The best exercises for study and development of the lower part of pectoral muscles

If you read these lines, then for certain interests you how to pump up the lower part of pectoral muscles. Hello, dear readers and casual visitors of my blog. Now I will tell you how to achieve growth of the lower part of breast what exercises for this purpose approach more and what will be inefficient.

The sports girl is allocated by the tightened figure and beefy bottom. And what then allocates the guy? Bicepses? Not absolutely so. It is rather width of shoulders and development of thorax. It is possible to determine existence of pushing movements in the program of trainings of the guy by these criteria. And to pump up bicepses is for weaklings. Lump – here the real force.

How breast muscles grow?

As well as all others of muscles – by their stimulation by means of physical work (training), food and restoration. But all “trick” is that different departments or as them it is accepted to call bunches of pectoral muscles can develop differently. The hardly pumped most up department is top, but those cases at which lower lags behind are frequent.

Usually as it occurs? You begin to reap bar, dumbbells, to do distributings and BAM! the breast already, it seems, gets sportswear, to be exact the lower and average departments. But happens and so that lower lags behind owing to morphology or physiology – I do not know in what difference there. Do not prompt?

So, the pectoral muscles develop under the action of the jaw muscles (in which you repel something from yourself – they are also called jogging) and stretching exercises (when the chest can be stretched). As there is nothing absolutely pure or unambiguous in the world, it will not work for you (and anyone else) to pump only the lower fascicle of the chest muscles: in parallel with it, medium beams will be involved in the work, as well as the muscles of the shoulders “Delt”) and triceps. So we are arranged.

How to train breast?

If you have aimed to put breast in order, then be so kind as to release under exercises on breast two days a week instead of one as it is demanded by all normal systems of trainings. Usually advise to train first of all to keep the lagging behind muscles and leading simply in tone that “have not become limp”. Our case not exception. Therefore push back, legs and shoulders the background, but not the third if you understand about what I.

 Also, there should be rest between the busy days, so we put these days at the beginning and end of the training week. It is desirable that there is a gap between them in a couple of days. Thus, piles and triceps can rest and be restored (and, therefore, grow) fully. Naturally, you need to eat as well as when typing mass – eat more than was spent in training.

What exercises can be used?

It is important to note that the weight of burdenings needs to be picked up so that the last two repetitions were heavy. Do not hesitate to use the help of friends or companions with the hall on the last approaches. Well, and, of course, do not forget about warm-up.

Beginning of week

  1. Barbell bench press under negative bending – the bench is inclined down and you should reap up, but slightly obliquely in relation to the body. If have not understood – “Google” in the help. 4 approaches till 8-12 times.
  2. Dumbbell press under negative bending – in principle the same, as in the previous exercise, with difference only in apparatuses. And yes, do not forget what dumbbells to lift the same weight as was on bar, will not turn out: there hands work together, and here everyone is responsible for the weighting compound. 3 approaches on 10 times.
  3. Cultivation of dumbbells in the parties (“distributing”) – it exercise is aimed not at the concrete development of lower part, and at extension of the working parts of breast. In this case – the lower bunches. The more stretch breast, the more has to accrue. But be not overzealous – still nobody cancelled trauma. 3 on 10.
  4. Bendings and extensions of hands in emphasis on parallel bars. However, difficult name? It will be simpler to tell “push-ups on bars”. Adjust width of bars so that it was not wide, but also it is not narrow. If width is not regulated – work with what is I to you not the assistant here. 3 on 15 — 18
  5. Push-ups from floor. You want to learn how the full name of this exercise sounds? “Bendings and extensions of hands in lying support”. Difficult, isn’t that so? Deliver to palm (and fingers) on floor so that they made triangle, lower them a little down, on the level of solar plexus. Be wrung out 10–12 times in 2 sets.

Additional information: happens so that the hall has no the bench allowing to make negative bending. Well, then take bench with positive bending, lift it almost up to the end, put under bar in Smith’s exercise machine and level lowering of bar so that she to you laid down accurately on breast bottom (is possible slightly below). Shower legs (back part of knees) on bench top, and back you lay down down, previously having adjusted the provision of bar. Here to you and press under negative corner.

The end of the week

  1. Bar press narrow grip – not such narrow, as during the work on tricepses, but also not such wide, as during the work on average department of breast. 4 on 8 – 12.
  2. Push-ups on bars with additional weight – attach to yourself additional 8–10 kg of iron and be wrung out. Let you will not be able to do at first sets up to the end – do how many you will be able. In total it is desirable to make 4 sets on 6–8 times. Further is possible more.
  3. Push-ups from floor from eminence – put some eminences (whetstones, bricks, step platform) under palms. Because of the increased range of movement the breast literally will be broken off. I in general performed this exercise, leaning on handles of weights, for the lack of nothing else. You represent? In other words, it was wrung out on weights. I think, and you will find way. Make it in 3 approaches on 12 – 15 times.
  4. “Distributing”. 3 on 10, anything new. You can do, by the way, not distributing, and “butterfly” — same “distributing”, only sitting in the exercise machine.

The exercises which are not helping development of the lower part of breast

It is possible to rank as them: presses of bars and dumbbells under positive bending, back push-ups or as it will be correct, bendings and extensions of hands in rear support, push-ups from floor with broad statement of hands.

Here in principle and everything that needs to be known for this purpose how to pump up the lower part of pectoral muscles. Well, and I have all for today. Subscribe for updates of the blog, leave comments and you share this article with friends. All kind.

3 thoughts on “The best exercises for study and development of the lower part of pectoral muscles”

  1. Exercises with the bar are most effective for the growth of the muscles of the chest, although at home they are quite problematic. But I always do push-ups to keep fit.

  2. Such exercises can be practiced at home. To do this, enough dumbbells, but the bar is still better. You also need to navigate by weight, you need heavy shells, but feasible for you. Exercises do lying, legs can be thrown on the sofa so that the pelvis is in the air. And lift the weight. But if you just want to swing for the masses, then you need to take sports nutrition

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