Elastic bottom at home or how to pump up the Brazilian bottom?

I’m sure this topic will be very interesting for girls. Therefore, beloved girls, hello. Today I will try to tell you about how to pump up the Brazilian bottom in house conditions most in detail. In the article you will see a lot of useful information related to different areas – with meals, exercises, rest and other things. Are you sure you want to know the details? Then we begin.

Recently (the last about 10 years) there was a tendency to the fact that the girl should be appetizing (pumped up breasts and breasts, thin waist, weak sketching of muscles and all that), and the guy should be athletically built.

But in the early 2000s it was fashionable to be “anorexic” thin. Therefore, it is not surprising that today so many people are interested in bodybuilding, fitness or just a healthy lifestyle (everything new is a well forgotten old one), and social networks are full of pictures with beautiful girls and inscriptions something like “Guys love meat” and everything in This kind. After all, am I right?

But in the name of this material there is word “Brazilian”. Why Brazilian bottom you want? Why not Portuguese, for example, or we will tell generally – European? Why, actually, Brazilian? Let’s understand.

Why bottom – Brazilian

Tell me, what do you know about Brazil? Surely, you immediately came to their carnivals, masquerades and crowds of dancing youth in colorful dresses. And just try to say that I’m wrong.

Personally, I still know about Brazil that there are constantly held competitions of women, girls, moms and even grandmothers. At competitions determine the best figure, as in the “Miss World” (this, if we say simplified). And what kind of figure can a grandmother have, for example? Well, all right, girl. Well, okay – a woman. But grandmother? “Yes” – I will answer you. There grandmothers in their 40 (and 45, and 50) look just charming, and can give odds to the young. And with what is it connected?

Brazil is not considered a rich country: it has many poor people. But, nevertheless, it is a hot region with a lot of beaches and such competitions for the beauty of the figure and body of women. And what else do adult women, where there are full gyms, beaches and “hot” men?

Look at least one contest from Brazil, and you will understand why the adjective is not “European”, but “Brazilian”.

But enough about this, let’s move on to the highlight of our topic. How to achieve such a figure?


In the earlier article “What Exercises Need to Be Done to Pump Up Bottom” I already said that buttocks shake during extension of hip joints, that is at knee stretching. And if we are talking about home conditions, then think about what exercises can be at your disposal. Squats? Right, Blows? It is truth too. Let me supplement the list:

  1. various squats;
  2. various lunges;
  3. different raising of basin lying on floor;
  4. leg swings back (it is possible with resistance of rubber expander);
  5. raising of the bent and straight legs being on all fours (it is also possible with resistance);
  6. deadlift;
  7. jumps on jump rope;
  8. Jumping out of the squat.

But the beefy bottom needs to be studied not easy, but also to stretch that it grew quicker – literally this word. Therefore I advise to do upon termination of occupations extension on legs.

Girls! With you I will be frank: You will not be able quickly to increase to yourself fleshy buttocks if you do not eat properly. Guys can shake, but is not adequately, and grow, their organism is full of testosterone. And in you it is not enough. Therefore compensate it by the food necessary for the constant growth of muscles (buttock – not exception).

I want to tell that muscles need protein. It can arrive to you both with food, and with sports food. But it is better to approach question in a complex: use everything together.

Concerning rest and restoration I can tell that you will need to get enough sleep, and also to allow the bottom to have a rest: do break between trainings at 48 o’clock.

Each employment should differ from previous though in something is will provide a constant gain of a muscular fabric. Therefore make the most of all arsenal of exercises on legs and buttocks constantly to progress.

In advance get jump ropes, expanders, and it is even better – folding dumbbells and “small weights” (belts with sand on legs) that your training really was full and effective. Set of exercises demand the additional equipment, but not demanding it will give effect only at the beginning: sooner or later you get used to resistance of own body, and muscles need new incentive – additional burdenings.

The frequency of training should be within 3-4 classes per week, and the duration of an individual training should be 45 minutes on average (you work for the same group of muscles, longer it does not make sense to train them).

The number of approaches and repetitions I can not say in advance. For growth, usually 4 sets (approaches) with 8-12 repetitions in each. If you feel that you can do more, then this indicates a lack of workload. Therefore, increase the weight of the weights.

I hope, I could answer the question “How to Pump Up the Brazilian Bottom in House Conditions”? If not fully, then I ask – ask questions in comments. Well, and I need to say goodbye to you. Subscribe for updates of the blog, you share article, and be beautiful. Bye bye.

3 thoughts on “Elastic bottom at home or how to pump up the Brazilian bottom?”

  1. Honestly, I’m very glad that in the peak of an anorexic dead, barely able to keep on the feet of the girls gradually become fashionable – the priests, with the chest, that is, with pomp in the right places. 🙂

  2. The priest as well as all the rest requires training and attention, interestingly such competitions take place only in Brazil or in other countries too, I consider we can compete with them.

  3. Squats are the main exercise for priests, and with weighting. Another very good exercise is to lift the torso lying on its back. Well and it is useful to do massage with aromatic oils. (Well or start a massager)

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