Correct technology of performance of exercise Arnold’s press

All of us strive for perfection. And perfection demands efforts. All hi, friends, didn’t “see each other” long ago. In today’s article I will share with you information concerning what is Arnold’s press. Technology of performance of this exercise, naturally, will be in details sorted by me, and also the aspects and the interesting moments connected with this movement will be specified.

To pump up shoulders, that is deltoid muscles of shoulders, it is necessary to do presses of burdenings up in a standing position or sitting. Of course, there are also exercises not less effectively developing “deltas”, and at the same time the push-ups which aren’t connected with presses up, for example, on bars in any way. But among all other special attention one exercise, rather known in the circles, – Arnold’s press deserves.

Origin of a press of Arnold

For a start I want to tell you that this exercise has been thought up by all famous Arnold Schwarzenegger at the time of the athletic career. Though as it is thought up? Not from scratch he has created him? Yes, it is valid, exercise “a press of dumbbells has been taken as a basis sitting” and is simply added, improved by one more movement – a conclusion of hands (elbows) with dumbbells for additional loading of forward bunches of deltoid muscles forward.

In other words, Arney has created new, having taken at the same time as a basis known for a long time. Judge for yourself. The T-90 tank, in fact, is deep modification of his predecessor – the T-72 tank. But after all it is the new tank different from “father” many parameters. A similar picture and at us in exercises if who has understood my analogy.

What it is necessary for

As I have already told, this exercise means a conclusion of hands forward after end of a press of dumbbells sitting. This conclusion of hands is also that difference which does all exercise special: presses from each other differ slightly, at least — for fans of body building.

And so, carrying out presses of dumbbells or a bar, for example, you when lowering weighting compounds down, put them as if on the broadest muscles of a back, allowing to relax the working muscles – deltoid. If to remove hands forward (how exactly – I will tell slightly below), then the phase of rest vanishes, there is no place to put hands already – the widest won’t help here.

Here also it turns out that thanks to it removal of hands forward “deltas” receive additional loading, losing rest in the lower point of the movement. More precisely, forward departments of deltoid muscles most of all strain though at a press also two others work – average and back.

This exercise can be used as at an initial stage of a training of shoulders as much as possible to reduce them, and on final to kill them for the best study. But it should be taken into account that fact, friends that at the end of a training of shoulders in this exercise you, most likely, will take the weight of dumbbells less, various presses of burdenings will tire before with order your “deltas” up. And there is also different raising of hands in the parties, forward, if the program is made competently.

Technology of exercise

For performance it will be necessary for a dumbbell to execute to you with a weight allowing you up to 10 repetitions in a press of dumbbells sitting. Therefore spend one day for picking up this weight, but don’t do it in day of pumping of shoulders.

Further you need an inclined bench: lift her to a maximum up. Almost everything is ready, we will pass to the equipment.

Accept a sitting position on a bench. Feet arrange so that they were wider than shoulders, and socks looked in different directions. Take dumbbells in hand. Whether you sometime saw how boxers put the block against the rival’s gifts? How they expose both hands before themselves that the opponent hasn’t struck with him in a face? Make the same, but with dumbbells in hands (the return successful fellow): completely they don’t need to be reduced, let there will be a space between hands – nobody is going to beat you. It is also, actually, initial position.

After that develop elbows in the parties so that they were at the level of shoulders, but looked to the opposite sides, that is to the left and to the right. Naturally, dumbbells together with brushes are developed: handles already look forward, in not in the parties as earlier. Now execute a press of dumbbells from this situation sitting (straighten hands with scales) with “dovoroty” brushes: palms look directly before you, and handles of dumbbells – in the parties.

If it is simpler to describe technology of performance of this exercise, then three phases turn out:

  1. initial position;
  2. cultivation of elbows in the parties;
  3. straightening of hands.

It is necessary to return back hands in an initial position in the same way, but since the end: lowering of hands in the parties with turn of brushes, data of elbows before with the same turn of brushes.

Features of a press of Arnold

The main feature (and the most widespread mistake in combination at beginners) is deduction of elbows before itself. They need to be held at the level of shoulders without lowering.

As you understand, beginners without the assistance of the trainer or more experienced companion of it do not do that considerably reduces efficiency of exercise, and and all training in general. The meaning then of this exercise is lost.

If after all this exercise is carried out hard (urgent for the last approaches and repetitions), I suggest you to use the breath help: by each effort (at extension of hands up) you have to do an exhalation – lungs help to overcome resistance of free scales, that is pressure of dumbbells. Take a breath when lowering hands.

Arnold’s press, technology of accomplishment – all this for you, dear friends. If you want to learn something else about other exercises interesting you – write in comments. And I have everything for today, was glad to try. Subscribe for updates of the blog to be aware of all sports innovations, and also share this material with the friends. All the best.

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  1. I generally bow to Arnold Schwarzenegger. This man became the embodiment of the American dream. He was able to become a great athlete, actor and politician. At the same time he also devised exercises for others.

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