Benefits of breakfast – 6 recipes for a healthy and delicious breakfast

The well-known fact that breakfast is the main meal. Everyone says that breakfast should be most useful, dense and satisfying. But for some reason there is always a lot of different “buts” for such a simple truth. “There is no appetite in the morning”, “I’m late for work – there is no time”, “I can not stand porridge, but I can not think of anything else for breakfast” …

 Do you recognize yourself in one of the excuses? If yes, then this article is for you. She will tell you about the importance of breakfast and share 6 variants of recipes for breakfast, with which you can get him into a habit and get only pleasure.

Use of breakfast

For starters, breakfast is really the main meal for the whole day. It starts your metabolism, it charges your body and mind with energy until the evening. This is a kind of alarm clock for your body. Wake up yourself – help awaken your body. Also do not forget about charging.

It is known that people who prefer to skip this meal are more inclined to fullness, emotional instability and weakness during the day.

Breakfast is the most important factor for an ideal and cheerful start to the day. It is the morning meal that gives a charge of cheerfulness and joy for the whole day. To ensure that your day is productive, you should definitely eat breakfast before your day’s activities.

Scientists say that in the morning the body needs to get enough energy for productive work. For this, she recommends eating full-fat carbohydrate breakfasts. Do not worry, it does not affect your weight, because excess calories will be consumed during the first half of the day.

Do not forget that every person needs to feel ready for the work process. The first meal will make the process of work as fruitful as possible.

Also pay attention to how much sugar is contained in the food you eat. Coffee or tea with sugar for breakfast will help a person wake up from sleep, but at the same time they will be a factor that will take his good mood in 40 minutes, as the effect of sugar in the blood will end. Therefore it is better to accompany sweets with something that contains complex carbohydrates that will be absorbed within two or three hours. This will significantly affect your performance.

Let’s talk about the most popular “buts” that people come up with, just not to have breakfast.

Excuse not to have breakfast

So, the first excuse – I do not want to eat since morning.
You just have to overcome yourself for the first time. No appetite – do not worry, it’s only at first. A person quickly gets used to everything good, so you will have to suffer literally a week of “pushing” yourself into the food in the morning. Your body is very intelligent, so then immediately after awakening it will begin to impatiently ask you to feed it. Moreover, if you push tasty and healthy food, then you yourself will like it.

The next item on the list is no time.
Lack of time is just an excuse for your laziness. To have time to have breakfast, it is enough to just stand 30 minutes earlier than usual. Instead of checking your page on the social network, enjoy tasty food, to benefit health – is it much?

I do not know what to cook.
As for the options for food. Here, people rush from the extreme to the extreme. Or weave croissants with condensed milk, or choke on unsweetened oatmeal on the water. Neither option is suitable. Various kinds of muffins and sweets are really hearty and tasty, but they clearly do not pass under the item “utility”. The fast carbohydrates, trans fats and chemical additives that enter into them will not only cause hunger in an hour, but also harm your health.

Porridge is useful, but I do not like them.
About lovers of healthy eating … Oh, this myth is “only porridge for breakfast.” This is really useful and nutritious, but it is not necessary to force yourself to taste tasty food. Breakfast should raise the mood and charge with vivacity, and not cause negative emotions. And breakfast should not only be useful, but also delicious.

Well, shall we try to find the middle ground?

The article offers you a choice of recipes for unusual, tasty, nutritious, nutritious and healthy breakfasts. They are suitable for those who adhere to diets or proper nutrition. All meals provided are based on the average calorie intake for a woman – 1600-2000 calories per day.

Also, the list of recipes is suitable and always “nothing to succeed” – all breakfasts are easy to prepare, do not require a lot of time and special culinary skills.

6 recipes for healthy breakfast

№1. Oatmeal and apple pancakes.

Oat flakes “Hercules” 80 g.
Apple 1 pc (200 g)
Egg chicken 1 pc
Honey 30 g

Cooking method:
Turn the oat flakes into flour using a blender. Apple peel and rub on a large grater. Mix these ingredients, add the egg. Mix everything thoroughly. Put the resulting mass on a non-stick frying pan in the form of fritters.

Fry them over medium heat under a closed lid for about 3 minutes on each side. Before serving, pour honey over the top, otherwise it will not be sweet. You can, of course, add honey directly to the dough, but when heated, this product loses its useful properties, this must be remembered.

Pancakes are very delicious, and the aroma of apples and honey will fill your kitchen and wheedle your appetite. This is the first option of breakfast, further interesting.

№2. Buckwheat with cottage cheese.

Buckwheat groats 80g
Cottage cheese 5% 50 g
Dried apricots 20 g
Raisins 25 g
Banana 60 g

Cooking method:
Boil the buckwheat without adding salt. It is desirable that it properly boil, it was more likely a mushy than a crumbly one. On the benefits of buckwheat porridge read in the article.

Add to the finished buckwheat 50 grams of cottage cheese and put in the microwave for about 2 minutes, so that the curd softens. Finely cut the dried apricots, banana and add them to the resulting “porridge” along with the raisins. Mix everything well. Only the whole thing is ready!

Also, you can fantasize and add any fruits that you like. This option of a healthy breakfast will definitely charge you for the whole day.

 №3. Oatmeal and curd biscuits.

Oat flakes “Hercules” 80 g
Cottage cheese 5% (soft) 50 g
Banana 1 piece (120 g)
Raisins 15 g

Cooking method:
Grind the oats in a flour blender. Cut the banana in a mash with a fork or the same blender. Also crush and cottage cheese. Mix all the ingredients, add the raisins. Well mix everything and send to the refrigerator for 30 minutes. If there is no time, then in the freezer for about 7 minutes (while brushing your teeth, for example).

Then put the resulting mass on a silicone form in the form of a liver. You can try using a baking tray with food paper. You can sprinkle your work of culinary art with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, coconut shavings or walnuts. And now send the dish for 12-15 minutes in a preheated oven to 180o.

The fragrance will be excellent, no purchased oatmeal cookies can match that! Ruddy outside and soft inside. The perfect start to the day.

№4. Muesli and protein sandwich.

Borodinsky bread 1 slice
Egg chicken 1 pc
Cheese 27% 20 g
a tomato
bulb onions
Muesli 80 g
Kefir 1% 120 ml

Cooking method:
Of course, you just need to cook a sandwich. Just one is not enough for a full breakfast, therefore, in order to make the meal really finished, I suggest adding 80 g muesli (without sugar, chocolate and honey) and adding 120 g of kefir in addition to the sandwich.

Now let’s start preparing a sandwich. Cut a slice of Borodino bread (it is most useful, and also it has a very good shape) and cut out the middle of it. Thus, there must remain a kind of framework. Put it on a non-stick frying pan and in the middle break the egg. A little salt.

Slice tomato slices, onion rings and lay on top of the egg. Cover and simmer over low heat. Scrunch the cheese on a fine grater and sprinkle a sandwich. Hold on the frying pan for a couple of minutes, after which the dish can be served on the table.

This breakfast is incredibly tasty, and is also ideal for the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

№5. Banana fritters.

Banana 1 piece (120 g)
Kefir 1% 150 ml
Wholemeal flour 50 g
Egg chicken 1 pc

Cooking method:
Turn the banana into a puree with a blender or a normal fork. Add kefir, egg, flour to it. Thoroughly mix everything. Put the fritters on a non-stick frying pan. Fry for 2-3 minutes on each side on low heat.

Such an uncomplicated, even almost banal breakfast, is a storehouse of all that makes an ideal breakfast – lots of complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and most importantly – delicious taste!

Are you still salivating? I would like to cook this?

№6. Lazy oatmeal.

Oat flakes oats 70 g
Banana 1 piece (120 g)
Cocoa powder 5 g
Yoghurt white natural 60 g

Cooking method:
This recipe justifies its name – it really is for very lazy ones. In the evening, pour 70 g of oatmeal into a bowl. Just by the old scheme, add the puree from the banana. Pour a couple of tablespoons of natural cocoa powder without sugar. Add 60 g of white yogurt. Mix everything well and put it in the refrigerator for the night.

In the morning you will not have to do anything – just get a dish from the fridge and enjoy. In fact, lazy oatmeal is a flight of your imagination. The basis is only Hercules, and the fact that the porridge is left overnight and served in a cold form. And what exactly you will add – exclusively your taste preferences.

I offer you one of the most classic, sweet and mushy options. By the way, in the season of sweet cherry necessarily add it to oatmeal. The combination of banana and cherry is a paradise pleasure. Read also about the benefits of oatmeal in the morning.


Well, I hope that this article has helped you understand that delicious and healthy breakfasts can be easy and quick to prepare! Tomorrow morning, try to prepare yourself some of these options for recipes. Be healthy and have a pleasant appetite!

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