How to choose a mountain bike for a man for growth

Today we offer a huge range of bicycles, so choosing the right one is quite difficult. If you are a beginner cyclist, then you often think about which bicycle to choose. Sometimes it happens that a person acquires a vehicle, and then in the process of using it directly, it suddenly turns out that he does not meet the requirements for him. To get a really suitable option, it is worthwhile to understand the diversity that exists. You will learn some of the secrets of buying, as well as how to choose a bike for growth.

Let’s talk about the types of bicycles

Nowadays all kinds of bicycles are sold. Each is specifically designed for specific uses. In this case, there is a difference in the structural elements. There are simple options and complicated ones. How to choose a bicycle for a man? Let’s try to understand.

№1. Mountain bikes.

They are designed specifically to operate under the most difficult conditions. Such models are ideal for climbing and descending and cross country skiing.

The frame of the mountain bike is very strong, the ground clearance is specially increased, the width of the tires is large. It is also equipped with contact pedals, direct steering wheel, disc type brakes. Usually there are 15 transmissions.

If you are interested in how to choose a mountain bike, be aware that such models are well suited for walking outside asphalt roads. They are suitable for those who prefer active life. Tales with medium specification can also be used in urban conditions.

It is worth noting the following advantages: special strength, excellent maneuverability and excellent quality outside the road. There are also disadvantages: the expensive cost of brand bicycles, the complexity of the design, low speed.

№2. City bicycles.

Designed specifically to go around the city.

These bikes have a trunk. Usually there are more than seven speeds. The diameter of the wheels is 26 inches. As for the landing, it is the most convenient here. There are models with a shock-absorber fork.

Suitable for frequent driving on urban roads. Suitable for people using a bicycle as a substitute for urban transport.

On city models it is possible to transport loads, the design is impressive with simplicity. You can choose a suitable variation and, if necessary, equip the bicycle with additional equipment. The shock absorber softens driving in city conditions.

The disadvantages are less strong wheels and frame. Also, such bicycles weigh much more than other models.

№3. Highway bicycles.

Ideal for driving on flat roads at high speeds.

The length of the frame is increased. Steering wheel – sports construction. It is possible to go in a bent position, as a result of which the resistance to the counterflow of air decreases substantially. Wheels usually have a diameter of 28 inches. The speeds can be 15 or the number of them varies. Usually equipped with a light-weight frame.

Well suited for those who enjoy cycling. Also suitable for trips at distances of 50 kilometers.

A small weight, the possibility of long distances, a great constant speed. These are the three main advantages of these models. But such bicycles are not designed for bad roads, only a sport landing is required, there is no trunk.

№4. Special for women.

A special kind of urban models. They differ in the structure of the frame. The tube of stiffness of the frame is located below. It is possible to complete a variety of transmissions. If necessary, you can install an additional trunk.

№5. Folding models.

Their frame, if desired, folds. Wheels have a diameter of up to 24 inches. It is possible to adjust the required landing height. That’s why they are suitable for children. Such bikes are easily transported in the usual trunk. It is convenient to store in an apartment.
Suitable for those who only try themselves in the role of cyclist.

№6. Road bicycles.

The wheels in these models have a diameter of 28 inches. The wheel is traditional. The speed is one. Equipped with a foot brake. Such bicycles are as reliable as possible. If you do not know exactly which bicycle to choose, you can purchase such models.

We choose a bicycle for growth

For the correct choice, it is necessary to determine the size of the frame of a particular bicycle. This is very important in the event that you are going to make a purchase in an online store.

Look at the special table that allows you to choose the right bike, which corresponds to your growth.

It is worth saying that the mountain models are quite small in size. The thing is that people are often of medium height. That’s why the models are produced by this parameter.

Most models are suitable for almost everyone. Do not forget that the steering wheel and the seat can usually be adjusted. It is important to take into account the style of riding. If he is calm, then the size of the bike should be higher. If the ride is sharp, this size should be smaller. For older people, smaller bikes are suitable.

Now you know how to choose a bike for growth.

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  1. Excellent bicycles.
    I have a highway bike, it is convenient to move around everywhere on it, that along the highway that around the city.

  2. I now choose a bike for myself, I plan to skate on a country road, I need some inexpensive model, but high-quality, I revised a bunch of models

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