Correct technology of performance of exercise vacuum

Hello, my dear readers! In my new article, I will touch on a topic that is painful enough for many people. This is a problem – the presence of the tummy. It is naive to assume that this problem concerns only complete people. Often, from the appearance of the bulging belly, rather thin people suffer.

The existing belief that the sticking-out stomach can be gathered in by means of stomach exercises, quite misleading. There is an exercise, more suitable for house conditions, which is perfectly coping with this problem. This exercise vacuum. As it is correct to do this exercise, various nuances when performing this exercise what its efficiency consists in – all this will find reflection in my today’s article.

As already it has been told above, many people continue consider that it is possible to take away the appeared tummy by means of exercises for press muscles. This belief is quite misleading.

It is necessary to consider that in our organism fat is divided into two groups, usual fatty tissue and the visceral fat enveloping internals. Even at intensive exercises fat it is simple to turn into muscles or under his layer a peculiar muscular corset is formed, and the stomach at the same time won’t get to anywhere. And if you have decided to deal with this problem in house conditions, then the most optimal variant can be considered safely exercise vacuum.

The meaning of the exercise

Let’s try to understand in what an essence of this exercise? Exercise vacuum directly works with internal muscles of a stomach. When performing muscles of an internal press, cross and multiseparate are widely involved. These muscles which are under a direct and external braid bear responsibility in a human body for process of retraction of a belly wall and support of a bearing.

In fact, the cross muscle of a stomach carries out a role of the peculiar belt passing on a stomach from left to right. If the person has this weak muscle which isn’t trained, then there is peculiar “dumping” of a stomach that looks not absolutely esthetically at any age.

All sense of exercise vacuum comes down to that the cross muscle was in the necessary tone, without allowing your stomach to be stuck out foully.


By including this exercise in your daily routine on a regular basis, you are entitled to expect after some time the following results:

  • Partial or full disposal of so-called effect of “the dropped-out stomach”, due to improvement in development of a cross belly muscle
  • Considerable reduction of a share of the visceral grease layer which is on internals
  • Noticeable reduction in waist sizes, for a short period
  • Against the background of reduction of a waist there is a visual increase in a thorax
  • Increase in law enforcement agency of cross belly muscles
  • Increase in indicators at test to Valsalva
  • Improvement of digestive process
  • Ensuring stable work of a spine column
  • The main advantage of this exercise is its absolute availability.

Recommendations for performance

If you for yourself have decided to use this exercise, then it is worth adhering to a number of recommendations:

  1. At the initial stage it is important for to understand correctness of performance of exercise, otherwise the desirable effect won’t be reached
  2. It is necessary to begin with small breaths, further, in process of mastering the equipment, depth of a breath should be increased
  3. It is necessary to vary also time of a delay of breath; at the initial stage 2-3 seconds, further it is possible to finish to 10-15 seconds
  4. It is desirable to give the first classes in front of the mirror, visually tracing correctness of performance of exercise
  5. Systematicity of occupations is important for obtaining necessary result
  6. If during training process systematically arise unpleasant, or pain, studies should be interrupted and made a small pause

Technology of performance

At the moment there is a number of the most widespread ways of performance of exercise “vacuum”. The difference in ways is usually concluded only in the choice of position of a body. Making own choice, be guided by those positions in which to you will be engaged most comfortably. So, we will sort the most traditional positions:

Lying on a back:
Initially we choose a plain surface, we lay down on a back, legs are placed on width of shoulders, hands are lowered along a body.

  1. we exempt lungs from air (we make a deep exhalation)
  2. we strain stomach muscles, as if tightening them up
  3. we keep in this situation time chosen by you
  4. without relaxing a stomach we try to gather a little air
  5. further full relaxation to the following cycle follows

In this situation process joins the muscles which are responsible for deduction of a spine column in equal situation. For exercise we choose any firm, plain surface (chair), legs are bent in knees at an angle in 90 degrees, the back is completely straightened. Consider that it is impossible to lean on a chair back.

On all fours
This kind of exercise concerns to the most difficult as occupations join also gravity. Starting position: to kneel, having rested hands about a floor. Legs at shoulder length, hands are straightened in elbows, a back direct.

The optimum number of repetitions at the initial stage can be considered 7-10 for one approach. Though any rigid framework doesn’t exist, you have to be guided by own state. On average exercise has to take about 8-10 minutes. For achievement of necessary effect it is worth carrying out daily, at desire twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


At all seeming simplicity of this exercise, after all there is a series of the moments to which it is necessary to pay attention. It is about contraindications at which it is worth refraining from occupations:

  1. Inflammatory processes in a gastrointestinal tract
  2. Chronic diseases of vegeto-vascular system
  3. Diseases of lungs
  4. Infectious diseases in the active phase

In the conclusion of article there is a wish to notice that the beautiful figure in many respects depends on you. There is no special need in the exhausting trainings, for a beautiful waist rather regularly to carry out exercise “vacuum”. On it I say goodbye to you, subscribe for updates of the blog, leave the comments about this and other articles. Before new occurrings!

2 thoughts on “Correct technology of performance of exercise vacuum”

  1. At one time I was doing exercises that should be performed in the vacuum technique, but abandoned, because I began to feel bad and shortness of breath. About which I regret very much, because the exercises are very effective and in a short time noticeably decrease body volumes. Maybe I just did not do it right. Met your article, where everything is so detailed and accessible described and inspired to resume classes)

  2. For some reason it seemed to me that in this procedure there is nothing difficult! However, when you exhale the air and draw in your stomach, the muscles are very tight, that already shaking through the body, so it should be?

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