What is curative starvation? And why starve to lose weight?

Hello, my dear readers. A new article posted on my blog will touch upon a problem that has been very relevant for many people in recent years. The problem of overweight became a scourge of our time. There are many ways to combat this unpleasant phenomenon, but today I want to dwell on one of them. It will be about such an option to get rid of excess weight, like curative starvation at home for weight loss.

In my article I will try to understand in an accessible form all the pros and cons of this method, to study various methods of curative fasting.

The urgency of the problem of excess weight is large enough. And here we are talking not only about aesthetic perception (we all want to look attractive), but also about the chain of problems that arise in our body with the appearance of extra pounds. Here, and high blood pressure, and problems with the liver and kidneys, a negative effect on the functioning of the heart. This is only a small list of problems that arise in our body together with excess weight.

Main advantages

The first step on the path to curative fasting is the ability to admit to yourself that the problem of excess weight really exists for you.

The next moment is a choice of the way of struggle against excess weight accessible to you. The main advantage of this process is a fairly rapid weight loss, not accompanied by the sagging and flabbiness of the skin. Already at an early stage you can feel the effect of this method – your health will improve, a kind of lightness will appear, and the work of your internal organs will change in a positive way.

In this case, do not forget that if you undertake treatment in this way, then consider that this procedure is a purposeful process and it is necessary to approach it carefully and reasonably.


At all pluses of medical fasting all the same, before to start it it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

If there is any doubt about your health, take a survey aimed at identifying the problems of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract.

Also pay attention to chronic diseases. A long process can serve as a kind of provocative factor that can exacerbate health problems. If you do not have the above mentioned problems, you can safely proceed to the procedure of medical starvation.

Therapeutic starvation

Do not take this rather complicated process lightly. This is a kind of stress for our entire body and our task with you as far as possible is to smooth all the unpleasant moments that may appear in the process of starvation. For this it is necessary to observe certain moments that allow this process to be transferred painlessly:

  1. Do not try to eat for future use, this will complicate the task for your own organism to clean it from various slags.
  2. Before the beginning of therapeutic fasting, it is recommended to make a curative enema (a liter of warm water a tablespoon of table salt).
  3. An important aspect is our own attitude, awareness of the difficulties that will have to be overcome at the first stage. And here it is important not to step back, not to stop the process, but to move strictly to the intended goal.


Before you stop on any method, you should understand for yourself the principles that you must adhere to. First, it is necessary to determine the duration of the course. Usually the duration varies within 3-5 weeks.

In addition to the ban on food intake, during this period you must stop taking medications. Special attention should be paid to water intake. The daily rate should be about 2-3 liters of water, and drink this amount in small doses throughout the day.

In addition to ingestion, water should be constantly present in a different quality: daily bathing is necessary, and it is worth paying attention to the water temperature, which should not be very hot or cold (30-40 degrees). Although there is a small exception to the rules.

There is a so-called dry fasting, during which a complete refusal of water is prescribed. The duration of dry fasting should not exceed three days. But we all the same will stop on more conservative ways of medical starvation:

  1. Water – implies a complete refusal of any food, but at the same time unlimited use of water is allowed. There is an opinion that for the greatest effect you should use only distilled water.
  2. Cascade or cyclic – based on the principle of alternation: day eat – two days of starvation, or two by three.
  3. Tea starvation and fasting on juices – in this case water replaces teas (green or brewed on herbs) or juices (fresh). In this case, two goals are immediately pursued: cleansing the body of all kinds of slag and simultaneously enriching with various kinds of vitamins. Tea can be replaced with water and honey.

Painless ending process

Another important aspect of curative starvation is the correct way out of this process. The main point is the planned introduction of food in your diet. It is not necessary to afford food excesses on the first day of the end of fasting.

The duration of the process of exiting the fasting regime in time should be equal to the process itself. That is, if your medical starvation lasted 3 weeks, then you should return to your usual food ration also 3 weeks.

For this period, exclude from your diet the following foods: sugar, salt, meat, dairy products, fat. Compliance with these rules will not spoil the result achieved.

Medical starvation at home for weight loss is only one of the methods of combating obesity. Stop on it or try something else to decide for you. And I’m saying goodbye to you, do not forget to subscribe to the updates of our blog, I look forward to your comments on this and other articles of our blog. Until next time!

2 thoughts on “What is curative starvation? And why starve to lose weight?”

  1. To medical starvation should be approached very responsibly, because the wrong schedule will not only not be of use, but it can also hurt your health. But it’s even better not to get fat.

  2. In order to lose weight, you do not need to starve, and even consult with doctors. In any case, if it’s just about excess weight, not obesity. There are many other, more humane ways.

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