An example of a sports men’s fat burning diet

Hello, dear men and boys. Today’s topic is purely yours. And it sounds like this: “Sport diet for burning fat for men.” In it I will give examples of what you need to eat, and what is worth abstaining from, and also will tell what your everyday menu should consist of.

If you are determined to lose weight or dry yourself, then I warn you – the path to a perfect body will be difficult and time-consuming. And it’s not that you have to overcome your pain threshold, doing exercises with medium weights to complete “wear” of the muscles. And it’s not even that you need to do this at every training session. Everything is much more complicated.

We heard an expression, like the fact that the main enemy for us is ourselves. Or like this: “You have to compare yourself only with yourself in the past.” Why am I saying all this? The task of losing weight is the most difficult – to fight against yourself, or rather, with their temptations about food. And at the beginning of this journey I wish you strong stamina and great willpower. A motivating article to help you.

What is necessary to eat during weight loss?

Initially, emphasis should be placed on protein foods – it should be at least 50% of the total amount of food eaten per day.

In these 50% includes sports nutrition protein orientation. Further. To keep yourself in good shape – you need a lot of energy. Usually it is taken from fast and slow carbohydrates. But in our case, fast ones will have to be sacrificed – they are the main reason for the formation of subcutaneous fat. No, it’s not fat in the form in which we all are accustomed to seeing it in our skillet, namely fast carbohydrates.

So that’s it. How to support yourself in a cheerful mood and not lower your ability to work? It’s very simple – eat more slow carbohydrates. Where they are kept – I will tell below.

Another factor is fiber. I will not go into details why it is needed and what functions it performs, just know – it is necessary, especially when you lose excess weight.

As for fatty foods, you can eat it, but do not overdo it, because with an excess of fat in the body, this very fat begins to accumulate. Do you need it? By fatty food I mean fried, although they can be pampered themselves once a week. But, for example, olives or olives are also fatty. Also what, them too once a week it is possible to eat? No, here they just can be a little more, although, again, do not get involved.

Grocery list

Meat (poultry, beef, pork, etc.), fish (possibly low-fat varieties).

Dairy products:
(Cheese, cottage cheese, milk, kefir, everything except sour cream), eggs in any form, except fried, nuts of any sort, sunflower seeds and pumpkin. These foods will satiate your muscles, bones.

Slow carbohydrates: all varieties of cereals, except manna (buckwheat, rice, captive, oatmeal and so on), boiled potatoes, rye bread. Also, a small amount (in comparison with porridges) of slow carbohydrates is found in vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, broccoli, onions, carrots. Also present in pasta from hard varieties of wheat, in sea kale, melon, dried apricots, peach, orange.

In general, if you sum up a little, then all these foods must be eaten in large quantities. Do not forget about the greenery, because I can not specify all the products.

As for fiber, in large quantities it is found in cabbage. Yes, ordinary cabbage. But if you think seasonally, the fiber is also found in berries, pears. It is still present in whole grain bread, lentils, cereals.

What to eat is not worth it

As I said, you need to refrain from taking fast carbohydrates. They include everything sweet, except for honey: cakes, cookies, sweets, in general everything that contains sugar. Sweet fruits, by the way, carry a certain amount of fast carbohydrates, but also slow ones. Still to slow carbohydrates it is possible to carry flour and bakery products: bread, baguettes, pelmeni, vareniki.

In sports nutrition (some of its types), you also need to limit yourself. So, it is worth completely abandoning the use of geyners, whatever they are – high-carb or high-protein. In them, as a rule, as a rule, maltodextrin is used, rich in fast carbohydrates.

Sports nutrition with diet

An excellent substitute for fast carbohydrates (count, fast energy production) can be creatine, which is responsible for the energy of the whole body.

Naturally, protein mixtures and cocktails should come to the fore, which sometimes can be replaced by a day meal. Further, on your own, you can use fat burners, L-carnitine and other aimed at reducing excess weight of the additive.

A special place is occupied by vitamins and minerals. During the diet, you have to limit yourself in foods, so, along with them, the flow of necessary microelements into the body also decreases. Therefore, “use” of vitamin-mineral complexes should be taken as a rule. In any case, it will not be worse.

Some tips

Try to eat every day what was not in the past – the change of food will favorably affect the reduction in weight and the nutrition of the organism with different trace elements.

Take small breaks in taking protein food every 2 weeks. The protein also has the property of accumulating and transforming into subcutaneous fat. I think 4 or 5 days will be enough to resume the reception of protein. No, I’m not saying it completely to exclude, just in such periods cut back, filling the gap formed with vegetables and fruits, for example. Bananas are an excellent substitute.

When drying, lean on rice – it takes water from the body.

Approximately from such products there should be a sports diet for fat burning for men. If you liked the article – share it with your friends through social networks. Leave comments and subscribe to blog updates. Be slim.

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