All truth about lime tea

I welcome you in the blog where we will talk about such original drink as lime tea which useful properties and contraindications were encouraged since ancient times.
So, let me tell you about this ancient drink in more detail. It is difficult to mix gentle, voluptuous aroma which proceeds from this hot drink with any other.

Look at this beautiful fragrant drink: rich amber shade with patches of light yellow and brown, that shade which is inherent in some gemstones, the most beautiful modulation of flowers on light – what can be more beautiful? Observe – and you will see!

And still this tea with the easy flower and honey notes which are traced in its aroma at breath – well of valuable minerals and vitamins, so necessary for the person every day. Even the one to whom the chance to enjoy deep taste of this drink was never provided can approach linden: that person will at once feel unusual aroma of flowers of linden. In the winter when you try this the bright, admiring with versatility of taste and color drink, there is a wish to be transferred to summer again …

From time immemorial folk healers esteemed and deeply respected sacred tree – linden which grew near temples and monasteries, and still it admitted magic tree.

Lime tea has incorporated all advantage and power of this tree. Especially bright natural sweet of drink becomes when you add spoon of honey and segment of lemon to hot tea. Twice curative and vitamin product which will shroud in warmth fan during winter time turns out.

The hot steam proceeding from this drink gently caresses skin why there are goosebumps which disperse on all body … Besides, I will tell you, lime tea eliminates symptoms of cold, warms stomach, fights against abdominal pains, overcomes fatigue.

Useful properties

Being competently made, lime tea contains incomparably large amount of vitamin C, and also the glycosides allocated with febrifugal, expectorant and anti-infectious effect. Take bowl of fragrant tea in hand and very slowly drinking it, just enjoy … Restoration of forces after the long working day is guaranteed.

The major essential oils as a part of lime tea form that, pleasant aroma of linden. What who told, but even at brewing tea there is certain sweet therefore sugar can and be not added. The thin, enriched with phytoncides aroma grants us tranquility by nature, serenity, harmony with itself …

Flavonoids, carotene are part of flowers of linden, it is also worth adding ascorbic acid to this list. For this reason lime tea smells specially …

Tea from flowers of linden makes salutary impact on blood vessels, allocating them with elasticity and flexibility, as a result they become strong and healthy.

At failures in work of intestines lime tea will be able to save you, is checked on own experience.

It will give ambulance and at sleeplessness because has the bright calming effect.

Generally, I will tell you, my dear readers, useful properties of lime tea are checked not only by time, but also science. Therefore it is useful for women of all age to use it. It is known that this fragrant drink fully enriches body with phytoestrogen – analogs of women’s hormones.

Tea also is useful to the general strengthening of organism

Analyzing the above described information, it is possible to tell the following about tasty lime tea:


  1. Abundance of vitamin C in it provides decrease in body temperature;
  2. Surprisingly quickly the headache descends, – as hand will remove sleeplessness. After the use of warm tea nightmares will not disturb you any more. The nervous irritation will also descend;
  3. As it is impossible by the way approaches at throat inflammation;
  4. Facilitates state at diseases of gall bladder, diarrhea;
  5. Lime tea acts as soft diuretic. It is good at treatment of renal pathologies. Improvement of metabolism after its use is guaranteed;
  6. Struggles with viral diseases;
  7. But it is possible not only to indulge the members of household taste of lime tea. its regular use well is reflected in condition of integuments. For removal of hypostasis and improvement of cell regeneration it is necessary to wipe problem zones with the ice cubes prepared from this infusion;
  8. rinsing of throat lime tea is guarantee of the fastest elimination of cough;
  9. helps at obesity;
  10. lime tea becomes the irreplaceable friend at rheumatic diseases.

How it is correct to make tea from linden flowers?

To have opportunity to enjoy really tasty, qualitative lime tea, it is necessary to master elements of its preparation. Fresh lime tea is always nice to the taste, it has soft honey and flower smell, slightly astringent taste, bright magic color especially is evident.

Especially admires versatility of its shades: from saturated bright yellow to reddish!
I know that lime tea turns out cool only when using dry raw materials. So, give with you, dear visitors of my website, we will mentally touch technology of the correct tea leaves of tea.

Everything that is required to be had in use is boiled water and the dried-up linden flowers. Boiled water temperature at the same time should not jump over marks of 90-95 degrees. Otherwise boiled water will kill the most part of useful substances in tea. On cup of tea we will need the one fourth part of glass of tea leaves. To fill in lime florets with boiled water and to allow to infuse within 35 minutes. Pleasant tea drinking in circle of relatives!

You should not be fond of lime tea because its uncontrolled use can threaten with deplorable consequences. It is undesirable to use lime tea which useful properties and contraindications are known to you in the presence of cardiovascular pathologies and diseases of nervous system. At abuse of lime tea sight can suffer, namely – it will worsen.

How it is correct to begin way to weight loss?

Modern rates of development of society and constant employment at work lead to accumulation of excess weight and extremely painful affect the general state of health. There are a lot of resources on the Internet that are full of information about how to get rid of this burning problem with the help of acquiring some miracle cures or drugs without applying it. Do not trust such dubious proposals, but it is most expedient to turn to professionals and learn the advice of a nutritionist with what to start the correct weight loss.

Disposal of excess weight – everyday work on the verified plan, picked up only under you.

The first measures to correct the figure are the introduction of exercise (exercise) and proper nutrition. Moderate neglect of obesity, which does not require intervention from doctors, is easily shifted from a dead center by setting a balanced diet and selecting a set of exercises.

Before the beginning of the described activities, it is necessary to clearly understand the principle by which the proposed technique is being constructed – with increasing physical exertion and decreasing the usual intake of carbohydrates and fats, the body starts to consume fat deposits.

Ideally – the organism has to get rid actively of fat, without removing water and without destroying muscular tissue. Otherwise at incorrectly picked up program, having lost weight, we will receive the flabby, drooped integuments and emergence of wrinkles in the beginning, and subsequently – we will contemplate return of “uninvited guests”, extra kilos.

How all the same it is right to start losing weight?

Detailed instructions:

  1. You should establish your “starting point”, soberly assessing all the shortcomings and presenting the alleged ways to deal with them.

For this purpose it is necessary to count index of mass of your body on simple formula: m/h2, where m – the gross weight of body in kilograms, and h – growth in meters. If the received value less than 15, then you have acute shortage of weight, from 15 to 20 – insignificant shortage of weight, from 20 to 25 – ideal indicators for weight, from 25 to 30 – small surplus of weight and from 30 and above – excess obesity.

Having established this indicator, we will photograph ourselves for control of the subsequent changes and we will report to close people about the made decision, having secured with their support. From skeptically adjusted acquaintances laughing at your problem and trying to dissuade you from performance of correction of figure in this period it is worth being fenced as much as possible.

2. It is necessary to establish terms and estimated quantity of extra kilos of which we are going to get rid. You should not put before yourself impracticable terms, amusing yourself with illusions that in week are capable to get rid of 5-7 kg – it, first, is impossible, and secondly, will be considerable stress for your organism and will lead only to its drying.

The nature of structure of our body is presented only by two states: construction and destruction, at the same time intermediate middle states does not exist as well as it is impossible to be “half the pregnant woman”. The optimum admissible number of disposal of fatty weight – 4-8 kg monthly.

3. To record daily results, you need to create a notebook or notebook in which you should note the amount of food, water and a report with the indicators for physical exercise.

4. It is important to count the number of calories during the day. With a specific weight of 70-75 kg and a goal to lose from 3 to 5 kg from the initial point of reference, the daily ration should be at the level of 1,300 to 1,400 kilocalories. If the values of your weight exceed the values of 80 kg, then the amount of calories consumed per day should be in the range from 1,500 to 1,700.

When calculating this important indicator, one should not overlook the individual characteristics of each person: gender, age, type of work activity.

In addition, it should be for yourself to clearly understand that the proposed optimal values, verified by dieticians, are strict guidelines in the program of correct weight loss. Divergences from these figures to a greater or lesser extent can have a painful effect on the general state of health, causing a decline in strength, headaches and lethargy.

5. When starting to lose weight, it is important to ensure the presence in the diet of food containing protein. The necessary amount of protein, what kind of protein to use in the diet and other interesting moments you can find out on my blog.

6. Another important component in losing weight is maintaining the water balance in the body. The optimum values of water consumed per day are calculated depending on the total body weight, at the rate of 30-35 ml per 1 kg.

7. Correct Mode eating. When adjusting the weight, you should arrange meals every 3-4 hours in small doses of 300-350 grams. This optimal separation of food will relieve your stomach and ensure its effective work and the even distribution of all the received calories. In this regard, on the day a person should eat 5-6 times.

8. Physical activity. At this point, everyone individually decides for himself what exercises this will be: running, yoga, swimming, walking, Nordic walking, gymnastics, cycling. Depending on the type of work activity, age, evenly choose the optimal ones for yourself, but remember that for fat burning it is necessary to perform exercises for a duration of 20-25 minutes.

In conclusion it would be desirable to note that, having attentively studied the offered instruction and councils of the nutritionist with what to begin the correct weight loss, it is important not to overload excessively when performing all actions the organism. Each point quite simple also does not demand preliminary preparation. Having begun to follow the correct lifestyle, in week results of your activity will become noticeable that will bring you the mass of positive emotions.
Protect the health! Bye bye.

What kind of an animal is this, flatfoot, and how to deal with it?

Good day to you, my dear readers! I’m glad to welcome you again to my blog. Today we will talk about flat feet and methods of treating it at home.

It would seem, well, what’s so terrible is that you have flat feet. Especially for men. Okay girls – they are beautiful creatures and they a priori everything should be fine. But for men, what’s the problem? Wearing socks, shoes comfortable and go.

But, it turns out, everything is not so simple. It turns out that if you have flat feet, then if there is no treatment, problems with the selection of shoes will eventually start, it will be painful to walk for a long time, and the feet will swell very much in the evening: so that you simply can not get into your shoes. Also at night, with flat feet, very often there are cramps in the legs (calf muscles), and can reduce fingers on the foot.

And now think, do you need all this? Even if you do not care about anything now, then very soon you will remember everything that is written above.

Of course, it is necessary to go to the doctor. First, in order that he accurately diagnosed you with a flatfoot, and then the cases are different, and you need to exclude other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Secondly, the doctor needs to go and in order to understand that what he offers, you do not fit. And they often offer the following: acupuncture, rehabilitation on expensive simulators, painful injections of biological preparations. It takes a lot of time, money and energy. To go somewhere after work, to take a round sum for what you basically can do yourself.

So read below the platypodia treatment in adults at home, think and draw conclusions yourself.

Many will say that this is unrealistic. I’m sure that when you finish reading the article, you will fundamentally change your mind about it.

So, let’s begin.

What should I do at home to get rid of flat feet?


Massage is necessary to improve blood circulation in the foot, kneading problem areas and reducing soreness.

If you do not have a loved one nearby, then in the literal sense of the word we take everything in our hands. Stop placed in a horizontal position and secure with four fingers of your hand, with your thumb, starting from the heel and approaching your fingers, you need to press.

Do not immediately press like it’s not your foot in front of you, but your boss, who offends you. Movements should be smooth, pressing at first not strong. And only then, when the foot is warming up, and it will not hurt so much, you can gradually increase the pressure.

You can do without a massage, you ask me? Massage is an integral part of complex treatment, and it is impossible to fully cure flat feet without it.

There is an alternative option for an easy degree of flatfoot. This is a massage mat. You can buy a ready mat in the pharmacy, but you can do it yourself. To do this you will need a hard terry towel and spruce needles. The towel should be spread, leveled, and put on it spruce needles in one row, so that there are no empty spaces. Cover with a second towel, secure on the sides. On such a rug should walk 3-5 minutes every day.


A set of simple exercises is being carried out. The main rule is constancy, i.e. You need to perform them every day, gradually increasing the time of classes.

  1. “I want to be higher”
    Starting position: the feet are parallel to each other, on the width of the shoulders.
    The essence of the exercise: lifting on socks and lowering back. Repeat 20-30 times
  2. Ball
    Starting position: sit on a chair with a back.
    Roll the elastic ball from the fingers to the heel and back. If there is no ball, then you can use a rolling pin. The main thing is that the object is hard and easy to ride. Roll for 10-15 minutes.
  3. “Hands together, legs apart”
    Sit comfortably, stretch your legs forward, resting them on your heels. And at the same time make rotational movements of the feet first inward, then outward. 15 times in both directions.
  4. “To go it is impossible to be lazy”
    In this exercise just it is necessary to go on the apartment barefoot within 30 minutes at first on the external arch of foot, and then on internal.
  5. Rifts
    One of the easiest exercises. It is necessary to stand up, straighten your back, legs are shoulder-width apart. Smoothly roll from heel to toe and back. Repeat 10-15 times.
  6. Morning warm-up
    This exercise can be done when you are only awake, but you do not want to get out of bed yet.
    You just need to squeeze your toes, lock in this position for a few seconds, and unclench them. So 10-15 times.
  7. “Can you take with your feet?”
    The essence of this exercise is that it is necessary to lift various objects (pens, pencils) from the floor with your toes and move them to another place.


In addition to massage and exercises, it is necessary to carry out restorative measures, normalize weight with its excess, so that the pressure on the foot decreases.
The diet includes just the right food:

  • to exclude pastries, fat, sweet;
  • to eat more than vegetables, fruit;
  • for breakfast surely there have to be porridges;
  • in day it is necessary to eat not less than 50 g of protein;
  • food has to be fractional, 5-6 once a day in small amounts.

Footwear with flat feet

It is an integral part of home treatment. Absolutely all shoes should be of high quality, fit you in size, do not reap, do not hang out. It will be necessary to buy orthopedic insoles. It is advisable to make them specially for the impression of your foot.

What should not be done?

  • It is not necessary to jump and run, it not that will not help you, and on the contrary, will slow down process of your recovery.
  • It is also not necessary to hope for bystry result after couple of days of occupations.

Well, if the pain you have will leave at least a week. And as for the result of flatfoot treatment – all of course in different ways, but on average it takes 3 months before the result is noticeable. But believe me, it’s worth it.

Also I would like to recommend you to go swimming and walk more barefoot.
As you can see, flat feet treatment in adults at home is quite realistic. The result is achievable.

After the course of such classes, many notice that pain and discomfort are gone, they can walk as long as they want without fatigue, and at night they finally sleep peacefully, without any cramps.

So do not believe those who say that this is unrealistic. As they say – there would be a desire.

I’m not saying goodbye to you, see you soon! Write your questions, wishes and opinions in the comments. Do not forget to subscribe to updates and share the article, if it turned out to be useful for you, with your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

What is thriathlon? Distances and versions

Hello, my dear readers. My today’s article will be enlightened triathlon. From this article you will learn what a triathlon is in sports, winter, summer, types of triathlon, the subtleties of this unusual sport.

Already on the basis of the name, you can guess that it will go about some kind of sports all-around, which includes three kinds of sport.

The classical thriathlon belongs to summer sports and includes the following sports disciplines: swimming on open water, run and cycle racing. Depending on distances in each of the listed disciplines also the carrying out format the triatlonnykh of competitions varies.

In our article we will in detail stop on various options of thriathlon for now we begin with the sources.

History of occurrence

Monasteries of the homeland of modern thriathlon are taken away by right to itself by France. In this European country, in the twenties the last century, there have taken place competitions, on the format as close as possible to modern thriathlon.

The competitions looked like the following: athletes ran a 3 km distance, cycled 12 kilometers, and then swam across the water channel, about 200 meters wide.

New sporting fun was not only liked by the people of France. In the future, this sport gradually earned popularity in Europe and North America. It was in Hawaii that the first official competitions were held at the distances later to become classic in the triathlon.


Now distances in this sports all-round can be divided into two conditional groups: short which also the distance which is included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games, and long distances enters.

Competitions at long distances are held with the certain restrictions connected with the ban to break away at bicycle stages. Do not forget that at competitions in thriathlon of any level, certain sequence of stages is maintained: swimming – the bicycle – run.

So, we will sort in more detail the most widespread distances:

Includes one and a half kilometers in water, then forty kilometers by bicycle and as end, ten-kilometer running distance. This format is applied at the Olympic Games and the World Cups, and also at all competitions which are taking place under the auspices of the international federation of thriathlon.

Unlike Olympic, each of distances is cut by half: 0.75+20+5. In the international format competitions at such distance are usually held for youthful age.

Still twice reduced (0.375+10+2.5 km.), it is usually used at the amateur level or for beginners to be engaged in thriathlon.

Swimming of 3.86 km. + bicycle of 180 km. + running distance of 42.2 km. The competitions enjoying special popularity in thriathlon the world. For overcoming similar distance the athlete has to have excellent physical shape. Even participation in similar race highly is quoted in sporting world, and prize-winners and winners forever remain in the history of thriathlon.

Competitive process

At the initial stage of the triathlon competition for each athlete is allocated an individual seat in the so-called transit zone. There, athletes store their equipment and inventory, in this case a bicycle.

After distribution on individual zones athletes are invited to start of the first type of thriathlon – swimming in open water.

Taking into account that all athletes start at the same time, it is important to appear on the first meters of distance in the leading group, otherwise it will be rather difficult to overtake leaders in the course of heat.

The distance by tradition has triangular shape. The standard style of swimming in which athletes pass swimming stage, crawl. Exactly floating this style it is possible to gather the largest speed. But after all it is necessary to consider that competitions in water are not won. It is almost impossible to make powerful breakaway during swimming, usually main task of athletes at the first stage to finish in group of leaders.

After the termination of swimming stage the athlete takes away the bicycle from the transit place, puts on helmet and goes to exit from transit zone. And having only left transit zone, the athlete has the right to begin the movement by bicycle.

The cycle racing stage is key in respect of fight for victory. There is set of various strategy of maintaining cycle racing stage. Everything depends on individual training of the athlete, his physical shape of competitions at present.

Someone tries to shoot ahead, having created himself necessary reserve before running part of all-round. The athletes confident in the forces at running stage, try to save as much as possible forces and to finish the second stage in the general group.

The second stage also comes to an end in transit zone where athletes leave the bicycle, change the shoes and go to running distance. In run the strongest is also defined. Often, the winner is defined by the last meters of distance when in finish gate and there is identification of the winner.

Kinds of thriathlon

As often happens in popular sports disciplines, many similar species are formed on the basis of one sport, but with certain differences. The triathlon, which served as a basis for a number of related sports, was no exception. Here are some of them:

  1. Cross-country. Difference from traditional thriathlon consists in overcoming bicycle distance on the crossed area.
  2. Duathlon. Here run between which distances the cycle racing settles down is twice used.
  3. Aquathlon. In this case on the contrary, athletes float necessary for distance twice.

Independently there is winter thriathlon where swimming is replaced with cross-country skiing. This discipline seriously applies for inclusion in the program of the winter Olympic Games and it is impossible to exclude opportunities that the winter thriathlon in popularity will compete over time with the summer fellow.

Here is the basic information about this curious kind of sport, subject only to comprehensively developed people. What is triathlon in sports, winter, summer, other variations of this sport, all this is reflected in this article. On this, I say goodbye to you, subscribe to blog updates, I look forward to your comments about this and other articles, up to speedy meetings!

Why do we need folic acid

Hello, friends! In this article, we’ll talk about why a person needs folic acid, how much it needs for the body, who needs it most, and will understand what foods rich in folic acid are consumed by us for food.

It is necessary as air

Folic acid or vitamin B9 is indispensable for the formation and maintenance of the immune and nervous systems, promotes the production of leukocytes, participates in the proper development of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. I can enumerate endlessly the positive effect of this organic compound on human life. Let’s start:

  • treats anemia (better in total with ferriferous minerals, B6 and B12 vitamins);
  • it is the prevention of “female” cancers: breast and ovarian cancer;
  • positively affects nervous system (influences processes of excitement and braking);
  • in general on female part: provides the correct metabolism in the woman’s organism;
  • prolongs genital function, youth and appeal of the woman;
  • influences growth of hair and condition of skin;
  • lightens the mood, increases the level of “happiness hormone”;
  • facilitates work of heart;
  • exerts positive impact on digestion;
  • promotes formation of cages of nervous system and brain of embryo;
  • its additional reception is necessary during pregnancy for maintenance of health of the woman;
  • helps the best digestion of some vitamins and minerals, for example, such as B1, B6, B12, iron, calcium and magnesium;
  • restores forces and brings order to organism after the delivery;
    I’m already tired, and still so much is not said …)) very much)
  • increases local immunity (as prevention of cold, during disease and later, for the fastest restoration);
  • improves ability of organism to remove “harmful” cholesterol;
  • provides normal functioning of liver;
  • participates in formation of blood cells;
  • increases memory and attention.

And still there are a lot of positive moments for girls (during puberty harmonization of menstrual cycle that solves the problems connected with this process, such as – spots, grease hair, bad mood).

B9 vitamin is releaser in formation of DNA. That is all program of formation of the person put in our genes directly depends on this element. So that’s that! Its quantity is extreme a little.

I note that an overabundance of folic acid in the body is very rare, mainly due to abuse of drugs containing this organic compound. Its quantity in foods and, directly, in the body is so small that it is calculated in micrograms (μg). The microgram is 1: 1000000 grams.

If to take into account the fact that presence of this organic component is necessary, practically, for all bodies and systems, then there will always be site where it is not enough.

So, for maintenance of healthy balance in organism, it is important:

  • to adults every day to use 200 – 400 mkg of folic acid;
  • to children from the birth about one year — about 50 mkg;
  • to children years up to 3 years are more senior it is necessary to receive about 100 mkg with food;
  • to children up to 12 years – 150 mkg;
  • young men and girls are later 12 years old – 200 mkg;
  • to pregnant women – 800 mkg;
  • to the feeding women – 500-600 mkg.

The most “hungry”

I have already mentioned the special participation of this element in the life and health of a woman. He performs a special function in the period when a woman is waiting for a child. After all, the neural tube (the precursor of the nervous system) of the embryo is formed already in the second week of pregnancy, the heart – on the third. And for the proper formation of these systems, a sufficient amount of folic acid is important. The lack of it leads to various pathologies of the development of the brain.
I would say: a pregnant woman should eat for two. And all the necessary vitamins should also be received in double size! Correctly? Hence, it is logical that pregnant women need twice as much as folic acid.

Together with the mother’s milk, the child receives all the useful substances. But this is so, if the nursing mother properly and fully nourishes, that is, with the food gets the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals.

Conclusion: women during pregnancy and lactation should receive a large amount of folic acid, and it will be more appropriate to take vitamin B9 in addition to tablets.
Who else needs this micronutrient? That’s right, people experiencing constant increased physical and mental stress. It is very important during sports, as it helps in the process of protein formation.

Where the treasure is hidden

Since folic acid in food does not happen much, consider foods rich in folic acid. It is contained in almost every product that we eat. The following table will show the “bare” figures of the vitamin B9 content in products:

Other fruits, berries, dairy products, turkey, eggs, beef, pork, lamb, fish contain less than 10 μg of folic acid.

Why do I call the numbers in the table “bare”?

Yes, because vitamin B9, like everyone else,

  • remains in the crude products which have not undergone thermal treatment better;
  • it is acquired together with other minerals.

Therefore for the best digestion of folic acid, it is desirable to consume crude products. Sunflower seeds, nuts, salad, cottage cheese, sheep cheese concern to them, for example. Content of this chemical element is much less in fruit and berries, but, but, it is possible to eat them much bigger quantity, than, for example, liver or peas.

But, undoubted record holders in this rating are sunflower seeds of sunflower and flax. Seeds of sunflower can be eaten even crude, and from seeds of flax the excellent oil having a number of irreplaceable useful properties is produced. Linseed oil does not suffer heating, fill with it salads, use in cosmetic procedures. But it is already separate article.

Do not forget about dairy products. Still, they are quite a frequent guest on our table. Sour-milk products contain a large number of useful lactic acid bacteria, which help the assimilation of vitamins and minerals from food.
Vitamins of group B (B1, B6, B9, B12), calcium, magnesium are contained in bread, cereals, greens, salad.

And the last. If you take folic acid in tablets, you need to remember that a large amount of vitamin B9 destroys vitamin B12.

On this, perhaps, I will finish. If you liked the article, subscribe to updates to my blog, leave your comments and share with friends on social networks.
Thank you for attention! I’m waiting for you, there will be something interesting and new!

The basic muscles that work when swimming

Hello, my dear readers! In his next article we will consider such an element of a person’s sporting development as swimming. In particular, we will analyze the pros and cons of this species, find out which muscles work in swimming and how to optimize the process of physical development with the help of this sport.

The phrase sounded in one famous movie: “We all came out of the water and must return to the water” as accurately as possible characterizes the life path. Despite the fact that this film is clearly a comedy genre, however in this phrase there is a very rational thought. Water surrounds us throughout our life cycle.

At a certain historical stage, swimming has ceased to be regarded as a usual entertainment, with various variations and offshoots, swimming has become a full-fledged sport. I will not dwell on my purely sporting aspect in my article, the guide will be an ordinary person who does not professionally sport.


A huge advantage of swimming is its almost absolute safety in terms of injuries. If you decide for yourself to do this kind of sport for yourself, then your physical training at the time of the beginning of classes will not be a fundamental factor.

Restrictions on health for employment by this kind practically does not exist, on the contrary, at some medical indications only employment by swimming are original panacea from disease.

It is in water that a person is in the conditions most approximated to weightlessness, which makes it practically impossible to feel any load on the joints and ligaments. This point is often used in terms of rehabilitation after receiving serious injuries.

One more undoubted plus is involvement of huge number of muscles of human body that well influences not only the general condition of organism, but also disposal of extra kilos can be used in respect of possible. The direct interrelation is traced: you want beautiful figure – welcome in water.

So, summarizing all above it is possible to note the next main positive moments:

  • It is possible to use as prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Positive impact on respiratory system of the person
  • Burning of excess calories well influences formation of figure
  • The water environment well influences during stressful situations
  • Lack of negative effects

What you need to do before the lesson begins

After we have found out that the benefits of practicing this kind of sport are much more tangible than possible negative consequences, you can proceed to the activities themselves. There are a number of rules, compliance with which will allow you to get the maximum effect from the class:

  1. Before immersion in water as far as possible take shower. Optimal variant will be if water temperature in soul is flush with water temperature in the pool. This will allow your body to start exercising.
  2. Warm up. Even though swimming is one of the safest sports, a little warm-up will prepare the muscles for further work, will help to avoid undesirable consequences.
  3. The principle of gradualness. Do not chase after records, soberly assess your strength. It should not be an end in itself a desire to overcome any distance in the shortest possible time.

The groups of muscles which are most involved in process of the exercise

I have already noted that it is in the process of swimming that our organism is practically fully involved. During swimming, the muscles perform two main functions: stabilize the position of our body in the water and carry out the movement.

Of great importance is the interrelated work of all parts of the body of the swimmer, because in the water environment we are deprived of any support and only in the case of synchronous operation of the listed functions a person does not just stay on the water, but can also swim.

The load of various muscle groups during swimming depends largely on the method you have chosen. Let’s analyze the basic styles of swimming and the muscle groups that receive the greatest load in each particular style:

  1. Crawl – the most high-speed style allowing to gather the maximum speed on certain site of distance. This style is calculated on the alternate work of hands strengthened by permanent job of legs. The following groups of our organism are maximally involved: thoracic, latissimus muscles of back, double-headed femoral, triceps, quadriceps femoris, calves.
  2. Breast stroke – when using this style both hands are symmetrically offered forward whereas legs make peculiar horizontal take-off from water. Work of the top part of the case have to be symmetric with the movements of legs. The following muscles are involved: two-headed and quadriceps femoral, buttock, bringing femoral, sural. Muscles of breast and deltoid shoulder girdle participate in work of hands.
  3. Butterfly stroke – or in a different way style of butterfly. The most difficult and energy-intensive style of swimming demanding certain skills. Both hands carry out wide fungus during which performance the case of the swimmer rises over water. At this time legs of the swimmer carry out the repellent movement from basin. The following muscle groups are involved: shoulder (double-headed and three-headed), thoracic, broadest, abdominal muscles, quadriceps femoris, calves.
  4. The crawl on back – in fact, is mirror display of the crawl to breasts described by me is slightly higher. The swimmer makes alternate grebk hands with foot movements in vertical plane. This style does not differ in especially bystry speed, but at the same time large number of muscles is involved in it: two-headed, triceps, deltoid, the widest.

I have listed only the largest muscle groups that receive the maximum load during swimming lessons. The answer to the question, which muscles work with swimming, you got, but do not forget that the above list is far from complete, almost all the muscles of your body receive a certain share of the load during this sport. And this is a serious argument in favor of this sport.

On this I say goodbye to you, subscribe to update my blog, comment on articles and share links with friends. See you soon!

How to eat right and start losing weight?

I think you will agree with me that proper nutrition is the basis of your health. Hello, dear readers and subscribers. Today we will talk with you about where to start the right diet for weight loss. I will describe some provisions that will help you gradually, without unnecessary shocks, to restructure your health, which will entail many positive moments.

Food belongs to the base of the Maslow pyramid. When we are hungry, we can not think of anything other than food. If we want something as well as food (play video games, sleep, take a walk, have sex, after all), then we can give it up. From food – hardly – well, or not for long. Sooner or later, hunger will take its toll.

On nutrition is built a lot of things: a healthy lifestyle, a beautiful body or figure, training programs for many sports. This list can be continued indefinitely, of course, but for a long time.

Therefore if you want to reach something, then begin with yourself, to be exact with the appearance and, as a result, with food. But with what to begin healthy nutrition?

Do not go to extremes

Usually how does it work? People who have decided to radically change, start to starve sharply, limit themselves to taking their usual food, switch to unnatural foods for them, significantly cut down the volume of portions of food, well, you understand what I mean. So, start with the fact that this does not need to be done. Learn from the mistakes of others that I just described, and do not repeat them.

Your task now is not to pursue rapid results. There is nothing quickly and at the same time qualitatively. You either at best will not get anything, or you’ll earn yourself some kind of “sore”.

Therefore, in order to avoid the enormous stress for the whole organism (namely, as it perceives sudden changes), just do everything gradually: reduce the volume of food, change slightly the quality and nature of the products, and even less do not starve – this is to no good will not. I hope you understand what I’m leading to?

Divide the diet

How do we all get used to eating? Three times a day, so much so that to “nail” to the point of denial that the blood is cast from the brain to the stomach, because of what, usually, I want to sleep. I’m right, right? Well, personally I have it. It was, really. Not anymore.

So. Divide your diet into more meals. Yes, you will eat more often, but in smaller portions, which will gradually accustom your body to not store subcutaneous fat.

It works approximately so: You eat often, the organism has enough food, so why to it then there to stock up with something? Make a start from it at the beginning, and then you will notice, what is so much better. It something like “crude” form of separate food.

Similar separate food is effective also what allows to divide not combined or badly combined products. For example, rich with fats and bystry carbohydrates – faithful companions of set of excess weight.

Diversify the food

I will not now talk about the percentage of organic compounds in food, the total number of calories – this is all necessary for athletes, and for ordinary people, loaded with work and chores around the house, this is somewhat problematic. So I’ll say simply: eat every day something that will not be like the previous two days. What I mean?

Well, if you ate yesterday, for example, mashed potatoes with boiled chicken, then today and tomorrow this should not be in the diet at all. Replace these dishes with porridge, fish, eggs, other seafood, pasta – anything.

That’s when the body starts to receive all the nutrients it needs from different sources, then you really will feel better in terms of health, and the correction of the figure will occur naturally: the body itself will start burning unnecessary, correcting the deficiencies in the form of fat deposits.

Watch out for fruits and vegetables

Despite the fact that I said that the food should be varied, vegetables and fruits should be present on your table every day. From them, you definitely will not get better, and your body will say thank you to you if you learn to speak. Again, you can do it smartly, and eat different vegetables and fruits every day. But, even if the same people go to the food, it’s not scary.

Are you too lazy to go shopping all the time in search of something new from vegetables? Then just crumble the tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage, perhaps lettuce leaves and greens yet, into an ordinary rural salad, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil and salt. You can add grated cheese. These products are always on the shelves of supermarkets, and their preparation does not take much time. In extreme cases, eat raw.

As for fruits, in the first place you should have bananas (they are high in calories, nutritious, but do not lead to an increase in excess weight), citrus fruits and apples. All the rest is optional.

Breakfast, lunch and …

… dinner. Have surely breakfast. It is dinner you can pass or make absolutely insignificant, and here the breakfast has to be basis only. In the morning you can eat large amount of carbohydrates (considerable stock of energy per day), without being afraid that their surplus will turn into subcutaneous fat. No. The organism almost entirely uses the resources received in the morning on providing itself with energy and normal functioning of all systems.

Lunch should be ordinary with the expectation that soon there will be another intermediate meal of food. In short, you do not have to starve, so you do not need to eat up for lunch. This will prevent drowsiness during the day and help you stay “cheerful”.

A couple of tricks from me

  1. A couple of my friends “Fitness lady” actively uses this method: they eat half of the portion, wait for 20-30 minutes. If the feeling of hunger is left, eat a little more. If not, they do not eat anymore. I’ll explain now.
    The fact is that the body needs time for absorption. Wait this time, and the need to “overeat” will disappear by itself. This is also economical. Eat as much as you need, and not as much as you have poured yourself.
  2. Eat at the same time. The organism is a computer. If you set it up for the same meal time, it will be more economical and more expedient to spend resources in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals.


I hope you took yourself something, or maybe everything, to the note from the article “How to eat right and start losing weight?” If so, describe in the comments what you liked or not. But also do not forget to subscribe to my blog, and also share this material with your friends on Social networks. All good digestion.

Elastic bottom at home or how to pump up the Brazilian bottom?

I’m sure this topic will be very interesting for girls. Therefore, beloved girls, hello. Today I will try to tell you about how to pump up the Brazilian bottom in house conditions most in detail. In the article you will see a lot of useful information related to different areas – with meals, exercises, rest and other things. Are you sure you want to know the details? Then we begin.

Recently (the last about 10 years) there was a tendency to the fact that the girl should be appetizing (pumped up breasts and breasts, thin waist, weak sketching of muscles and all that), and the guy should be athletically built.

But in the early 2000s it was fashionable to be “anorexic” thin. Therefore, it is not surprising that today so many people are interested in bodybuilding, fitness or just a healthy lifestyle (everything new is a well forgotten old one), and social networks are full of pictures with beautiful girls and inscriptions something like “Guys love meat” and everything in This kind. After all, am I right?

But in the name of this material there is word “Brazilian”. Why Brazilian bottom you want? Why not Portuguese, for example, or we will tell generally – European? Why, actually, Brazilian? Let’s understand.

Why bottom – Brazilian

Tell me, what do you know about Brazil? Surely, you immediately came to their carnivals, masquerades and crowds of dancing youth in colorful dresses. And just try to say that I’m wrong.

Personally, I still know about Brazil that there are constantly held competitions of women, girls, moms and even grandmothers. At competitions determine the best figure, as in the “Miss World” (this, if we say simplified). And what kind of figure can a grandmother have, for example? Well, all right, girl. Well, okay – a woman. But grandmother? “Yes” – I will answer you. There grandmothers in their 40 (and 45, and 50) look just charming, and can give odds to the young. And with what is it connected?

Brazil is not considered a rich country: it has many poor people. But, nevertheless, it is a hot region with a lot of beaches and such competitions for the beauty of the figure and body of women. And what else do adult women, where there are full gyms, beaches and “hot” men?

Look at least one contest from Brazil, and you will understand why the adjective is not “European”, but “Brazilian”.

But enough about this, let’s move on to the highlight of our topic. How to achieve such a figure?


In the earlier article “What Exercises Need to Be Done to Pump Up Bottom” I already said that buttocks shake during extension of hip joints, that is at knee stretching. And if we are talking about home conditions, then think about what exercises can be at your disposal. Squats? Right, Blows? It is truth too. Let me supplement the list:

  1. various squats;
  2. various lunges;
  3. different raising of basin lying on floor;
  4. leg swings back (it is possible with resistance of rubber expander);
  5. raising of the bent and straight legs being on all fours (it is also possible with resistance);
  6. deadlift;
  7. jumps on jump rope;
  8. Jumping out of the squat.

But the beefy bottom needs to be studied not easy, but also to stretch that it grew quicker – literally this word. Therefore I advise to do upon termination of occupations extension on legs.

Girls! With you I will be frank: You will not be able quickly to increase to yourself fleshy buttocks if you do not eat properly. Guys can shake, but is not adequately, and grow, their organism is full of testosterone. And in you it is not enough. Therefore compensate it by the food necessary for the constant growth of muscles (buttock – not exception).

I want to tell that muscles need protein. It can arrive to you both with food, and with sports food. But it is better to approach question in a complex: use everything together.

Concerning rest and restoration I can tell that you will need to get enough sleep, and also to allow the bottom to have a rest: do break between trainings at 48 o’clock.

Each employment should differ from previous though in something is will provide a constant gain of a muscular fabric. Therefore make the most of all arsenal of exercises on legs and buttocks constantly to progress.

In advance get jump ropes, expanders, and it is even better – folding dumbbells and “small weights” (belts with sand on legs) that your training really was full and effective. Set of exercises demand the additional equipment, but not demanding it will give effect only at the beginning: sooner or later you get used to resistance of own body, and muscles need new incentive – additional burdenings.

The frequency of training should be within 3-4 classes per week, and the duration of an individual training should be 45 minutes on average (you work for the same group of muscles, longer it does not make sense to train them).

The number of approaches and repetitions I can not say in advance. For growth, usually 4 sets (approaches) with 8-12 repetitions in each. If you feel that you can do more, then this indicates a lack of workload. Therefore, increase the weight of the weights.

I hope, I could answer the question “How to Pump Up the Brazilian Bottom in House Conditions”? If not fully, then I ask – ask questions in comments. Well, and I need to say goodbye to you. Subscribe for updates of the blog, you share article, and be beautiful. Bye bye.

How quickly to tighten a stomach not leaving from the house?

Probably, each girl at heart dreams of an ideal figure. But it is distant not all it is possible to keep it in modern conditions of a life. I welcome you, dear readers and subscribers of my blog. Today I shall mention useful enough, but poorly opened subject matter: how quickly to tighten a stomach – exercises. From this article you learn, that it is necessary for it to do, what exercises to use how to eat and many other things.

Often because of the duties, vital situations and the reasons we have not time to eat and track own physical appearance properly simply. As consequence – appears small «tummy» which for certain will confuse any who is not indifferent how it looks.

But it is impossible to consider a mistake if it can be corrected. For this reason I suggest you to learn a little simple, but effective principles of a harmonous figure, and is more specific – than a flat stomach.

At home

Your house is that territory where you do not hesitate to accept yourselves such what you are (I shall address more to girls): the some people elementary do not do much in “gym” or are not recorded on Aqua Fitness, for example, that hesitate of the physical appearance or what the others ostensibly will think of them? On a category hesitating or those who simply is not in time or cannot visit similar seats, this article is calculated.

In general, at home be are ready to that you should toil at yourselves frankly: there are no extraneous eyes, to hesitate to you there is nobody, and time for crossings to a sports complex does not need to be spent. So to you impedes is adequate to engage in itself?

By the way, I carry to house conditions also run along the street, in fact you will run on the area. And without run anywhere, understand? Why so – I shall explain in some instants.

How to make your body lose weight 

Many are mistaken thinking that swinging press, they thus tighten stomach and grow thin. Actually it is possible to lose weight only if you sweat. As a rule, sweating does not happen at press rating.

One more moment. It is impossible to tighten only stomach or bottom: grow thin, usually, at once all over, on condition of full return to occupations.

Well, I will long not tighten: You need to be engaged from 40 to 60 minutes at least 3 times a week (it is possible every day, but using different exercises). During these occupations you have to disperse the heartbeat from 120 to 160 blows – within these figures there is the most effective fat burning.

If training to last it is less than 25 minutes – consider its useless for dump of weight: hypodermic fat starts to be burnt only after 20 minute active works (all over again to a course there are the carbohydrates which has acted with food, then a fatty layer).

And last moment. Do not eat right after training fast carbohydrates. This all sweet, grain products, sweet fruit, products from the test, a potato. Lean better on fiber, and take advantage of a sports feed is even better.

What it is possible to use at home?

As it was above, run – the base tool for achievement of a beautiful torso. But, in principle, it is possible to do also without it. But you do not hurry to reject it aside: it will become excellent variety if you want to be engaged more often than 3 times a week.

It would be wonderful, if at you at home was a little small, but such necessary dumbbells. Get a skipping rope or Stepas-platforms. Can strike in general on all fronts: buy a disk of employment on aerobics and be engaged under the available program, looking on performance of exercises.

How does it all work

Many may have a question like “How will the run take the stomach off?” Or “How will the rope help me?”. The principle of operation is that you begin to work exhaustively on yourself. The organism needs energy for this, after 20 minutes of continuous work, it will begin to draw from its reserves, that is, from beneath the skin of the abdomen. So do not be surprised at such a strange, but effective approach to losing weight.

See, at all it is unessential to swing press « before loss of pulse » though, for the sake of justice, I shall tell, that exercises on a straight line and slanting muscles of a stomach would become wonderful addition to your program of trainings in-home.

Approximate training plan

If you expected at once ready examples of trainings I shall disappoint you: to make for you the program, it is necessary for me to see you, to set some questions, and on the basis of it to make a precise complex of exercises. But it is a lot of you, dear readers and consequently I shall result the general example of that it is necessary to do.

Run. To run it is possible long, spending on it almost all time for training. That is all training. But can also half an hour, and can in the beginning 15 – 20 minutes and also in the end, having left there is some time for other exercises.

Jump on a skipping rope. Active consumption of oxygen during employment testifies, that hypodermic fat starts to be oxidized and turn to energy for a body. For jumps can allocate on 7 – 10 minutes on each training or more time, but to apply a skipping rope then it is necessary less often.

Exercises with dumbbells: slopes to the sides, exercises on flexion and extension of the trunk (press), turns of the trunk. All this excellently activates the fat burning processes, if applied at the beginning of classes (after running or jumping) or at the end as a hitch.

Buy a disk with programs of aerobics and then the previous three items will disappear: you will need to track only the couch on the screen and to repeat everything, that it does. It is assured, you very quickly will dump extra kgs in the field of a stomach.

Well, in principle, that’s all. I will only say that it would be ideal to change your diet in accordance with your chosen healthy lifestyle.

Is forced to finish today’s blog. I hope, you had liked article “How quickly to tighten a stomach: exercises”. Leave comments, subscribe for updates of the blog. Also do not forget to share useful information with the friends through social networks. I think, it is useful to them. I wish all excellent results in everything.