right leg behind, the right hand has to be ahead and vice versa.
  2. Completely not to unbend hand at forward motion.
  3. To put foot on heel, and to lift foot from sock.
  4. At this moment other hand has to be at the level of basin. When it lasts forward, it is necessary to push forcibly it back, straightening elbow.
  5. Everything repeats around.

It is necessary to observe the correct breath. It is initially best of all to inhale nose, and then it is possible to pass to breath with mouth.

Scandinavian walking for the elderly

For aged people walking will become ideal exercise stress. All because joints practically do not strain. Plus, positive influence on heart. In general, this occupation will suit elderly people who want to be always in tone.

Considering that the age is not only figure, before the trainings it is worth visiting the doctor. As for the instruction, it remains almost invariable.

Training duration — no more than 60 minutes. Type of walking — strengthening. One more recommendation — always to listen to the organism, and then occupations will present joy.


This sport has deserved only positive reviews. The people who are not strongly esteeming exercise stresses note that the technology of the Scandinavian walking with sticks to the instruction to which pain is banal is very simple, and periodic trainings perfectly are suitable for weight loss and for maintenance of organism in tone.

If you are not engaged in walking, then forward, health yet first of all! And surely subscribe for updates, bye.


What is Men’s Physique? The program of trainings on the weight and food

I am glad to welcome you, dear friends. It is very pleasant that you continue to look “on a spark” on me on the blog. With pleasure I will tell you about “Men’s Physique the program of trainings”, I will designate an approximate supply and I will select the main differences from customary with all of bodybuilding. Pleasant reading.

To tell the truth, until recently I also not absolutely understood what represents this Men’s Physique. It that, occupations on weight? On a relief? It something like strongmen?

In practice everything was much simpler. I just have begun to penetrate into this subject, re-reading the sea of information, penetrating into programs of trainings and complexes of the leading representatives of this sport, looking through gigabytes of videos. And, at last, I am ready to share with you the conclusions from the professional point of view, without pathos, pomposity and abstruse phrases.

What is Men’s Physique?

It appears, it is one of branches of body building or bodybuilding. It as in religion: Orthodoxy is a branch of Christianity though there is still Catholicism, Protestantism.

Also it is called still beach bodybuilding. Why beach? Well, let’s present the beach together. In what guys are dressed? Swimming trunks, by itself, but still are some children in the shorts and bridges (long shorts) hiding a lower body, but allowing to breathe to skin. In such shorts representatives of this power sport also act.

Because of such feature and difference from main current of body building, in Men’s Physique have undergone changes and the program of trainings. In this regard athletes of Mens of Physics don’t possess too volume muscles, and for competitions and it isn’t obligatory to parade the legs at all.

In what difference of beach bodybuilding from the basic?

As I said, unlike standard bodybuilding, Beach bodybuilders can perform in long shorts – this is the first difference.

As a rule, body builders of Men’s Physique devote the most part of the trainings to an upper body (a torso, hands, shoulders, a neck), and on lower are engaged indirectly – it is the second difference.

Body lump at beach body builders is less, than at participants, habitual for us, “Arnold the classic” is the third difference.

What is similar to beach and standard bodybuilding?

Though the program of trainings differs from basic provisions a little, but nevertheless beach body builders use the same principles and the same general and special exercises, as ordinary bodybuilders. Food too not strongly differs from classics.

Though it is authorized not to act (to show) with open legs, but nevertheless because of a bigger anabolic response and violation of symmetry beach body builders continue to train legs that, in itself, not bad.

In spite of the fact that legs at beach bodybuilders not in a priority, all the same from under shorts are looked through shins of legs – and here them just and swing strenuously.

There is such an expression: “The rich have their quirks.” It would seem, well, you occupy bodybuilding, take it and pump up your feet fully. Why resort to such inconvenience? And for what? Do you agree with me?

The approximate program of trainings in Men’s Physique

Feature of the program is that it can be supplemented or cut down on the discretion, to vary exercises as conveniently engaged. But you shouldn’t forget that now exercises are constructed in such order as much as possible to involve the working muscles.

You shouldn’t forget also about warm-up at the beginning of the training (about 10 minutes) and about the same hitch on duration at the end. It not only will warm muscles and will prepare joints, but also will help to stabilize systems of an organism.

Also It should be noted that the training is constructed by the principle from smaller to bigger. That is trainings on intensity begin from the easiest and come to an end with the heaviest. It is caused by the fact that ahead days off, and you will have a rest more than usually. The organism will manage to be restored.

You also can this program break for four training days, in last of which to take out legs, a press and sides.

Breast and tricepses

  1. Bench press lying on an incline bench – 5-6 sets, in each of 12-15 reps;
  2. The press in the Hammer simulator is 5-6 sets, in each of 12-15 repetitions;
  3. Reduction of hands in the simulator (“butterfly”) – 5-6 sets, in each of 12-15 repetitions;
  4. Push-ups on the uneven bars – 4-5 sets, in each of 10-12 repetitions;
  5. French press – 5-6 sets, in each of 12-15 reps.
  6. Exercises for the press.

Back and bicepses

  1. Draft of a bar in an inclination – 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  2. Thirst of the top block for a breast and for the head — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  3. Shrag with a bar — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  4. Draft of the lower block — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  5. Bending of hands with a bar on a biceps — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  6. The concentrated bending of hands — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions.
  7. Exercise on a waist.

Shoulders (legs optional)

  1. Costing an army press — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  2. Arnold’s press — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  3. Army press because of the head — 2-3 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  4. Raising of dumbbells through the parties — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  5. Raising of dumbbells through the parties in an inclination — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions;
  6. Squats with a bar or the Romanian draft.
  7. Press legs in the gakk-car.
  8. Inclinations from dumbbells in the parties — 5-6 sets, in everyone till 12-15 repetitions.


As we see, the program of trainings though differs from habitual, but is insignificant. Though feature of the program of Men’s Physique is the number of approaches and repetitions in one exercise. Once again I will emphasize that exercises, the principles and food remain the same. I hope, you had liked Men’s Physique the program of trainings.

I will be grateful if you share this article with the friends through social networks. Surely write the opinions in comments below. Play sports and the health.

What is thriathlon? Distances and versions

Hello, my dear readers. My today’s article will be enlightened triathlon. From this article you will learn what a triathlon is in sports, winter, summer, types of triathlon, the subtleties of this unusual sport.

Already on the basis of the name, you can guess that it will go about some kind of sports all-around, which includes three kinds of sport.

The classical thriathlon belongs to summer sports and includes the following sports disciplines: swimming on open water, run and cycle racing. Depending on distances in each of the listed disciplines also the carrying out format the triatlonnykh of competitions varies.

In our article we will in detail stop on various options of thriathlon for now we begin with the sources.

History of occurrence

Monasteries of the homeland of modern thriathlon are taken away by right to itself by France. In this European country, in the twenties the last century, there have taken place competitions, on the format as close as possible to modern thriathlon.

The competitions looked like the following: athletes ran a 3 km distance, cycled 12 kilometers, and then swam across the water channel, about 200 meters wide.

New sporting fun was not only liked by the people of France. In the future, this sport gradually earned popularity in Europe and North America. It was in Hawaii that the first official competitions were held at the distances later to become classic in the triathlon.


Now distances in this sports all-round can be divided into two conditional groups: short which also the distance which is included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games, and long distances enters.

Competitions at long distances are held with the certain restrictions connected with the ban to break away at bicycle stages. Do not forget that at competitions in thriathlon of any level, certain sequence of stages is maintained: swimming – the bicycle – run.

So, we will sort in more detail the most widespread distances:

Includes one and a half kilometers in water, then forty kilometers by bicycle and as end, ten-kilometer running distance. This format is applied at the Olympic Games and the World Cups, and also at all competitions which are taking place under the auspices of the international federation of thriathlon.

Unlike Olympic, each of distances is cut by half: 0.75+20+5. In the international format competitions at such distance are usually held for youthful age.

Still twice reduced (0.375+10+2.5 km.), it is usually used at the amateur level or for beginners to be engaged in thriathlon.

Swimming of 3.86 km. + bicycle of 180 km. + running distance of 42.2 km. The competitions enjoying special popularity in thriathlon the world. For overcoming similar distance the athlete has to have excellent physical shape. Even participation in similar race highly is quoted in sporting world, and prize-winners and winners forever remain in the history of thriathlon.

Competitive process

At the initial stage of the triathlon competition for each athlete is allocated an individual seat in the so-called transit zone. There, athletes store their equipment and inventory, in this case a bicycle.

After distribution on individual zones athletes are invited to start of the first type of thriathlon – swimming in open water.

Taking into account that all athletes start at the same time, it is important to appear on the first meters of distance in the leading group, otherwise it will be rather difficult to overtake leaders in the course of heat.

The distance by tradition has triangular shape. The standard style of swimming in which athletes pass swimming stage, crawl. Exactly floating this style it is possible to gather the largest speed. But after all it is necessary to consider that competitions in water are not won. It is almost impossible to make powerful breakaway during swimming, usually main task of athletes at the first stage to finish in group of leaders.

After the termination of swimming stage the athlete takes away the bicycle from the transit place, puts on helmet and goes to exit from transit zone. And having only left transit zone, the athlete has the right to begin the movement by bicycle.

The cycle racing stage is key in respect of fight for victory. There is set of various strategy of maintaining cycle racing stage. Everything depends on individual training of the athlete, his physical shape of competitions at present.

Someone tries to shoot ahead, having created himself necessary reserve before running part of all-round. The athletes confident in the forces at running stage, try to save as much as possible forces and to finish the second stage in the general group.

The second stage also comes to an end in transit zone where athletes leave the bicycle, change the shoes and go to running distance. In run the strongest is also defined. Often, the winner is defined by the last meters of distance when in finish gate and there is identification of the winner.

Kinds of thriathlon

As often happens in popular sports disciplines, many similar species are formed on the basis of one sport, but with certain differences. The triathlon, which served as a basis for a number of related sports, was no exception. Here are some of them:

  1. Cross-country. Difference from traditional thriathlon consists in overcoming bicycle distance on the crossed area.
  2. Duathlon. Here run between which distances the cycle racing settles down is twice used.
  3. Aquathlon. In this case on the contrary, athletes float necessary for distance twice.

Independently there is winter thriathlon where swimming is replaced with cross-country skiing. This discipline seriously applies for inclusion in the program of the winter Olympic Games and it is impossible to exclude opportunities that the winter thriathlon in popularity will compete over time with the summer fellow.

Here is the basic information about this curious kind of sport, subject only to comprehensively developed people. What is triathlon in sports, winter, summer, other variations of this sport, all this is reflected in this article. On this, I say goodbye to you, subscribe to blog updates, I look forward to your comments about this and other articles, up to speedy meetings!