Increased testosterone in women

Hello friends! Here and again we are together on the most interesting and informative page about health, sports, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle. Sport so densely entered into our lives that many of us no longer represent our existence without it. This applies to both men and women. More and more women are engaged in “male” programs, often achieving better results than males in the same weight category. But, no matter how we measured our strengths in rights and abilities, we are all different (and this can not but rejoice), and the systems in our organisms work with some differences – which is good for men (I’m talking now about the approach to nutrition, Loads), it is not always beneficial to women, and vice versa. So, let’s talk today about one particular such difference – testosterone, namely, on the topic: elevated testosterone in women causes and consequences.

Testosterone levels in men

Of course, we all hear and use this word many times in our vocabulary, but I will once again remind you what it is – testosterone, and what it is eaten with.

So, this is the main male hormone, which is produced in the testicles, adrenals and liver, the appearance of a man depends on it (more precisely, on its quantities in the body): developed musculature, broad shoulders, narrow pelvis, abundant hairline, low voice, As well as sexual behavior, concentration and the amount of semen in men, libido.

With your strengthened musculature, say thank you first of all to this hormone, because the more testosterone in the blood, the faster you manage to increase muscle mass, and the stronger your muscles and the more muscle, the more active the hormone synthesis occurs, that is, it is produced more quickly and more.

The peak of activity of this hormone in men comes in 16 – 28 years, with time decreasing, carrying with itself negative consequences in the form of bad mood, reduction of an erection, feeling of uncertainty and inferiority.

Do not be afraid! To raise the level of testosterone in the blood is possible! This is proven in practice, and here are three basic rules for how to do it:

  1. Sports, Sports, Sports and Sports! Yes, it is physical exercise that helps to raise the level of the hormone and support it. So, kettlebell help you and a bicycle in addition;
  2. Abuse of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol not only provokes a set of excess weight in the form of a fat layer, but also has a disastrous effect on the content of testosterone, lowering its level;
  3. Good, right emotions. For example, from an exciting movie or watching a match of a football team.

Testosterone levels in women

And now about the ladies. You are now most likely to be surprised, but in the female body testosterone is also present and in sufficient quantities, is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands, and responds, in the main, to the libido and the muscle-fat mass of the body.

The level of the hormone, as well as in men, varies throughout life, and the peak of its content falls on 25-35 years, as well as the period of menopause and pregnancy. Being in norm, testosterone is responsible for the formation of the right “female” skeleton, takes part in the working capacity of the mammary glands, insures against unwanted osteoporosis.

Signs and external indicators of increased testosterone in women

The problem occurs when the testosterone rate increases dramatically. External and internal manifestations and indicators of this can be:

  1. Excessive hair growth in non-native places (on the face and chest, for example);
  2. Increased dryness of the skin;
  3. Change of voice (to a more rough);
  4. Disproportionate physique (like a man’s, with a massive shoulder girdle and a narrow pelvis);
  5. Violation of the menstrual cycle or the termination of menstruation in general (of course, this can lead to infertility);
  6. Increased libido;
  7. irritability;
  8. Development of diabetes mellitus;
  9. Disturbance of normal sleep.

Causes of increased testosterone in women and ways to combat it

The causes of increased testosterone may be in the wrong, unbalanced diet (long-term diets, the exclusion of products of animal origin), heredity, the side effects of the use of medications.

There are ways to help fight high testosterone levels, here are some of them:

High-grade food.
In the diet of a woman should be not only vegetables and fruits (concerns vegans or women who constantly sit on diets), but also protein in the form of a piece of meat, white bread, salt, sugar, honey, vegetable oil; As well as products containing tarragon (soybeans, beans, rice, wheat, cherries, apples);

Scientists have found that with regular yoga exercises, the level of testosterone in women’s blood stabilizes, and the hormonal balance is normalized;

The use of herbal decoctions.
Such as: licorice root, bug-keeper, angelica, evening primrose, evening primrose and others;

Of course, this method is acceptable only if you are in the hands of a professional.


Increased testosterone in women causes and consequences is a serious matter, in some extremely severe cases can lead to the formation of malignant ovarian tumors or to a disease such as Cushing’s syndrome, and this is already a direct threat to life.

Therefore, it is very important in time, noting the signs of a high content of the hormone, to pass the analysis and, having turned to a specialized medical institution, to undergo a course of hormone therapy.

There are certain rules for passing test for testosterone, which should be strictly adhered to (analysis is given on the 6th day of menstruation, 12 hours before delivery it is impossible to eat or drink anything except water, exercise, sports and smoking are also excluded). The raised hormone during pregnancy does not carry a special threat, although it can exceed the norm by 4 times, but it is still desirable to monitor its deviations.

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Products with a high content of calcium

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we are discussing the benefits of the well-known chemical element Ca (Calcium) for our health, find out which foods are rich in calcium and how they are recommended for healthy living and normal functioning.

This chemical element is not just important for us, it is indispensable for the normal functioning of the body, its presence is necessary throughout our life.

Perhaps, my dear readers, for you it is not new that thanks to Calcium substance our teeth and bones remain strong, hair – healthy and strong. What can happen to us in case of a lack of such an important material? In addition to bad teeth, their diseases and loss, weakness, fragility and hair loss, people still face such troubles as osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, and for young children – also rickets.

In general, the weight of Calcium in our body is about one and a half kilograms, or on average two percent of the total mass. This, perhaps, is the record for all the chemical elements from the periodic table present in the person.

Blood and intercellular fluids contain about one percent of this macronutrient, which plays a huge role in the work of the cardiovascular and muscular systems, ensuring proper blood supply to all organs and tissues, and also influences nerve impulses in the body, stimulates memory, improves blood coagulability, carries out Protection of cells from free radicals, prolonging youth.

Consequences of a lack of Calcium

I have already told a little about common diseases above in the absence of such an important component. If you are not very impressed with this, we will once again go into more detail about possible negative consequences:

  • In the event that the child does not receive the required amount of Calcium – it grows weak and frail, because the muscles of such a child can not develop normally;
  • The immune system suffers, the ability to resist various kinds of infections decreases, a person often and seriously ill.
  • It can be difficult to undergo allergic reactions.
  • There is a predisposition to skin diseases, rashes and dermatitis.
  • Skin loses its elasticity, and if a person grows thin, his appearance is severely affected by this – the skin becomes saggy, flabby.
  • Women with a lack of useful mineral matter are particularly at risk of developing osteoporosis during menopause due to active decay of bone tissue during this period.

What food should you eat?

Perhaps enough negative, we will not be more about the bad. Let’s talk more about what kind of food should be given preference to always remain healthy, cheerful, beautiful and happy.

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to vegetable food, namely seeds, nuts and beans. Beans, peas, poppy seeds, almonds, sesame seeds, soya, lentils, peanuts, cashews and other similar goodies not only bring pleasure, but also are important suppliers of valuable “building material” for our body.
  • In addition, a favorite macrocell is rich in somebody, and some hate milk, as well as hard cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, kefir and fermented baked milk.
  • It would be superfluous to use fresh greens and broth of rose hips.

Now I will have to destroy the myth firmly entrenched in the minds of many people that Sa is in large quantities found in meat and fish. In fact, this is not so. This macrocell really fills the organisms of animals, birds and fish, but it is contained not so much in the cells as in the blood plasma. Therefore, cooked meat and fish food will not solve the issue of replenishing the substance of Ca in your body. The exception is sardine. This fish is worth eating more often.

It should be mentioned such a nuance as the bioavailability of this macronutrient. You can eat enough of the right food, but this will not do much, since the desired element will simply not be assimilated.

For good digestion, foods rich in the substance of Ca should be combined with foods that contain magnesium, ascorbic acid, vitamin D.

Magnesium is sufficient in such products:

  • In nuts (almonds, cashews, cedar, peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts);
  • In cereals (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal, barley, corn), legumes (peas, beans);
  • In sea kale, wheat bran, milk, cheese;
  • From greenery it is necessary to pay attention to dill, kenzu, sorrel.
  • Fruits containing magnesium – dates, bananas, avocados, persimmons;
  • From vegetables is useful beets, potatoes, Brussels sprouts.

In turn, magnesium is better absorbed together with vitamin B6, which is also much in legumes.

Vitamin D or cholecalciferol is found in large quantities in fish oil, as well as in seafood – herring, cod, halibut. The cod liver is especially rich in them. In addition, the need for cholecalciferol can be filled with the use of oatmeal, parsley, potato, horsetail. True, in plant foods it is not so much as in fish and meat. Often, vegetarians who do not receive this important vitamin suffer from loss of strength, lethargy, drowsiness, weakness.

From meat it is necessary to give preference to chicken, beef and pork liver. Useful sour-milk products, eggs, butter. Cholecalciferol can be obtained not only from food. Regular stay in the sun stimulates the production of this vitamin.

As for ascorbic acid or vitamin C, it is most likely to contain fruits, vegetables and berries. To allocate stands a dogrose (especially it is good in a dry kind), red pepper, sea-buckthorn and black currant. In these products, the highest concentration of ascorbic acid.

What is hypercalcemia

So, and finally, it will be superfluous to mention such a fact as hypercalcemia. As they say, everything is good in moderation, and the surplus of Ca in the body also has its negative consequences.

With hypercalcemia, a person often experiences nausea, vomiting is possible. Appetite disappears. The chair is broken, in particular, many suffer from constipation. The work of the heart, kidneys, nervous system worsens.

Excess calcium accumulates in the kidneys, and this can cause a disease such as urolithiasis. Because of the settling of the macroelement on the walls of the vessels, their constriction appears. Suffer and muscle tissue.

At different ages, a person needs different doses of Ca supplement per day. So, children are recommended from four hundred to eight hundred milligrams per day, an adult needs an average of eight hundred to 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day.

I hope that today I managed to fully answer the question of the benefits of calcium in human life, what foods are rich in calcium and how much it should be consumed. If you want to express your opinion about the article, leave comments below, and also share articles with friends on social networks, subscribe to our updates.

How to understand that you have a stretching leg?

Oh, hello, friends. I am glad to meet you again. Right now, please remember, did you have any injuries? Well, just accidentally received or during work, perhaps training? Why do I ask … The theme is just this today: “What to do when stretching the ligaments of the foot.” Quite interesting, I believe, and therefore I’ll tell you everything that will help you understand the reasons for getting this injury, as well as ways to counter it.

It is not uncommon for our joints to be subjected to heavy loads, and this can lead to certain problems. One of these problems is stretching ligaments, because the ligaments are part of the joints. It is noteworthy, but a stop (or ankle) is a place where the muscles of the legs do not receive their dose of trauma when the ligaments are stretched. Although in all other cases this happens. Apparently, this is a certain feature of our body, structure. So why do stretch stops occur “very often”?

Really, why?

There are several reasons for getting a partial ligament rupture. As you have already understood, when stretching, the ligaments are broken only partially, but this is enough to get a bunch of problems, inconveniences or limitations (for example, in training).

The first and most common cause is sudden “crashes” of our body: falls, unnatural bending of joints, stroke and the like. It is because of such unforeseen and unpleasant situations that a person has to suspend himself in almost all physical activities – work, sport, walks, hobbies. The reason for the reason (if I may say so) … okay, I’ll say it differently. A prerequisite for the cause may be uncomfortable shoes, walking or running on an uneven or slippery surface.

The second reason is the instability of the joints. That is, perhaps earlier a person had already received similar stretches or more severely injured the lower leg, which subsequently later again led to stretching.

Another reason may be the initial weakness of the ligaments (congenital or acquired due to low mobility of the person). If a person sits at home more, does not go much, then it is not surprising that stretching the foot for him is a common thing.

Another fact is that with frequent such stretches a guy (or girl) can not feel such symptoms as pain, swelling, discomfort in movement. Well, behold, I ran a little forward, and “merged” several symptoms of sprain.

Symptoms of “own person”

In the first few times, the stretching of the ankles can have a whole range of symptoms at once, and later only a few (well, I mentioned this a little earlier).

With very strong stretches, there may be acute pain (constant or with support on the injured leg), swelling of the entire joint, bruising (bruising or internal bleeding without damaging the skin), severe discomfort and pain in the leg, significantly reduced amplitude of joint movement (when you do not You can move the foot in the same way as before), instability of the joint (when you can stretch the same leg once again after stretching, for example).

Less severe stretching can do without acute pain (only a small aching), without swelling, without bruising, but with some inconvenience when walking and with the possibility of re-receiving the same injury.

People who have sprained ligaments of their feet are a common thing, as a rule, do not experience any great difficulties due to trauma. They generally can not attach importance to this, without feeling any pain, not seeing swelling or blushing of the skin. But all this does not mean that you do not need to heal or at least strengthen the ankle joints.

The very frequency of stretching indicates that the ligaments are weak and require attention.

In short, the symptoms can all manifest themselves in different ways, and this depends on the degree of trauma to the legs. Someone is more lucky and he will forget about the incident in a couple of minutes, and someone will have to tinker with his feet for several weeks before they begin to function properly. In any case, stretching the ligaments is not a minor scratch from the claws of a domestic cat.

What to do in this case

If you are not lucky, and you still stretched (torn) your ligaments, the first thing you need to do is sit down and relax the “emergency” leg.

Since my blog on sports, it is logical to assume that this unpleasant situation happened in the gym, fitness club, sports complex or other similar wellness institution.

So, you sat down and unloaded your damaged leg. Next you need to find something cold.

Ideal option would be ice. Since in a more or less normal gym there are refrigerators with chilled drinks, you can attach them to the stretching place.

If you are dealing with ice, then do not apply it directly to the surface of the skin – first wind your foot with a towel, and then lay ice.

The next step is to fix the lower leg. Suitable tight bandage or elastic bandage. Do not overtighten: the dressing should sit tightly, but not too tightly to not squeeze the blood vessels.

I advise after that if the case is serious (with swelling, bruise and acute pain) and “smells of kerosene”, immediately stop exercising and go home. If you continue, you do not know what it will turn out for you. “Miser pays twice”. Do not go home on foot: for the joint is now important peace. It is better to call a taxi or ask a friend (loved one, relative) to pick you up.

Arriving home, take a reclining position, in which the injured leg will be slightly higher than your chest (heart). A smaller blood flow will somewhat reduce the swelling of the leg.

You can walk without limp in 2-3 weeks with due care and rest. It is important that you see the doctor, and prescribed everything necessary for recovery. If you decide to do it, then my advice to you is – do not load the ankles, for now.

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Myths about sports nutrition, is protein good or bad?

Hello, dear subscribers and readers. Many people ask me: “Is the protein harmful?” I will try to answer it, and also soften some stereotypes and myths about sports nutrition. I will not write the introduction for a long time, I will immediately get down to business.

Let’s first find out what sports nutrition is for you personally. No, not that it is in truth, but specifically for you. How do you feel about protein, for example? He for you is “chemistry”, as they used to call it “know-it-all”? If not, then be sure to read the article to the end, and if so, then listen to more such “omniscient” ones. It’s like getting advice on real estate from a homeless person. I think, you understand what I mean, and without resentment – just expressed my opinion.

Protein – chemistry or not?

Protein is not chemistry? No? And why then the protein can cause doubts about its belonging to natural products? After all, protein from English is translated as protein, and foreigners (not residents of CIS countries) are in no doubt.

Protein mixed with flavoring, defoamer, dye and other additives abroad is called WHEY, so there is also no association with chemistry.

Someone may argue that the dye, flavor additive – it’s all chemical compounds. Yes it is. But believe me, in the usual all packaged milk or boiled sausage, these additives are many times greater. But these products for some reason do not cause fear among parents of teenagers who go to the “simulator” and want to buy themselves a protein.

Protein in its pure form is a modified milk, or egg whites, or soy protein.

After all, as you know, there are several types of proteins, and they differ not only in the basic ingredient, but also in the way they are used, and in the tasks that are being performed. An example is the usual whey protein and casein – the first is absorbed quickly, the second is slow, which affects the time of reception.

Ahead of the questions of some types “Why change the protein?”, I will answer the question with a question: “Why do you take vitamins?”. Probably, then, that there is no possibility to consume a sufficient amount of greens, vegetables and fruits to provide the body with all the necessary trace elements. So the protein is taken in order to saturate the body with protein, when it so needs it.

Again, some may argue that it is better to eat a natural product such as meat or boiled eggs. Yes, it would be great to eat meat all the time, but there are several so-called “BUT”:

  1. High cost of meat or other protein in comparison with protein;
  2. Inconvenience of reception (it is necessary to prepare in advance products, to carry with itself on training and other);
  3. The rate of assimilation of the protein is much larger, it does not need to be split long;
  4. Simplicity of cooking, reception and, as a result, saving time.

Other sports supplements

As for other sports supplements, for example, creatine, fat burners, weight gainer, vitamin-melatonin or tribulus, the situation is similar here. I’ll tell you briefly.

Creatine is a natural chemical compound that is contained in large quantities in our body, but it does not even suffice to perform a long work. Therefore, creatine monohydrate is used.

Gainer is generally a mixture of protein (or amino acids – depends on the price of the product), creatine, and carbohydrates – maltodextrin. All these are natural compounds despite complex names.

A tribulus is generally grass. Yes, it has a tablet form, but it does not mean that it is chemistry and it is harmful. It’s just pressed grass in a convenient form for swallowing. All. Nothing extra.

Another thing is counterfeiting or counterfeit products. There, of course, anything can be put together. Probably you heard on TV about the scandal with dope meldoniyom.

But all the same we will pass directly to the harmfulness of the protein.

Is the protein harmful?

I think that from all of the above, I already understood what kind of an unambiguous answer I wanted to give – no. Protein is absolutely harmless, if, of course, it is not overdue. And then in this case you are not waiting for global health damage, and a slight indigestion. Well, you understand what I mean.

Well, especially for those whom I have not yet convinced, I will give one more argument-comparison. Let’s take meat again – the easiest way to get protein. When you eat it a lot, do you have any negative consequences? Well, for example, hands refuse, health deteriorates, there are chronic diseases? The maximum that awaits you is overeating.

So, no such effects and protein does not cause, does not affect the potency, as many men fear, does not destroy or upset internal organs and systems. This is all there is. Moreover, even overeating is not terrible.

However, I highly recommend that you do not consume a lot of meat to people with a weak heart. Do not ask why, go and consult a doctor.

In a day our body is able to take a certain amount of protein – 3 grams per kilogram of your weight. All the surplus he simply does not absorb and displays in a natural way without any consequences.

I do not know how else to prove to you that the protein is absolutely harmless, if it is of high quality (from a well-known manufacturer, with quality marks) and has an adequate shelf life. Therefore, I am always surprised by a similar question, which I decided to deal with finally.

Do you still think about whether the protein is harmful? Write in the comments still some myths about sports nutrition, I’ll try to confirm and dispel them. Well, I was pleased to “chat” with you.

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What is facebuilding? Exercises for the face at home

Hello, dear readers, I am glad to greet you on the pages of the blog! Have you heard anything about face-building? Exercise for the face at home allows you to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Selecting only half an hour a day, you will soon find a young, fresh and radiant face!

Description of facebuilding

Gymnastics appeared in the middle of the last century, the most widespread in the last 10 years. It is aimed at eliminating facial wrinkles, which are not able to cope with everyday mimic movements.

They take about 30 minutes a day (preferably split twice: 15 minutes in the morning, 15 in the evening). It’s not that long to get a smooth and radiant skin, is not it? You can see the first results in 7 days! But remember: to fix the effect, you need to continue the exercises for 3 months.

I recommend taking a photo “before” and “after” classes, you will be amazed! The gymnastics acts on a zone of a forehead, a mouth and a neck, the skin around of eyes is tightened, fogs are refreshed.

Rules of home facilitation

Adhering to the following rules, you will quickly achieve the desired result, and the process of doing exercises will be more enjoyable:

  1. Be sure to cleanse your face before gymnastics
  2. It’s better to do a light massage before facebuilding
  3. Perform all the exercises you need to start with 6 approaches
  4. Start gymnastics in front of the mirror, so you will quickly remember the order of the exercises and will be able to perform them without any problems anywhere and anytime.
  5. As it was said above, often gymnastics is divided into two parts: morning and evening. If it is more convenient for you to do it at a time, do it in the evening.
  6. Evening classes are more effective
  7. After the end of the gym, lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream


Exercises for the forehead area

Along the mimic wrinkles formed vertically, we have middle fingers (at the top of the forehead), nameless (opposite each other below). We begin to slowly pull the skin in different directions. After soaking for a few seconds, repeat.

We put fingers over the brow (preferably pointing fingers), as if imitating their shape. We begin slowly to raise the eyebrows, resisting the phalanges of the fingers.

Having pressed brogue arches by middle fingers, shift them so that a fold between them did not form.
Near the hair growth zone, put your fingers one after another (let the thumbs be in the temples), stretch the skin of the frontal part, resisting the muscles.

Exercises for the Eyes

Open your eyes and lift your eyelids so that the skin also rises slightly up near the eyes.
Now lift the upper eyelids as much as possible so that the white eye becomes visible.

On the outer corners of the eyes, place your index fingers, cover your eyes and take the phalanxes of your fingers, not tearing them away, to the central part of the eye.

Unfold both thumbs, so that the pads rested against the outer corners of the eyes, turn your gaze upward and suppress with your fingers.

Place index fingers on brow arches, do not tear them off, stretch them in different directions, open your eyes and put them on your brows.

Exercises for the nasal zone

Swell your nostrils to make the skin of your nose wrinkle, and place your middle fingers on it from the corners of your lips to the inner eye area.

Phalanges of index fingers put on the wings of the nose, their tips touch, pull down.

Exercises for cheek region

At the wrinkle in the gap between the cheeks and nose, place the index fingers parallel to the nose, stretch the lips.
Squeeze the teeth, pressing to the outer corners of the pads of the middle fingers.

Raise the corners of the mouth, bend the lower lip so that you can see the teeth.

Exercises for the area of ​​the lips and neck

Pull the neck muscle, and lower the lower lip, if everything is correctly done, the muscle should be visible.

To the lower lip, lift the lower jaw.

Be strong with your tongue in the palate, resting, do a few more times.

Exercises for the neck, chin and jaw area

Get the tongue out and stretch it below the chin.

Lower your chin so as to overcome the resistance of the hands resting on the chin.

Lean against the tongue in the palate, and lift the chin so that the skin is stretched both on it and on the neck. Straight shoulders, sit up straight. You should feel a slight tension in the muscles of the tongue and neck. Accept a similar position (as described earlier), just dilute the lips.

Turn the lower lip over the jaw, tip the head a little, stretch the muscles of the chin as much as possible.
Tilt your head back to the maximum level, pull the lower jaw forward. Look through the first shoulder, then through the other.

Place your thumbs between your lips to make a tick out of your hands, press your lips tightly, but look to avoid wrinkles around them.

Open your mouth, place the middle finger on the lower jaw, lowering it, after a few seconds, start the opposite action: resist the fingers of the closing jaw.

Place the index fingers in the corners of the mouth, unfold the brush with the back side. Push your fingers inward until you touch the pads, press the lips tightly. Do not press on the cheeks and stretch the corners of the mouth.


Despite the useful influence of facebuilding, there are some contraindications in which classes can be dangerous:

  • Less than two years have passed since the moment of plastic surgery
  • The presence of hypertensive crisis
  • Diseases of the facial nerve

People who tested this technique on their own, speak exceptionally positively about it. Applicable for everyone from 25 years. Try it yourself and make sure that the result will be visible not only to you, but also to others.

Share with your friends, let them also learn about the amazing combination of exercises. If you have previously been involved in facebuilding, write your opinion about gymnastics in the comments. Stay with us and find out more new, interesting and useful things!

How long after training can you eat?

You do not know the case, through how much you can eat after training? And I recently found out, and I hasten to share with you very interesting information. Hello everyone, friends, I am with you again, and as you may have guessed, the topic of today’s material concerns nutrition after workout. So, let’s get started.

All of us with you, one way or another, treat sports (well, if you read this, then just somehow treat it – someone more, someone less). And if it is possible to sort out exercises alone or with their complexes independently (although I have many interesting articles about exercises), then the nutrition situation is a little more complicated, because it is incomprehensible – you can eat something after training or not, and if you can, Then in what time? Or immediately, for example? But what about water? This is what we have to deal with today.

Why you need to eat after a workout

Whatever your goal is (to gain a little, to gain strength or vice versa – to lose excess), it is necessary to eat in any case. But what exactly is this is another interesting question that I will try to open in parallel.

Food is the main source of energy and nutrients for our body (it sounded as if it was shared). Joke. And, accordingly, the task at it obvious – to restore forces after their expending on training, to start processes of restoration and saturation of muscles, joints, ligaments and bones by necessary elements. Simply put, replenishing everything that was involved in the work, for the further full functioning.

And no matter how paradoxical it may sound, but even when losing weight, too, you need to eat. The only question is the correctness of the selected products or sports nutrition.

By the way, about sports supplements. They, too, can be attributed to nutrition, although it is not worth replacing full-value food with such additives.

Summing up a small summary of this section, I will say: do you want to gain mass? Eat it! Do you want to become stronger or more enduring? Eat it! Want to be more beautiful than your or your colleague? Eat it!

When to eat

So, as we found out, you need to eat after the workout. But at what time?

Have you ever heard of a window that needs to be closed after training? No, we are not talking about plastic windows in the “simulator”. In this case, we mean sports terminology – the “protein-carbohydrate window”, which must be “closed” at the end of each training. The name of the “window” speaks for itself: you need to eat protein and carbohydrates.

This window lasts about 30-40 minutes after the end of the session. It is in this period of time that you must take either a protein cocktail (you can get a geyner) or certain foods that are rich in the necessary nutrients. Which ones? I’ll tell you a little later.

The fact is that the sports supplements or products intended for this purpose together with the increased absorption of the organism quickly saturate it with proteins for restoration and with carbohydrates to replenish energy. Do not want to go home tired? Eat what the doctor prescribed. In this case, the doctor is me.

Although, let me refer to the famous Denis Borisov. He claims that this window is stretched for a whole day (plus or minus). Therefore, intensive use of food should be done within 24 hours, of course, with intermissions between meals and sleep.

I want to note that the closure of this window can not be considered for eating – this is so, the prelude. A full meal can be done about an hour and a half after the end of training. And here already there should be a healthy, normal food.

As for water, you can always drink it, but in small quantities. I would say – even necessary. But only in the event that you swung, but did not run or did something mobile – aerobics, perhaps fitness or sports dances.

Well, we sorted it out: half an hour after physical activity and one and a half after it.

What to eat

As I said – proteins and carbohydrates, but not any horrible, but fast. Yes, yes, they are still slow, for example, pasta. Did not know? I was shocked when I found out.

So, to the fast proteins you can include proteins of all kinds, except for casein, and also boiled egg (you can steam for a couple – from the word pairs) – they are most quickly absorbed, nuts or, in extreme cases, boiled chicken (but lean and slightly) .

To fast carbohydrates, you can include everything that contains sugar – geyner or cakes, cookies (it would be cool with nuts), but, again, in a small amount, if you do not want to grow yourself a “tummy”.

There is also, so to speak, a budget option: half a liter of low-fat kefir and a couple of bananas. But everything that has just been described – it only applies to 30-40 minutes after training. That is the very “window”.

But the products that you need to eat an hour after training: it can be a dish of garnish (preferably porridge) with boiled or cooked in a multivariate lean meat. In the diet of bodybuilders in general pasta occupies a significant proportion (slow carbohydrates), so you can do something to yourself from them.

And all this is good, but that’s about vitamins and minerals, too, do not forget, so vegetable salads to help you. As desserts you can make yourself pancakes with apples, slightly sweetened cottage cheese, eat ice cream or drink not very sweet compote.


Well. That’s like everything you need to know about how much you can eat after training. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more to add, but I hope you will share your thoughts or experiences with me in the comments.

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How to pump pectoral muscles to men and women at home?

Interested in how to pump the pectoral muscles at home? Then you have come to the address: my Internet blog is the place where I talk in detail about such issues. From this article you will find out what you need to pump your breasts, what exercises are suitable for this, and also something else.

Recently, occupations at home – this is a popular “thing”, because not everyone can afford to engage in expensive gyms (and even with a personal trainer), someone just does not have enough time for this because of work or children, for example , But I know for sure that everyone would like to look great. So it remains only to praise those who decided to engage, although at home.

What you can use at home

If you have a burden at home such as a dumbbell or a dumbbell – it’s great, it does not need to “sweat” because of bench press. But if such sports equipment is not available, and their acquisition is not expected in the near future, they can be done independently. Take two plastic 5 or 6-liter containers. Girls can fill them with water, and the guys with sand: water is easier than sand. To begin with, you can do an exercise with one weighting, then you can take two at once. Bench press is the main exercise for the chest.

You will also need two chairs or a stool, which is more convenient – choose yourself. For what I’ll tell you later. You can also buy a rubber expander – a universal tool for maintaining the whole body in tone. But we will adapt it precisely for the chest. It is not as expensive as a set of dumbbells, I would even say cheap, and the “exhaust” is significant.

For the development of the chest, one of the most effective exercises are push-ups on the uneven bars. But since the bars are not at home, and putting chairs on top of each other is not an option (traumatic), then we will do the leading exercises and combining them into drop sets. How to do it – I’ll tell you below.

Benefits of pumping the pectoral muscles

For men, the pumping of the breast is beneficial from the position that the development of the chest testifies to all physical strength, and indeed it is beautiful. Women in addition to beauty also play a role in their health – thanks to the developed pectoral muscles a natural corset is created to maintain … em … mammary glands, their visual increase. I do not know how to put it another way, but you understood what I mean. And I’m sure girls understand all the advantages of pumping a breast.

What exercises are suitable for increasing pectoral muscles

Well, the first, I already said, is a bench press. You can lie down directly on the floor, laying something like a veil, or make yourself an improvised bench, making several chairs or stools in a row. By the way, the second way is much better – the amplitude of movement in it is increased, that is not limited to the level of the floor, and the projectile can be lowered below. If the amplitude is greater, then the pumping is better. But this statement does not apply to all exercises. You can lay down lying down like sports shells, and homemade.

As for the expander, in this exercise it can also be used. Lay your back on him, picking up both ends. Do the bench press, stretching the rubber.

The second exercise – push-ups on improvised beams (on chairs). Put them so that there is enough distance between them for the passage of your torso (but not too wide). Lie with both hands on the edge of the chairs, and put your feet (ankles) on the sofa, for example. Bending your arms in the elbows, drop to some depth, and then straighten your arms. Try to work not with your body, but with your hands. Over time, you can increase the depth of lowering.

The third exercise is push-ups from the floor where you can focus on different parts of the chest. Wide setting of the hands – the outer part of the chest and the upper section, the middle (elbows near the trunk) – the inner part and the middle section. It is difficult to pump the lower section with such an exercise, but it is possible: take a narrow setting of the hands (the index and thumbs should form a triangle) and move your palms down under you. This position will make the lower chest work.

Using drop sets

The drop set means performing the exercise with the usual, working weight, and after failure – work without rest with reduced weight. That is, in the bench press you can press the working weight, and how tired you are – take the reduced one and continue to work until you are tired again. You can add another “step” – to take the weight even easier.

In push-ups on chairs (bars), you can remove the legs from the couch after the main exercise and lower them to the floor, directly under yourself. Continue the exercise by helping yourself with your legs, but not too much.

When pushing away from the floor, the drop set can be done like this: press normally, but as tired – get on your knees and continue the exercise. Thus, you exclude from work the weight equal to the sum of the weight of your shins.

Use of drop sets is often not recommended due to a strong exhaustion of the body. But if you use sports nutrition to restore muscle, you can do it more often.

This is one of the easiest ways to pump pectoral muscles at home. If you do it differently, then unsubscribe in the comments about your method. Share information with friends on social networks, subscribe to updates to my blog and stay beautiful in any situation.

Improving metabolism and weight loss

Hello, our dear readers. In today’s article there will be a talk about metabolism, and if to be more precise about how to improve metabolism and lose weight.

It’s no secret that overweight has become a kind of “scourge” of our time. The fight against this phenomenon for some people becomes the meaning of life, and often the expense in this duel is not in the person’s favor. There are a lot of options with which you can get rid of excess weight and in the future keep yourself in optimal shape. Today we will try to start with the most accessible – improving the metabolic processes in the body of a single person.

First, we will try to understand in a more accessible way what metabolism is and how to make it work for the benefit of our organism. If we start from the Greek origin of the word metabolism, then this is some kind of transformation or change.

The official wording reads: Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that occur in a living organism to sustain life. And if we translate this set of words into a universal one, it becomes clear that metabolism is the process of processing by our body of all that comes to us in the body, and the faster it burns, the less we weigh.

Factors affecting metabolism

It should be taken into account that there are a lot of factors that affect metabolism. There are a number of factors that we can influence and change the speed of ongoing processes for the benefit of ourselves. However, do not forget about a number of factors that remain unchanged, and this must be taken for granted. With these factors, we will begin:

  1. Gender – medicine has long been proven that the metabolic processes in men are much faster than in women. This is due to the presence of more muscle mass in the male body, which, in turn, is largely responsible for the metabolism.
  2. Age limits – for the human body is characterized by a slowdown in metabolism in the aging process. The following formula is used: every 10 years of life – a 5% slowdown.
  3. Hereditary predisposition.
  4. Thyroid status – some diseases (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism) significantly affect metabolism.
  5. Body weight – there is a direct proportion: fatty tissue – muscle mass. The more muscle tissue in the human body, the better metabolism processes take place.

Factors that we can influence

After we have analyzed the features of the metabolism, to which we can not influence, no matter how much we like it, we will analyze those moments that completely depend on us with you.

  1. Morning meal – breakfast for the body serves as a kind of dressing, allowing the body to exist in the usual for him mode. In the case of a regular lack of breakfast in your diet, the body switches to the conservation of energy, significantly slowing the exchange processes.
  2. Fractional food – small portions during the day improve metabolic processes, supplying the body with constant sources of energy. Also read the article about foods that accelerate metabolism.
  3. Correct sleep – there are a number of scientific studies, according to which it was proved that a full-fledged, healthy sleep has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, whereas people who on a regular basis did not sleep the right time had certain problems with their own weight.
  4. Exercises that require the presence of oxygen or so-called aerobic workouts. Classes that do not require maximum intensity, but aimed, to a greater extent, to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system, which in turn leads to improved metabolic processes. Depending on your condition, you can use a different kind of exercise (bicycle, swimming, running, walking, etc.).
  5. Training with intervals of maximum load – during such training alternates the maximum load in a short period of time, followed by a recovery phase. Here, plus is the burning of a large number of calories, and hence the inevitable disposal of extra pounds of fat mass.
  6. Strength training – based on the fact that muscle tissue burns calories in a more intensive regime than fat, we come to the conclusion that the presence of a person’s predominance of muscle mass over fat leads to a more intensive metabolism.
  7. Motor activity – absence or a small amount of motor activity inevitably leads to a slowing down of metabolic processes, which adversely affects the human body. Try to find as many opportunities to be on the move: walking, do not use the elevator, do not forget the wise saying: “Movement is life.”
  8. Coffee – if you do not have medical contraindications, add this drink to your diet. According to the results of research, 50 grams of caffeine a day positively affect the metabolism of an adult.
  9. Protein – it is worth considering that protein is the main component in the process of muscle growth. As mentioned above, muscle tissue is an excellent catalyst for the metabolic processes of the body.
  10. Water – the presence in the diet of the right amount of simple water has a positive effect on metabolic processes. You can calculate the necessary amount of water for your body: 1 kilogram of weight is recommended to use 30 milliliters of water.

Also, dietitians recommend drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before eating, as this improves metabolic processes in the body after you have eaten.


Maintaining optimal body weight is closely related to metabolism. Having studied the data stated in my article, you can choose for yourself those items that are available to you. Try to include them in your daily routine on a regular basis and after a short period of time you will notice the results that have appeared that will pleasantly surprise you.

On this I say goodbye to you, do not forget to subscribe to the updates of my blog, I await your comments on this and other articles of our blog.

What is the use of fish oil for children?

Hello, dear readers! For more than one decade, our beloved parents have been given fish oil as children. Only here few people thought about what it is so useful. Let’s try to understand with you this question.

Beneficial features

Due to its rich content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins E, A and D, it perfectly improves the blood circulation of the children’s brain. Of course, this has a beneficial effect on the brain as a whole and enhances the child’s mental performance and intelligence.

It is important to note that fish oil and hyperactive children, which are now very much in our gardens and schools, are useful. Due to its properties, they become more attentive and focused. Agree, this is very important in the process of studying.

Well, tell me, who among you did not come across such a phenomenon as a child’s hysterics? Perhaps, there are no such. How sometimes it’s hard to calm a raging child who is demanding something fiercely. So, in this case, fish oil will come to the rescue, which perfectly influences the child’s psyche and prevents the emergence of stress.

Vitamin A, found in the composition eliminates such problems as brittle nails, improves the appearance and condition of the baby’s skin, and also strengthens the hair.

Another plus in favor of this food supplement is its ability to enhance immunity. And this question worries more than one generation of mothers on the whole planet. Plus, he controls the level of cholesterol in the child’s blood and prevents the development of obesity at an early age.

Indications and contraindications

Who should take:

  • Hyperactive children.
  • Children who are very often ill with colds.
  • Presence of diseases associated with visual impairment.
  • Children with congenital heart defects.
  • Children with mental development disorders.
  • Frequent depression in a child and sleep disturbance.
  • Postoperative period in children.
  • Prevention of acute respiratory infections.

Strangely enough, it sounds, but for use there are also contraindications:

  • It is not recommended for children with congenital diabetes.
  • Chronic low blood pressure in a child is also a contraindication to the use.
  • Allergy to seafood.
  • With diseases of the stomach.
  • Tuberculosis in the active stage.
  • Severe injury to the child.

Can I give babies?

It is believed that it is possible to give fish oil to infants, but this should be the doctor’s recommendation. This is often advised to his children on artificial feeding. This is because they do not receive the required amount of omega acids. But again, we do not recommend self-medication, because you can only harm your child.

The course of treatment and dosage should be prescribed by a strictly treating pediatrician, taking into account the individual characteristics of your child.

Which kind to choose?

Currently, liquid fish oil and encapsulated fish are on sale. The question is, which one to choose? Given the specific taste of this product, not all children love it, but rather almost everyone does not like. The way out of this situation will be capsules, which have no unpleasant aftertaste. It is recommended to give these capsules to children while eating, while the liquid is best absorbed right before meals.

It is worth noting that the pharmacy you can offer specifically for children with different vitamins in the composition. This is wonderful, but before going to consult with your doctor. If there are no contraindications, then you can start the course boldly.

So, what kind of fat to choose, it is a personal matter of every mother and the taste preferences of the child.

We really hope that the information was useful and interesting for you. To learn more new information, we recommend subscribing to update our blog. I think reading this article will be useful for all parents, so if there are any among your relatives and friends, you can share our article with them, using social networks. We will also be grateful for the comments left. All the best to you, be healthy!

What is so useful for the body drug astaxanthin?

Hello, friends, subscribers! Another time I am glad to welcome you to the vastness of my blog. Today’s topic is astaxanthin, what is the use of the human body. I’m sure many of you have heard this name, some even had time to test it for yourself. We will understand today in all the “benefits” of this rather new product and find out whether it really has such unique properties, declared by the manufacturers.

A few words about antioxidants and free radicals

Astaxanthin is declared as the most powerful antioxidant that exists on the market. Of course, all of us many times in the last years of our lives we hear this word – an antioxidant and on a subconscious level we know that it is something extremely useful and necessary for each of us. But what is it really, and how do antioxidants work, are they really necessary? Let’s understand together.

So, antioxidants are a group of vitamin, for example, such as C, A, E, as well as phytochemical compounds synthesized by plants and animals, for example, beta-carotene. These substances are designed to fight free radicals, thereby preventing the destruction of “good” cells.

Free radicals are deformed atoms damaged by the oxidation process. They do not have paired electrons, so they “hunt” for healthy cells to take them away. The process leads to the fact that new and new cells are affected, the “sick” atoms are assembled into large groups, called free radicals. Their accumulation and further negative damaging effects on the whole organism leads to a number of serious diseases: Alzheimer’s (from which, incidentally, Muhammad Ali suffered for 30 years), Parkinson’s, heart attacks, strokes, autism and others.

In general, as we see, with free radicals it is worth fighting and removing them from the body, not allowing to accumulate in it. So, these very antioxidants are substances that divide their electrons with damaged cells, which provides protection of healthy cells of the body from damage or, at least, slows down this destructive process. In other words, they like Robin Hood distribute wealth to the poor needy.

Products and substances with antioxidant properties

Antioxidants in small doses are produced by the body itself. Such a number of them can provide protection against free radicals only under ideal conditions: a completely healthy organism, good ecology, proper nutrition, regime. In the absence of one of the factors, you need to replenish the stocks of antioxidants from the outside. As a rule, a good proportion of antioxidants are found in foods rich in vitamins C, E, green tea, green vegetables, marine products, cereals.

List of foods high in antioxidant substances:

  1. Citrus fruits: tangerines, oranges, lemons, lime;
  2. Greens: parsley, dill, coriander;
  3. Berries: sea-buckthorn, currant, viburnum, strawberry, cherry;
  4. Fruits: kiwi, apricot, grapes;
  5. Vegetables: Bulgarian pepper, broccoli, spinach, carrots, eggplant;
  6. Nuts: peanuts, almonds, cashews;
  7. Vegetable oil of the first pressing;
  8. Seafood: squid, salmon, eel, oysters;
  9. Dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots;
  10. Dairy products: brynza, cottage cheese, butter, sour cream;
  11. Eggs;
  12. Sea kale;
  13. Liver.
  14. Ginger

All products from the above list must be present in the daily diet of each of us in sufficient quantities. I, like you, understand perfectly well that it is not always possible to adhere to such a balanced and varied diet for a number of reasons. But you need to watch for health all the time. What to do in this situation? (At this point, the drum roll sounds, and you carefully read on.)

Astaxanthin rushes to the rescue

Scientists derived the formula Astaxanthin, the main element of which is the algae family Haematococcus. In these algae is the largest content of carotenoid antioxidants in the world.

Experiments confirm that Astaxanthin exceeds the efficiency of all existing antioxidant drugs to date, almost 20 times! This means that while an ordinary antioxidant copes with one free radical, Astaxanthin – simultaneously “works” immediately with twenty. Of course, with such intensity, the result of Astaxanthin’s work will not take long to wait.

Astaxanthin what is the use of the human body:

  1. Protects against solar radioactive rays, burns;
  2. Promotes inhibition of the development of cancer cells, in other words, helps in the fight against malignant tumors;
  3. Helps maintain blood cholesterol levels;
  4. Normalizes blood pressure;
  5. It provokes the resistance of the body’s immune system to all kinds of infections, allergies;
  6. Helps the body to fight various kinds of fungi;
  7. Has a positive effect on the skin condition, increasing its elasticity;
  8. Increases working capacity, general well-being;
  9. Gives an additional charge of energy.

Good characteristics, is not it?

Where can I find Astaxanthin? How to take it? And does he not have contraindications?

Astaxanthin is not produced by the human body, its natural source can be fatty fish (trout, salmon), crayfish, lobsters, shrimp (in general, everything that feeds on this wonder alga, which has so much useful antioxidant substance). It should be noted that we are talking only about seafood, which are grown on the will, in their natural habitat, not on fish farms.

Well, of course, Astaxanthin can be purchased at pharmacies. Pay attention to the product was obtained only from natural, non-synthetic material.

It takes astaxanthin to work faster in a greasy environment, so combine the intake of the supplement with oil. Often, in a set with the product comes capsules of vegetable or olive oil.

There are no side effects of astaxanthin, but pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should refrain from taking it to avoid a decrease in blood pressure. And here, my friends-sportsmen this product is simply shown to application!

For today, everyone, friends, I hope the information was interesting and useful for you. Subscribe to the channel, share links to articles with your friends, discuss, wait for feedback from you and see you soon!