Chicken Breast: Cooking Tips and Cooking Secrets

Hello, my dear fans of delicious food! I welcome both those who love cooking and those who love to eat. And today I want to share with you some secrets of preparing simple and familiar dishes. And for culinary creativity, we will use not some overseas and exotic, but the most usual and usual products.

 However, I will reveal the secret, for those who do not yet know: from ordinary food ingredients, a real culinary expert is always able to prepare something special. And the reason for our today’s informative conversation will be the interesting question of how to cook a delicious chicken breast? And most importantly: how to do it correctly, to please your own stomach and digestion of your friends and relatives.

Sacraments of daily cooking

I think that experienced housewives know that chicken breast is a fairly practical, profitable and delicious product for preparing everyday dishes.

Those who are not yet aware of the essence of the matter, probably ask: why? I will answer. Chicken meat is not easy nutritious and useful. This is a product that is always used in the kitchen, and it will satisfy the appetite of any of the family members with special requests, as well as lovers of densely stuffing their stomach.

What is the uniqueness of such meat? It does not contain carbohydrates and fats in large quantities, so it is suitable, for example, for those sitting on a strict diet. This product is not destructive and harmful subjects with sick stomachs, as well as family members who are eager to lose weight.

Chicken is just a find for a family with a limited budget, since by buying it, it is possible to cook simply wonderful, satisfying and cheap lunch.

Judge for yourself, when cooking chicken breast you get a beautiful broth, from which you can make just a stunned soup. Which one? Yes any: Vegetable, mushroom or vermicelli. And from the soft meat, which after all this will remain, create a delicious and nutritious second course. As a result: the whole family is fed to the heap for quite moderate money.

Treats that can be made from chicken breast

From boiled chicken pulp, you can prepare an original salad and a delicious culinary masterpiece with noodles or vegetables. Already cooked meat can bake with eggplant, zucchini or potatoes in the oven, cook pizza, create chicken pancakes, treat yourself to a casserole, for example, with cheese, pomegranate sauce or soy marinade, and cook trivial shawarma, after all.

But personally I am most warmed by the heart boiled chicken meat, cut into pieces and thoroughly roasted in butter. And after all of the above, you will agree, even if there are only ghosts in your house, will they not be satisfied with the dinner prepared by you?

Small process tweaks

The fact that the chicken breast is a necessary product in the kitchen, I think we have already found out. It remains only to understand and understand: how to cook it properly?

For a successful mission, I can advise you to take note of some subtleties that are very, very useful for all workers in the culinary field.

1. The most aromatic for the smell and taste of a hen, of course, is pre-grown not at a poultry farm, but first run around the yard with relatives in the village. Then they heroically give their lives in the struggle for the health and satiety of our stomachs.

But if relatives in the countryside are not observed, chicken breasts bought in the supermarket will do likewise. But such a product is prepared much faster, and a beautiful broth can be bungled from such meat in 20 minutes.

2. In order for the food to turn out as delicious as possible, it is better to use fresh chicken breast for cooking, because such a product is always better than frozen and lying for a fair amount of time in the freezer.

But if it does not work out otherwise, it’s better to unfreeze the meat gradually, first on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and then at the usual room temperature.

And in no case should you unfreeze the chicken under the stream of warm water. With this approach, you can not get a decent meal from this, if one may say so, the substance, because all the most valuable and delicious will irretrievably leak through the pipes into the sewer.

3. Many experienced cooks before cooking chicken meat free it from films and peel. And this is quite a good custom. However, it should be noted that in this case the meat will turn out to be more dry, lose flavor and richness, but will be less fatty and more dietetic. Hence the conclusion: the skin can be left, because it is not a fact that the end result will suffer from this.

4. When breaking directly into cooking, remember first of all that cooking a chicken breast is not easy to throw it into a pot of water and put it on a slow fire, as if you are preparing hard-boiled eggs.

Therefore, do not approach the process with primal immediacy. And do not start to do this, stupidly putting the chicken in the cold water from the tap. And to perform this ordinance to the exact opposite. That is: wait until the contents of the pan begin to boil, and when the first bubbles begin to bubble in, gently lower the breast there.

Is it important to fulfill this condition? Still would! And if you do not believe, then try it yourself, because with gradual heating meat gives its taste, surrounding it, the liquid, and itself turns out almost tasteless.

5. Cut into pieces of meat, too, I do not advise, it does not have the most positive effect on the final result. So, it is better to cook whole chicken breast.

Boil a chicken breast – it’s easy!

If you understand the subtleties of the process, everything else does not seem particularly difficult to you, just pick a suitable pan that should not be too big or too small. The main thing is that the chicken breast is completely covered with water.

How to determine the availability of the product? In appearance. When the meat becomes loose and light, it means the end of the process, and you can soon remove the pan from the fire.

Typically, the duration of cooking by duration does not exceed half an hour. Five minutes before the preparation, the broth should be salted, and together with the salt it is better not to forget to put a few peas of black pepper and a couple of laurel leaves. That’s all the tricks!

Something else? Yes of course. To top it off, from the heart I advise you to cut chicken meat in small slices and add some garnish, for example, pasta, vegetables or porridge. And it will be much better if you use all this in a fresh form. So it will be tastier and more useful.

Well, I do not seem to have forgotten anything. Something you want to add? Please, always once your additions and comments on the topic: how to cook a delicious chicken breast? And finishing my culinary story on this tasty note, I propose to subscribe to the update of the blog. And do not forget to share your impressions with friends on social networks. All the best!

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