In what difference between the Omega 3, 6, 9 and how it is correct to accept?

Hello, my dear readers! New article of my blog will be devoted to fatty acids and if to be more exact, then by one of groups – to nonsaturated fatty acids the Omega 3 6 9. For what it is useful how to accept these fats and the speech in my today’s article will go.

For a start we will try to understand what fatty acids are? 20 fatty acids are vital for human body, our organism itself perfectly copes with synthesis of these substances with one exception. Here is how time exception are also polynonsaturated fats which the organism independently does not synthesize, but they are necessary for life of each of us.

These most polynonsaturated fatty acids also have to enter the menu of each person. Omega 3 and the Omega 6 treat polynonsaturated acids, and here the Omega 9 represents monononsaturated acids.

Opening history

These acids better known as complex of vitamins F, became known to medicine in the thirties of the 20th century. Rather long time discovery of these vitamins did not find broad application in medical practice. And only at boundary of the 70th 80th years, the Scandinavian experts have shown interest the lifestyle of the people of Far North, factors influencing their state of health much surpassing the level of health of inhabitants of continental Europe.

Number of the conducted researches has shown that at the Greenland Eskimos the low level of cardiovascular diseases is observed. This fact has been directly connected with diet of local population which on constant basis sea fish entered. And as is well-known, sea fish is rich with the content of the substances interesting us.


Functions to the Omega-3 in our organism consist in the following:

  1. Protective role for our internals
  2. Positively influences visual acuity
  3. Is responsible for condition of hair, nails, skin
  4. Being in essence rather strong oxidizer, influences senilism
  5. Promotes healing of internal wounds, such as gastritis and different ulcers
  6. Regulate hormonal balance
  7. Irreplaceable thing in diet of pregnant women, positively affect on pre-natal fetation

Now we will consider the food containing this component. First of all is different sea fish and seafood. And fish has to be mainly fat grades, in such fish contains the acids interesting us in enough. Different contents which are not refined vegetable oil.

Try to include nuts in the diet. Also it is worth paying attention to usual eggs, the truth with one specification, eggs have to be from poultry. If to take vegetables, then rather high content of acid necessary to us is in cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, melons, haricot.

If to take daily diet of the adult into account, then the content of this fatty acid has to be within one-two grams, depending on specific features of human body. To receive necessary quantity, it is necessary to eat, for example, around 100 grams of above-mentioned fish or small amount of seeds of flax.

Behavior of organism at surplus or deficiency the Omega-3

At the use the Omega-3 it is important not to forget that it is necessary to adhere to golden mean.

The lack of organism of this fatty acid conducts to noticeable problems with skin, articulate pains, gastrointestinal tract problems.

But also the Omega-3 will not give to anything good surplus in organism. In this case you are threatened by hypotonia attacks, weakening of muscle tone, violation of work of pancreas.


This substance represents polynonsaturated fat with components of linoleic, arakhidonovy and gamma and linoleic acids. Gamma and linoleic acid considerably reduces PMS consequences, positively influences appearance of integuments, is prophylactic in fight against such diseases as diabetes, arthrosis, problems of immune and digestive systems.

If to consider the list of products, the most saturated the acid interesting us, then the list will be in many respects similar on that which I already gave above:

  1. Various vegetable oils
  2. Seeds of sunflower, pumpkin
  3. Butter
  4. Lard
  5. Eggs of home-made chicken
  6. Germinated wheat

Proportional distribution of these products will be brought to your organism much more benefit, than by attempts to compensate shortcoming the Omega-6 by something to one, but in large numbers.

Also it is worth paying attention to quality of the used oils, oil of cold extraction perfectly is suitable for seasoning of salads, but on it it is not recommended to cook food. For preparation of dishes with frying process use, it is better to apply creamy or refined sunflower oil.

Behavior of organism at surplus or shortcoming the Omega-6

If in your organism surplus the Omega-6, then subsequently you can face such problems as immunity easing, cardiovascular diseases, to development of inflammatory processes in organism.

The shortcoming, in turn, conducts to various sort to nervous diseases, diseases of hair, negatively affects female genital function.


Unlike the Omega-3 and the Omega-6, the Omega – the 9th is monononsaturated fatty acid which cornerstone oleic acid which, in turn, helps organism to fight against surplus of cholesterol is, strengthens immune system of the person.


  • Not refined vegetable oils
  • Animal fats
  • Pork, fowl
  • Nuts

The necessary use of useful fats will help you to establish the necessary balance in organism, so, will allow to keep full-fledged health. Fatty acids the Omega 3 6 9 how to accept what are useful to, there is a wish to hope that information obtained by you from this article will be for you really useful.

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  1. Often I heard about fatty acids, but did not really know what it was and what they eat))) … The disadvantage is bad and the overabundance is bad, but how do you find this middle ground? Can eat only a little …

  2. I’m currently taking Omega-3, but I’m thinking about stopping eating. I do not know whether this is self-hypnosis or something else, but after these capsules my joints get hurt. Interconnected, interesting ..

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